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Grantville Gazette, Volume I... -

Grantville Gazette, Volume I...

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The new United States in central Germany launches a one-plane Doolittle Raid on Paris, France. The target: their arch-enemy, Cardinal Richelieu. Meanwhile, an ambassador from the Mughal Empire of northern India is being held captive in Aust… more

Grantville Gazette, Volume II (Ring of Fire - Gazette editions Book 2)
Baen Books , English
Mayan Mars - Marc Andre Meyers

Mayan MarsMarc Andre Meyers

Gustavo Chen is recently widowed and trying to forget his past, he escapes into his teaching and aerospace research and obsessively surfs the La Jolla waves on his time off. An affair with a sexy young student and a mysterious job offer lea… more

Mayan Mars
Marc Andre Meyers
Sunbelt Publications , English
The Great War: The North Ame... - H. Will Pasto

The Great War: The North Ame...H. Will Pasto

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In 1914, while Mexico was in the grips of its Revolution, an incident occurred prompting the United States to interfere. The United States invaded and captured the port city of Veracruz on the Gulf coast. In the great scheme of things, that… more

The Great War: The North American Front
H. Will Pasto
Paladins - Joel Rosenberg

PaladinsJoel Rosenberg

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JUST ONE RED SWORD COULD DEFEAT AN ARMYAND THE ENEMY HAD A WHOLE ARSENAL!Every schoolboy knows that Mordred the Great defeated King Arthur the Tyrant in the twelfth century, and Mordred’s heirs had preserved the British crown through the … more

Joel Rosenberg
Baen Books , English
The War Of Zero Sum - Mark Lynch

The War Of Zero SumMark Lynch

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Europe 1969. The failure of the Western Alliance has allowed the Soviet Union to expand its borders to the North Atlantic. The United Kingdom no longer exists and Her Majesty’s Government has long since been overthrown. Ireland remains divi… more

The War Of Zero Sum
Mark Lynch
David James Publishing , English
Time Traveler - E. B. Alston

Time TravelerE. B. Alston

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I love, love, love this book!!! After reading the first chapter I was hooked… from there on I actually wanted to be one of the characters! The second time that I read the book I put myself in Elizabeth’s character as my own… I am hook… more

Time Traveler
E. B. Alston
Righter Publishing Company, Inc. , English
The Silver Sarcophagus (The ... - N. Morgan Reed

The Silver Sarcophagus (The ...N. Morgan Reed

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Science Fiction Horror retelling of Bible stories. The book 3 continues where the 1 and 2 started, with the hybrid family born on Earth set out to make their way as nomads on this forbidding planet, and find themselves led by their God fath… more

The Silver Sarcophagus (The Glass Planet Book 3)
N. Morgan Reed
Morgan’s Mane , English
The Curse of Cain - J. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher

The Curse of CainJ. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher

On April 14, 1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater, or so the history books tell us … but what if there was a second gunman who actually pulled the trigger?The Curse of CainLike The Day of the Jac… more

The Curse of Cain
J. Mark Powell, L.D. Meagher
Forge Books , English
Le Morte D'Arthur (Illustrated) - Sir Thomas Malory

Le Morte D'Arthur (Illustrated)Sir Thomas Malory

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First published in 1485 by William Caxton, Le Morte d’Arthur is today perhaps the best-known work of Arthurian literature in English. Many modern Arthurian writers have used Malory as their principal source, including T. H. White in his pop… more

Le Morte D’Arthur (Illustrated)
Sir Thomas Malory
Flying Fish , English
Any Other Name by Keith G. L... - Keith G. Laufenberg

Any Other Name by Keith G. L...Keith G. Laufenberg

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Eight novellas or short stories by the author of five novels and seven books of short stories in over four decades of writing. All the stories in this book are summarized on the first three pages of the book.

Any Other Name by Keith G. Laufenberg
Keith G. Laufenberg
Royal Crown Royal, LLC , English
Mr. Punch's History of Moder... - Charles L. Graves

Mr. Punch's History of Moder...Charles L. Graves


Mr. Punch’s History of Modern England Vol. II (of IV), 1857-1874 by Charles L. Graves : (full image Illustrated)
Charles L. Graves
The American in His Season - Lon Prater

The American in His SeasonLon Prater

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Returning to America after several years abroad, Sam Clemens declines President McKinley’s personal request that he turn his pen and popularity in support of the ongoing Philippine-American War. After McKinley is assassinated, Teddy Rooseve… more

The American in His Season
Lon Prater
' The Longest Night '  &  ' ... - ANDY FARMAN

' The Longest Night ' & ' ...ANDY FARMAN

The final acts in a story that went even beyond Tom Clancy’s classic, with a truly global, world war scenario

It is actually cheaper to buy the two books singly, which was one of the reasons for splitting the original, but this is the four… more

The Longest Night ‘ & ‘ Crossing the Rubicon ‘: The Original Map Illustrated and Uncut Final Volume (Armageddon’s Song)
Andy Farman , English
World War Cthulhu Fiction Anthology -

World War Cthulhu Fiction Anthology

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As the shadows of war gather over Europe something is stirring within the darkness; something far older than humankind. Those with evil intent will seek to harness these terrible powers, while those fighting to turn the tide of war will fin… more

World War Cthulhu Fiction Anthology
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd. , English
So Long, Vietnam - Brian King

So Long, VietnamBrian King

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1970 was a time of great demoralization for the U.S. Army in Vietnam. The author served in the Army during that time and listened carefully to the stories of his fellow soldiers returning from the Vietnam War. Much of this powerful book is … more

So Long, Vietnam
Brian King
Brian D. King , English
Rebel Empire: A Novel of the... - Billy Bennett

Rebel Empire: A Novel of the...Billy Bennett

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North America—1895: Decades after defeating the Union, the Confederate States of America, the last slaveholding nation in the New World, has become a major power in the western hemisphere. To the north, a disheartened, defeated, and isolati… more

Rebel Empire: A Novel of the Spanish Confederate War
Billy Bennett
Saber Books , English
High Tide (Gray Tide in the East) - Andrew J. Heller

High Tide (Gray Tide in the East)Andrew J. Heller

Following the end of the Great European War, as described in “Gray Tide In The East”, it is now 1923. The Americans, and the British, although not involved in the war, are both nervous about the continuing expansion of Germany’s power, inf… more

High Tide (Gray Tide in the East)
Andrew J. Heller
Strict Publishing International , English
Jesus Christ in the Underworld - Simon Christopher

Jesus Christ in the UnderworldSimon Christopher

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An epic sci-fi inspired fantasy following Jesus’ life-altering adventures between Good Friday and the resurrection. A fresh, alternative take on the historical Jesus, and how his search to understand his earthly life leads him toward divin… more

Jesus Christ in the Underworld
Simon Christopher
Simon Christopher , English
Of Myth And Monsters (Castaw... - Robert Adams

Of Myth And Monsters (Castaw...Robert Adams

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The Land of Gods according to the American Indian legend was a place of plenty, peopled by strange and deadly creatures. And as Bass Foster’s fellow castaways in time struggled to save the Indian tribes from Spanish invade… more

Of Myth And Monsters (Castaways in Time Book 5)
Robert Adams
Mundania Press LLC , English
For Faith and Freedom by Wal... - Walter Besant

For Faith and Freedom by Wal...Walter Besant

FAREWELL SUNDAY. The morning of Sunday, August 23, in the year of grace 1662, should have been black and gloomy with the artillery of rolling thunder, dreadful flashes of lightning, and driving hail and wind to strip the orchards and lay l… more

For Faith and Freedom by Walter Besant : (full image Illustrated)
Walter Besant