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The Lymond Poetry -

The Lymond Poetry

A beautiful collection of Renaissance poetry, assembled by one of the world’s finest historical novelists.Dorothy Dunnett died in November 2001. She left behind this anthology, chosen by her from the hundreds of poems which she used in her … more

The Lymond Poetry
Penguin , English
Diana's Stories of Faith - Diana Lewis

Diana's Stories of FaithDiana Lewis

A collection of short stories. Most of them are situated in the old west and are about various faith based issues that people might of had during that period and today.

Diana’s Stories of Faith
Diana Lewis
A Mirage of Many Things (A C... - R. L. McCallum

A Mirage of Many Things (A C...R. L. McCallum

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This second volume of lyrical poetry runs the gamut between light poetic vignettes and dark odes of woe and ruin. The rhythmic flow and metaphoric parlance of these poems allow the reader an unobstructed view of the past, the present, and t… more

A Mirage of Many Things (A Compendium of Lyrical Poetry Book 2)
R. L. McCallum
CreateSpace , English
Light from a Different Angle - Robert S.  Stokes

Light from a Different AngleRobert S. Stokes

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In “Light From a Different Angle”, his first collection of poetry, Robert Stokes brings the reader a panoply of startling and poignant visions ranging from war, foreign and domestic - Vietnam, Attica, 9/11, and the deja vu of Iraq - to the … more

Light from a Different Angle
Robert S. Stokes
Robert Stokes , English
An Answer To The Question " ... - Albert S. Cook

An Answer To The Question " ...Albert S. Cook

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PREFACE,The essay here reprinted is the initial one in Leigh Hunt’s Imagitiation and Fatuy^ which is among the very best of his prose works. In the Preface to that volume, which was published in 1844, he thus describes his object in writing… more

An Answer To The Question ” What Is Poetry? ” Including Remarks On Versification
Albert S. Cook
poetry poetry from 120 indon... -

poetry poetry from 120 indon...

there is always the most in.in this book we give you a variety of inlets.to be in an essence. we brought you a stack of poems. opened to the details, and … be inside the essence.

poetry poetry from 120 indonesian poets: Diverse
A Heart's Journey Through Poetry - Shannan Lee Williams

A Heart's Journey Through PoetryShannan Lee Williams

A book of poems written from the heart of the author. The poems reflect a variety of emotions in the author’s life at the time they were written.

A Heart’s Journey Through Poetry
Shannan Lee Williams
Shannan Lee Williams , English
Infinitum - C Ryan Loga

InfinitumC Ryan Loga

Developed and published chronologically, Infinitum serves as a poet’s work in progress. It is meant to be taken as an ongoing venture; later editions will be published including more poems. However, for the time being what is read within In… more

C Ryan Loga
Just in Time for Hallowe'en - Florence Amy Carnelly

Just in Time for Hallowe'enFlorence Amy Carnelly

Three stories about witches

Just in Time for Hallowe’en
Florence Amy Carnelly
Complete Works of William James - William James

Complete Works of William JamesWilliam James


Complete Works of William James
William James
Minerva Classics , English
The Ether World Chronicles: ... - Artemis Hunt

The Ether World Chronicles: ...Artemis Hunt

In the Ether worlds, humans, superhumans and demons coexist … but their relationship is a minefield waiting for one false step. Our world is but one in this network of worlds held together by an iridescent ocean called the Ether, where … more

The Ether World Chronicles: Beginnings
Artemis Hunt
One Dark Day In The Middle O... - Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen

One Dark Day In The Middle O...Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen

I couldn’t be bothered with making any attempts to compare my poetry to the garbage that’s currently available on the Kindle Marketplace. And whether the cover is indicative of the material inside fits perfectly with the adage of a book an… more

One Dark Day In The Middle Of The Night
Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen
Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen , English
A Book of Fairy Tales - Nia Holden

A Book of Fairy TalesNia Holden

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A fairy tale collection, full of whimsy and fantasy and adventure.

A Book of Fairy Tales
Nia Holden
Skeletons on Hangers - Daniel J. Cook

Skeletons on HangersDaniel J. Cook

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Watch that word! Don’t open that closet door too fast. Coming from a closet near you, this is a blend of words formed into poems or writings for late night viewing and early morning chewing. There is a lot to be said about timing-a regular … more

Skeletons on Hangers
Daniel J. Cook
CreateSpace , English
Blue Blue, A Sonnet Blue - Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen

Blue Blue, A Sonnet BlueShepherd Thorleif Halvorsen

40 Original Poems about Love, Lovers, and Loving. I would like to thank Peggy A. for taking the time to review this work. Your kind words and honesty are greatly appreciated by this author. However, although these poems are techn… more

Blue Blue, A Sonnet Blue
Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen
Shepherd Thorleif Halvorsen , English
Christmas Stories And Legend... - Florence M. Kingsley et al, ...

Christmas Stories And Legend...Florence M. Kingsley et al, ...

20 short Christmas stories to read and enjoy by various authors. Contents reads as follows:CONTENTSI. The Legend of the “White Gifts”—Phebe A. CurtissII. Her Birthday Dream—Nellie C. King III. The Fir Tree—Hans Andersen—adapted by J. H. Sti… more

Christmas Stories And Legends PLUS The Christmas Mystery PLUS Old Christmas
Florence M. Kingsley et al, William J. Locke, Washington Irving, Nellie C. King, Hans Christian Anderson
Somebody Prayed For Me - Allyson M. Deese, Linda R. H...

Somebody Prayed For MeAllyson M. Deese, Linda R. H...

Heartwarming stories and poetry that are sure to touch your hearts and uplift your spirits.  Allyson M. Deese opens this spiritual experience with the title piece, “Somebody Prayed For Me,” a heartfelt poem that reminds us of the importance… more

Somebody Prayed For Me
Allyson M. Deese, Linda R. Herman, Tinisha Nicole Johnson
Xpress Yourself Publishing, LLC , English
Snake Tales for Kids: Four M... - Andrew Lang

Snake Tales for Kids: Four M...Andrew Lang

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Four short stories about snakes are selected from several books of fairy tales by Andrew Lang and others. These tales are designed to be fascinating reading for young children. The tales are: (1) The Enchanted Snake, (2) The White Snake, (3… more

Snake Tales for Kids: Four Magical Fairy Stories About Snakes for Children
Andrew Lang
Petra Books , English


Imagine, if you will, a building of unknown origin, a building in which there are many rooms - each with a window that looks out upon a courtyard and a country scene beyond. In each room a person sits, staring out the window at the same sc… more

R. J. Buckley Publishing , English
Manhattan Noir -

Manhattan Noir

Brand-new stories by: Jeffery Deaver, Lawrence Block, Charles Ardai, Carol Lea Benjamin, Thomas H. Cook, Jim Fusilli, Robert Knightly, John Lutz, Liz Martínez, Maan Meyers, Martin Meyers, S.J. Rozan, Justin Scott, C.J. Sullivan, and Xu Xi. … more

Manhattan Noir
Akashic Books , English