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Loving Cats - Mandy Nips

Loving CatsMandy Nips

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Cats have a reputation of being neurotic, selfish and an out right laugh. We love our cats and with the Loving cats book we can look at funny and tender loving moments that artists from around the world have captured and are sharing with … more

Loving Cats
Mandy Nips
Barney and Si. (Silas): A Ta... - Beverly M. Rathbun

Barney and Si. (Silas): A Ta...Beverly M. Rathbun

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Barney and Si. (Silas), a tale of two brothers is a true story about two cats. Barney, a farm cat, and Silas, a housecat share how their lives are different, and yet the same.With colorful illustrations and easy to read text, Barney and Si… more

Barney and Si. (Silas): A Tale of Two Brothers
Beverly M. Rathbun
Xlibris , English
A Forever Home For Athena - Marie Symeou

A Forever Home For AthenaMarie Symeou

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The true heartwarming story of a cute tabby kitten as she awaits her fate at an animal rescue shelter. Will she find her forever home?

A heartwarming story for both children and adults alike.

Packed with stunning photos.

Some of the pr… more

A Forever Home For Athena
Marie Symeou
Marie Symeou , English
101 Amazing Facts about Kitt... - Jenny Kellett

101 Amazing Facts about Kitt...Jenny Kellett

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Top-selling cat books for kids! It’s hard not to love cats, in fact over 35% of American households have at least one cat! But how much do you and your kids know about your kitten or cat?

They’re not just cute and furry, they really are ve… more

101 Amazing Facts about Kittens and Cats for Kids
Jenny Kellett
Cat Books for Kids , English
Spot and Her Kittens' Adventure - karen jaquay

Spot and Her Kittens' Adventurekaren jaquay

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This book is about the cat Spot and her kittens. If you like cats you will like this illustrated story. There are pictures of this cat family. Read about their adventure.

Spot and Her Kittens’ Adventure
karen jaquay
Karen Jaquay , English
Marshmallow - Debra Lynn

MarshmallowDebra Lynn

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Marshmallow is a cat who likes to sleep a lot…in many different ways and places, and in some you might find surprising! On the TV, in the laundry basket, in a flower pot–just about anywhere and anything you can think of can be a great pla… more

Debra Lynn
Xlibris , English
Boris and Doris and the Alle... - Rosie Hawkins

Boris and Doris and the Alle...Rosie Hawkins

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In this second part of the story of Boris and Doris, the Christmas Kittens are discovering the delights of Spring and Summer. There is a ‘Cat Wedding’ to go to and lots more adventures right through the year – but nasty old Scratcher and h… more

Boris and Doris and the Alley Cat Gang (A Tale of Two Cats Book 2)
Rosie Hawkins
Rosie Hawkins , English
Kitty in the Palm of Her Hand -

Kitty in the Palm of Her Hand

Ten adorable kitten photos.

Kitty in the Palm of Her Hand
Emily Finds Her Voice - Veronica M  Compagnucci

Emily Finds Her VoiceVeronica M Compagnucci

What do you think happens when a young girl discovers that she is able to communicate with her three cats? After an accident caused when she tries to rescue a kitten from a tree, 12 year old Emily finds that she is unable to talk; but, she … more

Emily Finds Her Voice
Veronica M Compagnucci
PublishAmerica , English
Barn Cats - 4 - Pat the Cat - Amanda Thomas

Barn Cats - 4 - Pat the CatAmanda Thomas

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The fourth in the series of books telling the adventures of the Barn Cats from the pen of Amanda Thomas. This set of stories centres on the Cats living on the farm with Farmer Todd, his wife, the Chickens and Bess the Sheepdog and her pups…. more

Barn Cats - 4 - Pat the Cat
Amanda Thomas
When Considering a Cat (Lovi... - Cindy Wright

When Considering a Cat (Lovi...Cindy Wright

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The first book in ‘Loving Your Cat’ Series is all about what to look for when first buying your kitten. From naming your new pet, to his first visit to the vet. It also gives some tips to help introduce him to his new household and family, … more

When Considering a Cat (Loving Your Cat Book 1)
Cindy Wright
CW Books , English
Barn Cats - 2 - Fat Cat - Amanda Thomas

Barn Cats - 2 - Fat CatAmanda Thomas

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The second in the series of books telling the adventures of the Barn Cats from the pen of Amanda Thomas. This set of stories centres on the Cats living on the farm with Farmer Todd, his wife, the Chickens and Bess the Sheepdog and her pups…. more

Barn Cats - 2 - Fat Cat
Amanda Thomas
Cheetah Book for Kids: Fun F... - Jacob Smith

Cheetah Book for Kids: Fun F...Jacob Smith

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Children’s author Jacob Smith presents: “Cheetah Book for Kids: Fun Facts, Pictures and Information on Cheetahs”. This informative children’s book includes brilliant colorful photographs & well chosen words to help children learn more about… more

Cheetah Book for Kids: Fun Facts, Pictures and Information on Cheetahs
Jacob Smith
Andromeda the Talking Cat (T... - Jacky Storey

Andromeda the Talking Cat (T...Jacky Storey

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Andromeda, Cassy and their friends are a group of cats who live around an old house on the Greek island of Syros. The cats tell their own stories, remembering when times were harder and food was scarcer. Visitors come and go to the house, a… more

Andromeda the Talking Cat (Tales of Greek Cats Book 1)
Jacky Storey
Jacky Storey , English
Does Noah's Kitten Have Autism too? - Patricia  Boehm

Does Noah's Kitten Have Autism too?Patricia Boehm

Does Noah’s Kitten have Autism, too? is a story about a little boy named Noah with autism. He asks his mom for a kitten, and out of all the kittens in the shelter, he chooses the only one with a bandaged paw. Noah is curious if his new litt… more

Does Noah’s Kitten Have Autism too?
Patricia Boehm
Can You Find My Kitty? - David Forgensi

Can You Find My Kitty?David Forgensi

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Learn about all of the unique characteristic traits various felines have while Matthew helps Macy find her Kitty. Your children will be able to identify differences between several cats, both wild and domestic. For ages 4 and under.

Can You Find My Kitty?
David Forgensi
David Forgensi , English
Grandma's Cats - Alice Cairns-Wallace

Grandma's CatsAlice Cairns-Wallace

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The adventures of three little cats, Shadow, Frosty and Tina. Also other cat stories, The Magical Adventures of Boykins and Scratcher is about two cats who live with a magician and a magic carpet. They make friends with a very pretty witch… more

Grandma’s Cats
Alice Cairns-Wallace
A Tabby Never Forgets - Linda Brooks

A Tabby Never ForgetsLinda Brooks

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As a child some of my best friends were cats. I loved them every one. They were all the same to me. Strays, tabbies, Persians; cats with splotches, cats with patches, white or black. They never tired of the endless chatter of a small girl, … more

A Tabby Never Forgets
Linda Brooks
Linda Brooks , English
The Cat Lovers' Book - Alan Toner

The Cat Lovers' BookAlan Toner

The Cat Lovers’ Book tells you everything you need to know about cats, from buying your first kitten to how to look after your new pet, and much more besides. In addition to all this useful information, the book also features many interesti… more

The Cat Lovers’ Book
Alan Toner
Alan Toner , English


This is just a sample of what will be in the full version coming in 2012.It is directed at new cat owners, based on research and my own personal experience. Advanced cat owners and children will enjoy this book also.It takes through all the… more