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@stickyJesus - Tami Heim, Toni Birdsong

@stickyJesusTami Heim, Toni Birdsong

It’s jaw dropping: People now spend over 110 billion minutes a month on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Some are ranting. Some are raving. Almost all are revealing their hearts and minds as never before. This historic s… more

Tami Heim, Toni Birdsong
Digital Scribe Press , English
The Bradford Family Adventur... - Jerry B.  Jenkins

The Bradford Family Adventur...Jerry B. Jenkins

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A collection of all twelve books in the Bradford Family Adventures Series. Follow the Bradford family children as they solve mysteries, make friends, and develop their faith in this comprehensive collection.

The Bradford Family Adventures Series Collection
Jerry B. Jenkins
Vigliano Books , English
Snowball and Oscar - Kathy Suchy Richards

Snowball and OscarKathy Suchy Richards

I hope your child will enjoy this book and learn that no matter how different each of us are, we all can be friends. This children’s book is based on real life events. My parents lived on a small farm. Each morning as my Dad would drink … more

Snowball and Oscar
Kathy Suchy Richards
A Real Friend (Heaven in my ... - Melanie Wilber

A Real Friend (Heaven in my ...Melanie Wilber

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A Real Friend: Heaven in my Heart Series (for pre and early teens), Book Three

Christmas with her grandparents has always been a special time for Brianne. Seeing her twin cousins is always fun too, but this year with all of them growing o… more

A Real Friend (Heaven in my Heart (pre/early teen series) Book 3)
Melanie Wilber
The Other Kitten - Patricia St John

The Other KittenPatricia St John

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Mark picked up a black and white kitten with four white paws and a white nose. ‘We’ll have this one,’ he said. ‘No,’ said Carol, picking up a grey tabby, ‘we’re having this one, and I’ll call it Fluff because it’s so soft.’ But choosing a k… more

The Other Kitten
Patricia St John
Scripture Union , English
Friska My Friend - Patricia St John

Friska My FriendPatricia St John

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When Friska the dog came to live with Colin and his family, Colin thought that he and Friska would be friends for ever. But, when Friska disappears, Colin begins to find out what ‘You are mine’ really means, and who is saying those words to… more

Friska My Friend
Patricia St John
Scripture Union , English
A Gift of Grace : Christ the... - Amy Madonna

A Gift of Grace : Christ the...Amy Madonna

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A Gift of Grace : Christ the Messenger
Amy Madonna
Over the Divide (Back Trails #1) - Catherine Farnes

Over the Divide (Back Trails #1)Catherine Farnes

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In Over the Divide, Christian youth fiction by Catherine Farnes, Jacy finds that being a wilderness tour guide with her dad brings some interesting characters into her life, most of whom are forgettable. But when a young widower and his son… more

Over the Divide (Back Trails #1)
Catherine Farnes
JourneyForth , English
Thus Spake Zarathustra. A bo... - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Thus Spake Zarathustra. A bo...Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Translated by Thomas Common, with notes by Anthony M. Ludovici.

Thus Spake Zarathustra. A book for all and none - Latest Edition 2010
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Barnavännen, 1905-04 Illustr... - Various

Barnavännen, 1905-04 Illustr...Various

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Barnavännen, 1905-04 Illustrerad Veckotidning för de Små (Swedish Edition)
Anika's Mountain (Anika Scott) - Karen Rispin

Anika's Mountain (Anika Scott)Karen Rispin

Being twelve isn’t easy. But Anika Scott, who has joined her parents as a missionary in Kenya, uses her faith and trust in God and His words as guidance to help her through her adolescent problems. Join Anika in her exciting and often dange… more

Anika’s Mountain (Anika Scott)
Karen Rispin
E-Reads , English
Sunny and The Little Shepherd - Marcia Oppermann

Sunny and The Little ShepherdMarcia Oppermann

Life was not easy for Elia and Sunny , the little shepherd and his pentatonic flute, in the fields of Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago. Find out how a splendid starry night changes gloom into a new melody and joy. Merry Christmas … more

Sunny and The Little Shepherd
Marcia Oppermann
Really Woolly 12 Little Blessings - DaySpring

Really Woolly 12 Little BlessingsDaySpring

Counting down from twelve to one, cuddle up with your children and show them that God sends the many blessings around us! This padded board book from the Really Woolly®brand by Dayspring® is the perfect way to teach your children about diff… more

Really Woolly 12 Little Blessings
Thomas Nelson , English
Childrens eBooks - Where Is Love - Barry J McDonald

Childrens eBooks - Where Is LoveBarry J McDonald

Average wait: N/A

In this original and enchanting children’s book you’re about to meet a cute little angel on the search for love. While some people believe love doesn’t exist anymore our little heroine wants to prove them wrong. Follow her along on her jour… more

Childrens eBooks - Where Is Love
Barry J McDonald
A Promise and A Rainbow (The... - Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

A Promise and A Rainbow (The...Mabel Elizabeth Singletary

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The girls are looking forward to a fun-filled summer—that is until Rachel finds out that her parents have made plans for her to spend the entire summer with her cousin Ronnie in Chicago.  The Double Dutch Club is saddened by the thought of… more

A Promise and A Rainbow (The Double Dutch Club Series)
Mabel Elizabeth Singletary
Lift Every Voice , English
Fanny Goes to War - Pat Beauchamp Washington

Fanny Goes to WarPat Beauchamp Washington

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Fanny Goes to War
Pat Beauchamp Washington
Public Domain Books
The Water Fight Professional... - Angela Ruth Strong

The Water Fight Professional...Angela Ruth Strong

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I, Joey Michaels, am the Water Fight Professional. Basically this means that customers pay me to soak other people. But my super-competitive best friend is sucking all the fun out of summer. All because I made a secret bet with him.

Winni… more

The Water Fight Professional (Fun 4 Hire Book 1)
Angela Ruth Strong
Ashberry Lane , English
Who Will Go To Heaven - David Allen

Who Will Go To HeavenDavid Allen

The Meaning Of LifeThere are many concisely written and repeated teachings in the bible that most clergy and church members cannot reconcile:• Did you know that Jesus repeatedly taught that “many” who call Him Lord will be shocked to learn … more

Who Will Go To Heaven
David Allen
The Dallas O'Neil Mysteries ... - Jerry B.  Jenkins

The Dallas O'Neil Mysteries ...Jerry B. Jenkins

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A collection of all eight books in the Dallas O’Neil Mysteries series. Follow Dallas O’Neil and his neighborhood friends as they solve mysteries, make friends, and develop their faith in this comprehensive collection.

The Dallas O’Neil Mysteries Series Collection
Jerry B. Jenkins
Vigliano Books , English
The Beautiful Mind - Henry Drummond

The Beautiful MindHenry Drummond

My first thought of writing out this little book of brief selectionssprang from the desire to assist a dear friend to enjoy the Author’shelpful books.The epigrammatic style lends itself to quotation. Taste of the springbrings the traveller … more

The Beautiful Mind
Henry Drummond
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