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When Love Calls - L.A. Smith

When Love CallsL.A. Smith

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Love is the furthest thought from Keon ‘KC’ Carter’s mind. He’s having too much fun being a bachelor. However, once he takes a different look at the sultry Shaeterra Jackson, he can’t stop thinking about her. Still, his lust for her doesn’t… more

When Love Calls
L.A. Smith
Black Angle Publishers , English
Married to the Military - Tanya McDaniel

Married to the MilitaryTanya McDaniel

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When I married my husband I did not know that most of our married life he would be in the military. I did not know much about the military life before except what I read about or saw on tv. This book was written to give you a look into a … more

Married to the Military
Tanya McDaniel
RadiKal Publications , English
My Two Henrietta's  (Annotat... - Bernadette Ford

My Two Henrietta's (Annotat...Bernadette Ford

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A Love Story Amid the Search for My Ancestors

My Two Henrietta’s (Annotated): Discovering a Love Story Amid the Search for My Ancestors
Bernadette Ford
REIGN: Fallen III (The FALLE... - Xodus Morgan

REIGN: Fallen III (The FALLE...Xodus Morgan

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You CANNOT rebuke a devil, you continuously grant access to your life. For no one can succeed in resisting sensual seduction by physical strength alone.”Inspired by ~1 Samuel 2:9~In REIGN: Fallen 3, An Ancient Evil rises and his REIGN begi… more

REIGN: Fallen III (The FALLEN by Xodus Novels Book 3)
Xodus Morgan
Night Angel Publishings , English
Underneath It All (Sisterhoo... - A. D.

Underneath It All (Sisterhoo...A. D.

Monica Sutton has spent most of her life detesting her reflection. Her best friends love her no matter what, but she just cannot see the woman they see in her. She finally decides to do something about the way she looks and discovers hersel… more

Underneath It All (Sisterhood Chronicles Book 1)
A. D.
Everything Happens For A Reason - Tela Allen

Everything Happens For A ReasonTela Allen

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In relationships there will always be problems and arguments, but what happens when the lies become the truth and the truth becomes reality? How would you handle the lies, cheating and disloyalty amongst the people that are the closest to y… more

Everything Happens For A Reason
Tela Allen
Infants of the Spring - Wallace Thurman

Infants of the SpringWallace Thurman

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This minor classic of the Harlem Renaissance centers on the larger-than-life inhabitants of “Niggerati Manor,” an uptown apartment building modeled on the rooming house where the author once lived among other celebrated black artists and wr… more

Infants of the Spring
Wallace Thurman
Dover Publications , English
Sleepin' in Heaven, Wakin' in Hell - Forever REDD

Sleepin' in Heaven, Wakin' in HellForever REDD

Introducing Victoria, a young, beautiful and smart go getter that is looking to find a mate that not only compliments her, but proves to be the missing piece to her life’s puzzle. That missing piece was later found in the infamous Major “Jo… more

Sleepin’ in Heaven, Wakin’ in Hell
Forever REDD
ZitrO Publications , English
Mr. Goode-Bar 2, "Exposed" - Marilyn Mays

Mr. Goode-Bar 2, "Exposed"Marilyn Mays

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Jay Goode, has been taught that his mission in life is to satisfy the sexual needs of women all over the world. But his methods are controversial, and totally against the law. The pressure mounts for Jay with the loss of his grandmother, a… more

Mr. Goode-Bar 2, “Exposed”
Marilyn Mays
Marilyn Mays , English
80 Proof Lives - Felicia S.W. Thomas

80 Proof LivesFelicia S.W. Thomas

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Average wait: 3h

Fifteen-year-old Fla Fry feels lonely, unloved, and destined to go nowhere after graduation. To pay off her mother’s beer tab, she is forced to clean house for the local madam and bootleg queen, Miss Lipstick, during the summer of 1976.

80 Proof Lives
Felicia S.W. Thomas
Come, Elysium - James Logan Harben

Come, ElysiumJames Logan Harben

Indians have reservations … we will have a nation!” A select group of Afro-Americans form the core of a new government that will, by non-violent legal maneuverings, acquire a large portion of southern Alabama to become the new nation … more

Come, Elysium
James Logan Harben
Tate Publishing , English
What Few Will Think and None... - Robert Saunders

What Few Will Think and None...Robert Saunders

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What Few Think and None Will Say is the story of being born into an insane world, living in a world never fully understood, finally to become lost in the woods of futile existence as seen though the eyes of one dearly holding on to a sanity… more

What Few Will Think and None Will Say
Robert Saunders
The Broke Brothers' Revolution - J. Shawn Durham

The Broke Brothers' RevolutionJ. Shawn Durham

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Carlos Tyrone is pissed. More specifically, he’s pissed with his awful live-in girlfriend/baby-mama, Lola, who has become ungrateful, unloving and increasingly irritable. Seeking an outlet to vent this frustration, the newspaper columnist w… more

The Broke Brothers’ Revolution
J. Shawn Durham
JSD, Ink , English
A Song For Terri Ross - Will Gibson

A Song For Terri RossWill Gibson

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This novel is about a beautiful young lady from a small Iowa town whose longtime college sweetheart becomes a famous NBA basketball star, and how this affects her own hopes and dreams. This is more than just a smart love story. It’s also ab… more

A Song For Terri Ross
Will Gibson
Deceitful Temptations (Decei... - Tiana Hymon

Deceitful Temptations (Decei...Tiana Hymon

Just how far will you go to deceive someone? Will you tell one lie to cover up another? Will you hurt the ones you love in order to cover up deception at any cost? Meet Pastor Maurice James and his wife Charmaine. The two once shared a stro… more

Deceitful Temptations (Deceitful Series)
Tiana Hymon
A Man of My Own - Barbara Joe Williams

A Man of My OwnBarbara Joe Williams

Average wait: 8d, 11h

Lisa LaRaye Bradford arrives in Dallas, Texas, with two brown Louis Vuitton leather bags filled with designer clothes and a dream of marrying a rich man. She soon meets Dr. Desmond Taylor, a noted dermatologist, who quickly falls under her … more

A Man of My Own
Barbara Joe Williams
Amani Publishing, LLC , English
Lola & The World of Buddy Shortt - Will Gibson

Lola & The World of Buddy ShorttWill Gibson

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This is an unconventional story about a beautiful, internationally acclaimed African American dancer named Lola Fleming and a well-known white American race-car driver who share a secret that, if known, could destroy everything Lola has wor… more

Lola & The World of Buddy Shortt
Will Gibson
Catch Fire - Tina Brooks McKinney

Catch FireTina Brooks McKinney

What would you do if you woke up one morning and found yourself strapped to a bed? What if your only memory was that of a stupid prank gone bad? These were some of the questions raging through Jordan Bree’s mind. Four years of confinement w… more

Catch Fire
Tina Brooks McKinney
Taboo Publishing , English
Guestlist - Jay Fingers

GuestlistJay Fingers

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Juliet Feliz moved to New York City, leaving an unfulfilling life and uncertain future behind her. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet’s life threatens to fall into the same rut as before—that is, until she meets… more

Jay Fingers
Be Cool Entertainment Holdings , English
Disrespecting Lela - Julie Williams

Disrespecting LelaJulie Williams

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A deadly reaction to a perceived show of disrespect unknowingly triggers an avalanche of lies and secrets that will be explosive for an entire city.

Disrespecting Lela
Julie Williams
Julie Williams/JXW Communications , English