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Baseball Teams Facts for Fun... - Wyatt Michaels

Baseball Teams Facts for Fun...Wyatt Michaels

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Baseball team fans, just how extensive is your understanding of America’s pastime? Can you name which team has played the youngest player ever to play in a major league game? Or the team that was a National League champion but refused to pl… more

Baseball Teams Facts for Fun! National League Book 2
Wyatt Michaels
Little Lefty - Matt Christopher

Little LeftyMatt Christopher

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LITTLE LEFTY - A Matt Christopher Sports Classic Bill Bailey is the smallest member of the Blackhawks baseball team, but he can throw harder than anyone else on the team, including the regular pitcher. After hearing stories about “Little Le… more

Little Lefty
Matt Christopher
Bella Rosa Books , English
Baseball - William Jones Clarke

BaseballWilliam Jones Clarke

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(…)” INTRODUCTION The present position of the game of baseball in the United States, the enthusiasm with which it is played, and the interest with which it is watched by the American people have made it very evident that it would be valua… more

William Jones Clarke
The Fantasy Sports Boss 2013... - Fantasy Sports Boss Staff

The Fantasy Sports Boss 2013...Fantasy Sports Boss Staff

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The Fantasy Sports Boss 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide: Post-Free Agency Edition is once again filled to the brim with all you need to know for the upcoming season. Included in this updated edition are the following and more:-Updated P… more

The Fantasy Sports Boss 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide: Post-Free Agency Edition
Fantasy Sports Boss Staff
CATCHING-101: The Complete G... - Xan Barksdale

CATCHING-101: The Complete G...Xan Barksdale

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CATCHING-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers is the most comprehensive book ever written for baseball catchers. It contains tips, drills, and proper mechanics that will help every catcher or coach better understand the most diffi… more

CATCHING-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers
Xan Barksdale
AuthorHouse , English
Baseball Prospectus 2013 - Baseball Prospectus

Baseball Prospectus 2013Baseball Prospectus

The bestselling annual baseball preview from the smartest analysts in the businessThe essential guide to the 2013 baseball season is on deck now, and whether you’re a fan or fantasy player?or both?you won’t be properly informed without it. … more

Baseball Prospectus 2013
Baseball Prospectus
Wiley , English
MLB Trivia - Kishan Mistry

MLB TriviaKishan Mistry

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This is volume 3 in a series of 3 sports trivia quiz games. 100 of the most mind boggling, fun & exciting NFL Trivia quiz original questions you’ll find anywhere. Collect all 3 volumes in this series. Volume 2 - MLB Trivia and Volume 3 - NFmore

MLB Trivia
Kishan Mistry
Kishan Mistry , English
The Interplanetary Pastime - Philip Ward

The Interplanetary PastimePhilip Ward

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Babe Ruth took a practice swing and stepped out. Locating me, he asked, “If we can’t leave this place, OK, but what if a baseball does?”I smiled, replying, ‘I don’t know Babe, it’s never been done.”Alexander laid the pitch right in there an… more

The Interplanetary Pastime
Philip Ward
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC , English
Go The Distance - Jeff Anderson

Go The DistanceJeff Anderson

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For the past 29 years former MLB player Jeff Anderson studied pitching, pitchers, and the mechanical techniques which are crucial to becoming a successful pitcher. What he found is that pitchers are constantly evolving in an attempt to crea… more

Go The Distance
Jeff Anderson
Borderline Publishing , English
Lau's Laws on Hitting: The A... - Charley, Jr. Lau

Lau's Laws on Hitting: The A...Charley, Jr. Lau

Baseball is back! And the focus of many fans is almost always on hitting. All of which makes it a great time forLau’s Laws on Hitting. The Art of Hitting .300 (Dutton) by Charley Lau and Alfred Glossbrenner was published in 1980. It is stil… more

Lau’s Laws on Hitting: The Art of Hitting .400 for the Next Generation; Follow Lau’s Laws and Improve Your Hitting!
Charley, Jr. Lau
Taylor Trade Publishing , English
The Call-Up 2012 - Baseball Prospectus

The Call-Up 2012Baseball Prospectus

Like the bestselling Baseball Prospectus annual, this midseason debut provides the latest scoops and analysis to help super-fans follow their favorite teams, and fantasy players win their leagues. July and August is when the smartest teams … more

The Call-Up 2012
Baseball Prospectus
Wiley , English
Sports Series: The Humorous ... - Steve Boga

Sports Series: The Humorous ...Steve Boga

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This is not an instructional guide to umpiring, but rather a lighthearted romp through more than a century of baseball history-with an emphasis on umpires and baseball humor. It is also a reflection of the author’s lifelong love affair with… more

Sports Series: The Humorous Side of Major League Baseball: An Umpire’s Look Back at Bizarre Plays, Baseball Humor, Brawls, Ejections, Funny Stories, Knotty Problems, Tough Calls and More
Steve Boga
Baseball Field Guide: An In-... - Dan Formosa, Paul Hamburger

Baseball Field Guide: An In-...Dan Formosa, Paul Hamburger

The Field Guide to Baseball is an armchair reference guide to the sport. It organizes and explains the vague, misleading, confusing, inconsistent, and obscure rules governing America?s favorite pastime. This book is thorough, covering all t… more

Baseball Field Guide: An In-Depth Illustrated Guide to the Complete Rules of Baseball
Dan Formosa, Paul Hamburger
Da Capo Press , English
Ballpark Facts for Fun! Nati... - Wyatt Michaels

Ballpark Facts for Fun! Nati...Wyatt Michaels

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Ballpark Fans, how much do you know about the stadium’s that have hosted America’s pastime? Can you name the ballpark that is the only major league ballpark to not have yellow foul poles? Or the one sculpted into the side of a hill remini… more

Ballpark Facts for Fun! National League
Wyatt Michaels
The Baseball Codes: Beanball... - Jason Turbow, Michael Duca

The Baseball Codes: Beanball...Jason Turbow, Michael Duca

Everyone knows that baseball is a game of intricate regulations, but it turns out to be even more complicated than we realize. What truly governs the Major League game is a set of unwritten rules, some of which are openly discussed (don’t s… more

The Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing, and Bench-Clearing Brawls: The Unwritten Rules of America’s Pastime
Jason Turbow, Michael Duca
Anchor , English
The Baseball Fan's Bucket Li... - Robert Santelli, Jenna Santelli

The Baseball Fan's Bucket Li...Robert Santelli, Jenna Santelli

No sports fans are more in touch with the history and ephemera of their game than baseball fans. Hitting the sweet spot of our national pastime, The Baseball Fans Bucket List presents a list of 162 absolute must things to do, see, get, and … more

The Baseball Fan’s Bucket List: 162 Things You Must Do, See, Get, and Experience Before You Die
Robert Santelli, Jenna Santelli
Running Press , English
1961* - Phil Pepe

1961*Phil Pepe

Before Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa, there was Roger Maris, the reluctant home run king who electrified the baseball world with one of the most unforgettable seasons the sport has ever known. Born in Hibbing, Minnesota, and rai… more

Phil Pepe
Triumph Books , English
The Pride and the Pressure: ... - Michael Morrissey

The Pride and the Pressure: ...Michael Morrissey

Derek JeterJason GiambiBernie WilliamsGary SheffieldAlex RodriguezJohnny DamonMelky CabreraHideki MatsuiBobby AbreuJorge PosadaMariano RiveraChien-Ming WangRobinson CanoMike MussinaRandy Johnson“The Yankees always said they valued players w… more

The Pride and the Pressure: A Season Inside the New York Yankee Fishbowl
Michael Morrissey
Doubleday , English
The Bubble Gum Card War: The... - Dean Hanley

The Bubble Gum Card War: The...Dean Hanley

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In 1951, Bowman’s short-lived baseball card monopoly was broken by Topps and the great Baseball Gum Card War was in full swing. Consumers almost always benefit from competition in the marketplace and the card collectors were no exception d… more

The Bubble Gum Card War: The Great Bowman and Topps Sets from 1948 to 1955
Dean Hanley
Dean Hanley , English
In Pursuit of the College Ba... - Sean L. Collins

In Pursuit of the College Ba...Sean L. Collins

Little Casey loves baseball. Even before the child was born, his father knew that the kid was going to be a baseball player and prepared a nursery theme of baby blue walls with baseball angels in the form of porcelain dolls, framed picture… more

In Pursuit of the College Baseball Scholarship:From a Coach’s Perspective
Sean L. Collins
iUniverse , English