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The Story of Bo the Little Giraffe - Debra Winter

The Story of Bo the Little GiraffeDebra Winter

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Here is a charming Christian story about a little giraffe who’s Dad has a gift for him from his departed mom just as soon as he is five. She has left some remembrances of herself for her son. Discover what she left behind and the beauty of … more

The Story of Bo the Little Giraffe
Debra Winter
Debra Winter , English
The Children's Crusade - Jack E. Jon

The Children's CrusadeJack E. Jon

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It is the time of the Crusade. Europe is swept by a religious fervor. Based on a true story where thousands of children board ships bound for Jerusalem to liberate the Holy Land. Vincent, the son of a French nobleman, joins the expedition, … more

The Children’s Crusade
Jack E. Jon
BestBookToday.com , English
Let's Follow Stanley - H. Eric Anderson

Let's Follow StanleyH. Eric Anderson

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Stanley is an adventurous little star who wants to find his place in the great big nighttime sky. After seeing other stars working together to form the constellation, he wonders what his role in the cosmos is.

Never giving up hope or his s… more

Let’s Follow Stanley
H. Eric Anderson
Page Publishing, Inc. , English
Friday Night Love (Days Of Grace) - Tia McCollors

Friday Night Love (Days Of Grace)Tia McCollors

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But Caprice won’t let her give up that easily, especially when Roman seems committed to reconciling. Caprice and her husband invite Zenja and Roman to Friday Night Love, a weekly event for couples. Zenja hesitates, but the promise of food a… more

Friday Night Love (Days Of Grace)
Tia McCollors
Whitaker House , English
The Machine (A Truth Seekers Novel) - Bill Myers

The Machine (A Truth Seekers Novel)Bill Myers

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For ages 8 to 14, Truth Seekers is a fast-paced, thoughtful, and funny new series using a 21st century approach to sharing ancient Bible truths.

In book one, The Machine, twin siblings Jake and Jenny have just lost their mother and are not… more

The Machine (A Truth Seekers Novel)
Bill Myers
B&H Publishing Group , English
Casting Pearls - ShaNeil Harada

Casting PearlsShaNeil Harada

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Matthew 7:6 “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Fourteen-year-old pastor’s son, Chase Ricks, thinks he has a firm grasp on this… more

Casting Pearls
ShaNeil Harada
The Perfect Lamb - David Edgren

The Perfect LambDavid Edgren

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Rufus was heart-broken. Father has taken his pet lamb, Sammy, to the temple for the family’s yearly sacrifice. But Father’s trip does not go as planned, offering new hope for Sammy, Father, Rufus—and you.A moving story for 6- to 10-year-old… more

The Perfect Lamb
David Edgren
Signs Publishing , English
Capturing Jasmina (India's S... - Kimberly Rae

Capturing Jasmina (India's S...Kimberly Rae

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Capturing Jasmina, fiction for young adult readers by Kimberly Rae, is the story of Jasmina, a young girl in India, and her brother, Samir. The children are sold by their father to a man promising them an education and good jobs.

But, as … more

Capturing Jasmina (India’s Street Kids Book 1)
Kimberly Rae
BJU Press/JourneyForth , English
False Coin, True Coin - Lois Dick

False Coin, True CoinLois Dick

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False Coin, True Coin by Lois Hoadley Dick is a historical fiction novel set in seventeenth-century London. It is the story of John Bunyan, a prisoner in the jailhouse of Cissy Nidd’s father. His crime is preaching, but in Cissy’s mind this… more

False Coin, True Coin
Lois Dick
BJU Press/JourneyForth , English
Camp Good News - John Thompson

Camp Good NewsJohn Thompson

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This is the story of Chris, who goes to a day camp at age 11. It is called “Camp Good News”. It is a Christian Camp, and Chris becomes a Born Again Christian there. He makes friends, and he makes a decision on what he wants to do with his l… more

Camp Good News
John Thompson
The King - Luis A. Lopez Jr.

The KingLuis A. Lopez Jr.

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I illustrated and wrote this kids story many years ago. My aim was to portrait the Christian salvation story is a simple and easy to read manner. I’m grateful that kindle publishing will enable me to finally share it with the world.

The King
Luis A. Lopez Jr.
Deeds Worth Telling: Logs fo... - Edward A. Rand

Deeds Worth Telling: Logs fo...Edward A. Rand

Deeds Worth Telling: Logs for the Yule-Tide FireBy Edward A. Rand The 1890 classic book of Twenty-Six Christmas Encourage Stories.The story of the star in the eastThe story of the Armada, or how God saved EnglandThe story of a certain Chris… more

Deeds Worth Telling: Logs for the Yule-Tide Fire (With Twenty-Six Encourage Stories)
Edward A. Rand
Until the Last Curtain Falls... - Emily Goodman

Until the Last Curtain Falls...Emily Goodman

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Jean Androv has held his secrets close to his chest for years. He never intended to share his story with any of his students—but the day has come when he will reveal it all to his newest protege.

Until the Last Curtain Falls (Dancing for the Lord)
Emily Goodman
Feels Like Heaven (My Soul To Keep) - Vanessa Miller

Feels Like Heaven (My Soul To Keep)Vanessa Miller

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Solomon Harris is a high-profile attorney based in Los Angeles who makes a decent living representing the stars of Hollywood. He’s kept his distance from his father, Pastor David Davison, and his family, figuring they want nothing to do wit… more

Feels Like Heaven (My Soul To Keep)
Vanessa Miller
Whitaker House , English
Don't Make Me Read Your Mind... - Melanie Marks

Don't Make Me Read Your Mind...Melanie Marks

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From the author of Slumber Party Wars and (**New!!) Best Friend WarsA very strange thing has happened to Mackenzie. VERY strange. And after it happens, she can read the mind of her secret crush—Matt Roberts. Well, his mind … and everyone… more

Don’t Make Me Read Your Mind Matt Roberts … Because I So Totally Can!!
Melanie Marks
Fool Moon Rising - Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty

Fool Moon RisingKristi and T. Lively Fluharty

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Through this illustrated tale about the moon stealing the sun’s glory, children learn about the importance of humility and the dangers of pride.This rhyming, rollicking tale tells of a crime of cosmic proportions: the moon, blinded by pride… more

Fool Moon Rising
Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty
Crossway Books , English
Thunder Bird - Ann Marie

Thunder BirdAnn Marie

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A little sparrow learns about faith.

Thunder Bird
Ann Marie
The Red Boat (Seasons of Faith) - CBH Ministries

The Red Boat (Seasons of Faith)CBH Ministries

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Dylan carves a little red boat with his own two hands—but then it gets lost down the river! He thinks it’s gone forever. But one day, he finds it when he least expects it. Will Dylan get his boat back again? Find out in this picture book th… more

The Red Boat (Seasons of Faith)
CBH Ministries
BookBaby , English
Helyn's Oath (Guardian of th... - Helyn Christianson

Helyn's Oath (Guardian of th...Helyn Christianson

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The powers of darkness are rising on the mortal plane. Evil is rapidly gaining the upper hand. Most such powers belong to the forces of darkness…or do they?What if those powers have also been given to those who serve God, so that they c… more

Helyn’s Oath (Guardian of the Gates of Heaven Book 1)
Helyn Christianson
Garden of Eden (Living Dreams) - Terri Burnell

Garden of Eden (Living Dreams)Terri Burnell

Andrew and Shelby could see a bright light through their closed eyelids as Beth’s voice faded into the background. Andrew began to notice warmth on his skin, and a light breeze gently touched his face… ‘Andrew, you can open your eyes now,… more

Garden of Eden (Living Dreams)
Terri Burnell
Tate Publishing , English
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