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Paleo Recipes For Kids - 35 ... - Emma Powell

Paleo Recipes For Kids - 35 ...Emma Powell

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Paleo Recipes For Kids - Written By Emma Powell Mother of 3 kids under 6!

Trying to get kids to eat healthy food can be an uphill battle, they can be so fussy!

Believe me, I know the pain, I have 3 children under 6 dinner times can be st… more

Paleo Recipes For Kids - 35 Paleo Recipes For Kids. Easy, Afforadable, Quick & Delicious Recipes To Satisfy To Fussiest Paleo Kids (Written By A Mum Of 3)
Emma Powell
All You Need to know about M... - Healthy Body Books

All You Need to know about M...Healthy Body Books

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All You Need to Know About Managing Asthma The Best Ever Natural Treatments to help you Get Your Life Back!

Now including a Bonus Section right after the Conclusion! Grab Your Copy Today!

Have you ever….Wondered what life without Asthm… more

All You Need to know about Managing Asthma: The Best Ever Natural Treatments to help you get your life Back! (Asthma, allergies, exercise)
Healthy Body Books
Thank You God  For Yummy Fru... - Theresa Sheen

Thank You God For Yummy Fru...Theresa Sheen

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This book will help teach ABC’s to your 2-4 year old kids using the awesome and yummy Fruits and Veggies, thereby invoking their interest in healthy eating and living.

Thank You God For Yummy Fruits and Vegetables: Learn Your ABC’s
Theresa Sheen
Help Your Child Grow Up Heal... - US Department of Agriculture...

Help Your Child Grow Up Heal...US Department of Agriculture...

Give your children building blocks for a healthy lifestyle by teaching them the importance of good nutrition and regular physical activity. Eating well and being physically active every day are keys to your child’s health and well-being. Ea… more

Help Your Child Grow Up Healthy and Strong
US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Health and Human Services, US Department of Education
What a child's doctor treats... - Joseph Cramer MD

What a child's doctor treats...Joseph Cramer MD

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This book is a collection of essays published in the Deseret News from March of 2007 to December 2010.The thoughts move from health and child care to parenting and politics. It is also a testament to the amazement of newborns, infants, chil… more

What a child’s doctor treats outside of the exam room (Morning Rounds Book 1)
Joseph Cramer MD
Joseph Grant Cramer, MD FAAP CQM , English
Lunchbox Love: Over 60 Delic... - Sally King

Lunchbox Love: Over 60 Delic...Sally King

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Do your kids hate eating healthy? Let Sally King, a mother of two, give you over 60 recipes that are not only simple and healthy, but will also keep your little ones nourished and happy throughout their day!

Sally’s passion for creating m… more

Lunchbox Love: Over 60 Delicious and Healthy Lunch Recipes Your Kids Will LOVE
Sally King
Archangel Ink , English
Asthma Management: 92 Tips F... - Emily Kingfisher

Asthma Management: 92 Tips F...Emily Kingfisher

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LIMITED DISCOUNT KINDLE TRIAL PRICE!Asthma Management: 92 Tips For Dealing With The Symptoms And Treatment Of Asthma is a simple and easy-to-apply book in which you will discover ninety-two tips that will help you manage your asthma more ef… more

Asthma Management: 92 Tips For Dealing With The Symptoms And Treatment Of Asthma
Emily Kingfisher
AUTISM - Everything You Need... - Paula Ann Denila R.N.

AUTISM - Everything You Need...Paula Ann Denila R.N.

About this Autism Book:Autism - Special Edition - Learn Everything You Need to Know about AutismThis is a Special Edition Report on the subject of Autism. If you are parent of someone with autism or know someone who has a child with autism,… more

AUTISM - Everything You Need To Know About Autism (The Healthy Daily Report)
Paula Ann Denila R.N.
Milk: Udder Nonsense: Dairy ... - Arieh Avni

Milk: Udder Nonsense: Dairy ...Arieh Avni

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Is milk healthy? For many years, almost all of us were taught that milk is very healthy. This subject is now under dispute. On one side stands the giant dairy industry that finance main research institutes and key people in government esta… more

Milk: Udder Nonsense: Dairy consumption and our health (Healthy living Book 1)
Arieh Avni
The Race Against Junk Food - Anthony Buono, Roy Nemerson

The Race Against Junk FoodAnthony Buono, Roy Nemerson

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Excite your children about eating healthy! Why do kids love McDonald’s? Kids love McDonald’s because McDonald’s markets their food in a colorful and exciting way. ‘The Race Against Junk Food’ was created in the same vein. We teach our child… more

The Race Against Junk Food
Anthony Buono, Roy Nemerson
Orchanian Puplications , English
Melvin and The Toothbrush Room - Marlee Morgan

Melvin and The Toothbrush RoomMarlee Morgan

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Do you like to know about mystical creatures that live in the same world as ours but in a world of their own? Everybody knows about goblins, those little creatures that are said to be around our homes but are never seen. But, did anybody he… more

Melvin and The Toothbrush Room
Marlee Morgan
Joe Vs. the Ce-Monster: The ... - Brian Wu

Joe Vs. the Ce-Monster: The ...Brian Wu

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At the summer camp, Joe finds himself with a strange tummy growl. He goes to the infirmary, and is diagnosed with Celiac Disease. He is now faced with an unknown foe: the Ce-Monster. However, he is willing to learn about it and fight it wit… more

Joe Vs. the Ce-Monster: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Celiac’s Disease (SiGuides 3)
Brian Wu
Brian Wu , English
Baby Teething & Crying: How ... - Sarah Penney

Baby Teething & Crying: How ...Sarah Penney

Infant teething can be a difficult time for baby and mother alike. However there are some things you can do to ease the discomfort and stop the crying. Learn about:The Baby Teething PhaseBaby Teething Symptom ControversyThe Right Teething T… more

Baby Teething & Crying: How To Sooth Baby And Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Sarah Penney
What Do I Feed My Baby? A st... - Leanne Cooper

What Do I Feed My Baby? A st...Leanne Cooper

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Starting solids like so many decisions in parenting can be a minefield, especially when advice can be contradictory. What Do I Feed My Baby is a step-by-step guide on how to introduce solids, with day-by-day ideas which then progress to mea… more

What Do I Feed My Baby? A step-by-step guide to starting solids
Leanne Cooper
Exisle Publishing , English
Survivor's Guide to Colic: S... - Jen Lester

Survivor's Guide to Colic: S...Jen Lester

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Is your baby unsettled, fussy and crying for hours? When your baby won’t stop crying you need practical answers FAST.If you’ve been told that “colic does not exist” or “there’s nothing you can do” or if an expert has told you that there’s … more

Survivor’s Guide to Colic: Solutions for Crying Babies from Someone Who’s Been There
Jen Lester
Green Jester Pty Ltd , English
The Demise of Guys: Why Boys... - Philip Zimbardo, Nikita  Duncan

The Demise of Guys: Why Boys...Philip Zimbardo, Nikita Duncan

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Young men are struggling socially, sexually, and in school. Why? In their provocative ebook ‘The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,’ celebrated psychologist Philip G. Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan say that an … more

The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It
Philip Zimbardo, Nikita Duncan
51 Tips for Coping with Cere... - Sophia Jones

51 Tips for Coping with Cere...Sophia Jones

Cerebral palsy affects approximately800,000 children adults in the UnitedStates. This ebook will help give youinformation, resources and tips for helpingyour child live with this debilitating condition.BASICSThis first set of tips will go o… more

51 Tips for Coping with Cerebral Palsy
Sophia Jones
Estelle's Winning Spirit: Th... - Brian W. Wu

Estelle's Winning Spirit: Th...Brian W. Wu

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Estelle has an active and joyful spirit—a winning spirit. While she is playing soccer, she begins to feel dizzy, but she remains positive by thinking “this day is going to be bright as the sun!” However, the dizziness worsens, and Estelle h… more

Estelle’s Winning Spirit: The Storybook Illustrated Guide to Type 1 Diabetes (How to live a happy healthy life with T1 Diabetes) (SiGuides 2)
Brian W. Wu
Brian W Wu , English
The Fussy Eater Quick Fix: S... - Dana Obleman

The Fussy Eater Quick Fix: S...Dana Obleman

When you’re the parent of a picky eater, mealtimes can start to feel like just another chore. But what if there was a better way to do dinnertime? One that eliminated tantrums, power struggles, and arguments once and for all?In this no-nons… more

The Fussy Eater Quick Fix: Six Simple Rules For Stress-Free Mealtimes With Your Child
Dana Obleman
Healthy Weight Loss For Teens - Karen Steward

Healthy Weight Loss For TeensKaren Steward

IntroductionAccording to the National Center for Health Statistics, there has been a dramatic increase inobesity in Americans since the 1990s.Almost 9 million (15%) children between the ages of 6 and 19 are overweight, and thisnumber is sti… more

Healthy Weight Loss For Teens
Karen Steward