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Obama's Lies - Nicholas Wayne Liberty

Obama's LiesNicholas Wayne Liberty

Scathing indictment of false promises by candidate Obama and his failed presidency.

Obama’s Lies
Nicholas Wayne Liberty
Prescott University Press , English
Impeach Obama - Eric Moberg

Impeach ObamaEric Moberg

Call for the impeachment of Barak Obama

Impeach Obama
Eric Moberg
Prescott University Press , English
The Story Behind The Hope & ... - Richard West

The Story Behind The Hope & ...Richard West

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This article explores the origins of the stunning anti-Obama documentary, The Hope & the Change. Citizens United fought a Supreme Court battle for the right to present a documentary to the public. Now their film is shaking up the 2012 Presi… more

The Story Behind The Hope & the Change: An Unauthorized Guide to the Anti-Obama Documentary Phenomenon [Article]
Richard West
The Poised Century: On Livin... - David Robinson

The Poised Century: On Livin...David Robinson

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In The Poised Century, David A. Robinson shows us what a century “on the brink” looks like and what each of us can do about it. From oil depletion and climate change to growing inequity and mounting debt he presents persuasive reasons why e… more

The Poised Century: On Living Today As If Tomorrow Mattered
David Robinson
Importing Democracy: The Rol... - Julie Fisher

Importing Democracy: The Rol...Julie Fisher

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While street protesters demanding democratic reforms make headlines in the international news, Importing Democracy: The Role of NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan, and Argentina, written by Julie Fisher and published by the Kettering Foundati… more

Importing Democracy: The Role of NGOs in South Africa, Tajikistan, & Argentina
Julie Fisher
Kettering Foundation Press , English
My Country Tears of Thee (Be... - Bob and Penny Lord

My Country Tears of Thee (Be...Bob and Penny Lord

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When did we stop singing this love song to our country? It was so subtle; did it just sort of disappear with many of the other patriotic traditions that our country stood for? How many of us still remember this song, reminding us of the pri… more

My Country Tears of Thee (Beyond Sodom and Gomorrah)
Bob and Penny Lord
Camilleri. There is a lot to... - Mariella Palazzolo

Camilleri. There is a lot to...Mariella Palazzolo

Interview to Andrea Camilleri, famous Italian author, novelist, scriptwriter. Here engaged in a conversation on unusual themes, with just a few hints, Camilleri suggests a possible way out in such hard times.The intellectual? Let him do hi… more

Camilleri. There is a lot to do. For us all. (Telos Primo Piano Scala c)
Mariella Palazzolo
A Brief History of the Moder... - Lee Edwards, Matthew Spalding

A Brief History of the Moder...Lee Edwards, Matthew Spalding

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In 1950, literary critic Lionel Trilling wrote that the conservative impulse was at best made up of “irritable mental gestures which seem to resemble ideas.” How times have changed.Some 50 years later, conservatism is a robust collection of… more

A Brief History of the Modern American Conservative Movement
Lee Edwards, Matthew Spalding
The Heritage Foundation , English
The Walking Father in Heaven... - Henley Hornbrook

The Walking Father in Heaven...Henley Hornbrook

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The Walking Father in Heaven” is about putting earthly reality into religion. The deception in religion is not that it is focused on overcoming death, but that it pretends to know what it does not. We do not know what happens when we die… more

The Walking Father in Heaven: Reflections on Death, Salvation, and the Human Soul
Henley Hornbrook
Henley Hornbrook , English
Just Say No to Voting - Daphne Brooks

Just Say No to VotingDaphne Brooks

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After forty years of voting in every election, I made the decision this political season not to cast a ballot. As a result, have I lost my right to complain, am I less a citizen the day after the election than I was the day before the elect… more

Just Say No to Voting
Daphne Brooks
You Do NOT Own Your Name (Fu... - Eric WhoRU

You Do NOT Own Your Name (Fu...Eric WhoRU

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If you have been lied to all your life about who you are and the undisclosed truth was that those lying to you had done so in order to intentionally indoctrinate you into believing you owed them whatever they claimed of you, would you want … more

You Do NOT Own Your Name (Fundamental, Basic, Natural Principles)
Eric WhoRU
Eric Williams , English
Decoding Nigeria Imperialist... - Emmanuel Adetula

Decoding Nigeria Imperialist...Emmanuel Adetula

You know, I know, everybody in leadership knows that truth is not enough to win in governance, particularly when you are destined to change the attitude, character and disposition of a legitimate Christianity and Islamic religious mafia, or… more

Decoding Nigeria Imperialist Agenda (Audacity of Nigeria Revoluton)
Emmanuel Adetula
What Happened to Tom? - Thomas Medonis

What Happened to Tom?Thomas Medonis

What Happened to Tom is a surprisingly interesting tale that discloses the predicament we are in today. If you are for universal peace and justice you will enjoy this work.

What Happened to Tom?
Thomas Medonis
Arabellion: Der Aufbruch der... - Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv

Arabellion: Der Aufbruch der...Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv

Der Aufstand der arabischen Massen Anfang des Jahres 2011 kam unerwartet. Die Autokraten Arabiens herrschten gleichsam Naturgesetzen folgend. Diese Situation schien der politischen Stabilität einer unruhigen Region zu dienen, in der Islamis… more

Arabellion: Der Aufbruch der arabischen Welt (German Edition)
Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv
Frankfurter Allgemeine Archiv , German
Middle Class: The Rise of th... - Martin Shinedling, Teresa Sh...

Middle Class: The Rise of th...Martin Shinedling, Teresa Sh...

Because the Democratic and Republican Parties have basically abandoned the middle class, new middle class oriented parties are surfacing including the Tea Party, Coffee Party and Americans Elect 2012. Third parties typically arise and fade… more

Middle Class: The Rise of the Tea Party, Coffee Party and Americans Elect 2012
Martin Shinedling, Teresa Shinedling
Letters to the Editor: From ... - Daniel Jeffs

Letters to the Editor: From ...Daniel Jeffs

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Letters to the Editor: From the Trenches of Democracy Volume IV is the fourth book in a series of the author’s 529 published letters to the editor in local, regional, state and national newspapers and news magazines over an 18-year period. … more

Letters to the Editor: From the Trenches of Democracy
Daniel Jeffs
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
COMBAT by TRIAL: An Odyssey ... - Nancy Miller Saunders

COMBAT by TRIAL: An Odyssey ...Nancy Miller Saunders

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Nancy Miller Saunders once lived in sheltered academe. But that all changed when she joined a group of filmmakers to document demonstrations by Vietnam Veterans Against the War.Soon, she found herself being hounded just as much as the vete… more

COMBAT by TRIAL: An Odyssey with 20th Century Winter Soldiers
Nancy Miller Saunders
iUniverse , English
Be the Change: The Paul and ... - Mikki Morrissette

Be the Change: The Paul and ...Mikki Morrissette

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This 84-page book is a fresh and unique portrayal, as told to a group of middle-school reporters from Minneapolis.Interviews with Wellstone family, friends, and colleagues — including U.S. Senator Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar — were con… more

Be the Change: The Paul and Sheila Wellstone Story
Mikki Morrissette
Be-Mondo Publishing Inc. , English


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THE STORY AND MEMORIES OF NATION OF USA NAMETHE MEMOIRS OF AN AMERICAN CITIZENBY ROBERT HERRICK WAS PUBLISHED IN 1905.TOWILL PAYNE”O Commander of the Faithful,” said the other, “shall I tell thee what I have seen with my eyes or what I … more

Reclaiming Our Democracy: He... - Sam Daley-Harris

Reclaiming Our Democracy: He...Sam Daley-Harris

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Most people see working to end global poverty and ensure a stable climate as a fool s errand. Add to that the Citizens United decision and the flood of money rushing into politics and the despair grows deeper. But activist and author Sam Da… more

Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between People and Government, 20th Anniversary Edition
Sam Daley-Harris
Camino Books, Inc. , English
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