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Autism: A Plausible Cause, A... - Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

Autism: A Plausible Cause, A...Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

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The information contained in this book is life changing…From birth to death, involving every epoch of our existence. Here are options! Here are possibilities and here is an enormous potential for astounding changes that can be gleaned. Yo… more

Autism: A Plausible Cause, A Feasible Cure - An Alternative Viewpoint
Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman
MMS Protocols Users Guide - Rev. Dr. May

MMS Protocols Users GuideRev. Dr. May

Protocols for the use of MMS. Miracle Mineral Solution for the 21st century. This book contains a short explanation of MMS and all the protocols.

MMS Protocols Users Guide
Rev. Dr. May
Star Rising Publishers , English
Killing Yourself with Your F... - Francois C. Maloney

Killing Yourself with Your F...Francois C. Maloney

Your body is amazing! Compare it to your car, for example. How many cars can filter and change their own oil? How many repaint themselves overnight when damaged? How many resist environmental corrosion with age? The answer is none! Your bod… more

Killing Yourself with Your Fork?: 40 Tips in 40 Days to Achieve Maximum Health and Vitality
Francois C. Maloney
iUniverse , English
Why Am I Sick?: How to Find ... - Richard Flook

Why Am I Sick?: How to Find ...Richard Flook

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Have you ever asked, ‘Why am I sick?’ and found that your doctor can’t give you a satisfying answer? Western medicine can rarely answer this question - just look at any medical dictionary, and for 99 per cent of diseases listed, the cause i… more

Why Am I Sick?: How to Find Out What’s Really Wrong Using Advanced Clearing Energetics
Richard Flook
Hay House , English
Practice Makes Dendrites - Paul Jacob

Practice Makes DendritesPaul Jacob

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Practice Makes Dendritesby Paul Jacob

Practice Makes Dendrites
Paul Jacob
Trafford , English
How I Eliminated My Toenail Fungus - T.D. White

How I Eliminated My Toenail FungusT.D. White

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This is a simple autobiographical account of how I eliminated my toenail fungus without dangerous oral medication, ineffective topical treatments or expensive laser procedures. My doctor told me that the growth on my toenail was a fungus t… more

How I Eliminated My Toenail Fungus
T.D. White
R.M. Publishing , English
EFT For True Inner Strength - Suzanne Zacharia

EFT For True Inner StrengthSuzanne Zacharia

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EFT is an “Energy Psychology” method, whereby you stimulate acupressure points whilst saying special phrases to release negative emotions. It is used by many as a self-help method for any emotional or physical condition. EFT is also very po… more

EFT For True Inner Strength
Suzanne Zacharia
http://www.EFT-Scripts.com , English
The Elemental Cleanse: 28 da... - Pamela Quinn

The Elemental Cleanse: 28 da...Pamela Quinn

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THE CURRENT STATE OF INBALANCEWe get up early and work late. We are bombarded with texts, emails and phone calls. We have mounting bills and depleting bank accounts. We eat on the run and mindlessly snack on food with little nutritional va… more

The Elemental Cleanse: 28 days to a healthy body, calm mind and awakened spirit
Pamela Quinn
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform , English
The Layman's Guide To Animal... - Peter OBrien

The Layman's Guide To Animal...Peter OBrien

Discover How AAT Can Help You Lose Weight, Overcome Phobias, Treat Your Addictions AND Help You Take Responsibility For Your Life In A Positive, Non-Invasive And Easy-To-Follow Way.AAT digs deep into the relationship and natural bond that … more

The Layman’s Guide To Animal Assisted Therapy
Peter OBrien
How To Cure Hiccups - Seth Borders

How To Cure HiccupsSeth Borders

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Are you sick of getting the hiccups? Can’t figure out how to get rid of them quickly? Most people think you can’t control hiccups, however that may not be true. In How To Cure Hiccups, we have many different methods you can try when you get… more

How To Cure Hiccups
Seth Borders
Amazing DIY Breathing Device - Artour Rakhimov

Amazing DIY Breathing DeviceArtour Rakhimov

Health is in normal body oxygenationYour health mainly depends on one factor only: your body oxygen level,which is measured using theDIY body oxygen test. If you have less than 20 secondsin this test, then you are in a state of poor health…. more

Amazing DIY Breathing Device
Artour Rakhimov
How To Eat Properly - Janice Wang

How To Eat ProperlyJanice Wang

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Are you tired of feeling like crap because you don’t know how to eat properly? Are you tired of feel like crap at work? Are you tired of being out of shape? Well, in How To Eat Properly we will tell you how to eat properly and how to lose w… more

How To Eat Properly
Janice Wang
VITALITY! How to Get it and ... - Kathleen K. Fry

VITALITY! How to Get it and ...Kathleen K. Fry

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Dr. Kathleen Fry explains in easy to understand language how Homeopathy can help restore health and vitality to those suffering from both acute and chronic conditions where conventional medicine has repeatedly failed. This straight forward … more

VITALITY! How to Get it and Keep it: A Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs
Kathleen K. Fry
Collette Avenue Press, LLC , English
How I Lowered My Blood Press... - Trent Black

How I Lowered My Blood Press...Trent Black

This book is biology based with instructions on how I cleared my clogged arteries (including plaque) in 8 days. This is not symptom management. Once the arteries are cleaned, it is up to you if they get clogged again. This should work on an… more

How I Lowered My Blood Pressure In 8 Days With Flax Oil (A Trent Black Health Remedy)
Trent Black
Geeze llc , English
Unique Healing 2®: A Guide f... - Donna Pessin

Unique Healing 2®: A Guide f...Donna Pessin

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“This book offers a unique insight into the core issues of integrative health and healing. The program is simple, practical and workable for all ages. I am a practicing urologist who has personally benefited and has instituted similar pr… more

Unique Healing 2®: A Guide for Eliminating Your “A-Z” Symptoms, Weight Problems, Illnesses, and Addictions With This Unique Bowel and Body Healing Program
Donna Pessin
AuthorHouse , English
Cranial Intelligence: A Prac... - Steve Haines, Ged Sumner

Cranial Intelligence: A Prac...Steve Haines, Ged Sumner

At the deepest level of our physiology, all living tissues and fluids expand and contract with the ‘breath of life’. Through gentle touch, the skilled practitioner can interact with these subtle rhythms to address physical aches and pains, … more

Cranial Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Steve Haines, Ged Sumner
Singing Dragon , English
Healing Power Beyond Medicine - Carol A. Wilson

Healing Power Beyond MedicineCarol A. Wilson

Successful healing has been wished and hoped for - until now. Dr Carol A Wilson offers a new biopsychosocial-spiritual perspective on disease illness health and healing. In an approach to healing that includes the removal of eight common ba… more

Healing Power Beyond Medicine
Carol A. Wilson
John Hunt Publishing , English
Energy Extravaganza:"Surefir... -

Energy Extravaganza:"Surefir...

This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Getting Serious Results In Your Energy Efforts!Dear Friend,Although our power to organize our time is limited to the number of hours in the day, our elemental pot… more

Energy Extravaganza:”Surefire Ways To Master Your Energy Levels!” Discover Everything You Need To Know To Be A Success and Achieve Your Goal! AAA+++ (Brand New)
Unique Enterprises , English
All About Herbs, Charcoal, M... - Vernon Sparks M.D.

All About Herbs, Charcoal, M...Vernon Sparks M.D.

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One extremely helpful remedy of the past, described in this volume, was the use of charcoal in the treatment of bloody dysentery, probably as a complication of then common typhoid fever. Charcoal is generally beneficial in all forms of stom… more

All About Herbs, Charcoal, Medications, and Drugs
Vernon Sparks M.D.
What Causes Hair Loss and it... - David Pond

What Causes Hair Loss and it...David Pond

Hair loss in men generally has the same cause and follows the same pattern. It is predictable. As a result treatments can be carefully provided to keep up with the progress of hair loss. This book looks at the treatments available and the b… more

What Causes Hair Loss and its Treatment
David Pond