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Learning to Love Photo Manag... - Bradley Chambers

Learning to Love Photo Manag...Bradley Chambers

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Oddly enough, this book shouldn’t need to exist. Our devices should just handle all of this for us. They don’t, though. Our only option is to try to build the simplest solution we can in the mean time. This book is about how I have taken co… more

Learning to Love Photo Management: Managing Photos In The Smart Phone Era
Bradley Chambers
Let's Learn About Computers ... - Anneline Kinnear

Let's Learn About Computers ...Anneline Kinnear

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Let’s Learn About Computers! - Files & Folders’ is fully illustrated and part of the Let’s Learn About Computers! series of educational books for kids. As with all the other titles in this great series, the lesson is fun and easy to unders… more

Let’s Learn About Computers - Files & Folders
Anneline Kinnear
Origin Books , English
Applied Business Computing C... - Matthew J. McCarthy

Applied Business Computing C...Matthew J. McCarthy

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Applied Business Computing Concepts

Applied Business Computing Concepts 5
Matthew J. McCarthy
Publishing Intellect LLC , English
SharePoint 2010 Architecture... - Vishal Gupta

SharePoint 2010 Architecture...Vishal Gupta

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SharePoint is very easy to understand, as its a product its architecture appears bit complex.SharePoint Architecture, starts from defining the client technical as well as operational requirements.SharePoint interacts with SQL Server as d… more

SharePoint 2010 Architecture (SharePoint 2010 JumpStart)
Vishal Gupta
Connected Learning: An Agend... - Mizuko Ito, Kris Gutierrez, ...

Connected Learning: An Agend...Mizuko Ito, Kris Gutierrez, ...

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This report is a synthesis of ongoing research, design, and implementation of an approach to education called “connected learning.” It advocates for broadened access to learning that is socially embedded, interest-driven, and oriented towar… more

Connected Learning: An Agenda for Research and Design
Mizuko Ito, Kris Gutierrez, Sonia Livingstone, Bill Penuel, Jean Rhodes, Katie Salen, Juliet Schor, Julian Sefton-Green, S. Craig Watkins
Digital Media and Learning Research Hub , English
Real-Time Big Data Analytics... - Mike Barlow

Real-Time Big Data Analytics...Mike Barlow

Five or six years ago, analysts working with big datasets made queries and got the results back overnight. The data world was revolutionized a few years ago when Hadoop and other tools made it possible to getthe results from queries in minu… more

Real-Time Big Data Analytics: Emerging Architecture
Mike Barlow
O’Reilly Media , English
Nicholas Carr y las Inversio... - Adrián Ruffinatti

Nicholas Carr y las Inversio...Adrián Ruffinatti

Nicholas Carr, editor del prestigioso Harvard Business Review (Estados Unidos) no cae bajo la estándar calificación de políticamente correcto. Por el contrario, ha desatado una profunda y enriquecedora controversia en el mundo académico inf… more

Nicholas Carr y las Inversiones en IT (Estrategias en la Industria del Software) (Spanish Edition)
Adrián Ruffinatti
Introduction to Amazon Prime... - Robert T Young

Introduction to Amazon Prime...Robert T Young

About the Book

This book introduces Kindle Prime and an innovative introduction to online shopping – KOLL. Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library are two of the best features offered by Amazon. And similar to rest of … more

Introduction to Amazon Prime and the KOLL: Unleash the Power of Your Device
Robert T Young
Pennsylvania Voices Book VII... - Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo

Pennsylvania Voices Book VII...Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo

Living Literacy through Technology and Music to Develop Self-Efficacy in Computer Enhanced College English Composition Classes by Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo

Pennsylvania Voices Book VII: Living Literacy through Technology and Music to Develop Self-Efficacy in Computer Enhanced College English Composition Classes
Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo
AuthorHouse , English
Scanning for Kids of All Ages - Donna A. Ford

Scanning for Kids of All AgesDonna A. Ford

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Getting great results from your scanner is tricky. This is because scanning falls somewhere between an art form and technology. And what if you’re not quite an artist or a computer wizard? This book removes the mystery, so that you can con… more

Scanning for Kids of All Ages
Donna A. Ford
Xlibris , English
SAP (ABAP) - Ahmed Al-wadi

SAP (ABAP)Ahmed Al-wadi

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the book talk about how create table in SAP(ABAP).Contain easy and screenshot.Step by step.Is very good for beginner.

Ahmed Al-wadi
iPad:  This Device Changes E... - David Phillips

iPad: This Device Changes E...David Phillips

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iPad: This Device Changes Everything! It inspires Creativity with It’s Powerful Built-in Apps and Apps from the Apple Store. You will find information in an Instant, Access to an Entire Library, from Buying an iPad, Finding the Best iPad A… more

iPad: This Device Changes Everything!!
David Phillips
Applied Business Computing C... - Matthew J. McCarthy

Applied Business Computing C...Matthew J. McCarthy

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Applied Business Computing Concepts

Applied Business Computing Concepts 4
Matthew J. McCarthy
Publishing Intellect LLC , English
The Djen of Django - Javed Khan, Thejaswi Puthray...

The Djen of DjangoJaved Khan, Thejaswi Puthray...

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You already know a bit of Django but you would like to take your skills to next level. This book is for you.Through real, live projects this book allows you to improve your Django skills. Build a blog, build a wiki, build a project manageme… more

The Djen of Django
Javed Khan, Thejaswi Puthraya, Shabda Raaj
Agiliq , English
VMware vSphere 5.1 Clusterin... - Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman

VMware vSphere 5.1 Clusterin...Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman

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VMware vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive is the follow-up to best seller vSphere 5.0 Clustering Deepdive and zooms in on three key components of every VMware based infrastructure and. It provides the knowledge and expertise needed to create a… more

VMware vSphere 5.1 Clustering Deepdive
Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman
Visual Basic 100 Sub examples. - Raffaele Salvatore Ranaulo

Visual Basic 100 Sub examples.Raffaele Salvatore Ranaulo

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This ebook contains 100 Sub by making programs of visual basic net. The version used is Visual Basic Net 2012 Express Edition, Framework 4.5

Visual Basic 100 Sub examples.
Raffaele Salvatore Ranaulo
Using Mission Control On My ... - Ludwik Kowalski

Using Mission Control On My ...Ludwik Kowalski

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The most recent Macintosh operating system, Lion (available since 2011), comes with a new application called Mission Control. This book is a short User’s Guide for this tool. It shows how to use spaces, which are links to desktops of virtua… more

Using Mission Control On My Macintosh
Ludwik Kowalski
Ludwik Kowalski , English
Pete The Nerd's How To Speed... - Pete Moulton

Pete The Nerd's How To Speed...Pete Moulton

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Pete the Nerd covers every inch of ground possible in this easy-to-read and easy-to-follow guidebook to speeding up slow computers. Computer beginners can follow step-by-step instructions, and more advanced computer users will enjoy the sys… more

Pete The Nerd’s How To Speed Up Your Slow Computer For Everyday Users
Pete Moulton
Page Publishing, Inc. , English
Cloud Hosting Explained for ... - Joanie Mann

Cloud Hosting Explained for ...Joanie Mann

With all the talk of cloud computing and having remote access to business applications and data, many small business owners are finding themselves searching for the answer to cloud-ifying their businesses and information systems. But infor… more

Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People
Joanie Mann
Joanie Mann , English
Envision To  Profit from the... - Laura Maya

Envision To Profit from the...Laura Maya

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How do you harness the power of social media and mobile interactivity to its fullest potential?

Mobile internet enabled devices including iPad , smartphones, netbooks and Portable digital game player can offer engaging opportuniti… more

Envision To Profit from the Power of Mobile Social Media in Social Customer Engagement: Learn Effective Mobile Optimized Strategies from the Best of both … and Western Worlds to Grow Your Busin
Laura Maya
Partridge Publishing Singapore , English