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The Illustrated Bible Story ... - Seymour Loveland, Milo Winter

The Illustrated Bible Story ...Seymour Loveland, Milo Winter

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These 37 ageless tales of wonder, recounted in simple terms that every child can understand, include “The Finding of Moses,” “How Jericho’s Walls Fell,” plus stories about David and Solomon, and other prophets and kings. Glorious color illu… more

The Illustrated Bible Story Book — Old Testament (Dover Read and Listen)
Seymour Loveland, Milo Winter
Dover Publications , English
ANTHOLOGY Volume III - Enzo Silvestri

ANTHOLOGY Volume IIIEnzo Silvestri

These three volumes were begun by Enzo at the age of 18, and he continued writing as he pursued different occupations and careers.  The poems are largely drawn from his own experiences and or observations.  Enzo rejects the notion of many … more

Enzo Silvestri
AuthorHouse , English
A Devon Anthology - Paula Crutchlow, Roland H.  ...

A Devon AnthologyPaula Crutchlow, Roland H. ...

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A collection of new writings created during the Wordquest Devon project from commissioned writers, young poetry winners and people who may have stumbled upon a book in progress and added a sentence.

A Devon Anthology
Paula Crutchlow, Roland H. Tuson, Ralph Hoyte, Alicia Grace, Fiona Benson , Gemma Seltzer
Aune Head Arts , English


Everyone enjoys a well told story. With the raging success of movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean, it is obvious that people love romance, humor and swashbuckling period stories as much as they ever did. Jazmyne DeLyte tells a fantasti… more

THE PORTAL OF WICKED THINGS, by Jazmyne DeLyte, Part 12
Jazmyne DeLyte
Classic Children's Books: Al... - Andrew Lang

Classic Children's Books: Al...Andrew Lang

This Kindle book includes: The Blue Fairy Book, The Red Fairy Book, The Green Fairy Book, The Yellow Fairy Book, The Pink Fairy Book, The Grey Fairy Book, The Violet Fairy Book. The Crimson Fairy Book, The Brown Fairy Book, The Orange Fairy… more

Classic Children’s Books: All Twelve of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books, in a single file, improved 9/1/2010
Andrew Lang
B&R Samizdat Express , English
The Great Enigma: New Collec... - Tomas Transtromer

The Great Enigma: New Collec...Tomas Transtromer

In day’s first hours consciousness can grasp the worldas the hand grips a sun-warmed stone.Translated into fifty languages, the poetry of Tomas Transtromer has had a profound influence around the world, an influence that has steadily grown … more

The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems
Tomas Transtromer
New Directions , English
The Pearl of Great Price: An... - Alexis Piscatello

The Pearl of Great Price: An...Alexis Piscatello

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A collection of poetry and short stories.

The Pearl of Great Price: An Anthology
Alexis Piscatello
The Crimson Fairy Book (Sami... - Andrew Lang

The Crimson Fairy Book (Sami...Andrew Lang

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B&R Samizdat Express edition with active table of contentsCollection of classic fairy tales. According to Wikipedia: “Andrew Lang (March 31, 1844, Selkirk July 20, 1912, Banchory, Kincardineshire) was a prolific Scots man of letters. He was… more

The Crimson Fairy Book (Samizdat Edition with Active Table of Contents)
Andrew Lang
B&R Samizdat Express , English
WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ... - Wilfred Owen, Darryl Marks

WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ...Wilfred Owen, Darryl Marks

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WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ULTIMATE COLLECTIONAre you a Wilfred Owen fan or an afficionado of war poetry and the moving poems that Owen created?Do you want the most complete Wilfred Owen collection, with ALL his poems, both complete and in… more

WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ULTIMATE COLLECTION - All poems, poetry and fragments from the famous war poet PLUS BIOGRAPHY
Wilfred Owen, Darryl Marks
Everlasting Flames Publishing , English
In Principio et Nunc... An A... - Schon Maharaj

In Principio et Nunc... An A...Schon Maharaj

an Anthology of Original Poems from the Period 2004 - 2008 which highlight the ups and downs of Life. There are philosophical and spiritual entries included as well, in keeping with my nature.

In Principio et Nunc… An Anthology from the Days of Thirteen
Schon Maharaj
SKLADUM , English
Signal from Static - Sheila Moore, Natasha Head, ...

Signal from StaticSheila Moore, Natasha Head, ...

A collection of contemporary poetry from around the world.Authored by Stuart McPherson, Peter Lindsey, Natasha Head, Sheila Moore, Anthony Desmond, Liliana Negoi, Janet Hawtin, Grace O’Malley, Elizabeth Lim, Becky Kilsby, Steve Shultz, Bat … more

Signal from Static
Sheila Moore, Natasha Head, Peter Lindsey, Stuart McPherson, Elizabeth Lim, Grace O’Malley, Janet Hawtin, Liliana Negoi, Anthony Desmond
The Imagist Poem: Modern Poe... -

The Imagist Poem: Modern Poe...

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William Pratt’s The Imagist Poem has been hailed as the most important anthology of Imagist poetry ever published. This third edition features an expanded selection of poems and an updated introduction by the editor, making it an indispensa… more

The Imagist Poem: Modern Poetry in Miniature
UNO Press , English
Poetic Caresses - J.D. Garrett

Poetic CaressesJ.D. Garrett

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A book of poetry about life, love, family, friends, nature, and emotional storms

Poetic Caresses
J.D. Garrett
J.D. Garrett , English
The Other SIde of the Sun: E... - Eveyln Sharp

The Other SIde of the Sun: E...Eveyln Sharp

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This is a collection of eight fantastic fairy tales for children. This edition is illustrated The stories are: (1) The Weird Witch of the Willow-Herb, (2) The Magician’s Tea-Party, (3) The Hundredth Princess, (4) Somebody Else’s Prince, (5)… more

The Other SIde of the Sun: Eight Fairy Tales for Children (Illustrated)
Eveyln Sharp
Petra Books , English
Words Strung Together - C. G. Guest

Words Strung TogetherC. G. Guest

Life. Not that sugar coated stuff you see in TV movies and at Disneyland, but life, the kind that we all experience day to day. Chris Guest in his debut poetry collection takes an unflinching look at life and its various stages. The collect… more

Words Strung Together
C. G. Guest
The Blue Fairy Book -

The Blue Fairy Book

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The first in a series of 12 fairy tale anthologies beloved of children in the last century, each a veritable treasure trove of stories for children and adults alike, spellbinding and specialOnce upon a time there lived a king who was deeply… more

The Blue Fairy Book
Hesperus Press , English
Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe - Edgar Allan Poe

Collected Works of Edgar Allan PoeEdgar Allan Poe

“Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe” contains:
• An aesthetic cover page. • A beginning click-able Table of Contents for all titles. • Inner click-able Tables of Contents for all individual books with multiple chapters. • Nicely organize… more

Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
Minerva Classics , English
Three Dreams In Poetry - Ron Koppelberger Jr.

Three Dreams In PoetryRon Koppelberger Jr.

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This book contains, Thresholds and Countless Ravens, Western Mystic and Passionate Tempest. You will laugh and cry both, you will enjoy passions sweet embrace and find your way in the high desert plains, finally you may gather your though… more

Three Dreams In Poetry
Ron Koppelberger Jr.
Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man - Jim Hart

Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage ManJim Hart

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An elderly woman polishes her family dining table each day with painstaking care. A man receives a long lost letter from an uncle killed in the line of duty. A young child creates his own imaginative dialogue to 1950s television shows. Ramb… more

Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man
Jim Hart
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Nothing in the House Dark - George Thomas

Nothing in the House DarkGeorge Thomas

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Nothing in the House Dark - The Wet Hello - I Scorpio (The Complete Version) - Gods - The Necessary Depreciation of Art - I Wish - The Other Side of the Mirror - Rerun - The Bat Poem - I Do Not Fear Death - In the Garden of Eve … more

Nothing in the House Dark
George Thomas
Confederate Publishing , English