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O' the Places I've Been - Charles Classen

O' the Places I've BeenCharles Classen

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This book captures the memorable elements of the record-making world encircling aerial adventure with the author and his partner, Phil Greth, in his 1955, Bonanza from planning through lift-off May 27, 1988, ending twenty days later in Wau… more

O’ the Places I’ve Been
Charles Classen
Xlibris , English
Indian Air Force in Wars - Air Vice Marshal Arun Kumar  Tiwary

Indian Air Force in WarsAir Vice Marshal Arun Kumar Tiwary

This is an analytical account of the entire operational history of the IAF. Within five years of its creation the fledgling Flights of No 1 Squadron were undergoing trials by fire in the NWFP. During the World War II, the IAF expanded nine-… more

Indian Air Force in Wars
Air Vice Marshal Arun Kumar Tiwary
Lancer Publishers LLC , English
Army Aviation and Unified La... - Richard A. Martin, U.S. Army...

Army Aviation and Unified La...Richard A. Martin, U.S. Army...

Much has changed in the U.S. Army over the last decade. Transforming to a modular, brigade-centric force included a transition of operating concepts as well. Just as ground maneuver brigades transformed to be more versatile, adaptable, agil… more

Army Aviation and Unified Land Operations: Renewing Army Aviation’s Role and Doctrine to Dominate the Third Dimension of Land Warfare
Richard A. Martin, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
Penny Hill Press Inc, , English
KASSEL - Tom Harrison

KASSELTom Harrison


Tom Harrison
Xlibris , English
Gray Matter: Aviation Mechan... - Denny Pollard

Gray Matter: Aviation Mechan...Denny Pollard

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To be completely frank about it, I’m increasingly aware that there are as many gray areas in aviation as there are black-and-white ones, and I’m beginning to feel as if I know less and less about what I do. I’m a trained and reasonably exp… more

Gray Matter: Aviation Mechanics Most Frequently Asked Questions
Denny Pollard
Trafford , English
The Great Rat Race For Europ... - Joey Maddox

The Great Rat Race For Europ...Joey Maddox

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The Great Rat Race for Europe: Stories of the 357th Fighter Group (Sortie One) tells the true stories of the Yoxford Boys of the 357th Fighter Group; arguably the best Army Air Force fighter group in the European Theater during World War T… more

The Great Rat Race For Europe: Stories of the 357th Fighter Group Sortie Number One
Joey Maddox
Xlibris , English
Special Forces Pilot: A Flyi... - Colonel Richard Hutchings DSC

Special Forces Pilot: A Flyi...Colonel Richard Hutchings DSC

As a Commando helicopter pilot, the author served with 846 Naval Air Squadron in the Falklands War and was decorated for gallantry (DSC). The author relives his part in operations, in particular Special Forces intelligence gathering and di… more

Special Forces Pilot: A Flying Memoir of the Falkland War
Colonel Richard Hutchings DSC
Pen and Sword , English
Hurricane Manual 1940 - Dilip Sarkar

Hurricane Manual 1940Dilip Sarkar

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Though less iconic than the nimble Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane was a vital stalwart in the British war effort. The Hurricane was a more stable gun platform than the Spitfire, more rugged, and was used in more challenging theatres of war…. more

Hurricane Manual 1940
Dilip Sarkar
Amberley Publishing , English
Life In The Wild Blue Yonder... - John Lowery

Life In The Wild Blue Yonder...John Lowery

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This book is the “rest of the story” of jet fighter pilot life as introduced by Tom Wolfe in his best seller, “The Right Stuff.” While Wolfe’s book concerned test pilots, this one provides an inside look at the very hazardous life of jet fi… more

Life In The Wild Blue Yonder: Jet Fighter pilot stories from the Cold War
John Lowery
Golden Legacy, Boundless Fut... - U.S. Air Force

Golden Legacy, Boundless Fut...U.S. Air Force

Golden Legacy, Boundless Future - Essays on the USAF and the Rise of Aerospace Power.

Golden Legacy, Boundless Future - Essays on the USAF and the Rise of Aerospace Power
U.S. Air Force
Khobar Towers - Tragedy and ... - U.S. Air Force

Khobar Towers - Tragedy and ...U.S. Air Force

For some Americans, the catastrophic events of September ll,200l may have overshadowed the Khobar Towers bombing of June 25, l996.Yet as horrific as the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center were, the bombing in Dhahran-terrible in… more

Khobar Towers - Tragedy and Response
U.S. Air Force
The Curtiss aviation book - Glenn Hammond  Curtiss

The Curtiss aviation bookGlenn Hammond Curtiss

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The Curtiss aviation book

The Curtiss aviation book
Glenn Hammond Curtiss
Open Cockpit - Arthur Gould Lee

Open CockpitArthur Gould Lee

Thanks to a broken leg during flight school, Arthur Stanley Gould Lee gained valuable additional time flying trainers before he was posted to France during World War I. In November 1917 during low level bombing and strafing attacks, he was … more

Open Cockpit
Arthur Gould Lee
Grub Street Publishing , English
Military Airpower: A Revised... - Charles M.  Westenhoff, Worl...

Military Airpower: A Revised...Charles M. Westenhoff, Worl...

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From the Preface: The number one aim of this book is to supply Airmen with useful thoughts that might help them meet their known responsibilities and the unknown challenges their service will bring. The most capable Airmen are judicious in … more

Military Airpower: A Revised Digest of Airpower Opinions and Thoughts - from Winston Churchill and Henry Kissinger to Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld
Charles M. Westenhoff, World Spaceflight News, U.S. Military, Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Air Force (USAF), Air University Press
Progressive Management , English
Pearl to V-J Day - World War... - U.S. Air Force

Pearl to V-J Day - World War...U.S. Air Force

For the United States, World War II began and ended in the Pacific, from Japan’s aerial attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941, to its surrender in Tokyo Bay, on September 2, 1945. During those years, for all but five months, Americans… more

Pearl to V-J Day - World War II in the Pacific
U.S. Air Force
Sky High Careers: Your Guide... - Carlin Comish Laviolet

Sky High Careers: Your Guide...Carlin Comish Laviolet

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This step by step guide will show you how to successfully navigate your way into the competitive career of a Flight Attendant! From how to set up your resume to how to take an interview, Sky High Careers details the Essential Four elements… more

Sky High Careers: Your Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant
Carlin Comish Laviolet
AuthorHouse , English
Hijacking from the Ground: T... - Aminullah Chaudry

Hijacking from the Ground: T...Aminullah Chaudry

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Gen Musharraf’s coup in 1999 was the military’s fourth in Pakistan’s sixty years of independence. Like his martial predecessors, Musharraf tried to purge the political leadership by instituting false cases against it. While earlier Bonapar… more

Hijacking from the Ground: The Bizarre Story of PK 805
Aminullah Chaudry
AuthorHouse , English
Cold War and Beyond -Chronol... - U.S. Air Force

Cold War and Beyond -Chronol...U.S. Air Force

Cold War and Beyond -Chronology of the United States Air Force 1947-1997

Cold War and Beyond -Chronology of the United States Air Force 1947-1997
U.S. Air Force
New Technology in Aviation - Federal Aviation Administration

New Technology in AviationFederal Aviation Administration

Aviation is one of the many industries profoundly affected by rapid and ever-accelerating changes in technology. And you don’t have to have been in aviation very long to have already seen some stunning advances in every dimension. Consider … more

New Technology in Aviation
Federal Aviation Administration
Pennyhill Press , English
Green Balls: The Adventures ... - Paul Bewsher

Green Balls: The Adventures ...Paul Bewsher

Green Balls by Paul Bewsher.I.THE DAWN PATROL.”Sometimes I fly at dawn above the sea, Where, underneath, the restless waters flow, Silver and cold and slow….”—The Dawn Patrol.Somebody shakes me by my shoulder, and I wake to the consciousn… more

Green Balls: The Adventures of a Night Bomber
Paul Bewsher
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