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Anne the Warrior (The Six Li... - Leigh Jenkins

Anne the Warrior (The Six Li...Leigh Jenkins

He killed his wives, broke from Catholicism and founded his own church. But history could have been quite different for Henry the VIII, as author Leigh Jenkins proves in this alternative history series, if only one key moment had changed in… more

Anne the Warrior (The Six Lives of Henry the VIII Book 4)
Leigh Jenkins
Second Star Online Publisher , English
Paladins - Joel Rosenberg

PaladinsJoel Rosenberg

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JUST ONE RED SWORD COULD DEFEAT AN ARMYAND THE ENEMY HAD A WHOLE ARSENAL!Every schoolboy knows that Mordred the Great defeated King Arthur the Tyrant in the twelfth century, and Mordred’s heirs had preserved the British crown through the … more

Joel Rosenberg
Baen Books , English
The Fine Point of His Soul - Julie Bozza

The Fine Point of His SoulJulie Bozza

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He was the shameful cause of his sister Elena’s death and he stole state papers from England, yet Adrian Hart is feted by the best of society in Rome, and boldly dubs himself ‘Iago’. Determined to avenge Elena, his unrequited love, Lieutena… more

The Fine Point of His Soul
Julie Bozza
LIBRAtiger , English
On Picket Duty, and Other Ta... - L. M. Alcott

On Picket Duty, and Other Ta...L. M. Alcott

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In 1860, Alcott began writing for the Atlantic Monthly. When the American Civil War broke out, she served as a nurse in the Union Hospital at Georgetown, D.C., for six weeks in 1862–1863. Her letters home – revised and published in the Comm… more

On Picket Duty, and Other Tales (Illustrated)
L. M. Alcott
Flying Fish , English
The Curse of Cain - J. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher

The Curse of CainJ. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher

On April 14, 1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, or so the history books tell us … but what if there was a second gunman who actually pulled the trigger?The Curse of CainLike The Day of the Jac… more

The Curse of Cain
J. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher
Forge Books , English
The Great War: The North Ame... - H. Will Pasto

The Great War: The North Ame...H. Will Pasto

In 1914, while Mexico was in the grips of its Revolution, an incident occurred prompting the United States to interfere. The United States invaded and captured the port city of Veracruz on the Gulf coast. In the great scheme of things, that… more

The Great War: The North American Front
H. Will Pasto
Grantville Gazette, Volume I... -

Grantville Gazette, Volume I...

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The new United States in central Germany launches a one-plane Doolittle Raid on Paris, France. The target: their arch-enemy, Cardinal Richelieu. Meanwhile, an ambassador from the Mughal Empire of northern India is being held captive in Aust… more

Grantville Gazette, Volume II (Ring of Fire - Gazette editions Book 2)
Baen Books , English
Mayan Mars - Marc Andre Meyers

Mayan MarsMarc Andre Meyers

Gustavo Chen is recently widowed and trying to forget his past, he escapes into his teaching and aerospace research and obsessively surfs the La Jolla waves on his time off. An affair with a sexy young student and a mysterious job offer lea… more

Mayan Mars
Marc Andre Meyers
Sunbelt Publications , English
High Tide (Tidal Effects Book 1) - Andrew J. Heller

High Tide (Tidal Effects Book 1)Andrew J. Heller

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Following the end of the Great European War, as described in “Gray Tide In The East”, it is now 1923. The Americans, and the British, although not involved in the war, are both nervous about the continuing expansion of Germany’s power, inf… more

High Tide (Tidal Effects Book 1)
Andrew J. Heller
Strict Publishing International , English
The Second Great War - North Africa - Alex Night

The Second Great War - North AfricaAlex Night

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What if the Central Powers, Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire had been victorious in the First World War, originally known as The Great War? The Second Great War - North Africa is a novel that speculates how the S… more

The Second Great War - North Africa
Alex Night
Shattered World : Volumes 1 ... - Bobby Hardenbrook

Shattered World : Volumes 1 ...Bobby Hardenbrook

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This collection combines the first six volumes of the Shattered World series into a single ebook. Written in the form of a detailed timeline, Shattered World describes an alternate history timeline in which the Soviet Union invades Poland i… more

Shattered World : Volumes 1 through 6
Bobby Hardenbrook
Bobby Hardenbrook , English
Bunker X: A World War II Fan... - M. R. Wagner

Bunker X: A World War II Fan...M. R. Wagner

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Join Lorry Sherrans, a very non-elite secretary working for the elite OSS (Office of Strategic Services) in World War II. She finds herself roped into a terrible crisis where a war game using real German soldiers goes terribly wrong and hun… more

Bunker X: A World War II Fantasy Novel
M. R. Wagner
Tannhauser: Enigma - James Swallow

Tannhauser: EnigmaJames Swallow

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The year is 1954, and in a dark and violent alternate history, the Great War never ended. When the occult-obsessed Reich unveils a weapon with the power to imbue grant its army demonic powers, RAF pilot Nick Cross and special agent Caitlin … more

Tannhauser: Enigma
James Swallow
Fantasy Flight Publishing , English
For Faith and Freedom by Wal... - Walter Besant

For Faith and Freedom by Wal...Walter Besant

FAREWELL SUNDAY. The morning of Sunday, August 23, in the year of grace 1662, should have been black and gloomy with the artillery of rolling thunder, dreadful flashes of lightning, and driving hail and wind to strip the orchards and lay l… more

For Faith and Freedom by Walter Besant : (full image Illustrated)
Walter Besant
The Santa Louise Kid - Murde... - T. Robert Yani

The Santa Louise Kid - Murde...T. Robert Yani

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Times were troubled in the Languedoc area; the Roman Catholic Church founded the Inquisition in 1229 to find, question, and destroy those who did not hold orthodox religious views; the Cathars were a religious group of Christian Gnostics wh… more

The Santa Louise Kid - Murder (The Santa Louis Kid Book 1)
T. Robert Yani
T. Robert Yani , English
The Quickening of Tom Turnpi... - W. E. Mann

The Quickening of Tom Turnpi...W. E. Mann

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“You want ghost-stories? I know all of them. I know what you can hear in the corridors at night. I know what drives the teachers insane.”

Tom thought he’d heard them all, but the worst one was yet to come. And he would be right at its … more

The Quickening of Tom Turnpike (The Talltrees Trilogy Book 1)
W. E. Mann
Insurgent (Episode 3) (Ameri... - Charles Sheehan-Miles

Insurgent (Episode 3) (Ameri...Charles Sheehan-Miles

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Note: Insurgent was originally released as a serialized ebook. The full, complete version of Insurgent is now available. This is part 3 of the serialized edition. From an author described by a Top 50 Reviewer as “one of Ame… more

Insurgent (Episode 3) (America’s Future Book 2)
Charles Sheehan-Miles
Cincinnatus Press , English
The LAZARUS Interview - Marshall Miller

The LAZARUS InterviewMarshall Miller

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This is the fictional television transcript of an interview that took place between Lazarus of Bethany, the Resuurected of Christ, and Barbara Matthau, on December 21, 2012. The show never made it to TV per Barbara’s request.

The LAZARUS Interview
Marshall Miller
An Old New Zealander or, Te ... - T. Lindsay Buick

An Old New Zealander or, Te ...T. Lindsay Buick

I have been constrained to write the story of “An Old New Zealander” largely to gratify the frequently expressed desire for a more comprehensive sketch of Te Rauparaha’s career on the part of many readers of my former books, in which fitful… more

An Old New Zealander or, Te Rauparaha, the Napoleon of the South. by T. Lindsay Buick
T. Lindsay Buick
2015 The Second American Civ... - Ira Tabankin

2015 The Second American Civ...Ira Tabankin

(Note, rewritten-expanded and edited Sept 18 2015 correcting spelling/grammer) Book2 in the 2015 Second American Civil War series. President Obsma rules by executive orders, he disbands Congress and suspended the constitution, congress and … more

2015 The Second American Civil War; Book 2 (Version 2): The Balkanization of America
Ira Tabankin