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Starting Points: The Basics ...Jill Hudson MS CCLS, PhD Myl...

Starting from the premise that no two individuals with Asperger Syndrome are the same, Hudson and Myles provide a global perspective of how the core characteristics of AS may appear separately and/or simultaneously, and how they may manifes… more

Starting Points: The Basics of Understanding and Supporting Children and Youth with Asperger Syndrome
Jill Hudson MS CCLS, PhD Myles Brenda Smith
AAPC Publishing , English

The Hidden Curriculum: Pract...Brenda Smith Myles Ph.D., Ms...

We are surrounded by unstated rules and customs that can make the world a confusing place for people on the autism spectrum. To help individuals with ASDunderstand and deal with this ever-elusive “hidden curriculum,” this book offers practi… more

The Hidden Curriculum: Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations
Brenda Smith Myles Ph.D., Ms. Ed. Trautman Melissa L., MS Schelvan Ronda L.
AAPC Publishing , English

200+ Measurable IEP Goals an...Chris de Feyter

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This publication consists of a collection of more than 200 SMART Goals that can be used in Home Schooling settings, General Education settings, or Special Education settings to address learning needs in the following areas of development:So… more

200+ Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives Safety, Social Wellbeing and Personal Care (Special Education SMART Goal Series)
Chris de Feyter

Autism: Social Thinking and ...Travis Breeding

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Context is King” is a quote by Dr. Peter Gerhardt a Behavior Analyst in the field of Autism. Understanding context is critical for social success. I spent several years trying to master certain social skills. I read books on the subject an… more

Autism: Social Thinking and Friendship
Travis Breeding
Travis Breeding , English

READING FAILURE ~~ WHY JOHNN...Marilynn Anderson

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Fifty different reasons that describe failure in learning to read are presented in this book that helps to increase awareness for how fragile, anxious, and seemingly disinterested students may be helped to succeed in school. Johnny and Jane… more

READING FAILURE ~~ WHY JOHNNY AND JANE CAN’T OR WON’T READ ~~ 50 Reasons to Explore ~~ Finding Answers in Today’s World
Marilynn Anderson
Marilynn Anderson , English

Redirect Kids for Success, P...Michele L. Gaddis

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What It IsThis book is a collage of quotes, activities and “how to” lessons that represents eighteen (18) months of combined learning between one teacher and 12 inmates. It is based on the original 4 volumes of Self-Help Skills for Kids wr… more

Redirect Kids for Success, Prison Prevention
Michele L. Gaddis
Michele L. Gaddis , English

The Politics of BlindnessGraeme McCreath

The Politics of Blindness will make sweeping, positive changes in the general public’s understanding of the “Blind experience” and will provide positive alternatives to the current problems that blind people face. Graeme McCreath is the a… more

The Politics of Blindness
Graeme McCreath
Granville Island Publishing , English

Building Social Relationship...Scott Bellini Ph.D.

This textbook addresses the critical need for social skills programming for children and adolescents with ASD and other social difficulties. The book is unique in presenting a comprehensive model that incorporates five fundamental steps: as… more

Building Social Relationships: A Systematic Approach to Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Social Difficulties
Scott Bellini Ph.D.
AAPC Publishing , English

Working with Students with AutismAmber Engen

This manual helps teach individuals how to sucessfully help those with autism learn and succeed in all environments. The tools and strategies explained are great to use in the classroom or in the home environment.

Working with Students with Autism
Amber Engen

Educating Autism: The ASD TeacherASD Teacher

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An easy to read guide to autism ,issues at school and family life written by an experienced Special Needs Teacher. Good solid from the heart advice that will stay with you forever.

Educating Autism: The ASD Teacher
ASD Teacher

The Foster Care DilemmaJohan Wassenaar

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Foster Care has failed to accomplish its mission of providing temporary, safe living conditions with therapeutic services for children who cannot safely remain in their own homes. The ultimate goal of safely reuniting children with reforme… more

The Foster Care Dilemma
Johan Wassenaar
Johan Wassenaar , English

Social Skills Solutions: a H...Kelly McKinnon, Janis Krempa

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Social Skills Solutions is a unique, hands-on manual that provides instruction on building a social skills program from ten different comprehensive modules, all geared toward the specific diagnostic and social deficits of children with Auti… more

Social Skills Solutions: a Hands-on Manual for Teaching Social Skills to Children With Autism
Kelly McKinnon, Janis Krempa
DRL Books , English

My Name is Emily I am Ten an...Mary Restivo

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this is the story of Emily’s life with Aspbergers Syndrome, all her accomplishments and the things she had to over come to get there. I hope this book can and will inspire children and the parents of the children with autism to know where t… more

My Name is Emily I am Ten and I have Aspbergers Syndrome an Autobiography Typed By My Mom
Mary Restivo
createaspace , English

Tony! Blessing from a Specia...Icy Lee

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This book chronicles the experience and spiritual journey of a mother of an autistic child, uncovering the myriad of difficulties that face autistic children and their parents. Told from the perspective of the mother, the book shows how, in… more

Tony! Blessing from a Special Needs Child
Icy Lee
Green Forest Culture , English

The Politics of Blindness Da...Graeme McCreath

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At the moment the infrastructure is absent to allow the majority of blind people to enter the workforce. As far as an employer hiring a blind person we can only show the way, demonstrate our capabilities and push the federal government to p… more

The Politics of Blindness Daisy Digital Talking Book MP3
Graeme McCreath
Granville Island Publishing , English

A Faculty Guide to Addressin...Brian Van Brunt, W. Scott Lewis

College and university faculty are asked to serve an increasingly diverse and at-risk population of students. They face disruptive and dangerous behaviors that range from speaking out of turn or misusing technology, to potentially agressive… more

A Faculty Guide to Addressing Disruptive and Dangerous Behavior
Brian Van Brunt, W. Scott Lewis
Routledge , English

A Parents' Guide to Early Au...Kimberly Kaplan

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This book is intended to help other parents who are currently in the situation we were in. Our baby, only one year old, was discovered to have developmental delays. We knew nothing about autism at this time but was urged by knowledgeable fr… more

A Parents’ Guide to Early Autism Intervention
Kimberly Kaplan

Socially ADDept: Teaching So...Janet Z. Giler

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Decodes the often confusing rules of social behavior for all childrenSocially ADDept helps educators and parents teach the hidden rules of social behavior to children with limited social skills, notably those with special needs like ADHD, l… more

Socially ADDept: Teaching Social Skills to Children with ADHD, LD, and Asperger’s
Janet Z. Giler
Jossey-Bass , English

Disorganised Children: A Gui...Samuel Stein, Uttom Chowdhury

Disorganized children’ may display a range of behaviours symptomatic of, for example, ADHD, autism and conduct disorders, but they often fail to meet all the criteria for a clear diagnosis. In this book, psychiatrists, speech, family and o… more

Disorganised Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Samuel Stein, Uttom Chowdhury
Jessica Kingsley Publishers , English

The Incredible 5-Point Scale...Kari Dunn Buron, MsEd Curtis...

This much-awaited, second edition of the wildly popular Incredible 5-Point Scale is, as the title suggests, “significantly improved and expanded.” Using the same practical and user-friendly format as the first edition, Buron and Curtis let … more

The Incredible 5-Point Scale:: The Significantly Improved and Expanded Second Edition; Assisting students in understanding social interactions and controlling their emotional responses: 2
Kari Dunn Buron, MsEd Curtis Mitzi Beth
AAPC Publishing , English