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Superheroes - a fun book for kids - K.J. Perera

Superheroes - a fun book for kidsK.J. Perera

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Discover tons of fascinating facts about your comic book heroes. What is a superhero? Is it just amazing powers and flashy costumes? There is much more to learn about what makes a great superhero and you’ll find it here in this fun book.Thi… more

Superheroes - a fun book for kids
K.J. Perera
Karl Perera , English
Slade: The Vampire Bounty Hu... - Chase Dean

Slade: The Vampire Bounty Hu...Chase Dean

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A vampire must recapture and return the undesirables who violated the Devil’s code to hell in order to revive his own soul.This is a short story of approximately 3300 words

Slade: The Vampire Bounty Hunter (Slade: Vampire Bounty Hunter Book 1)
Chase Dean
A.I.R. Publishing , English
The Story of Peter Pan - Daniel Stephen O'Connor

The Story of Peter PanDaniel Stephen O'Connor

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Sir J. M. Barrie’s delightful creation, “Peter Pan,” has by this time taken a secure place in the hearts of children of all ages, and there are few nurseries in the land in which Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook and his Pirates, the … more

The Story of Peter Pan
Daniel Stephen O’Connor
Daniel Stephen O’Connor , English
WEIRD Love #1 - Joe Gill, Cupid Cupid, Vario...

WEIRD Love #1Joe Gill, Cupid Cupid, Vario...

From the people that bring you the acclaimed Haunted Horror comic comes a horror like no other… WEIRD Love! WEIRD Love presents the most sexy, bizarro, sick, twisted, politically incorrect, kinky “romance” comics of the 1950s and beyond. In… more

WEIRD Love #1
Joe Gill, Cupid Cupid, Various Various, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Vinnie Colletta, Al Tewks, Norman Nodel, Ogden Whitney
IDW Publishing , English
The Best of Archie Comics Book 3 - Archie Superstars

The Best of Archie Comics Book 3Archie Superstars

It’s Archie’s third volume in our all-time bestselling The Best of Archie Comics graphic novel series, featuring even more great stories from Archie’s eight decades of excellence! This fun full-color collection of more of Archie’s all-time … more

The Best of Archie Comics Book 3
Archie Superstars
Archie Comics , English
Kirk Lindo's Vampress Luxura... - Kirk Lindo

Kirk Lindo's Vampress Luxura...Kirk Lindo

Red Reign is coming! The fate of the world hangs in the balance. The Vampress Luxura embarks on a mysterious plan to control the outcome. Will The Ultimate Vampire Queen use the Sword of the Apocalypse to save the world or just save hersel… more

Kirk Lindo’s Vampress Luxura Sword of the Apocalypse Chapter 1
Kirk Lindo
PerForce Publishing , English
#04 The Treasure of Mount Fa... - Jeff Limke

#04 The Treasure of Mount Fa...Jeff Limke

Test your courage against skeleton warriors, a powerful wizard, and the dreaded borkadrac! Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

#04 The Treasure of Mount Fate (Twisted Journeys ®)
Jeff Limke
Graphic Universe TM , English
10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. ... - Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso

10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. ...Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso

The most gorgeous women in the world want him…dead!His name is Bernard Black, also known as the Black Rose, and he’s one of the best cat burglars in the world. His one weakness? Bernie may be the best there is at what he does, but he’s al… more

10 Beautiful Assassins Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition)
Thomas R. Hart, Elmer Damaso
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Steve Jobs (Graphic Biographies) - Saddleback Publishing

Steve Jobs (Graphic Biographies)Saddleback Publishing

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Using the graphics, students can activate prior knowledge—bridge what they already know with what they have yet to learn. Graphically illustrated biographies also teach inference skills, character development, dialogue, transitions, and dr… more

Steve Jobs (Graphic Biographies)
Saddleback Publishing
Saddleback Educational Publishing , English
My Little Pony: Friendship i... - Katie Cook, Andy Price, Bren...

My Little Pony: Friendship i...Katie Cook, Andy Price, Bren...

Reflections” part 1. The start of this epic four-part story will see the ponies travel to a new world in desperate need of aid… that is, if they can discover the secret spells of Starswirl the Bearded! Secret traps and magical danger are… more

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #17
Katie Cook, Andy Price, Brenda Hickey
IDW Publishing , English
Unearthly Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition) - Ted Naifeh

Unearthly Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition)Ted Naifeh

From the Eisner-nominated creator of Courtney Crumrin comes a tale of star-crossed lovers and interstellar bad boys!Ann was once shy and withdrawn until her crush on pretty boy Jem makes her take notice of the world around her. But her blos… more

Unearthly Vol. 1 (Kindle Edition)
Ted Naifeh
Seven Seas Entertainment , English
Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ... - Chris Howard

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) ...Chris Howard

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A graphical version of the first book in Chris Howard’s exciting Seaborn Trilogy.An army of the drowned dead, family betrayal, an exiled witch who doesn’t know she has power—or that enemies are lurking all around her, spying on her. Follow… more

Saltwater Witch (Comic # 3) (Saltwater Witch Comic)
Chris Howard
Lykeion Books , English
Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co... - Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Co...Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler

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Get Ready to Root for the Villain…Serena is the new girl in a school that caters to not just “Norms,” but the sons and daughters of the world’s greatest Superheroes. The problem? She’s the daughter of the Night Witch, a cardinal member of… more

Anti-Heroes: The Complete Collection
Louise Bohmer, K.H. Koehler
Anti-Heroes Press , English
A Look of Love - Darlene Panzera

A Look of LoveDarlene Panzera

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A marriage proposal from a man she doesn’t love forces Noelle to decide what’s really important to her. She has everything… except true love.

A Look of Love
Darlene Panzera
SeaCrest eBooks , English
Kimodameshi - Solaruru, NTT Solmare

KimodameshiSolaruru, NTT Solmare

On a summer evening some kids sneak into the school to play a ‘Dare Game’ but someone knows an even better game…it’s called ‘A Hundred Tales’. The school janitor persuades the kids to play ‘A Hundred Tales’. The rules are easy – one by one … more

Solaruru, NTT Solmare
NTT Solmare , English
LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the Sensei - Greg Farshtey

LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the SenseiGreg Farshtey

Back in their home village after the battle with Garmadon, the four ninja are hoping for some R&R. Instead, they get drawn into a fight to the finish with the most powerful and unexpected foe they have ever faced: Sensei Wu—their own sensei… more

LEGO Ninjago #2: Mask of the Sensei
Greg Farshtey
Papercutz , English
LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of Doom - Greg Farshtey

LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of DoomGreg Farshtey

The Masters of Spinjitzu must save the world, and they can’t do it without help from their good friend … Lord Garmadon?!After Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai defeated Lord Garmadon once and for all, the skeletal baddie actually joined the good… more

LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of Doom
Greg Farshtey
Papercutz , English
Everybody's got to get it to... - John Delaney

Everybody's got to get it to...John Delaney

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A children’s comic book featuring a funny, musical group called Rapcat & The Recyclers. Follow their adventures across the world as they help to clean up the environment and promote recycling. Suitable for children of all ages.

Everybody’s got to get it together (Adventures of Rapcat & The Recyclers Book 1)
John Delaney
Bartram Media Inc. , English
#02 Escape from Pyramid X (T... - Dan Jolley

#02 Escape from Pyramid X (T...Dan Jolley

The mummies of Pyramid X are on the move—against you! How will you escape? Every Twisted Journeys® graphic novel lets YOU control the action by choosing which path to follow. Which twists and turns will your journey take?

#02 Escape from Pyramid X (Twisted Journeys ®)
Dan Jolley
Graphic Universe TM , English
Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 "Ki... - Paradox F.

Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 "Ki...Paradox F.

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Crossing-Over is a webcomic made by Paradox F. and illustrated by Fenrier. Join Cliff, an oddball ferret teenager, as he gets sucked in a wild, dangerous world filled with heroes, agents and villains that will change his life in more ways t… more

Crossing-Over: Chapter 1 “Kids these Days”
Paradox F.