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The Forged Note - Oscar  Micheaux

The Forged NoteOscar Micheaux

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The Forged Note A Romance of the Darker Races. Illustration original by C.W. Heller It is sometimes asked what inspires people to begin to write. Many reasons may be given, but in this particular instance, a brief statement of the author’s … more

The Forged Note
Oscar Micheaux
Come, Elysium - James Logan Harben

Come, ElysiumJames Logan Harben

Indians have reservations … we will have a nation!” A select group of Afro-Americans form the core of a new government that will, by non-violent legal maneuverings, acquire a large portion of southern Alabama to become the new nation … more

Come, Elysium
James Logan Harben
Tate Publishing , English
Infants of the Spring - Wallace Thurman

Infants of the SpringWallace Thurman

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This minor classic of the Harlem Renaissance centers on the larger-than-life inhabitants of “Niggerati Manor,” an uptown apartment building modeled on the rooming house where the author once lived among other celebrated black artists and wr… more

Infants of the Spring
Wallace Thurman
Dover Publications , English
Kiss The Ring - Ashley JaQuavis

Kiss The RingAshley JaQuavis

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This is an action packed, drama filled, and unpredictable anthology showcasing some of the best writers in AA fiction. Ashley and JaQuavis handpicked these great authors and now are bringing them to you in this latest offering. Kiss the Rin… more

Kiss The Ring
Ashley JaQuavis
Official Writers League , English
My Mother's Sin - FeFe Whitaker

My Mother's SinFeFe Whitaker

Why me?’ I cry out with every ounce of my soul. My head starts to pound, and it seems as though my heart is going to come out of my chest.These are the thoughts of Latrice Lynch after she is abused by both her mother and stepfather. On her … more

My Mother’s Sin
FeFe Whitaker
Tate Publishing , English
It's a Family Affair - Sharon Rhodes

It's a Family AffairSharon Rhodes

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The Tangled Webs We WeaveRicky Robertson should be on top of the world. His son, Derrick, has just fathered a child with the beautiful Stacey Morgan. There’s just one problem: Ricky is sure that Stacey is his daughter from an affair he had … more

It’s a Family Affair
Sharon Rhodes
Outskirts Press, Inc. , English
Wild Heart - Francine Craft

Wild HeartFrancine Craft

I found this an enjoyable read. It is warm, sensual and wild.”. — RAWSISTAZ Reviews

Clea Wilde owns a thriving night club and is a gifted singer who entertains there. She is a free spirit who “runs with the wolves.” Still suffering from… more

Wild Heart
Francine Craft
Craft’s New America Press , English
Ericka Kane - Kiki Swinson

Ericka KaneKiki Swinson

Average wait: 56d, 5h

Ericka Kane is the only child of a multi-millionaire with ties to some very powerful men from his native country, Nigeria. Ericka never knew exactly how her father made his riches, except through various investment deals, but that would al… more

Ericka Kane
Kiki Swinson
K.S. Publications , English
Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella - Ran Walker

Afro Nerd in Love: A NovellaRan Walker

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In this sexy follow up to 30 Love: A Novel, Charles “Chucky” Buckner arrives at the wedding of his friends Dizzy and Lailah, but he has no idea of what awaits him.

Almost immediately he finds himself connecting with Lailah’s best friend,… more

Afro Nerd in Love: A Novella
Ran Walker
Cap & Sneakers Studios, LLC , English
Surviving Sunday - Melinda Michelle

Surviving SundayMelinda Michelle

Meet Seth, he’s part of a soul winning ministry. He has a beautiful wife, Sheridan, and his gift is about to make a name for him in the earth. Everything seems fine until he’s accused of fathering a child outside of his marriage.Sheridan … more

Surviving Sunday
Melinda Michelle
Lifestyles of the Rich and S... - Caleb Alexander

Lifestyles of the Rich and S...Caleb Alexander

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The title says it all; they’re rich, they’re beautiful, and above all, they’re scandalous!

Lifestyles of the Rich and Scandalous (Episode One)
Caleb Alexander
Golden Ink Media , English


1 rating
Average wait: < 1h

If you have a heart prepare for it to be broken.If you know the streets prepare for a new understanding. Any emotion that is touchable will be touched. Stacia has now become someone that she didn’t think was possible for her to become. Dext… more

80 Proof Lives - Felicia S.W. Thomas

80 Proof LivesFelicia S.W. Thomas

1 rating
Average wait: 3h

Fifteen-year-old Fla Fry feels lonely, unloved, and destined to go nowhere after graduation. To pay off her mother’s beer tab, she is forced to clean house for the local madam and bootleg queen, Miss Lipstick, during the summer of 1976.

80 Proof Lives
Felicia S.W. Thomas
The Pussy Trap 3: Death by T... - Ne Ne Capri

The Pussy Trap 3: Death by T...Ne Ne Capri

Average wait: 124d, 9h

Fear, Grief and pain … the perfect mixture for the deadly cocktail that drives KoKo head first into danger as she tries to hold onto her throne. Betrayal, distrust and a struggle for power almost destroys all that she has built. Kayson … more

The Pussy Trap 3: Death by Temptation (Wahida Clark Presents)
Ne Ne Capri
Wahida Clark Presents , English
The Crystal Roberts Story: T... - Marques Lewis

The Crystal Roberts Story: T...Marques Lewis

Many women in the world are looking for the “perfect guy”. Crystal Roberts is one of them that will not settle for anything less. Crystal is your everyday average woman: she’s independent, hard working, doesn’t have any kids, and has a good… more

The Crystal Roberts Story: The Diary Of The Road To The Perfect Guy
Marques Lewis
Disrespecting Lela - Julie Williams

Disrespecting LelaJulie Williams

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A deadly reaction to a perceived show of disrespect unknowingly triggers an avalanche of lies and secrets that will be explosive for an entire city.

Disrespecting Lela
Julie Williams
Julie Williams/JXW Communications , English
Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio... - F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

Brooklyn's Own: The Nortorio...F. "K?Life" Robinson, W. Ikh...

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The Nortorious A-Team is the tale of the rise and fall of one of New York City’s most ruthless crews. Reaching its height in the 1980’s the ENY band of street disciples ran Cypress with an iron fist. There will only be one Allah team, and t… more

Brooklyn’s Own: The Nortorious A-Team
F. “K?Life” Robinson, W. Ikhan Dejesus, F. Gee Heyward
Almost Real Life Books , English
Craving Insanity - Ashara

Craving InsanityAshara

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Ava, Jordan, Sydney, and Shane are back in this highly anticipated sequel to “DONE” and the stakes are higher than ever!

Playboy Jordan Arrington has a pregnant mistress, a crazy wife on the side, and a ministry to protect from the mess h… more

Craving Insanity
Ashara , English
Sex with the lights on: The ... - Night The Author

Sex with the lights on: The ...Night The Author

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Night The Author has collected everything juicy..wet..erotic..thought provoking..and a special preview of the new book..”The Work Wife”…this book will get you going..ready for bed and head.

Sex with the lights on: The Complete Collection
Night The Author
How Should This Black Woman ... - Tyron Faison

How Should This Black Woman ...Tyron Faison

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Part 2 of How Should This Black Woman Find Love? The drama picks right back up from where it stopped in the first book. Mona is searching for love while in the midst of somewhat of a love triangle.

Love , Deception, Betrayal, Pain… more

How Should This Black Woman Find Love? pt.2
Tyron Faison
Tyron Faison , English