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If Your Child Loves Fable Books by Aesop.Your Child will Fall in Love with this Children’s Heart-Warming Fun and Moral Lesson Stories Collection.They will Enjoy with Many Beautiful Illustrations and Artworks of Animals.This Book is a Perfec… more

AESOP ‘S FABLES FOR CHILDREN : 165 Fun and Moral Lesson Stories - Picture Books for Kids : A Beautiful Illustrated Children’s Picture Book by age 3-10 (Perfect Bedtime Story)
T4 Book Publishing , English

Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensib...Michelle Kemp

We are able to survive on little sleep for a short period of time but we can’t function on this for long. After a couple of months sleep deprivation catches up with us and can cause problems such as memory and energy loss. When a new baby j… more

Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensible Guide for First Time Parents
Michelle Kemp

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)Giorgi Janiashvili

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Not so very long ago, Eragon—Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider—was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the forest. Now the fate of an entire civilization rests on their shoulders.Long months of training … more

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)
Giorgi Janiashvili
Giorgi Janiashvili , English

Hugs & Kisses: Be a Buddy, N...Owen McGovern

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Fill Every Child’s Life With Hugs & Kisses. This storybook is part of the Hugs & Kisses children’s book series. Hugs is a gigantic, easy-going, lovable brown & white St. Bernard - a colossal canine! Kisses is a petite, cuddly, affectionate … more

Hugs & Kisses: Be a Buddy, Not a Bully
Owen McGovern
Owen McGovern , English

10 Easy Ways to Connect With...Kathryn Averyheart

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With my step son and now my son I have struggled finding the balance between being the perfect Mom and being the perfect (over achieving!) employee. With this book I’d like to share some of the fun, and easy, things I’ve learned along the w… more

10 Easy Ways to Connect With Your Toddler or Young Child (while working full time)
Kathryn Averyheart

Little Book of Routines: A P...Michelle Kemp

Routine is a key part of living a full and happy life. It allows time to sleep and time to have fun and learn. It provides opportunities to sit down and eat as a family and enjoy being together. Babies and toddlers thrive on routine. When … more

Little Book of Routines: A Practical Guide for Mums and Dads
Michelle Kemp

A little present : for a goo...Unknown Unknown

A lovely illustrated present book for little kid,……Look, you Squirrel, honey-bee, Butterfly, Owl, ……

A little present : for a good child (Illustrated)
Unknown Unknown

Common Childhood Maladiesakamai-ideas.com

Do you know what to do if your child gets hurt or becomes ill?Learn To Identify What Illness Or Injury May Be Affecting Your Child and What You Should Do to Help Them!Childhood should be a fun time for a child but there will be times when y… more

Common Childhood Maladies

A BIG Word For A Little Pers...Brigette Foresman

It’s A Short Story Keepsake Book To Be Cherished! Every book in the “Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series” includes several activity pages at the end of the story for your child to draw/color and place a photo. Kindle users may print … more

A BIG Word For A Little Person (Tattle-Tell-Me-All Children’s Book Series)
Brigette Foresman

Parenting Solutions: Tips Ab...Nadine Ferrer

Our Ever-Changing Role as a ParentWe watch our children grow right before our very eyes. It seems like yesterday they were a baby learning to crawl, walk, and feed themselves, and now they’re in school, involved in activities, making frien… more

Parenting Solutions: Tips About Respect, Whining, Conflicts, Anger, Building Self-Esteem And Discipline
Nadine Ferrer

Dimwit's Guide to Attention ...

This is a comprehensive book that gives you the information to make the best, most informed decision to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderIf you have a child with ADHD, learn to get them to be less hyper and more in control….w… more

Dimwit’s Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating the Symptoms of ADHD in Children and Adults
Dimwit’s Guide to… , English

The Lullabye Guide : Secret...Donna Dixon

If you have a new baby in the house, you have likely spent a few night without sleep. If your baby can’t sleep, you need this book to learn about baby sleep safety, how to get your baby to sleep through the night and tips to help you get y… more

The Lullabye Guide : Secret Methods to Getting Your Baby To Go to Sleep
Donna Dixon

The Baby Care Book - Absolut...

If someone asked me to name one miracle that exists on this earth, I would say the miracle of bringing a life onto this earth. I did not know how beautiful it was till I saw my own sister go through the entire process of pregnancy and givin… more

The Baby Care Book - Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Your Baby’s First Year

The Children's Garland from ...JOSEPHINE PRESTON PEABODY

Pan led a merrier life than all the other gods together. He was belovedalike by shepherds and countrymen, and by the fauns and satyrs, birdsand beasts, of his own kingdom. The care of flocks and herds was his,and for home he had all the wor… more

The Children’s Garland from the Best Poets

Im Pregnant! Comprehensive E...Laura C. Hall

Are you an Amazon Prime member? You can now borrow this book free of charge!This book will undoubtedly explain what to expect when you’re expecting, while also holding you by the hand. One day you wake up feeling somewhat differently. Altho… more

Im Pregnant! Comprehensive Expectations & Management Guide
Laura C. Hall

The Child Care Basics: Smart...John Bobman

As a parent or guardian, your child means everything to you. It is important to make sure that nothing goes wrong to harm your child, either physically or mentally. Additionally, your child’s health and safety should be one of your top conc… more

The Child Care Basics: Smart Tips for Taking Care of Your Child
John Bobman

Guide to Mozart Effect - The...Kindle Tony

Baroque music can have quite an amazing effect on our ability to learn and improve and, in particular, the music of Mozart has been found to be most beneficial. It is claimed that you can not only help your child s development of the … more

Guide to Mozart Effect - The Mozart Effect - You will never feel quite the same about Mozart s music once you begin to utilise this remarkable success secret.
Kindle Tony

Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles...Mark Brenner

When should my child stop using a pacifier? How can I stop my child from sucking his thumb? When is a child too old to carry a teddy bear? Young children seem to form unshakable attachments to various objects — blankets, stuffed animals… more

Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles, and Thumbs
Mark Brenner
Fireside , English

Sleep Little Baby, Sleep - H...Emma Scott

In ”Sleep Little Baby, Sleep – How To Get Your Baby To Sleep All Through The Night” you will not find thousands of pages of irrelevant information so if you are looking for a long book with filler and fluff – please Don’t Buy This Book!If h… more

Sleep Little Baby, Sleep - How To Get Your Baby To Sleep All Through The Night
Emma Scott


With our busy lives it is so easy to become geared up to making sure our children have all the essentials covered, such as food, shelter, learning to read and write, and all those important jobs done, that we forget that so much of what our… more

SECRETS TO RAISE SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN : Learn How to Raise Kids Who Will Become Successful In The Future
Woodie Wilson