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Madison Marie Goes Outside f...Brian K. Goins

Madison Marie discovers the many wonders of the outside world for the first time, and she encounters many animals in her adventure.Madison also learns an important lesson in the process that not everything is as it seems, unless you believe… more

Madison Marie Goes Outside for the First Time: (She thinks She is a Princess)
Brian K. Goins
PublishAmerica , English

The Adventures of Six Little...Mary Shaw Attwood

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From the author’s Introduction:While there is much of fancy in the “adventures,” many of the incidents are founded upon fact. Once upon a time six Sunday school boys did help their teacher in the finding of homes for six kittens. The treatm… more

The Adventures of Six Little Pussy-Cats, Told by Sandy: A Kindness Story
Mary Shaw Attwood
A. J. Cornell Publications , English

Mamas Bedtime Stories: A Cu...Jane Harris

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A cute picture book is a wonderful picture book for kids celebrating the love of cats. A cute picture book was created for kids who love cats and delight in looking at cute and funny cat pictures.This wonderful picture book for Kindle featu… more

Mamas Bedtime Stories: A Cute Picture Book (Childrens Picture Book With 65 Photos Of Funny And Cute Cats: Perfect For Bedtime Stories)
Jane Harris

The Cat That Changed NamesPeter Bird, Scott Watson

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Harry is a cat a hungry cat and naughty one but is also might be special?

The Cat That Changed Names
Peter Bird, Scott Watson

Claire's Story (The Neddlebe...Berdine Dent

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Claire is a beautiful black and white cat who became part of the family the same day that the Neddlebees brought both her and Skittles home from the pound. Skittles was already taken by her before they became part of the family; he confesse… more

Claire’s Story (The Neddlebee Family Tales)
Berdine Dent
Berdine Cloud Dent , English

Julia Cary and Her KittenAmerican Tract Society, M. E...

Cats; Kittens; Children and animals; Pets — Social aspects

Julia Cary and Her Kitten
American Tract Society, M. E.(Mary Esther) Miller
New York : American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street , English

Baby and Kitty - Best Friend...Brent Maynard

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This is a true story about a kitten who was rescued and a young baby that have become friends. The pictures in the book are photographs of the rescued kitten and of his child friend that he has made.If you like cute things this is the book… more

Baby and Kitty - Best Friends (Rescued Animals of Pinon, Arizona)
Brent Maynard

Max The Kitty CatCecile Alexander

This illustrated little book about a kitty supports preschoolers in their first day of school, and encourages drawing and learning.

Max The Kitty Cat
Cecile Alexander

The Amazing Adventures of Bu...Jonathan Carlton

Join Buzz in the amazing journey through his life.Chaos and fun follows Buzz and his friends everywhere!Buzz doesn’t mean to cause any trouble…It just seems to happen every time he’s around!A great read for children of all ages!

The Amazing Adventures of Buzz the One Eyed Cat.
Jonathan Carlton
Jonathan David Carlton , English

10 Happy Cats (A Counting Book)Maggie Molloy

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10 Happy Cats, A Counting Book is a children’s book that teaches little children how to count. Children learn to count to 10 with a cute Mama cat and her cuddly kittens. First count to 10 with the cats, then children count to 10 on their … more

10 Happy Cats (A Counting Book)
Maggie Molloy

The Cat That Forgot How To H...Isabelle Ngin

Who doesn’t love cats? Here they star in a charming children’s story aimed at the younger reader, packed with gorgeous illustrations, and featuring simple rhymes. Both you and your child will delight in the adventures of two very different … more

The Cat That Forgot How To Hunt (Illustrated Children’s Stories)
Isabelle Ngin

Tojo meets Nelly (Tojo and N...Tamara Forge

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Tojo the cat has a lovely life, so why does he feel so lonely? Yet, when he finally gets a new companion - Nelly, he feels anything but lonely! This tale of change, rivalry… and finally friendship, will warm the hearts of those reading or b… more

Tojo meets Nelly (Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales)
Tamara Forge
Margeo , English

Children's Book :Christmas k...Dan Jackson

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Kindle Customers Wrote :

I have now words whatsoever just read it and u will fall in love with these kitty’s meow meow meow”

Our family are all “cat people.” This book is a cute pictorial of kitties that not only children but also ad… more

Children’s Book :Christmas kittens (Great Christmas Book about CAT’s and Kittens) (Picture Book) (Age 3 - 9)
Dan Jackson

Kittens & Cats: A Collection...Amy Carson

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This cute little book has 50 photos of kittens and cats! It is great fun for kids who love board books, and since it is formatted for your kindle (the pictures are large and easy to see!), it will entertain them over and over again!

Kittens & Cats: A Collection of Cute Kitten and Cuddly Cat Photos (Adorable Animals)
Amy Carson
Third Press , English

Bobcats! Learn About Bobcats...Becky Wolff

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Are your kids interested in Bobcats? Awesome! You have found the right book. Help your children learn more about Bobcats today by reading this book. Here is what is included inside “Bobcats! Learn About Bobcats and Enjoy Colorful Pictures –… more

Bobcats! Learn About Bobcats and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Bobcats)
Becky Wolff

Caracals! Learn About Caraca...Becky Wolff

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Are your kids interested in Caracals? Awesome! You have found the right book. Help your children learn more about Caracals today by reading this book. Here is what is included inside “Caracals! Learn About Caracals and Enjoy Colorful Pictur… more

Caracals! Learn About Caracals and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Caracals)
Becky Wolff

ChesterKimber Norton

In Chester, you will be introduced to the main character, Ms. Perry first. She decides she wants to adopt two cats named Chester and Twinkle, because her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Carruthers are having to move into a nursing home community, a… more

Kimber Norton
PublishAmerica , English

BOGOF the Supermarket CatAdrian Marshall

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Book #1 in the “BOGOF the Supermarket Cat” series. Taking a nap on a car roof is not a new experience for Tiddles, but this time it leads to him becoming BOGOF the Supermarket cat. After a hair-raising ride on the roof of a car Tiddles find… more

BOGOF the Supermarket Cat
Adrian Marshall
Adrian Marshall , English

BOGOF and the Christmas Tree...Adrian Marshall

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Book #2 in the “BOGOF the Supermarket Cat” series. BOGOF is not an ordinary cat, he is a Supermarket cat. Every day he works at keeping rats and mice under control at Mr Brown’s Supermarket. His two best friends are Fred, a Supermarket work… more

BOGOF and the Christmas Tree (BOGOF the Supermarket Cat)
Adrian Marshall
Adrian Marshall , English

Barn Cats - 1 Matt the CatAmanda Thomas

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The first in a new series of books from the pen of Amanda Thomas. This set of stories centres on the Cats living on the farm with Farmer Todd, his wife, the Chickens and Bess the Sheepdog and her pups. The cats face all sorts of adventures … more

Barn Cats - 1 Matt the Cat
Amanda Thomas