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For Freaks Only: Story 5 (Mo... - Justin Amen Floyd

For Freaks Only: Story 5 (Mo...Justin Amen Floyd

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Dark Chocolate’ (from For Freaks Only Story 1) is BACK !!! He’s back to fulfill the deepest, darkest, desires of every woman who crosses his path. There’s one in particular who just can’t seem to get enough. Dare to get lost within this l… more

For Freaks Only: Story 5 (More Dark Chocolate)
Justin Amen Floyd
C.hasing O.ur D.reams Media Group , English
Underneath It All (Sisterhoo... - A. D.

Underneath It All (Sisterhoo...A. D.

Monica Sutton has spent most of her life detesting her reflection. Her best friends love her no matter what, but she just cannot see the woman they see in her. She finally decides to do something about the way she looks and discovers hersel… more

Underneath It All (Sisterhood Chronicles Book 1)
A. D.
Come, Elysium - James Logan Harben

Come, ElysiumJames Logan Harben

Indians have reservations … we will have a nation!” A select group of Afro-Americans form the core of a new government that will, by non-violent legal maneuverings, acquire a large portion of southern Alabama to become the new nation … more

Come, Elysium
James Logan Harben
Tate Publishing , English
Kiss The Ring - Ashley JaQuavis

Kiss The RingAshley JaQuavis

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This is an action packed, drama filled, and unpredictable anthology showcasing some of the best writers in AA fiction. Ashley and JaQuavis handpicked these great authors and now are bringing them to you in this latest offering. Kiss the Rin… more

Kiss The Ring
Ashley JaQuavis
Official Writers League , English
Deceitful Temptations (Decei... - Tiana Hymon

Deceitful Temptations (Decei...Tiana Hymon

Just how far will you go to deceive someone? Will you tell one lie to cover up another? Will you hurt the ones you love in order to cover up deception at any cost? Meet Pastor Maurice James and his wife Charmaine. The two once shared a stro… more

Deceitful Temptations (Deceitful Series)
Tiana Hymon
Disrespecting Lela - Julie Williams

Disrespecting LelaJulie Williams

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A deadly reaction to a perceived show of disrespect unknowingly triggers an avalanche of lies and secrets that will be explosive for an entire city.

Disrespecting Lela
Julie Williams
Julie Williams/JXW Communications , English
Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella - Ran Walker

Afro Nerd in Love: A NovellaRan Walker

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In this sexy follow up to 30 Love: A Novel, Charles “Chucky” Buckner arrives at the wedding of his friends Dizzy and Lailah, but he has no idea of what awaits him.

Almost immediately he finds himself connecting with Lailah’s best friend,… more

Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella
Ran Walker
Cap & Sneakers Studios, LLC , English
Running With Mr. Bell - Will Gibson

Running With Mr. BellWill Gibson

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RUNNING WITH MR. BELL is a novel about trains and the people who ran the trains. For nearly a century the American passenger train bedazzled the world with its glitz and splendor. In the late 1800s railroad magnate George M. Pullman took pa… more

Running With Mr. Bell
Will Gibson
Tears In The Dust - Hilda Petrie-Coutts

Tears In The DustHilda Petrie-Coutts

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Rosamund is living in Spain happily married to acclaimed pianist Leopold Heine commissioned by tempestuous black American Gabi Schofield to compose music for her film ‘Tears in the Dust’.The phone rings. Leopold has died in a plane crash in… more

Tears In The Dust
Hilda Petrie-Coutts
Pretty Ugly: A Harlem Situation - Brad  Bathgate

Pretty Ugly: A Harlem SituationBrad Bathgate

Once you drive up the New Jersey turnpike with Chuck Love and his escalating gun running scheme, you’ll be hooked till the end. Rounding out the crew of shady and self-centered characters are Apple, Chuck’s high school crush now involve wit… more

Pretty Ugly: A Harlem Situation
Brad Bathgate
Brad Bathgate , English
Craving Insanity - Ashara

Craving InsanityAshara

Average wait: N/A

Ava, Jordan, Sydney, and Shane are back in this highly anticipated sequel to “DONE” and the stakes are higher than ever!

Playboy Jordan Arrington has a pregnant mistress, a crazy wife on the side, and a ministry to protect from the mess h… more

Craving Insanity
Ashara , English
The Robbers - Paul Anderson

The RobbersPaul Anderson

The Armed Robbery Squad has long been considered the state’s most formidable group of detectives. But there’s a change coming. Force command and a new police watchdog want the squad gone. And there’s a new threat on the streets a bandit wit… more

The Robbers
Paul Anderson
Hardie Grant Grp , English
How Should This Black Woman ... - Tyron Faison

How Should This Black Woman ...Tyron Faison

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Part 2 of How Should This Black Woman Find Love? The drama picks right back up from where it stopped in the first book. Mona is searching for love while in the midst of somewhat of a love triangle.

Love , Deception, Betrayal, Pain… more

How Should This Black Woman Find Love? pt.2
Tyron Faison
Tyron Faison , English
Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio... - F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio...F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

Average wait: N/A

The Nortorious A-Team is the tale of the rise and fall of one of New York City’s most ruthless crews. Reaching its height in the 1980’s the ENY band of street disciples ran Cypress with an iron fist. There will only be one Allah team, and t… more

Brooklyn’s Own: The Nortorious A-Team
F. “K?Life” Robinson, W. Ikhan Dejesus, F. Gee Heyward
Almost Real Life Books , English
Epiphany Is Mine - Ki Allen

Epiphany Is MineKi Allen

Average wait: N/A

(RE-RELEASE of my first self published novel.) This is the story of two childhood friends in their early 30’s who grew up in a small town in Illinois. They struggle to become whole after life throws them continuous curve balls. Both Esmra … more

Epiphany Is Mine
Ki Allen
Infants of the Spring - Wallace Thurman

Infants of the SpringWallace Thurman

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This minor classic of the Harlem Renaissance centers on the larger-than-life inhabitants of “Niggerati Manor,” an uptown apartment building modeled on the rooming house where the author once lived among other celebrated black artists and wr… more

Infants of the Spring
Wallace Thurman
Dover Publications , English
Lifestyles of the Rich and S... - Caleb Alexander

Lifestyles of the Rich and S...Caleb Alexander

Average wait: N/A

The title says it all; they’re rich, they’re beautiful, and above all, they’re scandalous!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scandalous (Episode One)
Caleb Alexander
Golden Ink Media , English
A Man of My Own - Barbara Joe Williams

A Man of My OwnBarbara Joe Williams

Average wait: 8d, 11h

Lisa LaRaye Bradford arrives in Dallas, Texas, with two brown Louis Vuitton leather bags filled with designer clothes and a dream of marrying a rich man. She soon meets Dr. Desmond Taylor, a noted dermatologist, who quickly falls under her … more

A Man of My Own
Barbara Joe Williams
Amani Publishing, LLC , English
Losing My Soul - Barbara Joe Williams

Losing My SoulBarbara Joe Williams

Average wait: N/A

Belinda thought she was losing her man, but she was really losing her soul.

Mrs. Belinda Taylor is familiar with outside women trying to ruin her lackluster marriage to noted dermatologist, Dr. Desmond Taylor. However, she has been success… more

Losing My Soul
Barbara Joe Williams
When Love Calls - L.A. Smith

When Love CallsL.A. Smith

Average wait: N/A

Love is the furthest thought from Keon ‘KC’ Carter’s mind. He’s having too much fun being a bachelor. However, once he takes a different look at the sultry Shaeterra Jackson, he can’t stop thinking about her. Still, his lust for her doesn’t… more

When Love Calls
L.A. Smith
Black Angle Publishers , English