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The Lymond Poetry -

The Lymond Poetry

A beautiful collection of Renaissance poetry, assembled by one of the world’s finest historical novelists.Dorothy Dunnett died in November 2001. She left behind this anthology, chosen by her from the hundreds of poems which she used in her … more

The Lymond Poetry
Penguin , English
Diana's Stories of Faith - Diana Lewis

Diana's Stories of FaithDiana Lewis

A collection of short stories. Most of them are situated in the old west and are about various faith based issues that people might of had during that period and today.

Diana’s Stories of Faith
Diana Lewis
A Mirage of Many Things (A C... - R. L. McCallum

A Mirage of Many Things (A C...R. L. McCallum

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This second volume of lyrical poetry runs the gamut between light poetic vignettes and dark odes of woe and ruin. The rhythmic flow and metaphoric parlance of these poems allow the reader an unobstructed view of the past, the present, and t… more

A Mirage of Many Things (A Compendium of Lyrical Poetry Book 2)
R. L. McCallum
CreateSpace , English
The Very Best of Charles Dic... - Charles Dickens

The Very Best of Charles Dic...Charles Dickens

This compilation contains three of Dicken’s greatest works: A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations. A Christmas Carol tells of sour and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge’s ideological, ethical, and emotional transformation af… more

The Very Best of Charles Dickens (Einstein Books)
Charles Dickens
Timeless comics (Kiddie Kape... - D.J. Patch

Timeless comics (Kiddie Kape...D.J. Patch

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Please enjoy this digitally restored comic from the Golden age of comics.

Kiddie Kapers was a comic that was only printed one time only to disappear forever.

Timeless comics (Kiddie Kapers Book 1)
D.J. Patch
Kindred Souls Press , English
US-American folk music and i... - Cornelia Richter

US-American folk music and i...Cornelia Richter

Examination Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 1,5, Martin Luther University (Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik), 46 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstr… more

US-American folk music and its political stances from the great depression to the present
Cornelia Richter
GRIN Verlag GmbH , English
Light from a Different Angle - Robert S.  Stokes

Light from a Different AngleRobert S. Stokes

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In “Light From a Different Angle”, his first collection of poetry, Robert Stokes brings the reader a panoply of startling and poignant visions ranging from war, foreign and domestic - Vietnam, Attica, 9/11, and the deja vu of Iraq - to the … more

Light from a Different Angle
Robert S. Stokes
Robert Stokes , English
The BEST of Chuck Klein - Chuck Klein

The BEST of Chuck KleinChuck Klein

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The Best of Chuck Klein… … Is very good indeed His nostalgic tales of hot-rodding and high-schooling in the ‘50s are like riding in a cherry 1957 Corvette. Imagine cruising through your favorite old haunts – and nothing has changed. There’s… more

The BEST of Chuck Klein
Chuck Klein
Science & Humanities Press , English
Signal from Static - Sheila Moore, Natasha Head, ...

Signal from StaticSheila Moore, Natasha Head, ...

A collection of contemporary poetry from around the world.Authored by Stuart McPherson, Peter Lindsey, Natasha Head, Sheila Moore, Anthony Desmond, Liliana Negoi, Janet Hawtin, Grace O’Malley, Elizabeth Lim, Becky Kilsby, Steve Shultz, Bat … more

Signal from Static
Sheila Moore, Natasha Head, Peter Lindsey, Stuart McPherson, Elizabeth Lim, Grace O’Malley, Janet Hawtin, Liliana Negoi, Anthony Desmond
The Cartography of Being - Nuno Júdice

The Cartography of BeingNuno Júdice

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This bilingual anthology of fifty one poems selected from Júdice’s extensive poetic opus covers the years of 1967 to 2005 and contains the original Portuguese poems face à face with their English translations. Although his works have been t… more

The Cartography of Being
Nuno Júdice
Livros Pé D’Orelha , English
An Answer To The Question " ... - Albert S. Cook

An Answer To The Question " ...Albert S. Cook

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PREFACE,The essay here reprinted is the initial one in Leigh Hunt’s Imagitiation and Fatuy^ which is among the very best of his prose works. In the Preface to that volume, which was published in 1844, he thus describes his object in writing… more

An Answer To The Question ” What Is Poetry? ” Including Remarks On Versification
Albert S. Cook
Fairy Tales All Kids Should Know! - Gerald P. Murphy

Fairy Tales All Kids Should Know!Gerald P. Murphy

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Fairy tales all kids should know, including, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, Little Red Riding Hood, and all the other greats!

Fairy Tales All Kids Should Know!
Gerald P. Murphy
Shamrock Eden Publishing , English
The Other SIde of the Sun: E... - Eveyln Sharp

The Other SIde of the Sun: E...Eveyln Sharp

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This is a collection of eight fantastic fairy tales for children. This edition is illustrated The stories are: (1) The Weird Witch of the Willow-Herb, (2) The Magician’s Tea-Party, (3) The Hundredth Princess, (4) Somebody Else’s Prince, (5)… more

The Other SIde of the Sun: Eight Fairy Tales for Children (Illustrated)
Eveyln Sharp
Petra Books , English
The Poetry Oracle: Ask a Que... - Amber Guetebier, Brenda Knight

The Poetry Oracle: Ask a Que...Amber Guetebier, Brenda Knight

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Combining poetry with divination, this collection resurrects the ancient Greek art of Rhapsodomancy, or divining one’s fortune or destiny through the use of poetry or verse. Harkening back to antiquity, when Polyhymnia—the muse of sacred po… more

The Poetry Oracle: Ask a Question and Find Your Fate
Amber Guetebier, Brenda Knight
CCC Publishing , English
poetry poetry from 120 indon... -

poetry poetry from 120 indon...

there is always the most in.in this book we give you a variety of inlets.to be in an essence. we brought you a stack of poems. opened to the details, and … be inside the essence.

poetry poetry from 120 indonesian poets: Diverse
Black Beauty (Evergreen) - Anna Sewell

Black Beauty (Evergreen)Anna Sewell

A story narrated in firts person by a horse named Black Beauty beginning with his carefree days with his mother, to his difficult life pulling cabs in London, to his happy retirement in the country.

Black Beauty (Evergreen)
Anna Sewell
Kitabu , English
Take Five : Best Contemporar... - M. Kei

Take Five : Best Contemporar...M. Kei

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Contemporary tanka in English is an exciting literature that continues to grow and develop in the hands of increasing diverse poets around the world. Originating in Japan over fourteen hundred years ago, it remains a strong and flexible for… more

Take Five : Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume 4
M. Kei
Keibooks , English
Dream of the Rarebit Fiend -... - Winsor McCay

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend -...Winsor McCay

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Partly Humor, partly a cautionary tale against the over indulgence, McCay puts his nameless protagoniststhrough surreal Freudian Bedlam and Groggy confusion.Even considering the long run of the strip, the sheervariety of different fantasy e… more

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend - The Saturdays
Winsor McCay
Devils Due Digital - A Checker Digital Company , English
A Heart's Journey Through Poetry - Shannan Lee Williams

A Heart's Journey Through PoetryShannan Lee Williams

A book of poems written from the heart of the author. The poems reflect a variety of emotions in the author’s life at the time they were written.

A Heart’s Journey Through Poetry
Shannan Lee Williams
Shannan Lee Williams , English
Infinitum - C Ryan Loga

InfinitumC Ryan Loga

Developed and published chronologically, Infinitum serves as a poet’s work in progress. It is meant to be taken as an ongoing venture; later editions will be published including more poems. However, for the time being what is read within In… more

C Ryan Loga