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ADHD And What Parents Need To Know - Budding Books

ADHD And What Parents Need To KnowBudding Books

The information in this Special Report strives to give you a common-sense “heads up” about dealing with your ADHD child. It is not a definitive clinical dissertation, nor is it a medical or legal document. It is not qualified to deal with i… more

ADHD And What Parents Need To Know
Budding Books
Budding Books , English
Evenflo Car Seats All You Sh... - Marlon Lloyd II

Evenflo Car Seats All You Sh...Marlon Lloyd II

There are many different kinds of Evenflo car seats. Evenflo is one of the top makers of car safety seats, as well as many other baby and child related products. They have been in the business for a number of years, and have long line of di… more

Evenflo Car Seats All You Should Know
Marlon Lloyd II
A little present : for a goo... - Unknown Unknown

A little present : for a goo...Unknown Unknown

A lovely illustrated present book for little kid,……Look, you Squirrel, honey-bee, Butterfly, Owl, ……

A little present : for a good child (Illustrated)
Unknown Unknown
Finding Educational Toys You... - Nathan Murphy

Finding Educational Toys You...Nathan Murphy

Excellent source of information on finding educational toys for children from infants up. Explains various stages of childhood and what is best for the child in each phase. Tells you why children prefer certain toys and activities over othe… more

Finding Educational Toys Your Child Will Love That Don’t Cost a Fortune
Nathan Murphy
Im Pregnant! Comprehensive E... - Laura C. Hall

Im Pregnant! Comprehensive E...Laura C. Hall

Are you an Amazon Prime member? You can now borrow this book free of charge!This book will undoubtedly explain what to expect when you’re expecting, while also holding you by the hand. One day you wake up feeling somewhat differently. Altho… more

Im Pregnant! Comprehensive Expectations & Management Guide
Laura C. Hall
The Fundamentals of Sleep: G... - Donna Dixon

The Fundamentals of Sleep: G...Donna Dixon

If you have a new baby in the house, you have likely spent a few night without sleep. If your baby can’t sleep, you need this book to learn about baby sleep safety, how to get your baby to sleep through the night and tips to help you get y… more

The Fundamentals of Sleep: Get Your Baby to Sleep Through The Night
Donna Dixon
Confident Kids - S. Collins

Confident KidsS. Collins

Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. It is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix p… more

Confident Kids
S. Collins
Bloomington Digital , English
Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensib... - Michelle Kemp

Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensib...Michelle Kemp

We are able to survive on little sleep for a short period of time but we can’t function on this for long. After a couple of months sleep deprivation catches up with us and can cause problems such as memory and energy loss. When a new baby j… more

Two Weeks to Sleep: A Sensible Guide for First Time Parents
Michelle Kemp


With our busy lives it is so easy to become geared up to making sure our children have all the essentials covered, such as food, shelter, learning to read and write, and all those important jobs done, that we forget that so much of what our… more

SECRETS TO RAISE SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN : Learn How to Raise Kids Who Will Become Successful In The Future
Woodie Wilson
Book about Animals : Cartoon... - Rufus Merrill

Book about Animals : Cartoon...Rufus Merrill

Book about Animals : Cartoon pictures and easy to understand explanation by Rufus Merrill. The behavior of these animals ;The ElephantThe Oruang OutangThe OpposumThe AntelopeThe RabbitThe Musk DeerThe Polar Bear

Book about Animals : Cartoon pictures and easy to understand explanation.
Rufus Merrill
Rufus Merrill , English
Baby Teething & Crying: How ... -

Baby Teething & Crying: How ...

Is your baby teething or crying a lot? Is your baby sleeping well or keeping you awake at night? What is the best way to cope with baby’s development in the first year? learn all about:The Baby Teething PhaseBaby Teething Symptom Controvers… more

Baby Teething & Crying: How To Sooth Baby And Get A Good Night’s Sleep
A child's guide to reading - John Albert Macy

A child's guide to readingJohn Albert Macy

John Albert Macy, 1877-1932 was a Harvard University instructor and literary critic…….THE PURPOSE OF READINGrilHE question why we read books is one of those -■■ vast questions that need no answer. As well ask, Why ought we to be good? o… more

A child’s guide to reading
John Albert Macy
It Wasn't Me, It Was Knarrie... - Psoemetry

It Wasn't Me, It Was Knarrie...Psoemetry

It wasn’t easy being the youngest of four boys….especially when the three older brothers were constantly getting you into trouble. It seemed the more Knarriebee tried to convince his parents he was innocent, the more he was punished. On… more

It Wasn’t Me, It Was Knarriebee! (Granny Good’s Favorite Bedtime Stories Book 4)
The1Essence Presentations , English
Parents Guide Reference : 10... - eBook Stash

Parents Guide Reference : 10...eBook Stash

One of the biggest impacts of bedwetting on your child is an emotional one, so you should work on making sure that your household is sensitive to your child’s situation. No one at home should tease your child or make them feel terrible abou… more

Parents Guide Reference : 101 Tips to Stop Your Child’s Bedwetting Forever - eBook Shelf
eBook Stash
The Tender Years - Geri Laing, Elizabeth Laing ...

The Tender YearsGeri Laing, Elizabeth Laing ...

The Tender Years is a book of wisdom for moms with preschool children. It not only instructs and guides; it also encourages, inspires and connects.It contains thirty short chapters focused on various aspects of the daily life of moms, with … more

The Tender Years
Geri Laing, Elizabeth Laing Thompson
DPI - Discipleship Publications International
Raising Children Who Succeed - Mille Emily

Raising Children Who SucceedMille Emily

It is one of the most powerful things any person alive can do, to choose to raise a child. Whether he or she is a genetically related child or one you have gained from another family, a child is a life long commitment. It‚Äôs worse than a p… more

Raising Children Who Succeed
Mille Emily
120 Easy & Fun Kids Recipes - FUN KIDS

120 Easy & Fun Kids RecipesFUN KIDS

No editorial review available.
120 Easy & Fun Kids Recipes
Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles... - Mark Brenner

Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles...Mark Brenner

When should my child stop using a pacifier? How can I stop my child from sucking his thumb? When is a child too old to carry a teddy bear? Young children seem to form unshakable attachments to various objects — blankets, stuffed animals… more

Pacifiers, Blankets, Bottles, and Thumbs
Mark Brenner
Fireside , English
Twenty Things Adopted Kids W... - Sherrie Eldridge

Twenty Things Adopted Kids W...Sherrie Eldridge

Best-Seller Since 1999! Required Reading by Many Adoption AgenciesWhy your happy child runs a 102 fever on her birthdayWhy adoptees resist talking about adoption with parentsHow to Gain Entrance into the child’s world/not gain entranceBeca… more

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew
Sherrie Eldridge
Delta , English
Raising Children Who Succeed - Moore Madison

Raising Children Who SucceedMoore Madison

It is one of the most powerful things any person alive can do, to choose to raise a child. Whether he or she is a genetically related child or one you have gained from another family, a child is a life long commitment. It‚Äôs worse than a … more

Raising Children Who Succeed
Moore Madison