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Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co... - Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co...Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

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Get Ready to Root for the Villain…Serena is the new girl in a school that caters to not just “Norms,” but the sons and daughters of the world’s greatest Superheroes. The problem? She’s the daughter of the Night Witch, a cardinal member of… more

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection
Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler
Anti-Heroes Press , English
Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kid... - Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kid...Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ISBN:9781627760300Kids E Book Author/Artist Bob Aubuchon

Kat Orders A Robot Vac ( Kids E book)
Bob Aubuchon
Bob Aubuchon , English
Say Please, Louise! (Getting... - Keith Harvey

Say Please, Louise! (Getting...Keith Harvey

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Louise is a little girl with monstrous manners. No-one can make her say please or thank you until one day she meets a most unusual creature who teaches her that it’s good to be polite. This wonderfully illustrated book from Children’s autho… more

Say Please, Louise! (Getting Together Book 1)
Keith Harvey
Tiberius Publishing , English
Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ... - Chris Howard

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ...Chris Howard

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A graphical version of the first book in Chris Howard’s exciting Seaborn Trilogy.An army of the drowned dead, family betrayal, an exiled witch who doesn’t know she has power—or that enemies are lurking all around her, spying on her. Follow… more

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) (Saltwater Witch Comic)
Chris Howard
Lykeion Books , English
DC Comics Digital Sneak Peek... - DC

DC Comics Digital Sneak Peek...DC

No editorial review available.
DC Comics Digital Sneak Peeks 7/03/13
DC , English
Scientists That Changed the ... - Cera D. Colby

Scientists That Changed the ...Cera D. Colby

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Best Selling Kindle Author Presents…

Scientists That Changed the World, is a Historical Science Comic Book for Kids. Volume 2 deals with the Story of Wireless - it is an educational comic all about the exciting discovery and invention of … more

Scientists That Changed the World: The Story of Wireless, An Educational Comic Book for Kids (A Historical Science Comic Book for Kids)
Cera D. Colby
Cera D. Colby , English
S.E. Hinton's The Puppy Sister - S.E.  Hinton

S.E. Hinton's The Puppy SisterS.E. Hinton

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S.E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction… and now she comes to graphic novels in this touching family story. Nick and his parents get more than they bargained for when their newl… more

S.E. Hinton’s The Puppy Sister
S.E. Hinton
Bluewater Productions , English
Tinsel The Littlest Reindeer... - Raymara Barwil

Tinsel The Littlest Reindeer...Raymara Barwil

Do you love Christmas stories? Tinsel the reindeer will delight you and bring Christmas alive! Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s magical Christmas adventure comic book for children, with full colour and captivating illustrations, where Tins… more

Tinsel The Littlest Reindeer, A Christmas Adventure Comic Book
Raymara Barwil
Raymara Barwil , English


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CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE, at age twenty-four, accepts Japanese Prime Minister Renhou’s orders to rescue her partner, USMC Marine Lieutenant John Max, from being injected with the same military-grade drug that forces all mission-assigned though… more

VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE (First Edition): The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage Against the Darkness of Death: Before and After KKXG: King Kong vs Gigantosaurus
Kids Books: "Action on the R... - P. D. Adler

Kids Books: "Action on the R...P. D. Adler

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BEST SELLING CHILDREN’S AUTHOR - P. D. ADLER!This short story for kids is the fifth book in a series written by Best Selling Author, P. D. Adler, featuring Naughty Nico. These children’s books are written with the early reader in mind and w… more

Kids Books: “Action on the Roof” (Children Books and Bedtime Stories; Comic Books and Action and Adventure Stories for Kids, Beginner Readers Ages 6-8) (The Adventures of Naughty Nico Book 4)
P. D. Adler
SunVision Media , English
Springer Rabbit's Adventure ... - Raymara Barwil

Springer Rabbit's Adventure ...Raymara Barwil

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A young rabbit encounters the dark days! Get your copy of Raymara Barwil’s delightful animal adventure illustrated story book now! There’s a delightful illustration on every page. Springer wonders why everyone in Peaceful Wood is worried ab… more

Springer Rabbit’s Adventure in Peaceful Wood An Illustrated Story Book
Raymara Barwil
Raymara Barwil , English
Tarsier Man: Crime of Time - Pat Hatt

Tarsier Man: Crime of TimePat Hatt

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Tarsier Man is back. This time a new foe goes on the attack. Timer is his name and messing with time is his game. Something Tarsier Man finds out rather fast when a giant robot and a dinosaur come from future and past.

Even old foes come i… more

Tarsier Man: Crime of Time
Pat Hatt
Peter's Dreams and Otherworl... - Keith R. Parris

Peter's Dreams and Otherworl...Keith R. Parris

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Touching the spirit of a young boy is a wonderful beginning for all of us who wish to grasp the spirit of a people and even a nation. My latest work, PETER’S DEAMS AND OTHERWORLDLY THINGS, is the story of Peter, an imaginative young boy who… more

Peter’s Dreams and Otherworldly Things (Travels on the Other Side of Elephants, Secret Monsters and the Closet Door)
Keith R. Parris
Black Knight Classic , English
The Clever Cat: I want to he... - Children World

The Clever Cat: I want to he...Children World

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The boy feels lost after the death of his father, so the clever cat thinks of a way to help him making a living and lead a happy life. What does the cat do? Is the cat really too smart? Find out!This short story is for children who are 2… more

The Clever Cat: I want to help my boy (2-8 Years Old)
Children World
Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque - Chris Reynolds

Mauretania Comics: Shadow MasqueChris Reynolds

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Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds , English
10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. ... - Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso

10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. ...Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso

The most gorgeous women in the world want him…dead!His name is Bernard Black, also known as the Black Rose, and he’s one of the best cat burglars in the world. His one weakness? Bernie may be the best there is at what he does, but he’s al… more

10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition)
Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Kimodameshi - Solaruru, NTT Solmare

KimodameshiSolaruru, NTT Solmare

On a summer evening some kids sneak into the school to play a ‘Dare Game’ but someone knows an even better game…it’s called ‘A Hundred Tales’. The school janitor persuades the kids to play ‘A Hundred Tales’. The rules are easy – one by one … more

Solaruru, NTT Solmare
NTT Solmare , English
How To Do Your Own Dentistry... - Chris Reynolds

How To Do Your Own Dentistry...Chris Reynolds

By Stanton Renwal. Written and illustrated by Chris Reynolds.”With state dentists scarce, and the high cost of going private, the time has come for enterprising individuals to move in on the scene”.A little story about a mysterious office.I… more

How To Do Your Own Dentistry (Mauretania)
Chris Reynolds
Magic Symbol , English
A Look of Love - Darlene Panzera

A Look of LoveDarlene Panzera

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A marriage proposal from a man she doesn’t love forces Noelle to decide what’s really important to her. She has everything… except true love.

A Look of Love
Darlene Panzera
SeaCrest eBooks , English
'68: Jungle Jim #3 - Mark Kidwell

'68: Jungle Jim #3Mark Kidwell

In a tangled jungle known as the Hell Hole, fang and machete join forces as two relentless predators massacre the living dead. At Salut Glen mission, the Viet Cong teach a monstrous lesson in depravity and torture. And deep in the scalding … more

68: Jungle Jim #3
Mark Kidwell
Image Comics , English