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When Love Calls - L.A. Smith

When Love CallsL.A. Smith

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Love is the furthest thought from Keon ‘KC’ Carter’s mind. He’s having too much fun being a bachelor. However, once he takes a different look at the sultry Shaeterra Jackson, he can’t stop thinking about her. Still, his lust for her doesn’t… more

When Love Calls
L.A. Smith
Black Angle Publishers , English
Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio... - F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio...F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

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The Nortorious A-Team is the tale of the rise and fall of one of New York City’s most ruthless crews. Reaching its height in the 1980’s the ENY band of street disciples ran Cypress with an iron fist. There will only be one Allah team, and t… more

Brooklyn’s Own: The Nortorious A-Team
F. “K?Life” Robinson, W. Ikhan Dejesus, F. Gee Heyward
Almost Real Life Books , English
Four Sex Loving Females - Angelina Stevens

Four Sex Loving FemalesAngelina Stevens

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Four beautiful American women just want to have fun and maybe find love as they enjoy their sexual freedom.

Four Sex Loving Females
Angelina Stevens
Running With Mr. Bell - Will Gibson

Running With Mr. BellWill Gibson

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RUNNING WITH MR. BELL is a novel about trains and the people who ran the trains. For nearly a century the American passenger train bedazzled the world with its glitz and splendor. In the late 1800s railroad magnate George M. Pullman took pa… more

Running With Mr. Bell
Will Gibson
Mama's Lies - Daddy's Pain - Brian W. Smith

Mama's Lies - Daddy's PainBrian W. Smith

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Jamal Simms is a successful businessman, husband, and proud father. Everything in his world seems to be perfect until a DNA test reveals that his 17 year old daughter (Jada), from a past relationship, is not his biological child. Lies are t… more

Mama’s Lies - Daddy’s Pain
Brian W. Smith
Hollygrove Publishing , English
MICHAEL BLACK - H. Heru Richards


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Michael Black is a Michael Jackson impersonator performing underground in the New York City subway system. However he’s living in a time (the early 2000s) when his idol, once universally revered for his brilliance and artistry, is now often… more

H. Heru Richards
SunRaSon Publishing , English
Socioanthropologicfeminisms - Joi Miner

SocioanthropologicfeminismsJoi Miner

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Socioanthropologicfeminisms is a mouthful, huh?Well, no other title aptly describes the heartfelt, thoughtfully composed pieces nestled within these pages. This collection draws from personal experiences and observation to address the world… more

Joi Miner
Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella - Ran Walker

Afro Nerd in Love: A NovellaRan Walker

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In this sexy follow up to 30 Love: A Novel, Charles “Chucky” Buckner arrives at the wedding of his friends Dizzy and Lailah, but he has no idea of what awaits him.

Almost immediately he finds himself connecting with Lailah’s best friend,… more

Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella
Ran Walker
Cap & Sneakers Studios, LLC , English
The Crystal Roberts Story: T... - Marques Lewis

The Crystal Roberts Story: T...Marques Lewis

Many women in the world are looking for the “perfect guy”. Crystal Roberts is one of them that will not settle for anything less. Crystal is your everyday average woman: she’s independent, hard working, doesn’t have any kids, and has a good… more

The Crystal Roberts Story: The Diary Of The Road To The Perfect Guy
Marques Lewis
Guestlist - Jay Fingers

GuestlistJay Fingers

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Juliet Feliz moved to New York City, leaving an unfulfilling life and uncertain future behind her. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets… more

Jay Fingers
Be Cool Entertainment Holdings , English
My Two Henrietta's  (Annotat... - Bernadette Ford

My Two Henrietta's (Annotat...Bernadette Ford

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A Love Story Amid the Search for My Ancestors

My Two Henrietta’s (Annotated): Discovering a Love Story Amid the Search for My Ancestors
Bernadette Ford
Losing My Soul - Barbara Joe Williams

Losing My SoulBarbara Joe Williams

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Belinda thought she was losing her man, but she was really losing her soul.

Mrs. Belinda Taylor is familiar with outside women trying to ruin her lackluster marriage to noted dermatologist, Dr. Desmond Taylor. However, she has been success… more

Losing My Soul
Barbara Joe Williams
Kiss The Ring - Ashley JaQuavis

Kiss The RingAshley JaQuavis

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This is an action packed, drama filled, and unpredictable anthology showcasing some of the best writers in AA fiction. Ashley and JaQuavis handpicked these great authors and now are bringing them to you in this latest offering. Kiss the Rin… more

Kiss The Ring
Ashley JaQuavis
Official Writers League , English
Come, Elysium - James Logan Harben

Come, ElysiumJames Logan Harben

Indians have reservations … we will have a nation!” A select group of Afro-Americans form the core of a new government that will, by non-violent legal maneuverings, acquire a large portion of southern Alabama to become the new nation … more

Come, Elysium
James Logan Harben
Tate Publishing , English
What Few Will Think and None... - Robert Saunders

What Few Will Think and None...Robert Saunders

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What Few Think and None Will Say is the story of being born into an insane world, living in a world never fully understood, finally to become lost in the woods of futile existence as seen though the eyes of one dearly holding on to a sanity… more

What Few Will Think and None Will Say
Robert Saunders


Rico started out as the typical young man with not so typical desires. He knew from his sexual experimentation phase that he needed more than just a sexual conquest, he desired an adventure. The thrill of being in command fueled his fire. H… more

Forever REDD
ZitrO Publications , English
Rayqelle's Revenge -Book 1-:... - Shon Cole Black

Rayqelle's Revenge -Book 1-:...Shon Cole Black

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Book 1- “RATCHET” is the story of Miss Rayqelle Davis; the stepdaughter of a Chicago police officer who grows up in a seriously dysfunctional home and turns to the streets as a means of escape.

Broken and torn apart by physical and psych… more

Rayqelle’s Revenge -Book 1-: *Surprise BONUS inside* (RATCHET)
Shon Cole Black
AfricanAmericanEbooks , English
Khaleel: Tall, Dark & Deadly - Lady Lissa, Jacori

Khaleel: Tall, Dark & DeadlyLady Lissa, Jacori

Khaleel hasn’t always had the best luck with women, and it isn’t because he isn’t handsome enough to get them, he just has more of him than they are capable of handling. Khaleel has everything going for him; he’s smart, successful and very… more

Khaleel: Tall, Dark & Deadly
Lady Lissa, Jacori
Don Dyvas Publications , English
Diary Of A Blackman - Tony  B. Conscious

Diary Of A BlackmanTony B. Conscious

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THIS ISMY DIARYOF A BLACKMAN Have you ever wondered what BLACK men think?Have you ever thought about what goes through the minds of the most oppressed, segregated, despised, exploited, emasculated yet still feared race of men on the… more

Diary Of A Blackman
Tony B. Conscious
B.Conscious Publishing , English
Everything Happens For A Reason - Tela Allen

Everything Happens For A ReasonTela Allen

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In relationships there will always be problems and arguments, but what happens when the lies become the truth and the truth becomes reality? How would you handle the lies, cheating and disloyalty amongst the people that are the closest to y… more

Everything Happens For A Reason
Tela Allen