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BOGOF the First Collection - Adrian Marshall

BOGOF the First CollectionAdrian Marshall

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A Collection/Box-Set of stories 1 - 3 in the ‘BOGOF the Supermarket Cat’ series.1. BOGOF the Supermarket Cat (An introduction to BOGOF and his friends at the Supermarket).2. BOGOF and the Christmas Tree (Adventures with the Supermarket Ch… more

BOGOF the First Collection
Adrian Marshall
Adrian Marshall , English
Julia Cary and Her Kitten - American Tract Society, M. E...

Julia Cary and Her KittenAmerican Tract Society, M. E...

Cats; Kittens; Children and animals; Pets — Social aspects

Julia Cary and Her Kitten
American Tract Society, M. E.(Mary Esther) Miller
New York : American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street , English
Chester - Kimber Norton

ChesterKimber Norton

In Chester, you will be introduced to the main character, Ms. Perry first. She decides she wants to adopt two cats named Chester and Twinkle, because her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Carruthers are having to move into a nursing home community, a… more

Kimber Norton
PublishAmerica , English
Children's Book :Christmas k... - Dan Jackson

Children's Book :Christmas k...Dan Jackson

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Kindle Customers Wrote :

I have now words whatsoever just read it and u will fall in love with these kitty’s meow meow meow”

Our family are all “cat people.” This book is a cute pictorial of kitties that not only children but also ad… more

Children’s Book :Christmas kittens (Great Christmas Book about CAT’s and Kittens) (Picture Book) (Age 3 - 9)
Dan Jackson
Cat Land: Origins - Midnight Panther, Keith Nich...

Cat Land: OriginsMidnight Panther, Keith Nich...

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Midnight tells the tale of his own rescue. Although this short story takes place in the human world, it contains the inspiration and the origins of the Cat Land universe. His most personal story yet, Midnight Panther shares the true story o… more

Cat Land: Origins
Midnight Panther, Keith Nichols, Christina Nichols
Fivepenniespress , English
Camillo the Smart Cat - Albert Mendoza

Camillo the Smart CatAlbert Mendoza

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Camillo the Smart Cat by Albert Mendoza

Camillo the Smart Cat
Albert Mendoza
Xlibris , English
Mamas Bedtime Stories:  A Cu... - Jane Harris

Mamas Bedtime Stories: A Cu...Jane Harris

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A cute picture book is a wonderful picture book for kids celebrating the love of cats. A cute picture book was created for kids who love cats and delight in looking at cute and funny cat pictures.This wonderful picture book for Kindle featu… more

Mamas Bedtime Stories: A Cute Picture Book (Childrens Picture Book With 65 Photos Of Funny And Cute Cats: Perfect For Bedtime Stories)
Jane Harris
The Cat That Changed Names - Peter Bird, Scott Watson

The Cat That Changed NamesPeter Bird, Scott Watson

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Harry is a cat a hungry cat and naughty one but is also might be special?

The Cat That Changed Names
Peter Bird, Scott Watson
Shakespeare (Puppy People an... - Merrill Baum

Shakespeare (Puppy People an...Merrill Baum

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Shakespeare” was written for children between the ages of six and eleven, speech therapy for adults recovering from a stroke, and individuals learning English as a second language. It is a basic guide to cat ownership.

Shakespeare (Puppy People and Kitty Kiddies)
Merrill Baum
Merrill Tree Publications , English
The Very Big Orange Cat - Heather O'Neil

The Very Big Orange CatHeather O'Neil

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Marlan was a very big orange cat. Very big and very lonely. More than anything else he wanted a family of his own. Would he have to spend the rest of his life in Mr. Whistle’s Pet Shop? Would Mr. Whistle send him to the farm?Spend a day w… more

The Very Big Orange Cat
Heather O’Neil
Writers Exchange E-Publishing , English
Boris and Doris the Christma... - Rosie Hawkins

Boris and Doris the Christma...Rosie Hawkins

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The first two Boris and Doris stories combined (with drawings). Two kittens are given at Christmas to two children who live next door to each other. They get up to lots of mischief, and have fun and adventures together that Christmas and t… more

Boris and Doris the Christmas Kittens and Boris and Doris and the Alley Cat Gang (A Tale of Two Cats)
Rosie Hawkins
Rosie Hawkins , English


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Book 1 : The flower’s little story starts an adventure about a lonely little flower and a beautiful chocolate coloured cat named Max…

THE FLOWERS LITTLE STORY (Saga about flower and cats.)
Yvonne RAY
Yvonne RAY , English
Stella Finds a Home - Cindy Adkins

Stella Finds a HomeCindy Adkins

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Special Note:  This is a story for parents who enjoy reading to their children.  There are no illustrations.There is an endearing, homeless tuxedo cat named Stella who is longing to be adopted by a family. She wants a warm place to live wit… more

Stella Finds a Home
Cindy Adkins
Cindy Adkins , English
Cat Tree Plans: Build Cat Co... - Brian Johnson

Cat Tree Plans: Build Cat Co...Brian Johnson

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Simple and easy plans to build your own cat tree and cat furniture. Step by step directions, pictures showing an actual cat tree being built, material and cut list, as well as a carpeting guide in each plan.The book contains a total of 12 p… more

Cat Tree Plans: Build Cat Condo Furniture, Window Perch, Cat Scratching Post & More
Brian Johnson
It's Ares Again! (Easy Reade... - A.L. Truslow

It's Ares Again! (Easy Reade...A.L. Truslow

This book contains the story of a severely disabled kitten, presented in an easy, photo-enhanced version that people learning to read or who have problems reading can follow because of related photographs and simple language. In addition, T… more

It’s Ares Again! (Easy Reader Animals)
A.L. Truslow
Special Critters Publishing , English
1st Year in the Life of Clan... -

1st Year in the Life of Clan...

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This is the true story of Clancy Jones, a special needs kitten who was born to a feral mother cat in the backyard of two very special people who dearly love cats. She was very fortunate because her birth mother had abandoned her out in the … more

1st Year in the Life of Clancy Jones - Pen Thief
D. K. Graham , English
Phanny, Phantom of the Attic - Perri Nash

Phanny, Phantom of the AtticPerri Nash

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How do you contend with a wild and wailing cat that is stalking your neighborhood? You invite her in, of course. At least, that is what Perri Nash ultimately found herself doing during a bitter December in Delaware. When a seemingly feral f… more

Phanny, Phantom of the Attic
Perri Nash
Perri Nash , English
Pookins of Beauchamp Road (T... - Caroline Self

Pookins of Beauchamp Road (T...Caroline Self

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Rescued by Phoenella Miggins, Giggsy cold and near starving is taken home to Sunnyside cottage. In amongst all the chaos that is Sunnyside she gives birth to seven kittens. With two children, two dogs and three cats already residing at Sunn… more

Pookins of Beauchamp Road (The Adventures of Pookins)
Caroline Self
Caroline Self , English
A Kitty's Journey Home - Manli Davis

A Kitty's Journey HomeManli Davis

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The heartwarming story of a kitty who had to say goodbye to his family.

A Kitty’s Journey Home
Manli Davis
Purple Pudding Press , English
Scooter's World - Terri Branson

Scooter's WorldTerri Branson

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Get inside the mind of an opinionated house cat, as Scooter offers a tour of his private world. Hear about battles with the water dispenser. Get the feline perspective on indoor tornadoes. Learn about food bowl guardians. Get tips on how to… more

Scooter’s World
Terri Branson
Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. , English