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When Healing Becomes a Crime... - Kenny Ausubel

When Healing Becomes a Crime...Kenny Ausubel

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A powerful and substantiated expose of the medical politics that prevents promising alternative cancer therapies from being implemented in the United States. • Focuses on Harry Hoxsey, the subject of the author’s award-winning documentary, … more

When Healing Becomes a Crime: The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics and the Return of Alternative Therapies
Kenny Ausubel
Healing Arts Press , English
How To Eat Properly - Janice Wang

How To Eat ProperlyJanice Wang

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Are you tired of feeling like crap because you don’t know how to eat properly? Are you tired of feel like crap at work? Are you tired of being out of shape? Well, in How To Eat Properly we will tell you how to eat properly and how to lose w… more

How To Eat Properly
Janice Wang
User's Guide to the Top 10 N... - Melissa Block, Marcus Laux

User's Guide to the Top 10 N...Melissa Block, Marcus Laux

In this primer, Dr. Marcus Laux and Melissa Block introduce readers to the top ten natural therapies so they can determine which therapy is best for them.

User’s Guide to the Top 10 Natural Therapies (Basic Health Publications User Guide)
Melissa Block, Marcus Laux
ReadHowYouWant , English
EFT For True Inner Strength - Suzanne Zacharia

EFT For True Inner StrengthSuzanne Zacharia

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EFT is an “Energy Psychology” method, whereby you stimulate acupressure points whilst saying special phrases to release negative emotions. It is used by many as a self-help method for any emotional or physical condition. EFT is also very po… more

EFT For True Inner Strength
Suzanne Zacharia
http://www.EFT-Scripts.com , English
Biofeedback Mastery - F. Keith Johnson

Biofeedback MasteryF. Keith Johnson

Biofeedback is the latest medical technology, which machines are used to discover hidden medical paths that can lead to recovery. The patient is often put under a machine sometimes called an EMG, which the medical experts evaluate cases, su… more

Biofeedback Mastery
F. Keith Johnson
Why Alternative Medicine & W... - Thomas Anthony Kampner

Why Alternative Medicine & W...Thomas Anthony Kampner

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Why Alternative Medicine and Why Now? tells of how our society has progressed through a series of decisions that have resulted in the polarization of all aspects of our perception of reality. We have fragmented our lives and created th… more

Why Alternative Medicine & Why Now? A Primer on Holistic Medicine
Thomas Anthony Kampner
Trafford , English
Beating Insomnia - Sleeping ... -

Beating Insomnia - Sleeping ...

Discover How to Beat Insomnia Naturally & Enjoy a Great Night’s Sleep!The Secrets You Need to Know to Fall Asleep Fast, Sleep Through the Night & Awaken Feeling Rested, Refreshed & Rejuvenated!Dear friend,If you or someone you love is curre… more

Beating Insomnia - Sleeping Like A Baby
EFT Tapping - The Awesome Po... - Ed Campbell

EFT Tapping - The Awesome Po...Ed Campbell

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What is EFT? How does it work? Can you treat yourself? What is the theory behind the treatment?

Proponents say that it can effectively treat depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. Find out more about this extraordinary therapy that claims to have… more

EFT Tapping - The Awesome Power at Your Fingertips?
Ed Campbell
EasyDirect , English
The Easiest Way to Understan... - Mabel Katz

The Easiest Way to Understan...Mabel Katz

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The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked QuestionsVolume I

The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho’oponopono (The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions)
Mabel Katz
Mabel Katz , English
Amazing DIY Breathing Device - Artour Rakhimov

Amazing DIY Breathing DeviceArtour Rakhimov

Health is in normal body oxygenationYour health mainly depends on one factor only: your body oxygen level,which is measured using theDIY body oxygen test. If you have less than 20 secondsin this test, then you are in a state of poor health…. more

Amazing DIY Breathing Device
Artour Rakhimov
Edgar Cayce's Keys To Health - M.D. Eric Mein

Edgar Cayce's Keys To HealthM.D. Eric Mein

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In this classic Cayce book, Dr. Eric Mein explores the many remedies and insights found in the Edgar Cayce readings that are relevant in medicine today. Mein emphasizes the Cayce concept that disease involves not only the physical but the m… more

Edgar Cayce’s Keys To Health
M.D. Eric Mein
A.R.E. Press , English
How To Cure Hiccups - Seth Borders

How To Cure HiccupsSeth Borders

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Are you sick of getting the hiccups? Can’t figure out how to get rid of them quickly? Most people think you can’t control hiccups, however that may not be true. In How To Cure Hiccups, we have many different methods you can try when you get… more

How To Cure Hiccups
Seth Borders
How To Improve Your Memory - Travis Brogan

How To Improve Your MemoryTravis Brogan

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Wouldn’t it be nice to just look at a page and never forget what was on there? What if you could never again forget a friend’s birthday? The good news, however, is that everyone can take steps to improve their memory, and with time and prac… more

How To Improve Your Memory
Travis Brogan
Health is Everything: Patien... - Mikhail  Artamonov

Health is Everything: Patien...Mikhail Artamonov

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Health is Everything , a guide for Patients and Practitioners, is an introduction to the world of Health is Everything and its founder, Mikhail J. Artamonov, MD.The book explores the origins of the meaning of health, historically and cultur… more

Health is Everything: Patients, Practitioners and Good Medicine
Mikhail Artamonov
Mikhail J Artamonov, M.D. , English
The Sinclair Secret To Curin... - Michael Senoff

The Sinclair Secret To Curin...Michael Senoff

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David Sinclair PhD stumbled onto his innovative research as a student in the late 1960s. He noticed that detoxed lab rats jumped at the chance to guzzle alcohol even though they’d been clean and sober for weeks. That research showed there w… more

The Sinclair Secret To Curing Alcoholism: An Interview With Dr. David Sinclair On His Breakthrough Alcohol Treatment Method
Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff , English
Hay Fever Relief - David Norman

Hay Fever ReliefDavid Norman

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Are you dreading the fast approaching summer. The blossom on the trees, the clear sunny days, the pollen in the air. Worry not because help is at hand with this quick and easy guide to helping you repel the onset of hay fever, without the n… more

Hay Fever Relief
David Norman
MyAppitude , English
Getting Rid Of Warts Forever... -

Getting Rid Of Warts Forever...

Dear Friend & Fellow Wart Sufferer:If you are suffering or have been suffering for years with horrible warts on your skin, I have good news for you, this terrible ordeal CAN come to an end. It is time to STOP suffering from those undesirabl… more

Getting Rid Of Warts Forever: Get Rid Of Warts Naturally In 3 Days! With No Blisters, No Scars, And No Pain! AAA+++ (Brand New)
Unique Enterprises , English
Natural Healing Revealed - E... - Ella Williams

Natural Healing Revealed - E...Ella Williams

Are you sick of feeling tired and tired of feeling sick? Are you fed up with chronic or acute illness and want to know what your options are outside of traditional medicine?Discover The World Of Natural Healing, And See How To Effectively T… more

Natural Healing Revealed - Enjoy True Health And Vitality The Natural Way
Ella Williams
Complete Colon Cleanse: The ... - Edward Group III D.C.

Complete Colon Cleanse: The ...Edward Group III D.C.

RESTORE YOUR BODY’S NATURAL HEALTHThe modern world is swarming with toxins that infiltrate your body and accumulate in your colon. Unable to be processed further, these toxins leach into your bloodstream, poison your body, and break down y… more

Complete Colon Cleanse: The At-Home Detox Program to Restore Good Health, Boost Vitality, and Ensure Longevity
Edward Group III D.C.
Ulysses Press , English
Into the Light: Tomorrow's M... - William Campbell Douglass II MD

Into the Light: Tomorrow's M...William Campbell Douglass II MD

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If you knew of a procedure that could save thousands, maybe millions, of people dying from AIDS, cancer, and other dreaded killers…Would you cover it up? The procedure called “photoluminescence”stimulates the body’s own immune responses. … more

Into the Light: Tomorrow’s Medicine Today
William Campbell Douglass II MD
BookBaby , English