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The Human Soul and its Relat... - Dom Anscar Vonier

The Human Soul and its Relat...Dom Anscar Vonier

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“There is nothing deeper, nothing kinder, nothing more merciful than Catholic theology on the human soul. It is the oldest and most persevering sentiment, combined with the highest and most exact thought.” So writes Abbot Vonier, one of Eng… more

The Human Soul and its Relations with Other Spirits
Dom Anscar Vonier
Assumption Press , English
Lifted by Angels: The Presen... - Joel J. Miller

Lifted by Angels: The Presen...Joel J. Miller

Explores the relationship between people and angels, through the eyes of the early church.Heaven is closer than we realize. Its boundaries overlap our own, and angels move in and out of our porous present, this moment that seems to us so so… more

Lifted by Angels: The Presence and Power of Our Heavenly Guides and Guardians
Joel J. Miller
Thomas Nelson , English
Nephilim Nightmare - Fred DeRuvo

Nephilim NightmareFred DeRuvo

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Planet earth is under attack, but the attack is in the spiritual realm. Entities such as The Pleaidians Plus, Syrius and others are issuing their mandates for earth: evolve or die. They themselves are not going to bring about our death. The… more

Nephilim Nightmare
Fred DeRuvo
Study-Grow-Know , English
THE WATCHERS: Who Watches Us... - Roger King

THE WATCHERS: Who Watches Us...Roger King

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This book is a story about Fallen Angels or “The Watchers” and how ancient writers and modern day events have finally come together to make their story come to light. The information in this book gives us insight into the present location o… more

THE WATCHERS: Who Watches Us From the Moon and Where Did the Fallen Angels Go?
Roger King
Booklocker.com, Inc. , English
The Powers That Be - Walter Wink

The Powers That BeWalter Wink

In our fast-paced secular world, God and theology  are second-class citizens. Money, politics, sports, and science seem better suited to the  hard realities of our world. As the church steeple has been eclipsed by the skyscraper as the cent… more

The Powers That Be
Walter Wink
Harmony , English
On Christ and Antichrist & T... - Hippolytus

On Christ and Antichrist & T...Hippolytus

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Hippolytus of Rome was the most important 3rd-century theologian in the Christian Church in Rome, where he was probably born. Photios I of Constantinople describes him in his Bibliotheca (cod. 121) as a disciple of Irenaeus… more

On Christ and Antichrist & The Refutation of All Heresies (Two Books With Active Table of Contents)
Angels to Help You - SUMRALL LESTER

Angels to Help YouSUMRALL LESTER

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Angels not only played an important role in biblical history, but they continue to intervene in people’s lives today. Lester Sumrall offers scriptural answers to many often-asked questions about angels, such as, “How can I personally be aid… more

Angels to Help You
Whitaker House , English
Heavenly Hosts - Finis Dake

Heavenly HostsFinis Dake

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Compiled from the writings of Finis Dake, Heavenly Hosts is more than just another book about angels. In the traditional Dake style, this is an exclusively biblical study of angels.

Loaded with Scriptures that detail the nature, type, and… more

Heavenly Hosts
Finis Dake
Dake Publishing, Inc. , English
How to be a Demonologist - G.P. Haggart

How to be a DemonologistG.P. Haggart

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Ever wanted to know how you can be a demonologist? From the author who brought you Mechanics of Demonology and Screech Owl: The Lie Behind Lilith, comes, How to be a Demonologist. Renowned exorcist G.P. Haggart compiles all the information … more

How to be a Demonologist
G.P. Haggart
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
Angels and Demons: Have Wing... - John D. Schuetze

Angels and Demons: Have Wing...John D. Schuetze

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The People’s Bible Teachings is a series of books on all of the main doctrinal teachings of the Bible. Following the pattern set by The People’s Bible series, these books are written especially for laypeople. The authors of The People’s Bib… more

Angels and Demons: Have Wings - Will Travel (People’s Bible Teachings)
John D. Schuetze
Northwestern Publishing House , English
Satan: His Motive and Method... - Lewis Sperry Chafer

Satan: His Motive and Method...Lewis Sperry Chafer

This Halcyon Classics ebook SATAN: HIS MOTIVE AND METHODS is a study of Satan by influential Christian Theologian Lewis Sperry Chafer (1871-1952). Chafer founded and served as the first president of Dallas Theological Seminary, and was an … more

Satan: His Motive and Methods by Lewis Sperry Chafer (Unexpurgated Edition) (Halcyon Classics)
Lewis Sperry Chafer
Halcyon Press Ltd. , English
On the End of the World - Pseudo-Hippolytus

On the End of the WorldPseudo-Hippolytus

The apocalyptic text On the End of the World was penned by an unknown author, likely around the 4th century A.D. Pseudo-Hippolytus, unknown, is not to be confused with Hippolytus of Rome, an early Church father. The name Pseudo-Hippolytus w… more

On the End of the World
Angels Unawares: An Informat... - Marjorie Stewart

Angels Unawares: An Informat...Marjorie Stewart

Throughout time, the subject of angels has been rich in discussion and consideration. History points to the many civilizations and religions that have put forth the belief that angels really do exist, while others spend their lives attempti… more

Angels Unawares: An Informative Guide to Angels - Do They Exist Or Not?
Marjorie Stewart
Learning Life eBooks , English
ON THE HEAVENLY HIERARCHY (W... - Dionysius the Areopagite

ON THE HEAVENLY HIERARCHY (W...Dionysius the Areopagite

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Dionysius the Areopagite was a judge of the Areopagus who, as related in the Acts of the Apostles, (Acts 17:34), was converted to Christianity by the preaching of the Apostle Paul during the Areopagus sermon. According to D… more

ON THE HEAVENLY HIERARCHY (With Active Table of Contents)
Dionysius the Areopagite
Expect Angels (Miracles & An... - Lynn Valentine

Expect Angels (Miracles & An...Lynn Valentine

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Expect Angels, by Lynn Valentine, author of the beloved Angels Everywhere, which has sold over one million copies.Lynn Valentine has released a fourth volume of wonderful and inspiring stories of people touched, moved and inspired by angels… more

Expect Angels (Miracles & Angels - Lynn Valentine)
Lynn Valentine
Lynn Valentine , English
Holy Angels and Demons in th... - Robert Alan King

Holy Angels and Demons in th...Robert Alan King

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Holy Angels and Demons in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Satan and Other Angels by Robert Alan King is a book with over 10,300 words. Angels have always been an interesting subject and a curious inquiry for many throughout the history of mank… more

Holy Angels and Demons in the Bible: Michael, Gabriel, Satan and Other Angels
Robert Alan King
King & Associates , English
Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archa... - Robert J. Grant

Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archa...Robert J. Grant

Edgar Cayce On Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces is the first book ever published that explores Edgar Cayce’s readings on the “Angels and Unseen Forces,” Michael the Archangel, and the role of guardian angels. Grant goes on to furthe… more

Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces
Robert J. Grant
A.R.E. Press , English
Angels and Devils - Joan Carroll Cruz

Angels and DevilsJoan Carroll Cruz

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his has to be the most thorough book about the Angels yet written in modern times. Here, the bestselling author Joan Carroll Cruz expounds upon the traditional definitions and delineations of the Angels, asking and answering virtually every… more

Angels and Devils
Joan Carroll Cruz
Saint Benedict Press and TAN Books , English
How to Work with Angels (Poc... - Elizabeth Clare Prophet

How to Work with Angels (Poc...Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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How to Work with Angels” shows you how to make friends with angels. The more you learn to work with angels, the more effectively they can help you. Learn ten steps to make angels a part of your life—and be prepared for wonderful changes w… more

How to Work with Angels (Pocket Guides to Practical Spirituality)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Summit University Press , English
Demonology - Alexander Campbell

DemonologyAlexander Campbell

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What are Demons? What is their Origin? What type of powers do they have? What are their limitations? All of these questions and many more are satisfactorily answered by Alexander Campbell in this wonderful short book.

Alexander Campbell
GodSpeed Publishing , English
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