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Self Portrait Artist Carolyn... -

Self Portrait Artist Carolyn...

Self Portrait Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty Conceptual Art Modern Contemporary Art Print. Footprints Poetry Print Collection. Collector’s Edition. Adjustable jpg to suit your needs. Author Anonymous Carolyn Joyce Carty American Poet.

Self Portrait Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty (Collector’s Edition)
Footprints Publishings Inc , English
Con Art - Why you ought to s... - Julian Spalding

Con Art - Why you ought to s...Julian Spalding

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A concise explosion of the myths that created Con Art - above all the myth that art has to shock to be new…The multi-million dollar reputations of Duchamp, Warhol, Beuys, Andre, Hirst, Koons, Gormley and many others lie in tatters after r… more

Con Art - Why you ought to sell your Damien Hirsts while you can
Julian Spalding
Warrior of the Spirit - Elizabeth Urabe

Warrior of the SpiritElizabeth Urabe

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Life is a journey of the evolution of the spirit. At some point in the course of each person’s life, something will happen that will bring about a 180 degree shift in the way he or she perceives reality. When this shift takes place, we begi… more

Warrior of the Spirit
Elizabeth Urabe
Blue on White I (Haversham i... - Martha Haversham

Blue on White I (Haversham i...Martha Haversham

You are warmly invited to a private view of a public artwork created in 2009 by Martha Haversham that confronts the reality of civilian war dead.No pictures on the page - just in your head.

Blue on White I (Haversham in Your Head)
Martha Haversham
Artist to the Core -

Artist to the Core

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A collection of 12 regarded fine artists from Australia. Their work has been acclaimed world wide and yet their soul is always home in their heart.

Artist to the Core
Soc Hedditch , English
Type Faces - Fancy Pants

Type FacesFancy Pants

The title may make it sound like this is yet another book about typography. But alas, it is not! This is a book of ascii art portraits… faces MADE of type! I know. It sounds awesome right? You don’t even know! You have to see it to believ… more

Type Faces
Fancy Pants
Killer Beings - LG Williams

Killer BeingsLG Williams

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LG WILLIAMS isn’t just about poetry. His success tells us as much about ourselves (and our desire to create beautiful, serene worlds to live by and share) as about his imaginative skills. LG’s lyrics aren’t as much about word and image as t… more

Killer Beings
LG Williams
PCP Press www.pcppress.com , English
BAXA Sketchbook v.01 - Tom Baxa

BAXA Sketchbook v.01Tom Baxa

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Collection of dark and disturbing sketches by master fantasy artist Tom Baxa! Baxa’s skritchy pen style has a powerful effect which claws at your spine, like nails on a chalkboard. Check out the zombies, babes, demons and other beasties! … more

BAXA Sketchbook v.01
Tom Baxa
Body Ritual Graphics , English
Shoplifting From Uranus - Mark Leach

Shoplifting From UranusMark Leach

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“Shoplifting From Uranus” is the story of Tao Lin 964, a cybernetic sex slave who is thrown out into the world of 2025 without a memory. Wandering around New New Jersey, 964 is befriended by another memory-wiped sex slave who is part of a g… more

Shoplifting From Uranus
Mark Leach
HAIKULISM: Romance & Sensual... - Ron Kule

HAIKULISM: Romance & Sensual...Ron Kule

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Haiku are simple, delicate three-line poems. They convey a powerful insight into Life’s tenacity and beauty, which thrives all around us. Haiku’s history is long and derives from the sensibilities and philosophies of the world of Oriental c… more

HAIKULISM: Romance & Sensuality, Volume One (HAIKULISMS by Ronald Joseph Kule)
Ron Kule
KuleBooks LLC , English
San Xavier Impressions - An ... - Paul Moore

San Xavier Impressions - An ...Paul Moore

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Approximately 75 pages with about 69 color images. This work is ENTIRELY pictorial. The San Xavier Mission is located about nine miles southwest of Tucson, Arizona. To get there from downtown Tucson take I-10 south to I-19 and exit a… more

San Xavier Impressions - An Impressionistic Journey (Art)
Paul Moore
Illios Publishing , English
Considering... - Richard Yates

Considering...Richard Yates

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Considering, in terms conceived of in a state of excitement, the evidence as presented in a visual format. A book of art and ideas.

Richard Yates
Richard F. Yates , English
Beauty In Art - Gabrielle Summers

Beauty In ArtGabrielle Summers

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Thoughts and reflections on Art. What Art, in many forms, has the ability to do. Evoking emotion, reflections of life and self, and a grand appreciation for the beauty in creating, creation, and Art. Written from the heart with recollection… more

Beauty In Art
Gabrielle Summers
Infinity's Kitchen No. 1 - Ed Zahniser, J. "Utah" Taylo...

Infinity's Kitchen No. 1Ed Zahniser, J. "Utah" Taylo...

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Infinity’s Kitchen is a graphic literary journal of experimental and conceptual writing, designed to explore a place for literature in a post-digital setting. We seek work that is the product of a new recipe, or work from an existing recipe… more

Infinity’s Kitchen No. 1
Ed Zahniser, J. “Utah” Taylor, David Glen, R. “Moose” Jackson
Dylan Kinnett , English
Drawing on Philosophy - Matthew Kowalski

Drawing on PhilosophyMatthew Kowalski

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Drawing on philosophy is quite literal. It is a machinegun of ideas firing until the end. True to its offering Drawing on Philosophy plays hide and seek with words and minds. Tucked within the pages are paths to possibilities. Oddly enough,… more

Drawing on Philosophy
Matthew Kowalski
Atma Holdings LLC. , English
The Language Code: How to St... - Philos Sopher

The Language Code: How to St...Philos Sopher

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THE LANGUAGE CODE How to Stop and Cure Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Stress and Depression.

THE ONLY BOOK NEEDED, to UNDERSTAND how the Language Based Thinking Mind Tricks you into Negative thought patterns, which then cause ANXIETY, WORRY, FEAR, … more

The Language Code: How to Stop Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Stress and Depression
Philos Sopher
Fantasy III: Nadja & Ida - Gitte Ahrenkiel

Fantasy III: Nadja & IdaGitte Ahrenkiel

Nadja needed a painting above the sofa in her living room. Ida promised to assist. None of them had any bids in advance of motive. They left it to chance games and to fantasy as the creative force.

Fantasy III: Nadja & Ida
Gitte Ahrenkiel
Gitte Ahrenkiel , English
Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty S... -

Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty S...

Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty Self Portrait Collector’s Edition. Conceptual Art. Adjustable jpg.

Artist Carolyn Joyce Carty Self Portrait (Collector’s Edition)
Footprints Publishings Inc , English
Rocks On The Beach - Matt Lee

Rocks On The BeachMatt Lee

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Geologists have a saying - rocks remember.”— Neil Armstrong

Rocks On The Beach
Matt Lee
Bingo Theory Inc. , English
From Heaven We Are Born Post... - Carolyn Joyce Carty

From Heaven We Are Born Post...Carolyn Joyce Carty

From Heaven We Are Born Posters New Items from the Collector’s Edition of the Footprints Poem Author. Adjustable jpg to suit your needs for prints.

From Heaven We Are Born Poster (Collector’s Edition)
Carolyn Joyce Carty
Footprints Publishings Inc , English