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The 2 of Us (Short Story)
Carol Ann Culbert Johnson
Carol Ann Culbert Johnson , English

Lifestyles of the Rich and S...Caleb Alexander

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The title says it all; they’re rich, they’re beautiful, and above all, they’re scandalous!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scandalous (Episode One)
Caleb Alexander
Golden Ink Media , English

80 Proof LivesFelicia S.W. Thomas

1 rating
Average wait: 3h

Fifteen-year-old Fla Fry feels lonely, unloved, and destined to go nowhere after graduation. To pay off her mother’s beer tab, she is forced to clean house for the local madam and bootleg queen, Miss Lipstick, during the summer of 1976.

80 Proof Lives
Felicia S.W. Thomas

Twice BittenMichelle De Leon

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Two men reminisce about the costly mistakes they both made while married to a beautiful girl named Marguerite. A Michelle De Leon short story.

Twice Bitten
Michelle De Leon
MIchelle De Leon , English

Burning WindPrecious Reuben

Average wait: 9h

SynopsisAfter the loss of her parents and her innocence, everything about Brenda came to a halt: her life, her emotions, her ability to see herself as a young woman. In this heart touching story, forgiveness will be farfetched as Brenda’s a… more

Burning Wind
Precious Reuben
Old Game Press , English

Living RaunchyMary L. Wilson

Average wait: N/A

Meet Sya Fields, a sophisticated elementary school teacher by day and a raunchy phone sex operator by night. Sya chases the old mighty dollar at any cost. As a child, she did not have nice things and she was teased often. As an adult, she r… more

Living Raunchy
Mary L. Wilson
Prioritybooks Publications , English

Ericka KaneKiki Swinson

Average wait: 56d, 5h

Ericka Kane is the only child of a multi-millionaire with ties to some very powerful men from his native country, Nigeria. Ericka never knew exactly how her father made his riches, except through various investment deals, but that would al… more

Ericka Kane
Kiki Swinson
K.S. Publications , English

Soul Custody (LSDV Productions)Tracee Boyd

Average wait: N/A

Tracee Boyd does it again! - LaShonda DeVaughn Can you think of anything worse than meeting the man of your dreams and having him walk out on you when you tell him you’re pregnant? How about getting a call from a woman saying that she’s pr… more

Soul Custody (LSDV Productions)
Tracee Boyd
LSDV Productions , English

Catch FireTina Brooks McKinney

Average wait: N/A

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found yourself strapped to a bed? What if your only memory was that of a stupid prank gone bad? These were some of the questions raging through Jordan Bree’s mind. Four years of confinement w… more

Catch Fire
Tina Brooks McKinney
Taboo Publishing , English

When Love CallsL.A. Smith

Average wait: N/A

Love is the furthest thought from Keon ‘KC’ Carter’s mind. He’s having too much fun being a bachelor. However, once he takes a different look at the sultry Shaeterra Jackson, he can’t stop thinking about her. Still, his lust for her doesn’t… more

When Love Calls
L.A. Smith
Black Angle Publishers , English

It's a Family AffairSharon Rhodes

Average wait: N/A

The Tangled Webs We WeaveRicky Robertson should be on top of the world. His son, Derrick, has just fathered a child with the beautiful Stacey Morgan. There’s just one problem: Ricky is sure that Stacey is his daughter from an affair he had … more

It’s a Family Affair
Sharon Rhodes
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English


Rico started out as the typical young man with not so typical desires. He knew from his sexual experimentation phase that he needed more than just a sexual conquest, he desired an adventure. The thrill of being in command fueled his fire. H… more

Forever REDD
ZitrO Publications , English

Surviving SundayMelinda Michelle

Meet Seth, he’s part of a soul winning ministry. He has a beautiful wife, Sheridan, and his gift is about to make a name for him in the earth. Everything seems fine until he’s accused of fathering a child outside of his marriage.Sheridan … more

Surviving Sunday
Melinda Michelle

GuestlistJay Fingers

Average wait: N/A

Juliet Feliz moved to New York City, leaving an unfulfilling life and uncertain future behind her. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets… more

Jay Fingers
Be Cool Entertainment Holdings , English

Afro Nerd in Love: A NovellaRan Walker

Average wait: N/A

In this sexy and original novella, Charles “Chucky” Buckner arrives at the wedding of his friends Dizzy and Lailah, but he has no idea of what awaits him.

Almost immediately he finds himself connecting with Lailah’s best friend, Marcia, … more

Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella
Ran Walker
Cap & Sneakers Studios, LLC , English

Forgive Us This DayBarbara Joe Williams

Average wait: 3h

Alese and Michael Wayne have been married for fifteen years. They have forgiven each other many times before, but will they both be forgiven for this day?

Forgive Us This Day
Barbara Joe Williams
Amani Publishing, LLC , English

Running With Mr. BellWill Gibson

Average wait: N/A

RUNNING WITH MR. BELL is a novel about trains and the people who ran the trains. For nearly a century the American passenger train bedazzled the world with its glitz and splendor. In the late 1800s railroad magnate George M. Pullman took pa… more

Running With Mr. Bell
Will Gibson

Losing My SoulBarbara Joe Williams

Average wait: N/A

Belinda thought she was losing her man, but she was really losing her soul.

Mrs. Belinda Taylor is familiar with outside women trying to ruin her lackluster marriage to noted dermatologist, Dr. Desmond Taylor. However, she has been success… more

Losing My Soul
Barbara Joe Williams

The Forged NoteOscar Micheaux

Average wait: N/A

The Forged Note A Romance of the Darker Races. Illustration original by C.W. Heller It is sometimes asked what inspires people to begin to write. Many reasons may be given, but in this particular instance, a brief statement of the author’s … more

The Forged Note
Oscar Micheaux

My Mother's SinFeFe Whitaker

Why me?’ I cry out with every ounce of my soul. My head starts to pound, and it seems as though my heart is going to come out of my chest.These are the thoughts of Latrice Lynch after she is abused by both her mother and stepfather. On her … more

My Mother’s Sin
FeFe Whitaker
Tate Publishing , English