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Review of Kenneth M Stampp's... - J.W. Carter

Review of Kenneth M Stampp's...J.W. Carter

A short look at the ten chapters taht the book details showing slavery as paternalist, but as a praticial system of controlling and exploting labor.

Review of Kenneth M Stampp’s Peculiar Institution
J.W. Carter
The Soul of the Indian - Charles Alexander Eastman

The Soul of the IndianCharles Alexander Eastman

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Soul of the Indian
Charles Alexander Eastman
What Next? Relativism?, Mora... - Robley K. Matthews <RKM@brown.edu>

What Next? Relativism?, Mora...Robley K. Matthews <RKM@brown.edu>

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Historical development of the present situation, especially regards USA and EU.We see a western secular moral relativist culture and an Islamic fundamentalist culture to be on a collision course. Avoidance of a catastrophic collision rests … more

What Next? Relativism?, Moral Absolutes? or Sharia Law??
Robley K. Matthews
Global Dynamics Press , English
They Who Knock at Our Gates - Mary  Antin

They Who Knock at Our GatesMary Antin

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Excerpt:It should be easy to pick out the true Americans—the spiritual heirs of the founders of our Republic—by this simple test of loyalty to the principles of the Declaration. To such a test we are put, both as a nation and as individuals… more

They Who Knock at Our Gates
Mary Antin
Navajo People - Volume 1 (Na... - Harold Carey Jr.

Navajo People - Volume 1 (Na...Harold Carey Jr.

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Navajo History covering, Origin And Prehistory, Early Navajo Culture, and Period Of Spanish Rule.

Navajo People - Volume 1 (Navajo History)
Harold Carey Jr.
H.C. Publishing , English
Children's Stories in Americ... - Henrietta Christian  Wright

Children's Stories in Americ...Henrietta Christian Wright

This children’s book was published in 1885. Extends through the revolutionary period. A companion volume, “Children’s stories of American progress”, New York, 1886, covers the period from the Revolution to the close of the Civil War. There … more

Children’s Stories in American History
Henrietta Christian Wright
The Memorable Quotations of ... - Alton Pryor

The Memorable Quotations of ...Alton Pryor

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Bill Clinton could controversial in his thinking, and his quotations showed his forceful thinking. Like him or hate him, he didn’t hesitate to meet problems head-on. Despite his shortcomings, he ran an efficient presidency.

The Memorable Quotations of President William Jefferson Clinton
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing , English
Abraham Lincoln : A History,... - John G. Nicolay, John Hay

Abraham Lincoln : A History,...John G. Nicolay, John Hay

This book is an illustrated version of the original Abraham Lincoln, A History by John Hay and John G. Nicolay.“To write the life of this great American in such a way as to show his relations to the times in which he moved, the stupendous i… more

Abraham Lincoln : A History, Volume 2 (Illustrated)
John G. Nicolay, John Hay
THE IOWA - William Harvey Miner

THE IOWAWilliam Harvey Miner

The Iowa With Illustrations and a Map by William Harvey Miner.

William Harvey Miner
Liverpool The Gateway To America - John Patrick Kerrigan

Liverpool The Gateway To AmericaJohn Patrick Kerrigan

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This book is a combination of historic and contemporary data, mixed with some anecdotal material which I have gathered in the process of living in Liverpool for the last 70 years, and has subsequently been collected and processed during the… more

Liverpool The Gateway To America
John Patrick Kerrigan
AJH LTD , English
The French Revolution in San... - T. Stoddard

The French Revolution in San...T. Stoddard

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The shocking true story of the race war in the French colony of San Domingo, now called Haiti, which raged from 1789 to 1805. During this time, 450,000 Negro slaves, 39,000 whites and 27,500 mixed-race persons slugged it out in a bloodthirs… more

The French Revolution in San Domingo
T. Stoddard
Ostara Publications , English
The native races of the Paci... - Hubert Howe Bancroft

The native races of the Paci...Hubert Howe Bancroft

The native races of the Pacific states of North America

The native races of the Pacific states of North America (Volume 1)
Hubert Howe Bancroft
Drumore Echoes, Stories from... - Tom Smith

Drumore Echoes, Stories from...Tom Smith

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If Abner Musser hadn’trun out of sons, his neighborssay, The Buck would havebeen as big as Pittsburgh inanother 10 years.This area in SouthernLancaster County remindsme more and more of theregion just east of Lancaster.I suppose the words … more

Drumore Echoes, Stories from Upstream
Tom Smith
Xlibris , English
Bessie Coleman Flying the Blues - Opio Sokoni JD

Bessie Coleman Flying the BluesOpio Sokoni JD

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Bessie Coleman Flying the Blues” takes a look at the times of the roaring twenties in the United States through the life of pioneering aviatrix Bessie Coleman. She was admired by the women and men of her day in aviatrix because of her deat… more

Bessie Coleman Flying the Blues
Opio Sokoni JD
Opio 7 Media LLC , English
Weed the People: From Foundi... - Jeremy Daw

Weed the People: From Foundi...Jeremy Daw

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A dynamic history of cannabis in the United States, Weed the People traces the story of the plant which helped to build English colonies into an independent country from its astonishing early successes to its demonization and eventual prohi… more

Weed the People: From Founding Fiber to Forbidden Fruit
Jeremy Daw
The Chronicles of America Se... - Allen Johnson

The Chronicles of America Se...Allen Johnson

PREFACEThis book is to tell of Spanish pathfinders and pioneers in the regions between Florida and California, now belonging to the United States, over which Spain held sway for centuries. These were the northern outposts of New Spain, main… more

The Chronicles of America Series (Volume 23 (The Spanish Borderlands))
Allen Johnson
The Discovery of America by ... - Edmund Farwell Slafter

The Discovery of America by ...Edmund Farwell Slafter

From Content:On the 29th day of October, 1887, a statue erected to the memory of Leif, the son of Erik, the discoverer of America, was unveiled in the city of Boston, in the presence of a large assembly of citizens. The statue is of bronze,… more

The Discovery of America by the Northmen, 985-1015
Edmund Farwell Slafter
Evergreen Review, Inc. , English
Stage-coach and Tavern Days ... - Alice Morse Earle

Stage-coach and Tavern Days ...Alice Morse Earle

Stage-coach and Tavern Days by Alice Morse Earlewith Illustrations and an Active Table of Contents

Stage-coach and Tavern Days [Illustrated]
Alice Morse Earle


Chief Satanta Passed the Peace-Pipe to General Sherman and Said: “MyGreat White Brothers”.Winning My Name—”Buffalo Bill”.It Was No Time for Argument. I Fired and Killed Him.Pursued by Fifteen Bloodthirsty Indians, I Had a Running Fight of E… more

William F. Cody
From Akhenaten to the Foundi... - Scott F. Wolter

From Akhenaten to the Foundi...Scott F. Wolter

Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X  is the third book in a series that investigates the origin and meaning of a mysterious symbol originally found on the five fiercely debated medieval North American rune stone… more

From Akhenaten to the Founding Fathers: The Mysteries of the Hooked X
Scott F. Wolter
North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc. , English
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