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Ben Casey Oct 1962 - Norman Nodel

Ben Casey Oct 1962Norman Nodel

Smallpox: A Killer Enchained! Bite the Hand… The Dog That ‘Talked’ Dial Emergency.. Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

Ben Casey Oct 1962
Norman Nodel
Dell Comics Western Publishing Oct 1962 , English
My Little Pony: Friendship i... - Katie Cook, Andy Price, Sabr...

My Little Pony: Friendship i...Katie Cook, Andy Price, Sabr...

“Reflections” Part 2. As long kept Canterlot secrets are revealed, the Ponies find a way into a new world. A world where things are very different, yet also very much the same! What role does King Sombra play in this world? The fate of both… more

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #18
Katie Cook, Andy Price, Sabrina Alberghetti
IDW Publishing , English
The Best Japanese Fairy Tale... -

The Best Japanese Fairy Tale...

These tales and legends have been collected from many sources. Some of them have been selected from the Ko-ji-ki, or Record of Ancient Matters, which contains the mythology of Japan.Many are told from memory, being relics of childish days, … more

The Best Japanese Fairy Tales - Legends & Mythology From The Far East
Oceanroc Web Publishing , English
Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kid... - Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kid...Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ISBN:9781627760300Kids E Book Author/Artist Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kids E book)
Bob Aubuchon
Bob Aubuchon , English
My Little Pony: When Cutie Calls - Various Various

My Little Pony: When Cutie CallsVarious Various

Nothing sets a pony apart from the others like a Cutie Mark. At least as far as Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are concerned. But you can’t rush a Cutie Mark, no matter how hard these fillies try! Includes the episodes: “Call of … more

My Little Pony: When Cutie Calls
Various Various
IDW Publishing , English
Orbit: Stephen King - Michael Lent, Brian McCarthy...

Orbit: Stephen KingMichael Lent, Brian McCarthy...

One of the bestselling authors of all time, his books have sold over 500 million copies, translated into 33 languages. Generations of terrified readers and moviegoers have dubbed Stephen King the “Master of Horror,” but he is much, much mor… more

Orbit: Stephen King
Michael Lent, Brian McCarthy, Kent Hurlbert, Michael Szyksznian
Bluewater Productions , English
Life of a Loser - Catching Santa - Lou Zuhr

Life of a Loser - Catching SantaLou Zuhr

Average wait: N/A

From the self-proclaimed “unluckiest kid in the universe”, comes a hilariously-illustrated tale of epic (fail) proportions. Whether you’re 6, or 96, Life of a Loser - Catching Santa will make you laugh out loud…

All thirteen-year-old Lo… more

Life of a Loser - Catching Santa
Lou Zuhr
Mauretania Comics: How To Do... - Chris Reynolds

Mauretania Comics: How To Do...Chris Reynolds

What’s Stanton Renwal afraid of and why does he need an iron door? Trials and tribulations of an ‘independent’ dentist. ‘With state dentists scarce and the high cost of going private, the time has come for enterprising individuals to move i… more

Mauretania Comics: How To Do Your Own Dentistry
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds , English
Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque - Chris Reynolds

Mauretania Comics: Shadow MasqueChris Reynolds

No editorial review available.
Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds , English
Springer Rabbit's Adventure ... - Raymara Barwil

Springer Rabbit's Adventure ...Raymara Barwil

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A young rabbit encounters the dark days! Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s delightful animal adventure illustrated story book now! There’s a delightful illustration on every page. Springer wonders why everyone in Peaceful Wood is worried ab… more

Springer Rabbit’s Adventure in Peaceful Wood An Illustrated Story Book
Raymara Barwil
Raymara Barwil , English
The Muse of Richard Long, Pa... - Gennady Ulman

The Muse of Richard Long, Pa...Gennady Ulman

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In this 2nd part of the series the adventure continues. Richard Long is thrown into a fantastic world of Muses, Gods and Monsters. The Muse of Richard Long is a fantasy graphic novel full of adventure, mystery and imagination, intertwined w… more

The Muse of Richard Long, Part II: Actaeon
Gennady Ulman
Lush Comics , English


Average wait: N/A

Touya has a positive personality who don’t overlooked person in need.One day, he helped Miki taking a bullying.Shy she can not resolve a bullying on your own.Will Touya be able to save a Miki from bullying?This is the Japanese high school s… more

MIRAI Atelier Stone
Gentle Store , English
Rover and The Mysterious Isl... - Jill Roberson

Rover and The Mysterious Isl...Jill Roberson

Average wait: N/A

The vintage comic book  hero from the 1930’s, the  adventurous dog Rover with his pals Red and Mikefind themselves on a mysterious island where no dogs have been seen in years!Will  Rover survive the dangers on the island?Follow Rover and R… more

Rover and The Mysterious Island of Buena Vista
Jill Roberson
Pink Flying Bingoes , English
Minecraft: Steve's Crafting ... - Michael Johnson

Minecraft: Steve's Crafting ...Michael Johnson

Steve’s Secrets to Crafting.. Revealed!

Do you want to learn Crafting secrets from the mighty Steve himself?

Do you want to hear untold crafting legends?

Every player needs this SPECIAL EDITION Handbook!

This handbook has everyth… more

Minecraft: Steve’s Crafting Handbook: A Minecraft Handbook
Michael Johnson
Shoes Reflected In A Puddle - Solaruru, NTT Solmare

Shoes Reflected In A PuddleSolaruru, NTT Solmare

I hate rainy days because I don’t want my clothes and shoes to get dirty…. Mitsuki was taking shelter under a shoe shop’s roof on her way home from school. There, a young shoemaker Arima lent her an umbrella That’s when the couple met…

Shoes Reflected In A Puddle
Solaruru, NTT Solmare
NTT Solmare , English
Hold Me Always - Solaruru, NTT Solmare

Hold Me AlwaysSolaruru, NTT Solmare

My boyfriend Manato is good looking and popular. That’s why I’m being harassed by jealous girls… I’ve been avoiding Manato these days because of this. But this isn’t the way our relationship is supposed to be…

Hold Me Always
Solaruru, NTT Solmare
NTT Solmare , English
Dream Angel #4 Battle for th... - Jennifer Rash

Dream Angel #4 Battle for th...Jennifer Rash

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Dream Angel tries to take a day off and just be a normal girl. As Arora and her best friend Ellie are relaxing in the local mall enjoying a little peace, they actually encounter a normal problem: a former classmate and school bully doing wh… more

Dream Angel #4 Battle for the mall: Battle for the mall
Jennifer Rash
Jennifer Rash , English
Booger and Jack! - One Burp ... - Chris Lamphear

Booger and Jack! - One Burp ...Chris Lamphear

Hi, I’m Jack, an imaginary friend. If you download this book, you’ll read all about my crazy adventures with my real-world friend, Booger: our school project The Science of Burps, getting trapped in a haunted house, and how we broke up a b… more

Booger and Jack! - One Burp to Rule Them All (Funny Stories… with Pictures!)
Chris Lamphear
My Little Pony: Micro Series... - Katie Cook, Andy Price, Amy ...

My Little Pony: Micro Series...Katie Cook, Andy Price, Amy ...

A royal eclipse! When Celestia has to leave for the day, Luna is charged to keep watch over waking hours. Will the guardian of the night be able to juggle a new set of responsibilities while keeping her cool? (Not to mention keeping awake!)

My Little Pony: Micro Series #10 - Luna
Katie Cook, Andy Price, Amy Mebberson
IDW Publishing , English
Scientists That Changed the ... - Cera D. Colby

Scientists That Changed the ...Cera D. Colby

Average wait: N/A

Scientists That Changed the World, is a Historical Science Comic Book for Kids. Volume 1 deals with the Story of Penicillin - it is an educational comic all about the exciting discovery of Penicillin. And what kid doesn’t love comic books?!… more

Scientists That Changed the World: The Story of Penicillin, An Educational Comic Book for Kids (A Historical Science Comic Book for Kids 1)
Cera D. Colby
Cera D. Colby , English