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The Orange Trees of Versailles - Annie Pietri

The Orange Trees of VersaillesAnnie Pietri

When Marion Dutilleul enters the service of the Marquise de Montespan, she never imagines that her ability to recognize scents and to blend them into perfumes will win her the favor of Louis XIV’s mistress. But the marquise quickly has the … more

The Orange Trees of Versailles
Annie Pietri
Yearling , English
Over the Waves - Marianne Mitchell

Over the WavesMarianne Mitchell

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In the summer of 1914, Joel Peterson’s father offers him a challenge. Go with his mother on a visit back to Sweden and make sure nothing goes wrong. To Joel, it seems like an easy way to prove that he is old enough to make big decisions. Jo… more

Over the Waves
Marianne Mitchell
Rafter Five Press , English
The Warrior's Daughter - Holly Bennett

The Warrior's DaughterHolly Bennett

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Luaine is daughter to the greatest of Irish warriors, the legendary Cuchulainn. Although known throughout Ireland as the most fearsome of killers, to Luaine he is a loving playful father who amuses her with his exciting tales and marvelous … more

The Warrior’s Daughter
Holly Bennett
Orca Book Publishers , English
Coco Saves Monstertown (A fu... - Amy McNeil

Coco Saves Monstertown (A fu...Amy McNeil

Happy Halloween! This is the perfect time of year to read about Coco’s adventures at the Monstertown Halloween festival.

Coco has just moved to Monstertown and is excited about making new friends. Unfortunately though, his first day of sc… more

Coco Saves Monstertown (A fun Children’s Picture Book; Perfect Bedtime Story)
Amy McNeil
Tiny Fairy Press , English
Letters from a cat : publish... - Helen Hunt Jackson

Letters from a cat : publish...Helen Hunt Jackson

Letters from a cat : published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children

Letters from a cat : published by her mistress for the benefit of all cats and the amusement of little children
Helen Hunt Jackson
City of Thieves - Ellen Renner

City of ThievesEllen Renner

The thrilling sequel to Castle of Shadows…Tobias is on the run. From the father who betrayed him…from the mother who couldn’t comfort him…from his own desperate fear. But when he falls into the clutches of his uncle’s sinister gang of… more

City of Thieves
Ellen Renner
Orchard Books , English
Simple Cyrus - Taste This, T... - Huey Lee

Simple Cyrus - Taste This, T...Huey Lee

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Join Simple Cyrus as he tastes a wide range of strange foods! What will he taste next? Ages 3-8 will love the easy to understand writing and the colorful illustrations!

Simple Cyrus - Taste This, Taste That (Simple Cyrus Series)
Huey Lee
Princess Amy Goes On Holiday - John A. de la Nougerede

Princess Amy Goes On HolidayJohn A. de la Nougerede

The Afghan pup goes on a driving holiday in the U.K. staying at motels amid some beautiful scenery in Cornwall and Wales. Unfortunately, she can’t resist getting up to mischief, when there is food around! Will she get out of the chef’s kitc… more

Princess Amy Goes On Holiday
John A. de la Nougerede
ebookpartnership.com , English
Kill Me Again - Leslie Rule

Kill Me AgainLeslie Rule

In her dreams her life was not her own. Awake the threat of danger was real. Everyone said that she was crazy. But when Alexis dreamed of dying she knew she had been killed before. And if it had happened once it could happen again.

Kill Me Again
Leslie Rule
Andrews McMeel Publishing LLC , English
Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny - Patricia Hermes

Emma Dilemma and the New NannyPatricia Hermes

Marmaduke is missing! Once again, Emma has forgotten to put her ferret back in his cage. And with four brothers and sisters and a poodle who chases Marmaduke around the house, Emma finds herself in the middle of this and other family dilemm… more

Emma Dilemma and the New Nanny
Patricia Hermes
Marshall Cavendish Corporation , English
Eighteen Moons - Eine grenze... - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

Eighteen Moons - Eine grenze...Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl

Manche Entscheidungen sind schwierig. Andere können dich das Leben kosten …»Dieser Sommer hatte alles verändert. Und auch wenn die Leute in Gatlin es nicht hören wollten: Die Veränderungen waren überall spürbar, sowohl in der normalen, al… more

Eighteen Moons - Eine grenzenlose Liebe (Sixteen Moons 3) (German Edition)
Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl
cbj , German
What's Bred in the Bone - Grant Allen

What's Bred in the BoneGrant Allen

Professor Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (1848-1899) who also wrote under the pseudonyms Cecil Power; Olive Pratt Rayner; Martin Leach Warborough; J. Arbuthnot Wilson was a science writer, author and novelist; an able upholder of the theor… more

What’s Bred in the Bone
Grant Allen
The Great Willis Tate (Thre ... - Dana R. Taylor

The Great Willis Tate (Thre ...Dana R. Taylor

Nathaniel and his awkward son Willis take a summer road trip to reunite with their quirky relatives in the Deep South. His plan is simple. A relaxing vacation will offer an escape from the pressures that he left behind. The fresh air and sl… more

The Great Willis Tate (Thre Great Willis Tate)
Dana R. Taylor
DRMNE Media , English
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -... - L. Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz -...L. Frank Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow. It was originally published by the George M. Hill Company in Chicago on May 17, 1900, and has since been reprinted countless times, m… more

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Original Unabridged Version
L. Frank Baum
The Eye of the Pharaoh - Roger Hurn

The Eye of the PharaohRoger Hurn

When the mystical jewel The Eye of the Pharaoh is stolen from the Haunted Pyramid, Pharaoh Ramenha’s world is plunged into chaos. The Eye must be found - and quickly - or Ramenha is a dead man! His friend Kaheb is accused of the theft by Ra… more

The Eye of the Pharaoh
Roger Hurn
Endeavour Press Ltd. , English
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin ... - Beatrix Potter

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin ...Beatrix Potter

In The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin every autumn Squirrel Nutkin and his cousins are granted permission by Old Brown the owl to collect nuts on Owl Island.But Squirrel Nutkin can’t resist teasing Old Brown by asking him riddles and soon finds hi… more

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin (Illustrated) (The Tales of Beatrix Potter)
Beatrix Potter
Pulptastic , English
The Journeys of Josiah and Kennith - Nicole Phillips

The Journeys of Josiah and KennithNicole Phillips

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Josiah and Kennith are two ten-year-old boys, who have questions, and different opinions of what is going on in the world today, like being gay. God hears them debating, and sends them the correct answer. He teaches them that it is only th… more

The Journeys of Josiah and Kennith
Nicole Phillips
Nicole Denise Phillips , English
Fighter - Jeffrey Potter

FighterJeffrey Potter

Felix is finally old enough for battle, and he is being sent to war for the Roman Empire. Barely surviving a Persian ambush, he disguises himself in enemy armor and joins their ranks in a desperate attempt to return home. When Roman reinfor… more

Jeffrey Potter
Carlo, or, Kindness rewarded... - McLoughlin Bros

Carlo, or, Kindness rewarded...McLoughlin Bros

Carlo, or, Kindness rewarded (1870)

Carlo, or, Kindness rewarded (1870) (Illustrated)
McLoughlin Bros
Billy Gets Hallelujah: Billy... - Rev. Cheyene Montana Lopez

Billy Gets Hallelujah: Billy...Rev. Cheyene Montana Lopez

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Billy Gets Hallelujah: Billy Boy Gets Saved Into God’s KingdomAuthored by Rev. Cheyene Montana Lopez List Price: $19.998” x 10” (20.32 x 25.4 cm)Full Color on White paper34 pagesISBN-13: 978-1463770785 (CreateSpace-Assigned)ISBN-10: 1463770… more

Billy Gets Hallelujah: Billy Boy Gets Saved Into God’s Kingdom
Rev. Cheyene Montana Lopez
CreateSpace , English