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If the Pink Shoe Fits: A Gol...Doretha Dingler

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If the Pink Shoe Fits A Golden Anniversary Tribute to Mary Kay Ash Celebrating Her Fifty-Year Legacy of Creating Opportunities for Women Worldwide Doretha Dingler

“It is leaders like you who have made our company great.” —Telegram from Mar… more

If the Pink Shoe Fits: A Golden Anniversary Tribute to Mary Kay Ash
Doretha Dingler
Brevin LLC , English

Music Marketing in the New M...Rob Silverman, Michael Silverman

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A collection of music marketing ideas and anecdotes to help musicians achieve success. My brother and I have achieved many of our musical goals of getting our original music out and selling, using Youtube as a marketing tool, start several … more

Music Marketing in the New Music Economy
Rob Silverman, Michael Silverman
BookBaby , English

Charlie UnpluggedCharlie Crumley

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Charlie Unplugged is a collection of memories and short stories by Charlie Crumley, a retired CPA. Charlie’s lighthearted writing shows a positive outlook on life and an insatiable desire for discovery and learning. Through anecdotes and vi… more

Charlie Unplugged
Charlie Crumley
BookLogix , English

Suits: A Woman on Wall StreetNina Godiwalla

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No class can prepare anyone for a career on Wall Street. While others in Nina Godiwalla’s Persian-Indian immigrant community were content to fulfill their parents’ dreams, Nina’s fierce ambition pulled her from Houston to New York to become… more

Suits: A Woman on Wall Street
Nina Godiwalla
Atlas & Co. , English

God's Gold: The Story of Roc...John T. Flynn

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In 1932, John T. Flynn had begun to rethink his old-style “progressivism” and develop intellectually into a defender of markets as against the regimentation of government management. A first product of these steps was this classic and extra… more

God’s Gold: The Story of Rockefeller and His Times
John T. Flynn
Ludwig von Mises Institute , English

100 Miles To A Record DealBronson Herrmuth

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A manual of reference for the working musician, band, artist or performing songwriter.”This book will give you everything you need to set your course and goals in music. Read it, and then read it again. Perseverance and this book will be th… more

100 Miles To A Record Deal
Bronson Herrmuth

Microsoft© Exchange Server 2...Shahid Malik

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Regular Placement in Amazon Top Ten Best Seller in Microsoft ExchangeDocumentation from a Real Exchange 2010 Transition ProjectI have put the content of this book together to help those who want to find real life examples of an Exchange 201… more

Microsoft© Exchange Server 2010 Transition - Project Lifecycle Documentation
Shahid Malik

Money Talks, Bullsh*t Walks:...Ben E. Johnson

 "The challenge is, how do we get somebody 126 years old to get it up?" This was Sam Zell's unique way of saying hello to a large gathering at the Los Angeles Times shortly after taking charge of Tribune Company. "I'm your Viagra, OK?" ... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B002YKOXHU/#editorial-review">more</a>
Money Talks, Bullsh*t Walks: Inside the Contrarian Mind of Billionaire Mogul Sam Zell
Ben E. Johnson
Portfolio , English

Social Media Promotion For M...Bobby Owsinski

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Social Media Promotion for Musicians by best selling music author Bobby Owsinski is the truly the best, most comprehensive and up to date resource for marketing yourself, your band and your music online.

The book shows you how to stop just… more

Social Media Promotion For Musicians
Bobby Owsinski
BOMG Publishing , English

IBM WebSphere Interview Ques...Terry Sanchez-Clark

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IBM WAS (WebSphere Application Server) in many ways started the middleware revolution, and has now become an indispensable skill set for Information Technology professionals. From beginners looking for information to prepare for an intervie… more

IBM WebSphere Interview Questions: Unofficial IBM Websphere Application
Terry Sanchez-Clark

Start Up: The Life and Lesso...David H.Gilmour

David Harrison Gilmour, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, has enjoyed extraordinary success throughout his career.

His successes have been built upon a rich and complex combination of experiences revealed for the first time… more

Start Up: The Life and Lessons of a Serial Entrepreneur
David H.Gilmour
Wakaya Perfection LP , English

The Insider's Guide to Music...Ben Long

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Mobile is the fastest growing sector of the video game industry. New mobile devices appear almost weekly, each promising heightened user experience. This has created new challenges and opportunities for composers, sound designers and audio … more

The Insider’s Guide to Music & Sound for Mobile Games
Ben Long

José Padrón Machín (Spanish ...José María López & Molina Adell

La escritura de José Padrón Machín (El Pinar, 1905-Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1996) tiene una triple vertiente. En primer lugar, la política, derivada de su condición de socialista; en segundo lugar, una vertiente de carácter más intimista y l… more

José Padrón Machín (Spanish Edition)
José María López & Molina Adell
Idea , Spanish

From The Plains...To Planes....John Whalen

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Raised on a farm in the plains of North Dakota, John Whalen was determined there had to be a better life somewhere. For much of his youth, he lived without electricity and indoor plumbing. He despised farming. When he saw there was no chang… more

From The Plains…To Planes…And Other Plain Talk
John Whalen
Xlibris , English

10 SECRETS TO MAKING $100,00...Gregory Blake

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The number one struggle facing nearly everyone in the music industry is money. How do you find the money to complete your projects? How do you make money working in the music industry? What do you do until the money starts rolling in? This … more

Gregory Blake
Gregory Blake , English

Business Biographies: Shaken...Stephen K. Troy

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Learn life lessons from the experts—twenty-five business leaders who made their marks but did so with a bit of a twist.In this series of profiles, author Stephen K. Troy takes a detailed look at people who walked down nontraditional paths … more

Business Biographies: Shaken, Not Stirred … With a Twist
Stephen K. Troy
iUniverse , English

How to be #1 on GigMasters.comMatthew J. Cutillo

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Written by GigMasters’ most successful performer to date: How to be as successful as possible working with the GigMasters.com website as a performer; i.e. getting as many bookings, 5 star reviews, payments and tips as possible while also co… more

How to be #1 on GigMasters.com
Matthew J. Cutillo
BookBaby , English

The Man Behind The Brand - F...Doug Gelbert

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Open a copy of the Information Please Almanac and turn to the chapter on famous people. 4000 names and you won’t know hardly any. But what about names everyone knows? Pillsbury, Kraft, Maytag, Hertz, Kellogg, Gerber. Nowhere to be found. Ho… more

The Man Behind The Brand - Fun and Games
Doug Gelbert
Cruden Bay Books , English

Acres of DiamondsRussell H. Conwell

Not only one of the greatest models of effective speech ever delivered, but it also contains the philosophy of a lifetime.EXCERPT ..wonderful world of ours. If this internal molten mass came bursting out and cooled very quickly it became gr… more

Acres of Diamonds
Russell H. Conwell

The Man Behind The Brand - A...Doug Gelbert

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Open a copy of the Information Please Almanac and turn to the chapter on famous people. 4000 names and you won’t know hardly any. But what about names everyone knows? Pillsbury, Kellogg, Gerber. Nowhere to be found. How many names are more … more

The Man Behind The Brand - At The Office
Doug Gelbert
Cruden Bay Books , English