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The Perfect Place for Toodles - Barbara A. Pierce

The Perfect Place for ToodlesBarbara A. Pierce

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The Perfect Place For Toodles tells a story of a very young cat that experiences abandonment and great loneliness more than once. He thinks he has found a permanent home with a loving family. Life is good for a time, perhaps too good. After… more

The Perfect Place for Toodles
Barbara A. Pierce
Xlibris , English
Tennessee - Alisha Paige, Victoria Lee Williams

TennesseeAlisha Paige, Victoria Lee Williams

Tennessee is a miracle kitty who was found in a field by farmers. She wasn’t expected to live but the kindness of strangers kept her alive. She was bottle fed and loved by many. This is the true life story of a cat who survived against all… more

Alisha Paige, Victoria Lee Williams
A Good Cat meets a Bad Cat - Sarah Parker

A Good Cat meets a Bad CatSarah Parker

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Tiki is the perfect cat any human wants to have around. However, one day he meets Sona, a street cat which wishes to make Tiki change his good behavior… Tiki realizes he made a mistake when he listened to him but now he doesn’t know how to … more

A Good Cat meets a Bad Cat
Sarah Parker
When Considering a Cat (Lovi... - Cindy Wright

When Considering a Cat (Lovi...Cindy Wright

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The first book in ‘Loving Your Cat’ Series is all about what to look for when first buying your kitten. From naming your new pet, to his first visit to the vet. It also gives some tips to help introduce him to his new household and family, … more

When Considering a Cat (Loving Your Cat)
Cindy Wright
CW Books , English
The Tail of Cat Man Du - B.J.K.  Brown

The Tail of Cat Man DuB.J.K. Brown

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Cat Man Du is a 20lb male cat at the shelter. What happened to his tail? And will anyone want to adopt him?

The Tail of Cat Man Du
B.J.K. Brown
Does Noah's Kitten Have Autism too? - Patricia  Boehm

Does Noah's Kitten Have Autism too?Patricia Boehm

Does Noah’s Kitten have Autism, too? is a story about a little boy named Noah with autism. He asks his mom for a kitten, and out of all the kittens in the shelter, he chooses the only one with a bandaged paw. Noah is curious if his new litt… more

Does Noah’s Kitten Have Autism too?
Patricia Boehm
Can You Find My Kitty? - David Forgensi

Can You Find My Kitty?David Forgensi

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Learn about all of the unique characteristic traits various felines have while Matthew helps Macy find her Kitty. Your children will be able to identify differences between several cats, both wild and domestic. For ages 4 and under.

Can You Find My Kitty?
David Forgensi
David Forgensi , English
Spencer's New Home - Laure Justice

Spencer's New HomeLaure Justice

Spencer’s New Home tells the true story of an orphaned shelter kitten finding a new, happy home.

Spencer’s New Home
Laure Justice
The Cat Lovers' Book - Alan Toner

The Cat Lovers' BookAlan Toner

The Cat Lovers’ Book tells you everything you need to know about cats, from buying your first kitten to how to look after your new pet, and much more besides. In addition to all this useful information, the book also features many interesti… more

The Cat Lovers’ Book
Alan Toner
Alan Toner , English
A Tabby Never Forgets - Linda Brooks

A Tabby Never ForgetsLinda Brooks

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As a child some of my best friends were cats. I loved them every one. They were all the same to me. Strays, tabbies, Persians; cats with splotches, cats with patches, white or black. They never tired of the endless chatter of a small girl, … more

A Tabby Never Forgets
Linda Brooks
Linda Brooks , English
BOGOF and the Christmas Tree... - Adrian Marshall

BOGOF and the Christmas Tree...Adrian Marshall

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Book #2 in the “BOGOF the Supermarket Cat” series. BOGOF is not an ordinary cat, he is a Supermarket cat. Every day he works at keeping rats and mice under control at Mr Brown’s Supermarket. His two best friends are Fred, a Supermarket work… more

BOGOF and the Christmas Tree (BOGOF the Supermarket Cat)
Adrian Marshall
Adrian Marshall , English
BOGOF the First Collection - Adrian Marshall

BOGOF the First CollectionAdrian Marshall

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A Collection/Box-Set of stories 1 - 3 in the ‘BOGOF the Supermarket Cat’ series.1. BOGOF the Supermarket Cat (An introduction to BOGOF and his friends at the Supermarket).2. BOGOF and the Christmas Tree (Adventures with the Supermarket Ch… more

BOGOF the First Collection
Adrian Marshall
Adrian Marshall , English
Kittens & Cats: A Collection... - Amy Carson

Kittens & Cats: A Collection...Amy Carson

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This cute little book has 50 photos of kittens and cats! It is great fun for kids who love board books, and since it is formatted for your kindle (the pictures are large and easy to see!), it will entertain them over and over again!

Kittens & Cats: A Collection of Cute Kitten and Cuddly Cat Photos (Adorable Animals)
Amy Carson
Third Press , English
Fossas! Learn About Fossas a... - Becky Wolff

Fossas! Learn About Fossas a...Becky Wolff

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Are your kids interested in Fossas? Awesome! You have found the right book. Help your children learn more about Fossas today by reading this book. Here is what is included inside “Fossas! Learn About Fossas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Loo… more

Fossas! Learn About Fossas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Fossas)
Becky Wolff
The True Story of Hope the C... - Brent Maynard

The True Story of Hope the C...Brent Maynard

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This is the true story of how an abandoned kitten found a home. All pictures included are photographs of Hope. A children’s story about how things go wrong, finding a new home, and finding new Hope.

The True Story of Hope the Cat (Rescued Animals of Pinon, Arizona)
Brent Maynard
Children's Book About Cats: ... - Lisa Ryan

Children's Book About Cats: ...Lisa Ryan

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This Children’s book about cats is a great way to teach your child all of the basics of the different cat breeds, caring for and playing with cats. It is a great book for young children who love cats and are interested in learning more abou… more

Children’s Book About Cats: An introduction to cat care and information about cats for kids
Lisa Ryan
Wookie the Wonderer (Tojo an... - Tamara Forge

Wookie the Wonderer (Tojo an...Tamara Forge

Wookie the dog has an identity crisis. He feels he has the suave sensitivity of a cat, but yet he sure does like a good bone. Is it possible he could just be a dog that’s a bit cattish? Maybe he’s just a cat loving dog? Tojo and Nelly won’t… more

Wookie the Wonderer (Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales)
Tamara Forge
Margeo , English
Drizzle and Blizzard Meet Mr... - Sarah House

Drizzle and Blizzard Meet Mr...Sarah House

In this adventure, Drizzle decides to venture out of the garden, but he is all alone! Will he be able to ensure the safety of his friends from the field? Or will he get himself in too much trouble first!Find out out in this short story, wri… more

Drizzle and Blizzard Meet Mr Binxy (The Wonderful and Exciting Adventures of Drizzle & Blizzard)
Sarah House
Cats Just Want to Have Fun C... - J. Bruce Jones

Cats Just Want to Have Fun C...J. Bruce Jones

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Cats Just Want to Have Fun Coloring Book is a fun, cool collection of the cats and kittens running round and just being cats. With 72 pages of cool cats and kittens plus some mice, birds and a fish here and there thrown in to keep it intere… more

Cats Just Want to Have Fun Coloring Book
J. Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones Design Inc. , English
Julia Cary and Her Kitten - American Tract Society, M. E...

Julia Cary and Her KittenAmerican Tract Society, M. E...

Cats; Kittens; Children and animals; Pets — Social aspects

Julia Cary and Her Kitten
American Tract Society, M. E.(Mary Esther) Miller
New York : American Tract Society, 150 Nassau Street , English