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The House That Jack Built On... - Randolph Caldecott

The House That Jack Built On...Randolph Caldecott

The House that Jack Built (1878)The Frontispiece is shown here. Compare it with our photo of the house which Randolph used for his pictures in this book

The House That Jack Built One of R. Caldecott’s Picture Books
Randolph Caldecott
Randolph Caldecott , English
Storm Warning - Marilyn Morris

Storm WarningMarilyn Morris

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What will happen when a fully-fueled bomber from the Air Force base just outside a large Texas city, piloted by a woman named Rory Calhoun, is flung by a fierce tornado into the county’s largest, busiest shopping mall? Begin the day with t… more

Storm Warning
Marilyn Morris
Marilyn Celeste Morris , English
Birth In A Boat (A Story of ... - Olatunji Ayodele

Birth In A Boat (A Story of ...Olatunji Ayodele

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Competing for the royal prize amidst increasing food insecurity the people of Freedom Village were greeted with even more surprises. Emotions ran deep and tensions flared on Caring River. Old Fisherman was defiant! He saw things from a diff… more

Birth In A Boat (A Story of Hope Book 1)
Olatunji Ayodele
The Farmer's Boy One of R. C... - Randolph Caldecott

The Farmer's Boy One of R. C...Randolph Caldecott

This is the final picture from the book and the rhyme. It is clear that the hero of the rhyme is now much grander than the Farmer’s Boy that he used to be!

The Farmer’s Boy One of R. Caldecott’s picture books
Randolph Caldecott
Randolph Caldecott , English
The Greatest Love Poems Ever... - David L. Cook

The Greatest Love Poems Ever...David L. Cook

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This book contains serious poems about life, and love. This is a book everyone 18 or older would enjoy reading because it has some graphic poems as well graphic social issues. It has many poems inside that you can relate when it comes to re… more

The Greatest Love Poems Ever Written
David L. Cook
AuthorHouse , English
Climbing Beyond Crystal Mountain - Karma Gurung

Climbing Beyond Crystal MountainKarma Gurung

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In 2007, a student tried to visit his family hiking up the Himalayas. He was never to be found. Two years later, another student, Karma, attempted to visit his parents in the Himalayas; only to find himself lost in the middle of hundr… more

Climbing Beyond Crystal Mountain
Karma Gurung
A Gentle Madness: Bibliophil... - Nicholas Basbanes

A Gentle Madness: Bibliophil...Nicholas Basbanes

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When first published, A Gentle Madness astounded and delighted readers about the passion and expense a collector is willing to make in pursuit of the book. Written before the emergence of the Internet but newly updated for the 21st Century … more

A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books
Nicholas Basbanes
Fine Books Press , English
Run For Sun - Patrick Johns

Run For SunPatrick Johns

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A young boy named Kevin discovers the wonderful world of running, which leads to an even bigger discovery.

Run For Sun
Patrick Johns
The houses of sin - 1897 - Vincent  O'Sullivan

The houses of sin - 1897Vincent O'Sullivan

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Vincent O’Sullivan (November 28, 1868–July 18, 1940) was an American-born short story writer, poet and critic. Born in New York City to Eugene and Christine O’Sullivan, he began his education in the New York public school system and complet… more

The houses of sin - 1897
Vincent O’Sullivan
SINE CAUSA , English
The Book-Hunter in London (I... - William Roberts

The Book-Hunter in London (I...William Roberts

Caution – this book is for serious bibliophiles ONLY. The author takes you for a walk into the most famous book sellers salons and shops. Visit with the collectors and meet the sellers. Sit in on auctions of rare collections and see the col… more

The Book-Hunter in London (Illustrated) Historical and Other Studies of Collectors and Collecting
William Roberts
DCR Publishing , English
The Voynich Manuscript  (Per... - Unknown

The Voynich Manuscript (Per...Unknown

Mysterious manuscript found in 1912. Most possibly it is alchemic book. According to psycho linguistic analyses this book has two authors man who wrote astronomic part and woman (biology part). According to other people it is fake and mysti… more

The Voynich Manuscript (Perfectly Scanned and Digitalized Original)
A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go - Randolph Caldecott

A Frog He Would A-Wooing GoRandolph Caldecott

A Frog he would a-Wooing Go (1883)FrogWooing.jpg (7795 bytes) The illustrations in this book, showing animals clothed and behaving like humans, indicate clearly how Randolph Caldecott influenced the work of Beatrix Potter. Two of Randolph’s… more

A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
Randolph Caldecott
Randolph Caldecott , English


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The Chosen Fast and Prayer - Robert Holland

The Chosen Fast and PrayerRobert Holland

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Comparing the Chosen Fast with the Traditional Fast and the Daniel Fast and relating them to prayer, Robert Holland’s second book is a masterwork that explores some of the false assumptions about fasting. The Chosen Fast, specifically, can … more

The Chosen Fast and Prayer
Robert Holland
Robert P. Holland , English
Architect of Modern Sharjah - K Raveendran

Architect of Modern SharjahK Raveendran

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The Amazing story of how the scholarly ruler of Sharjah transformed his emirate into the capital of Arab and Islamic culture and the leading centre of learning and knowledge in the Arab world.

Architect of Modern Sharjah
K Raveendran
Sterling Publications , English
Forbidden fruit Fully illust... - E.U.  Cook

Forbidden fruit Fully illust...E.U. Cook

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Forbidden fruit by E.U. Cook ; (fully illustrated) from Gustave Doré. Published 1891 by Rhodes & McClure Publishing Co. in Chicago . Written in English.

Forbidden fruit Fully illustrated from Gustave Doré - 1891
E.U. Cook
SINE CAUSA , English


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E.V.Ramasami respectfully addressed as Periyar (the great) was born on 17th September, 1879 with a silver spoon to a wholesale trader at Erode, a town in Tamil Nadu. He was a school dropout but acquired efficiency and unalloyed wisdom. With… more

DR.K. Veeramani
Horace Chase - Constance Fenimore Woolson

Horace ChaseConstance Fenimore Woolson

Horace Chase by Constance Fenimore Woolson

Horace Chase
Constance Fenimore Woolson
An Open Letter to Lord Beave... - Aleister Crowley

An Open Letter to Lord Beave...Aleister Crowley

The very rare book of Aleister Crowley

An Open Letter to Lord Beaverbrook by Aleister Crowley (Very Rare book)
Aleister Crowley
Karl Krinken, his Christmas ... - Susan, Anna Bartlett, Gilber...

Karl Krinken, his Christmas ...Susan, Anna Bartlett, Gilber...

The Christmas stocking — The story of the three apples — The story of the red cent — The story of the purse — The story of the two shoes — The story of the pine cone — The story of the hymn book — The story of the cork boat — The st… more

Karl Krinken, his Christmas stocking
Susan, Anna Bartlett, Gilbert, John, Whymper, Josiah Wood Warner
Warner, Susan, Anna Bartlett, Gilbert, John, Whymper, Josiah Wood , English