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Double Fine Action Comics, V... - Scott C.

Double Fine Action Comics, V...Scott C.

Double Fine Productions is renowned for making videogames such as Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade. Scott Campbell (or Scott C) came on as art director for Psychonauts and started drawing comics as a morning warm up. These comic… more

Double Fine Action Comics, Vol. 1 (DoubleFine Action Comics)
Scott C.
Oni Press , English
The Silence Deep within the ... - SD Clifford

The Silence Deep within the ...SD Clifford

The following poems will always remain the most important writings in my life, simply because they came at a time when I needed every single line to keep me alive. Poetry may never be as important to me as it was during these desperate time… more

The Silence Deep within the Love - Poetry Anthology of SD Clifford (1993-1999)
SD Clifford
Shades of a Poet's Soul - J.D. Garrett

Shades of a Poet's SoulJ.D. Garrett

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Shades of a Poet’s Soul is a special collection of the best of my poetry including my two prior anthologies “Poetic Caresses” and “Into the Dawnless Night” as well as a number of other poems that are previously unpublished in a single volum… more

Shades of a Poet’s Soul
J.D. Garrett
J.D. Garrett , English
Sophie's Gifts from the Fairies - Huguette Castaneda

Sophie's Gifts from the FairiesHuguette Castaneda

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Sophie’s Gift from the Fairies is a magical journey for the imagination that plants a seed for developing an awareness of nature and how we connect and interact with all life. A marvelous message to give and share!

Sophie’s Gifts from the Fairies
Huguette Castaneda
Xlibris Publishing , English
The Book of EstroGenius 2011... - Various Various

The Book of EstroGenius 2011...Various Various

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A compilation of the works presented at the 12th annual EstroGenius Festival in 2011, produced by Manhattan Theatre Source. For more information, go to http://www.estrogenius.org

The Book of EstroGenius 2011 (The Books of EstroGenius 12)
Various Various
Manhattan Theatre Source , English
Love Songs Say So Much... - Shonna Brannon, Lisa DiDio, ...

Love Songs Say So Much...Shonna Brannon, Lisa DiDio, ...

Eight short love song themed stories by eight amazing romance authors. Brandi Broughton, Shonna Brannon, Lisa DiDio, Anna Leigh Keaton, Kate Austin, Sheryl Hoyt, Deborah Schneider, Eden Baylee All proceeds go to the Red Cross

Love Songs Say So Much…
Shonna Brannon, Lisa DiDio, Brandi Broughton, Anna Leigh Keaton, Eden Baylee, Deborah Schneider, Kate Austin, Sheryl Hoyt
Soul Cleanse - Michael McCain

Soul CleanseMichael McCain

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  • Contains Some Adult Language *Soul Cleanse is an anthology of poems that is sure to pull on the heart strings of the readers both young and old. A Candid expression on life’s experiences about love, dating, break up, domestic violence, fo… more
Soul Cleanse
Michael McCain
Maximize Publishing Inc. , English
The Poetry of Johann Goethe ... - Johann Goethe

The Poetry of Johann Goethe ...Johann Goethe

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The essential collection of poetry by Johann Goethe with an active table of contents. Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.Table Of ContentsSONGS.FAMILIAR SONGS.BALLADS.CANTATAS.ODES.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS.SONNETS.EPIGRAMS.PARABLES.ART.GODmore

The Poetry of Johann Goethe (Illustrated)
Johann Goethe
The Denslow Picture Book Tre... - W. W. Denslow

The Denslow Picture Book Tre...W. W. Denslow

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The father of the “American Picture Book,” W. W. Denslow is best remembered for the distinctive illustrations he created for the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This unique compilation features 9 of the best stories from his 18-volume seri… more

The Denslow Picture Book Treasury (Dover Children’s Classics)
W. W. Denslow
Dover Publications , English
The Book from Hell - Delvonnie Stephens

The Book from HellDelvonnie Stephens

THE BOOK FROM HELL, containing five short stories in the genres of science-fiction, horror, crime, and action-adventure. A former Marine and his young daughter must endure horrors such as wolves, monsters and cannibals in North America foll… more

The Book from Hell
Delvonnie Stephens
Ploughshares Summer 1980 Gue... - Frank Bidart, Jane Shore, Ph...

Ploughshares Summer 1980 Gue...Frank Bidart, Jane Shore, Ph...

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The Summer 1980 issue of Ploughshares, guest-edited by Gail Mazur. Ploughshares, a journal of new writing, is guest-edited serially by prominent writers who explore different personal visions, aesthetics, and literary circles.

Table of Con… more

Ploughshares Summer 1980 Guest-Edited by Gail Mazur
Frank Bidart, Jane Shore, Phyllis Janowitz, James Tate, David St. John, Ira Sadoff, Margo Lockwood, Joyce Peseroff, Lloyd Schwartz
Ploughshares / Emerson College , English
Märchen Teil 1 (Kommentierte... - Hans Christian Andersen

Märchen Teil 1 (Kommentierte...Hans Christian Andersen

Die Serie “Meisterwerke der Literatur” beinhaltet die Klassiker der deutschen und weltweiten Literatur in einer einzigartigen Sammlung für Ihren eBook Reader. Lesen Sie die besten Werke großer Schriftsteller,Poeten, Autoren und Philosophen … more

Märchen Teil 1 (Kommentierte Gold Collection) (German Edition)
Hans Christian Andersen
Jazzybee Publishing , German
Twist of Fate - Lori Dillon, Kiriti Sengupta...

Twist of FateLori Dillon, Kiriti Sengupta...

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In May of 2013, tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, most notably causing severe destruction in the city of Moore. Safety was stolen, dreams were destroyed, lives were lost. Almost immediately, authors and artists from around the world joined… more

Twist of Fate
Lori Dillon, Kiriti Sengupta, Melissa Fry Beasley, Elizabeth E Castillo, Marshall G Kent Sr, Jason Luttrell
Navigator Books and Stephen L. Wilson , English
Dancing with Joy: 99 Poems - Roger Housden

Dancing with Joy: 99 PoemsRoger Housden

In his collection Risking Everything, Housden addressed love’s many aspects. Now, in Dancing with Joy, he assembles 99 poems from 69 poets that celebrate the many colors of joy. Anything can be a catalyst for joy, these poems reveal. For Wi… more

Dancing with Joy: 99 Poems
Roger Housden
Harmony , English
Katalog (German Edition) - Alex Gfeller

Katalog (German Edition)Alex Gfeller

Die Belletristischen Veröffentlichungen von Alex Gfeller, Schriftsteller. Übersichtlich dargestellt, mit vielen Textbeispielen und Erläuterungen.

Katalog (German Edition)
Alex Gfeller
Cinderella: The Little Glass... - Henry W. Hewet

Cinderella: The Little Glass...Henry W. Hewet

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This series of FAIRY STORIES has for generations been listened to and read by Children with an inexpressible delight, which other books have failed to afford them. The extravagance of the Stories—the attractive manner of telling them—the pi… more

Cinderella: The Little Glass Slipper (Illustrated)
Henry W. Hewet
Petra Books , English
Great Short Poems from Aroun... -

Great Short Poems from Aroun...

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This keepsake gift volume ranges from the twelfth century B.C. to modern times to present an international sampling of the world’s best short poems. The works of ancient Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Persian poets appear alongside those of Arab… more

Great Short Poems from Around the World
Dover Publications , English
A Tribute and Other Poems - Tendai Frank Tagarira

A Tribute and Other PoemsTendai Frank Tagarira

A unique tribute poem to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. The rest of the poems deal with various subject matters ranging from sex, love, politics, anger, frustration, disappointment and hope. A truly unique poetry collection this is.

A Tribute and Other Poems
Tendai Frank Tagarira
Perfection - Various contributors

PerfectionVarious contributors

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Perfection is an anthology of a hundred formidable poems debuted by a group of twelve teenagers. The first three poems are about God, Mother and India since these are the three most important things in our culture. The other topics which th… more

Various contributors
Salmaan Taha Siddiqui , English
LONGFELLOW COMPLETE WORKS UL... - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ...

LONGFELLOW COMPLETE WORKS UL...Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ...

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Are you a Longfellow fan or afficionado?

Do you want the most complete Longfellow collection, with more than 600 works - ALL his poems, ALL his Epci

Poetry, ALL his Prose, ALmore

LONGFELLOW COMPLETE WORKS ULTIMATE COLLECTION - Henry Wadsworth Longfellows poems, poetry, translations, novels including Evangeline, Hiawatha, Hyperion, … PLUS BIOGRAPHY and ADDITIONAL MATERIAL
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Alice Longfellow, Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Everlasting Flames Publishing , English