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The Buddha and the Dream of America - James Hilgendorf

The Buddha and the Dream of AmericaJames Hilgendorf

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A book of short inspirational pieces exploring the roots, and real depth and meaning, of the American Dream. A call for a renaissance of the spirit, of youth, of springtime in America once again. From Thoreau, Emerson and Whitman, to how B… more

The Buddha and the Dream of America
James Hilgendorf
The Tribute Series , English
A New Myth for America - James Hilgendorf

A New Myth for AmericaJames Hilgendorf

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82 short pieces explore the roots of America, from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Walt Whitman, to the still unfulfilled dream of America as the progenitor of a new spiritual world civilization. Buddhism as the underpinnings… more

A New Myth for America
James Hilgendorf
The Antichrist (Unabridged S... - Arthur W. Pink

The Antichrist (Unabridged S...Arthur W. Pink

The Antichrist is an in-depth study of who and what the Antichist is or will be. Arthur W. Pink traces all biblical references to the Antichrist including the Psalms, the Prophets, the Gospels, the Epistles, and Revelation. This provides us… more

The Antichrist (Unabridged Start Publishing LLC)
Arthur W. Pink
Start Publishing LLC , English
Religions of India - Jack Sikora

Religions of IndiaJack Sikora

A concise and plain spoken introduction to Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and the religion of the Jains. This book is for students and anyone else desiring to learn the basics of religion in India in a quick yet comprehensive way.

Religions of India
Jack Sikora
iUniverse , English
bmDammaStory - anonymous


Abook of the Buddha…

Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubbl... - Taitetsu Unno

Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubbl...Taitetsu Unno

Interest in Buddhism continues to grow throughout North America, and more and more readers are moving beyond the familiar Zen and Tibetan traditions to examine other types of Buddhism. In Shin Buddhism, Taitetsu Unno explains the philosophy… more

Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold
Taitetsu Unno
Image , English
The Theory and Practice of O... - Tony Duff

The Theory and Practice of O...Tony Duff

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Other Emptiness, or Zhantong in Tibetan, is the most profound view taught by the Buddha. It is the very basis of the majority of Tibetan Buddhist schools, though it has been overshadowed by the views of some schools who have argued against… more

The Theory and Practice of Other Emptiness Taught Through Milarepa’s Songs
Tony Duff
Padma Karpo Translation Committee , English
Siksha-Samuccaya, a compendi... - Santi-Deva, Cecil Bendall

Siksha-Samuccaya, a compendi...Santi-Deva, Cecil Bendall

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Siksha-Samuccaya, a compendium of Buddhist doctrine. 356 Pages.

Siksha-Samuccaya, a compendium of Buddhist doctrine
Santi-Deva, Cecil Bendall
The Garden: A Parable - Geshe Michael Roach

The Garden: A ParableGeshe Michael Roach

With The Garden, centuries of Tibetan Buddhist wisdom are brought to life for readers by one of its greatest Western teachers, Michael Roach. Through a parable in which a young man is brought into a mystical garden by a beautiful embodiment… more

The Garden: A Parable
Geshe Michael Roach
Image , English
Awake in the Wild: Mindfulne... - Mark Coleman

Awake in the Wild: Mindfulne...Mark Coleman

“Nature deficit disorder” has become an increasingly challenging problem in our hyper modern world. In Awake in the Wild, Mark Coleman shows seekers how to remedy this widespread malady by reconnecting with nature through Buddhism. Each sho… more

Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self-Discovery
Mark Coleman
New World Library , English
Buddhist India - Thomas Davids

Buddhist IndiaThomas Davids

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Buddhist India. 366 Pages.

Buddhist India
Thomas Davids
Excursions into the Thought-... - Bhikkhu Analayo

Excursions into the Thought-...Bhikkhu Analayo

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For those who approach Buddhism as a system of mental development, this book is a reliable and accessible guide to understanding the significance of themes from the Pali discourses. Themes include grasping, right view, craving, passion, con… more

Excursions into the Thought-World of the Pali Discourses
Bhikkhu Analayo
Pariyatti Publishing , English
Dragon Thunder: My Life with... - Carolyn Rose Gimian, Diana J. Mukpo

Dragon Thunder: My Life with...Carolyn Rose Gimian, Diana J. Mukpo

“It was not always easy to be the guru’s wife,” writes Diana Mukpo.“But I must say, it was rarely boring.” At the age of sixteen, DianaMukpo left school and broke with her upper-class English family tomarry Chögyam Trungpa, a young Tibetan … more

Dragon Thunder: My Life with Chogyam Trungpa
Carolyn Rose Gimian, Diana J. Mukpo
Shambhala Publications , English
The Beginner's Guide to Walk... - Jean Smith

The Beginner's Guide to Walk...Jean Smith

“Writing a ‘nuts and bolts’ guide that is genuinely wise, charmingly conversational, and a pleasure to read requires a particular talent, and Jean Smith has proved once again that she has it.”—Sylvia Boorstein, author of Don’t Just Do Somet… more

The Beginner’s Guide to Walking the Buddha’s Eightfold Path
Jean Smith
Harmony , English
Letting Go of the Person You... - Lama Surya Das

Letting Go of the Person You...Lama Surya Das

The beloved American Lama, a spiritual leader whose inimitable light andlively universal teaching style has awakened the spirituality of thousands, now shares an enlightened approach to change and loss, dealing with difficult emotions such … more

Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Change, Loss, and Spiritual Transformation
Lama Surya Das
Harmony , English
The Life of Buddha and Its L... - Henry Steel Olcott

The Life of Buddha and Its L...Henry Steel Olcott

Colonel Henry Steel Olcott (August 2, 1832 – February 17, 1907) was an American military officer, journalist, lawyer and the co-founder and first President of the Theosophical Society.Olcott was the first well-known person of European ances… more

The Life of Buddha and Its Lessons by Olcott, Henry Steel, 1832-1907
Henry Steel Olcott
Mourning the Unborn Dead: A ... - Jeff Wilson

Mourning the Unborn Dead: A ...Jeff Wilson

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Many Western visitors to Japan have been struck by the numerous cemeteries for aborted fetuses, which are characterized by throngs of images of the Bodhisattva Jizo, usually dressed in red baby aprons or other baby garments, and each dedica… more

Mourning the Unborn Dead: A Buddhist Ritual Comes to America
Jeff Wilson
Oxford University Press, USA , English
Abrir la mano del pensamient... - Kôshô Uchiyama, Iván Alberto...

Abrir la mano del pensamient...Kôshô Uchiyama, Iván Alberto...

Este libro describe la práctica del zazen con una claridad y sencillez inusuales. Los numerosos ejemplos de la vida cotidiana a los que recurre el maestro Uchiyama demuestran que el Zen, lejos de tratarse de un camino ultramundano, consiste… more

Abrir la mano del pensamiento: Fundamentos de la práctica del budismo Zen (Spanish Edition)
Kôshô Uchiyama, Iván Alberto Quintero Quiroga
Kairós , Spanish
Venerable Master Hua's Talks... - Hsuan

Venerable Master Hua's Talks...Hsuan

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Master Hsuan Hua speaks candidly on cultivation. His lectures to his disciples over a period of 40 years, in places as diverse as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Poland, France, Canada and cities throughout the United States, have been collected into a … more

Venerable Master Hua’s Talks on Dharma, Vol. Three (Dharma Talks Book 3)
Buddhism Plain and Simple - Steve Hagen

Buddhism Plain and SimpleSteve Hagen

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This is a book about awareness - it’s about being ‘awake’ and in touch with what is going on here and now. Practical and down-to-earth, it deals exclusively with the present, not with speculation, theory or belief in some far-off time and p… more

Buddhism Plain and Simple
Steve Hagen
ePenguin , English