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Super Model Rain: Picture Book - Dionne Fields

Super Model Rain: Picture BookDionne Fields

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Super Model Rain

My personal picture book, photos taken of me by my mom.

I want the world to see me, through my mother’s eyes of love.

The book is for kids, it is for educational purpose to inspire kids to dream big.

Rain Lik… more

Super Model Rain: Picture Book
Dionne Fields
Dionne Fields , English
A Basketful of Stories - Florence Amy Carnelly

A Basketful of StoriesFlorence Amy Carnelly

A collection of Florence Amy Carnelly bedtime stories originally published individually in magazines.

A Basketful of Stories
Florence Amy Carnelly
In Search of the Pink Seagull - Kent D. ""Uncle Kent"" Walsh

In Search of the Pink SeagullKent D. ""Uncle Kent"" Walsh

Being a little sister can really stink. No one knows this better than Stanley Small, a girl with a boy’s name. When her family visits friends for Fourth of July weekend, her brother won’t stop pestering her. It doesn’t help matters when Sta… more

In Search of the Pink Seagull
Kent D. “”Uncle Kent”“ Walsh
Tate Publishing , English
So You Want to Buy a Dog - R. Khan

So You Want to Buy a DogR. Khan

Nathan wants to buy a dog, but his mother doesn’t know if he understands what a big chore a puppy can be. So You Want to Buy a Dog is great read to children to learn about the major responsibilities of being a pet owner. It’s no small chore… more

So You Want to Buy a Dog
R. Khan
Tate Publishing , English
Groundhog Phil Goes to College - Sarah Hanna

Groundhog Phil Goes to CollegeSarah Hanna

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How did the human people find Punxsutawney Phil? Eight year old Sarah Hanna tells it in her own way, through her third grade, homework assignment, now turned into a Children’s full color book. A simple story told from someone just like them… more

Groundhog Phil Goes to College
Sarah Hanna
Rainbow's Promise - Mary Clark Dalton

Rainbow's PromiseMary Clark Dalton

Being the last caterpillar in his class to receive his wings causes poor Rainbow’s classmates to tease him. He dreams of having beautiful colors and flying with his friends. But his mom tells him to be patient and look for things that only … more

Rainbow’s Promise
Mary Clark Dalton
Tate Publishing , English
Diary of a Mother's Favorite... - Xavier Carl James

Diary of a Mother's Favorite...Xavier Carl James

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Carl Cooper is a child that is often looking for the attention of his parents and of anyone that cares. He thinks doing his homework and helping out at home is child labor. He likes to protest about social injustice so that he could get awa… more

Diary of a Mother’s Favorite Kid: Broke as a Joke
Xavier Carl James
Crackers the Amazing Clock - Alley Bucci

Crackers the Amazing ClockAlley Bucci

Once upon a time in a sleepy little town,Lived a good little boy named Billy Brown.Billy loved to always be early,His hair was brown and a little bit curly.One day his mum took him shopping down the street,So he could choose a special treat… more

Crackers the Amazing Clock
Alley Bucci
Short Stop Press , English
Teacher: Sharing, Helping, Caring - Patricia Hubbell

Teacher: Sharing, Helping, CaringPatricia Hubbell

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Great big school! In we go!Our teacher greets us, waves “hello!”A teacher and her class do lots of interesting things throughout the week. They paint, read, look at weather charts, count money, work on the computer, and greet a special gues… more

Teacher: Sharing, Helping, Caring
Patricia Hubbell
Two Lions , English
Get Ready for Second Grade, ... - Paula Danziger

Get Ready for Second Grade, ...Paula Danziger

Amber Brown is excited to be starting second grade—and a little nervous, too. But Amber Brown decides she’s ready for whatever happens, and second grade had better be ready for Amber Brown!

Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown (A Is for Amber)
Paula Danziger
Penguin Young Readers , English
The Boy Who Wasn't - Quincy Jones

The Boy Who Wasn'tQuincy Jones

A delightfully dark poem in which a small boy is eaten alive. Lovingly illustrated with seventeen ink sketches.

The Boy Who Wasn’t
Quincy Jones
Blue Jasmine - Kashmira Sheth

Blue JasmineKashmira Sheth

When twelve-year-old Seema Trivedi learns that she and her family must move from their small Indian town to Iowa City, she realizes she’ll have to say good-bye to the purple-jeweled mango trees and sweet-smelling jasmine, to the monsoon rai… more

Blue Jasmine
Kashmira Sheth
Argo-Navis , English
Freddy Wants to Go to School - Patti McQuillen

Freddy Wants to Go to SchoolPatti McQuillen

A first children’s chapter book with extra sections at the end. Freddy is a duck with a friend named Annie. She wants to bring him to school. Her teacher says no. Trouble begins there and so do the learning of valuable lessons. Simple, easy… more

Freddy Wants to Go to School
Patti McQuillen
Storm Clouds Over Mountain V... - Dave  Potter

Storm Clouds Over Mountain V...Dave Potter

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Synopsis:“Robert, what will you bring and give to others in this school?” When the principal of his new school asks him this question on his first day, Robert isn’t sure how to answer. School has always meant bad grades and getting picked o… more

Storm Clouds Over Mountain View Middle School
Dave Potter
Eloquent Books , English
The Confused Cricket - Christina Sauca

The Confused CricketChristina Sauca

Childrens Picture book that teaches sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself, but rewarding when you find out who you are.

The Confused Cricket
Christina Sauca
Bullying At School - A Kids ... - Jenny River

Bullying At School - A Kids ...Jenny River

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Children need to learn how to recognize a bully so they will know when a bully is bothering them. By teaching them the signs of being bullied they will know when they need to seek help. This book has ten sections that help to teach childr… more

Bullying At School - A Kids Book about Bullying To Help Them Against Bullies (bully free book to read)
Jenny River
Second Grade Rules, Amber Br... - Paula Danziger

Second Grade Rules, Amber Br...Paula Danziger

Amber Brown thinks that second grae rules!  But when her teacher says desks have to be kept clean, Amber knows that is one rule she cannot follow.  She desperately wants the desk fairy, Deskarina, to visit her desk and leave a reward.  A me… more

Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown (A Is for Amber)
Paula Danziger
Penguin Young Readers , English
The Little Yellow Bus - Christopher Devendorf

The Little Yellow BusChristopher Devendorf

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The Little Yellow Bus” on Kindle is a unique two-part educational children’s book. Part one is a story with hidden pictures about various vehicles traveling to a town on different days of the week. On each day of the story, children can le… more

The Little Yellow Bus
Christopher Devendorf
My Wonderful Hands - Barbara Kathleen Welch

My Wonderful HandsBarbara Kathleen Welch

My Wonderful Hands teaches children the many ways they can be helpful and use their hands to do good deeds. Parents, use this book to help your children discover all the creative possibilities within reach of their hands! Children, learn va… more

My Wonderful Hands
Barbara Kathleen Welch
Tate Publishing , English
The McCoos - Brian Chambers

The McCoosBrian Chambers

This is a childrens short story aimed at the pre school to six-year-olds. It is a story of how an odd couple breed tartan-highland-cows to try and win a competition for the oddest animal.

The McCoos
Brian Chambers
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