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#04 The Treasure of Mount Fa... - Jeff Limke

#04 The Treasure of Mount Fa...Jeff Limke

Test your courage against skeleton warriors, a powerful wizard, and the dreaded borkadrac! Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

#04 The Treasure of Mount Fate (Twisted Journeys ®)
Jeff Limke
Graphic Universe TM , English
Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ... - Chris Howard

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ...Chris Howard

Average wait: N/A

A graphical version of the first book in Chris Howard’s exciting Seaborn Trilogy.An army of the drowned dead, family betrayal, an exiled witch who doesn’t know she has power—or that enemies are lurking all around her, spying on her. Follow… more

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) (Saltwater Witch Comic)
Chris Howard
Lykeion Books , English
Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co... - Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co...Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

Average wait: N/A

Get Ready to Root for the Villain…Serena is the new girl in a school that caters to not just “Norms,” but the sons and daughters of the world’s greatest Superheroes. The problem? She’s the daughter of the Night Witch, a cardinal member of… more

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection
Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler
Anti-Heroes Press , English
Kimodameshi - Solaruru, NTT Solmare

KimodameshiSolaruru, NTT Solmare

On a summer evening some kids sneak into the school to play a ‘Dare Game’ but someone knows an even better game…it’s called ‘A Hundred Tales’. The school janitor persuades the kids to play ‘A Hundred Tales’. The rules are easy – one by one … more

Solaruru, NTT Solmare
NTT Solmare , English
LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the Sensei - Greg Farshtey

LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the SenseiGreg Farshtey

Back in their home village after the battle with Garmadon, the four ninja are hoping for some R&R. Instead, they get drawn into a fight to the finish with the most powerful and unexpected foe they have ever faced: Sensei Wu—their own sensei… more

LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the Sensei
Greg Farshtey
Papercutz , English
LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of Doom - Greg Farshtey

LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of DoomGreg Farshtey

The Masters of Spinjitzu must save the world, and they can’t do it without help from their good friend … Lord Garmadon?!After Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai defeated Lord Garmadon once and for all, the skeletal baddie actually joined the good… more

LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of Doom
Greg Farshtey
Papercutz , English
Everybody's got to get it to... - John Delaney

Everybody's got to get it to...John Delaney

Average wait: N/A

A children’s comic book featuring a funny, musical group called Rapcat & The Recyclers. Follow their adventures across the world as they help to clean up the environment and promote recycling. Suitable for children of all ages.

Everybody’s got to get it together (Adventures of Rapcat & The Recyclers Book 1)
John Delaney
Bartram Media Inc. , English
#02 Escape from Pyramid X (T... - Dan Jolley

#02 Escape from Pyramid X (T...Dan Jolley

The mummies of Pyramid X are on the move—against you! How will you escape? Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

#02 Escape from Pyramid X (Twisted Journeys ®)
Dan Jolley
Graphic Universe TM , English
Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 "Ki... - Paradox F.

Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 "Ki...Paradox F.

Average wait: N/A

Crossing-Over is a webcomic made by Paradox F. and illustrated by Fenrier. Join Cliff, an oddball ferret teenager, as he gets sucked in a wild, dangerous world filled with heroes, agents and villains that will change his life in more ways t… more

Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 “Kids these Days”
Paradox F.
3d Model Isabella Album - iacob adrian

3d Model Isabella Albumiacob adrian

Average wait: N/A

The album of the beautiful digital girl, 3d Model Isabella , posing like a ballerina in “Swan Lake” ballet .

3d Model Isabella Album
iacob adrian
Iacob Adrian , English
Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque - Chris Reynolds

Mauretania Comics: Shadow MasqueChris Reynolds

No editorial review available.
Mauretania Comics: Shadow Masque
Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds , English
Rover, The Adventure Begins - Jill Roberson

Rover, The Adventure BeginsJill Roberson

Average wait: N/A

An action-packed adventure story of  the brave dog,  Rover. This is the prequel to Rover and the Mysterious Island of Buena VistaFind out the sad beginnings of Rover’s life and his journey through thrilling adventures. Click the orange Buy … more

Rover, The Adventure Begins
Jill Roberson
Pink Flying Bingoes Publishing , English
Tarsier Man: The Face of Space - Pat Hatt

Tarsier Man: The Face of SpacePat Hatt

Average wait: N/A

Tarsier Man was in his secret lair watching TV without a care, when the TV was hijacked by The Astronaut all over Earth. He wanted money so he could find an alien of worth.

Tarsier Man would not take this, TV shows everywhere people would… more

Tarsier Man: The Face of Space
Pat Hatt
Ticky Tack The Littlest Rein... - Ironpower Publishing

Ticky Tack The Littlest Rein...Ironpower Publishing

Average wait: N/A

In this delightfully heartwarming Christmas story you will learn about Ticky Tack, a tiny reindeer, who helps Santa and Shortbread the Elf deliver a little disabled boy’s present on Christmas Eve. It’s such a fun and uplifting read, and the… more

Ticky Tack The Littlest Reindeer - A Christmas Book for Children (Christmas Stories For Kids 1)
Ironpower Publishing
FREE: Prologium - Jonathan Nolan

FREE: PrologiumJonathan Nolan

Average wait: N/A

He was meant to die… He did not die! He was meant to fail… HE MUST NOT FAIL!A young rogue is betrayed and left for dead by his best friend.After rescue by a mysterious hedge wizard, he wears the Amulet of K’Nott, and becomes the Prisone… more

FREE: Prologium
Jonathan Nolan
Flying Tiger Comics (an imprint of IMFI Pty. Ltd.) , English
Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl: B... - Katrina Kahler

Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl: B...Katrina Kahler

Average wait: < 1h

Follow the adventures of Abbie and her pony Sparkle with their ups and downs, triumphs and shattering moments.

I never thought pony club would be so wonderful!” Horses are never dull, there is always something happening…from bulls char… more

Diary Of A Horse Mad Girl: Book 2 - Pony Club Adventures - A Horse Book For Girls aged 9 - 12
Katrina Kahler
How To Help Children , English
Peter's Dreams and Otherworl... - Keith R. Parris

Peter's Dreams and Otherworl...Keith R. Parris

Average wait: N/A

Touching the spirit of a young boy is a wonderful beginning for all of us who wish to grasp the spirit of a people and even a nation. My latest work, PETER’S DEAMS AND OTHERWORLDLY THINGS, is the story of Peter, an imaginative young boy who… more

Peter’s Dreams and Otherworldly Things (Travels on the Other Side of Elephants, Secret Monsters and the Closet Door)
Keith R. Parris
Black Knight Classic , English
Rover and The Mysterious Isl... - Jill Roberson

Rover and The Mysterious Isl...Jill Roberson

Average wait: N/A

The vintage comic book  hero from the 1930’s, the  adventurous dog Rover with his pals Red and Mikefind themselves on a mysterious island where no dogs have been seen in years!Will  Rover survive the dangers on the island?Follow Rover and R… more

Rover and The Mysterious Island of Buena Vista
Jill Roberson
Pink Flying Bingoes , English
Breakfast for Babe the Baby ... - Julia M Busch

Breakfast for Babe the Baby ...Julia M Busch

Average wait: N/A

Best Selling Kindle Author Presents…Breakfast for Babe the Baby ElephantBABE is SOOO HUNGRYHE NEEDS BREAKFAST!Be there when…His Circus Train CrashesHe’s Separated from his MotherAll Alone, he tries to find Milk for his BreakfastHe follo… more

Breakfast for Babe the Baby Elephant, Retro Comics 10, Circus Animals 1
Julia M Busch
Anti-Aging Press, Inc. , English
The Outliers #1 - Erik T. Johnson

The Outliers #1Erik T. Johnson

Average wait: N/A

A school bus is forced off a cliff by a vehicle in pursuit of a legendary woodland giant. Secrets are revealed when it’s young passenger, a boy known for his inability to speak, commands the giant to in an unknown language. Exposed as link … more

The Outliers #1
Erik T. Johnson
Alternative Comics , English