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Kirov Saga: Armageddon (Kiro...John Schettler

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Kirov Saga: Armageddon Kirov Series, Book VIII

The lines of fate have brought the most powerful ship in the world to a decisive place in history. Driven by his own inner demons, Captain Karpov now believes that with Kirov in 1908 he is tru… more

Kirov Saga: Armageddon (Kirov Series)
John Schettler
Writing Shop Press , English

Dance TrackMercedes Lackey

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In this alternate version of reality, Isadora Duncan gave up dancing for auto racing, changing the lives—and deaths—of those she came in contact with. This story was originally published in the anthology Alternate Heroes, 1989.

Dance Track
Mercedes Lackey
Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust , English

The Lesser of Two EvilsJohn Menter

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On Dec 7th, 1941, Imperial Japan bombed the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, thus bringing the United States into World War II. Yet less than six month later, American and British Chiefs of Staff are planning for the landing of American force… more

The Lesser of Two Evils
John Menter
J2 Publishing , English


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The world is at war, from the steamy jungles of South America to the high ice of mountain glaciers. This is the third of a four part tale of global war, and the people under arms, on both sides of the conflict.

NATO won the Battle of the… more

ARMAGEDDON’S SONG (Volume 3) ‘Fight Through’
Andy Farman , English

In Greek Waters A Story of T...G. A. Henty

The struggle known as the Greek War of Independence lasted for six years (1821-27), and had I attempted to give even an outline of the events this would have been a history and not a story. Moreover, six years is altogether beyond the lengt… more

In Greek Waters A Story of The Grecian War of Independence
G. A. Henty

The End of History (Orthodox...James Butler

What would happen if the Greeks were given a significant military advantage over their Western European and Muslim rivals? Alternate history, that’s what.Salvos Angelos discovers a hidden cache of advanced weapon designs just before Turks f… more

The End of History (Orthodox Rising)
James Butler
Jamesdomus Books , English

The Library Part 1 (Free Sto...Josh Hilden

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Four teenage friends, self proclaimed urban explorers, enter the wrecked and abandoned Mark Twain Branch of the Detroit Public Library. Once inside distance shifts, walls move, impossible books maps and pictures cover the walls, and the way… more

The Library Part 1 (Free Story Friday Season 2)
Josh Hilden
GWS Press , English

Shattered World 3 : Storm in...Bobby Hardenbrook

The third book in alternate history story detailing an alternate second world war which begins with a Soviet invasion of Poland in 1937. It is 1945. After a tenuous peace of several years, war descends once again as Hitler’s Third Reich l… more

Shattered World 3 : Storm in the West
Bobby Hardenbrook
Bobby Hardenbrook , English

Rise of the Anshar (The Days...C.W. Hambleton

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Myths. Legends. Ancient lore. Primeval stories buried deep within the memories of the earliest civilizations of mankind. Even today, many cultures retain the distant longing for a lost paradise, tales of a worldwide flood, and legends of a … more

Rise of the Anshar (The Days of Noah Series)
C.W. Hambleton

Shattered World 2 : Between ...Bobby Hardenbrook

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The second alternate history book in a series detailing an alternate world war two which begins with a Soviet invasion of Poland in 1937.

With the Eurasian War ending in a bitter stalemate after four years of protracted war, the world s… more

Shattered World 2 : Between the Wars
Bobby Hardenbrook
Bobby Hardenbrook , English

The Qurayn Hostage, Book 2 -...John Perry

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What would the pre-modern world be like if, back in the seventh century, the Arab Muslim invaders had been stopped not at the Pyrenees but at the Zagros range? If Islamic rule had been established over almost the whole of Europe and much of… more

The Qurayn Hostage, Book 2 - The New World
John Perry
John Perry , English

Betrayed (Universalis Romana)James Butler

The Roman frontier is full of those who would prey on the innocent. Antonio is a gun for hire with a high moral code. When his past catches up with him, will his sadistic girlfriend come to his aide or will Antonio pay for the crimes of a l… more

Betrayed (Universalis Romana)
James Butler
Jamesdomus Books , English

Shattered World 6 : World in FlamesBobby Hardenbrook

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The sixth book in an alternate history series detailing an alternate second world war which begins with a Soviet Invasion of Poland in 1937. It is 1949. The world remains locked in all out war. Increasingly, atomic bombs and chemical weap… more

Shattered World 6 : World in Flames
Bobby Hardenbrook
Bobby Hardenbrook , English

The LAZARUS InterviewMarshall Miller

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This is the fictional television transcript of an interview that took place between Lazarus of Bethany, the Resuurected of Christ, and Barbara Matthau, on December 21, 2012. The show never made it to TV per Barbara’s request.

The LAZARUS Interview
Marshall Miller

The Invasion of 1950Christopher Nuttall

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The year is 1950, but not the 1950 we know. The Second World War ended in 1943. Hitler never declared war on the United States and is currently master of an empire that stretches from the Atlantic coastline of France to the Ural Mountains… more

The Invasion of 1950
Christopher Nuttall

ScreamersAdam Moon

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This is a 100 page novella:It started with the elderly. They went nuts and started eating people.The nerds are calling it the zombie apocalypse but I think that’s just so they have an excuse to commit murder.My wife worked at Shady Hills nu… more

Adam Moon
Gealach Publishing , English

Great Kings' War (Lord Kalvan)John F. Carr, Roland Green

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Great Kings’ War was first published in paperback in 1985 by Ace Books. This 2nd Edition is a revised and expanded version of the long awaited sequel to H. Beam Piper’s Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, chronicling the further adventures of Calvin … more

Great Kings’ War (Lord Kalvan)
John F. Carr, Roland Green
Pequod Press , English

Titanic of The Dead: How I S...STEPHEN A. DYMARCIK II

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The 100th anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking. Titanic of the Dead - by Stephen A. Dymarcik II is the recently “DECLASSIFIED”, retelling of TITANIC survivor Lawrence Beesley’s “Loss of the Titanic” from 1912. Written just two short month… more

Titanic of The Dead: How I Survived the Titanic Zombie Apocalypse
Stephen A. Dymarcik II , English

The Baker Street Adventures,...John Pirillo

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Professor Challenger seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, along with his good friend, Conan Doyle, to discover the secret of the Fairy Wall, which has mysteriously appeared in London.

At the same time the dark and hideous H… more

The Baker Street Adventures, Chapter One
John Pirillo
John Pirillo , English

World War Cthulhu Fiction Anthology

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As the shadows of war gather over Europe something is stirring within the darkness; something far older than humankind. Those with evil intent will seek to harness these terrible powers, while those fighting to turn the tide of war will fin… more

World War Cthulhu Fiction Anthology
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. , English