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Gemini/Scorpio/CapricornJoy Ann Jones, Kelli Simps...

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Three American women poets combine in one volume with poems about everything from a succubus goddess and the girl who claims she struck out Babe Ruth and was with Poe when he died, to motherhood and Norse myths.

Joy Ann Jones, Kelli Simpson, Shay Caroline Simmons

Women on the Early Modern St...Emma Smith

This New Mermaids anthology brings together four plays which centre around female characters on stage: A Woman Killed With Kindness (Thomas Heywood); The Tamer Tamed (John Fletcher); The Duchess of Malfi (John Webster) and The Witch of Edm… more

Women on the Early Modern Stage: A Woman Killed with Kindness, The Tamer Tamed, The Duchess of Malfi, The Witch of Edmonton (New Mermaids)
Emma Smith
Bloomsbury Methuen Drama , English

WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ...Wilfred Owen, Darryl Marks

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WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ULTIMATE COLLECTIONAre you a Wilfred Owen fan or an afficionado of war poetry and the moving poems that Owen created?Do you want the most complete Wilfred Owen collection, with ALL his poems, both complete and in… more

WILFRED OWEN COMPLETE WORKS ULTIMATE COLLECTION - All poems, poetry and fragments from the famous war poet PLUS BIOGRAPHY
Wilfred Owen, Darryl Marks
Everlasting Flames Publishing , English

Offbeat Summer PoemsJoel Solonche, Fariel Shafee...

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‘Offbeat Summer Poems’ offers a range of poems by some of the best writers around. Poets who have been featured in a long list of publications from ‘The Harvard Review’ to ‘The New York Times’. Their achievements include winning the Aesthet… more

Offbeat Summer Poems
Joel Solonche, Fariel Shafee, Sonnet Mondal, Ben Nardolilli, Joe Clifford William Doreski, Howie Good, Dan Nielsen, Martin C. Rosner Michael Hann, John Oliver Hodges Valentina Cano, Michael Estabrook
Simone Press , English

PrejudiceJohn Isaac Jones

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PREJUDICE” is the first story in The Billy Johnson Collection. When Billy was five years old, he met a Negro on a personal, one-on-one basis for the first time. It would be an experience he would never forget. This story is an examination … more

John Isaac Jones

ANTHOLOGY Volume IIIEnzo Silvestri

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These three volumes were begun by Enzo at the age of 18, and he continued writing as he pursued different occupations and careers.  The poems are largely drawn from his own experiences and or observations.  Enzo rejects the notion of many … more

Enzo Silvestri
AuthorHouse , English

Complete Works of William JamesWilliam James


Complete Works of William James
William James
Minerva Classics , English

The Silence Deep within the ...SD Clifford

The following poems will always remain the most important writings in my life, simply because they came at a time when I needed every single line to keep me alive. Poetry may never be as important to me as it was during these desperate time… more

The Silence Deep within the Love - Poetry Anthology of SD Clifford (1993-1999)
SD Clifford

The Unfinished Journey: 18 P...Randolph L. Vialva

Unfinished Journey is a small anthology of 18 poems, each as intimate and thought-provoking as the last. These poems provide views on lost love, true love, parental inadequacies and more.

The Unfinished Journey: 18 Poems on Love and Life
Randolph L. Vialva

EphemeraTom Upton

Poems & Short Stories. Includes the critically acclaimed “The Lowliest of Humans.”

Tom Upton
Hightowne Press , English

The Poetry of Johann Goethe ...Johann Goethe

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The essential collection of poetry by Johann Goethe with an active table of contents. Illustrated with 10 unique illustrations.Table Of ContentsSONGS.FAMILIAR SONGS.BALLADS.CANTATAS.ODES.MISCELLANEOUS POEMS.SONNETS.EPIGRAMS.PARABLES.ART.GODmore

The Poetry of Johann Goethe (Illustrated)
Johann Goethe

BooneJohn Isaac Jones

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BOONE” is the second story in The Billy Johnson Collection. When Billy was eight years old, he spent the summer of 1949 with an aging, backwoods southern farmer who had a psychotic love for his invalid wife. This is the story of a man who,… more

John Isaac Jones

The Other SIde of the Sun: E...Eveyln Sharp

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This is a collection of eight fantastic fairy tales for children. This edition is illustrated The stories are: (1) The Weird Witch of the Willow-Herb, (2) The Magician’s Tea-Party, (3) The Hundredth Princess, (4) Somebody Else’s Prince, (5)… more

The Other SIde of the Sun: Eight Fairy Tales for Children (Illustrated)
Eveyln Sharp
Petra Books , English

Self Publishing Poetry Doorw...Eleanor Lynar

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In our wold with many challenges there is little time to relax and enjoy life. However as you read try to meditate as you find the hidden message within the words, which I have shared through: Self Publishing Poetry Doorway.By all means lea… more

Self Publishing Poetry Doorway (Poetry Door Knocker)
Eleanor Lynar
Eleanor Lynar, Poet Laureate , English

A Book of Fairy TalesNia Holden

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A fairy tale collection, full of whimsy and fantasy and adventure.

A Book of Fairy Tales
Nia Holden

A dome of many-colored glassAmy Lowell

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Amy Lowell was one of the most vibrant Imagist poets, and her command of language was what made her “new” type of poetry pop to life. Don’t expect that here. “A Dome of Many Colored Glass” was her first collection, displaying all kinds of m… more

A dome of many-colored glass
Amy Lowell

The Ballad of DreamsLaura Huntley, Jade Kennedy...

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Slipstream Publishers presents the first poetry and art anthology.

The Ballad of Dreams
Laura Huntley, Jade Kennedy, Natascha Scrivener
Slipstream Publishing House , English

Twist of FateLori Dillon, Kiriti Sengupta...

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In May of 2013, tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, most notably causing severe destruction in the city of Moore. Safety was stolen, dreams were destroyed, lives were lost. Almost immediately, authors and artists from around the world joined… more

Twist of Fate
Lori Dillon, Kiriti Sengupta, Melissa Fry Beasley, Elizabeth E Castillo, Marshall G Kent Sr, Jason Luttrell
Navigator Books and Stephen L. Wilson , English

Three Dreams In PoetryRon Koppelberger Jr.

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This book contains, Thresholds and Countless Ravens, Western Mystic and Passionate Tempest. You will laugh and cry both, you will enjoy passions sweet embrace and find your way in the high desert plains, finally you may gather your though… more

Three Dreams In Poetry
Ron Koppelberger Jr.

Military Matters (An Antholo...Tom Benson

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A collection of 80 poems about military life. Some are based on personal experience and insight whilst others are fiction. Theatres include; Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. Apart from individual poems, there are three s… more

Military Matters (An Anthology of Poetry)
Tom Benson
Tom Benson , English