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The Owl and the Pussycat and...Miles Kelly

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Discover a host of delightful poems about a naughty fairy, a beautiful rose, singing goblins and a dozing dormouse. This book is brimming with enchanting illustrations and also features best-loved rhymes and riddles.

The Owl and the Pussycat and other Poems (Poetry Treasury)
Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly Publishing , English

The Donkey Who Wanted To HopAnthea Priestnall

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A Donkey who longs to achieve his lifelong dream, but when other animals try to put him off and say it’s impossible he looks for advice to see how he might actually complete it.

The Donkey Who Wanted To Hop
Anthea Priestnall

The StinkisaurusAnthea Priestnall

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A little dinosaur who lives in a stinky lake, he quite enjoys his peace but would love a friend to play with. When bigger dinosaurs start disturbing the silence and saying unkind things about him, Stinkisaurus finds an inner strengh and sur… more

The Stinkisaurus
Anthea Priestnall

Bullying At School - A Kids ...Jenny River

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Children need to learn how to recognize a bully so they will know when a bully is bothering them. By teaching them the signs of being bullied they will know when they need to seek help. This book has ten sections that help to teach childr… more

Bullying At School - A Kids Book about Bullying To Help Them Against Bullies (bully free book to read)
Jenny River

Teacher: Sharing, Helping, CaringPatricia Hubbell

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Great big school! In we go!Our teacher greets us, waves “hello!”A teacher and her class do lots of interesting things throughout the week. They paint, read, look at weather charts, count money, work on the computer, and greet a special gues… more

Teacher: Sharing, Helping, Caring
Patricia Hubbell
Two Lions , English

The TreehouseRobert Silverstein

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When friends decide to build a treehouse one summer, they all have their own ideas and can’t seem to get started. But Little Sister helps them work together as a team. This full-length picture book includes the bonus stories: Daddy, Tell … more

The Treehouse
Robert Silverstein
Avstar Publishing , English

ABC ANIMAL Rhyming Storybook...Michael James

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THE ABC ANIMAL RHYMING STORYBOOK by Michael James.A fun way for your preschooler to learn the alphabet. The added rhyming paragraphs that accompany each letter combined with the wonderful full color illustration are a proven way to reinforc… more

ABC ANIMAL Rhyming Storybook (The Alphabet Series)
Michael James
Medford House , English

In Search of the Pink SeagullKent D. ""Uncle Kent"" Walsh

Being a little sister can really stink. No one knows this better than Stanley Small, a girl with a boy’s name. When her family visits friends for Fourth of July weekend, her brother won’t stop pestering her. It doesn’t help matters when Sta… more

In Search of the Pink Seagull
Kent D. “”Uncle Kent”“ Walsh
Tate Publishing , English

Word FunRobert Alan Silverstein

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Palindromes, animals hiding in words and other fun await you in this 3 books-in-one picture book by Robert Alan Silverstein (includes WORD ZOO, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN AN ANIMAL HIDING IN A WORD? and MY PAL INDROME).

Word Fun
Robert Alan Silverstein
Avstar Publishing , English

Il Tesoro Perduto & Il Botti...Laura Livi

“Il Tesoro Perduto & Il Bottino del Drago” (1° dei due libri dedicati alla produzione artistica delle avventure interattive scritte da Gerry Gaston), raccoglie, insieme a “Il Premio del Mago & Il Tesoro dei Pirati”, gli schizzi, gli studi e… more

Il Tesoro Perduto & Il Bottino del Drago: Schizzi, animazioni e studi dedicati alle avventure interattive di Gerry Gaston (Giardino degli Amici) (Italian Edition)
Laura Livi
Blue Monkey Studio , Italian

Il Premio del Mago & Il Teso...L. Livi

“Il Premio del Mago & Il Tesoro dei Pirati” (2° dei due libri dedicati alla produzione artistica delle avventure interattive scritte da Gerry Gaston), raccoglie, insieme a “Il Tesoro Perduto & Il Bottino del Drago”, gli studi, i fotogrammi … more

Il Premio del Mago & Il Tesoro dei Pirati: Schizzi, animazioni e studi dedicati alle avventure interattive di Gerry Gaston (Il Giardino degli Amici) (Italian Edition)
L. Livi
Blue Monkey Studio , Italian


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Le favole sono per tutti come sosteneva Benedetto Croce e, non solo per i bambini. E questo eBook è rivolto a coloro che hanno un grande cuore in quanto, l’intero ricavato, sarà devoluto in beneficenza all’associazione, “Amici Senza confini… more

Claudio Rinaldi
Simonelli Editore , Italian

A Basketful of StoriesFlorence Amy Carnelly

A collection of Florence Amy Carnelly bedtime stories originally published individually in magazines.

A Basketful of Stories
Florence Amy Carnelly

Small Folk Rhymes (Small Fol...Christine Larsen

An original collection of poems and short stories for wee small folk – to capture and enhance their own wondrously fertile imaginations. The chosen clipart pictures add their own brand of quirkiness.Is there a talented reader out there for… more

Small Folk Rhymes (Small Folk Tales 1)
Christine Larsen
Christine Larsen , English

Mary's Magic MuffinsBrian Chambers

This is the story of how a seven-year-old girl makes some muffins, using sugar from an old witches container. The thing which makes them magical is that Mary sings made up nursery rhymes while she is baking with the sugar from the containe… more

Mary’s Magic Muffins
Brian Chambers

Julio and Maria Raise the RoofBrian Paul

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The Schoolhouse needs the roof fixed before the rainy season and there is no money! This adventure introduces two sibling mice, Julio and Maria, to the value of teamwork. They are not afraid of a challenge, even one as big as fixing the Sch… more

Julio and Maria Raise the Roof
Brian Paul

The McCoosBrian Chambers

This is a childrens short story aimed at the pre school to six-year-olds. It is a story of how an odd couple breed tartan-highland-cows to try and win a competition for the oddest animal.

The McCoos
Brian Chambers

The Boy Who Wasn'tQuincy Jones

A delightfully dark poem in which a small boy is eaten alive. Lovingly illustrated with seventeen ink sketches.

The Boy Who Wasn’t
Quincy Jones

Children's Virtues: B is for...Melissa Jones

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Children’s Virtues by Melissa Jones, will teach your child the importance of 26 Virtues such as ethics, forgiveness, thankfulness, and so much more! Your child will love the characters, stories, and lessons taught in Children’s Virtues. T… more

Children’s Virtues: B is for Bravery (Volume 2)
Melissa Jones

4 CONTES pour enfants TOME I...Hans Christian Andersen, Jea...

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Ce livre comporte une table des matières dynamique, à été relu et corrigé. Il est parfaitement mis en page pour une lecture sur liseuse électronique.

Ce livre comporte 4 contes pour enfants, voici les contes : La grosse aiguille, L’ombre… more

4 CONTES pour enfants TOME I (French Edition)
Hans Christian Andersen, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, Corinne Metché
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