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Private and Commercial Pilot... - Gene Hudson, Bridgette Doremire

Private and Commercial Pilot...Gene Hudson, Bridgette Doremire

The perfect companion for CFI’s. Taken from the “Flight Instructor Notebook (PPSEL & CPSEL)” by Bridgette Doremire & Gene Hudson, these Private & Commercial Pilot lesson plans are “topic” based. Different from the “lesson plan” that is a pl… more

Private and Commercial Pilot Lesson Plans
Gene Hudson, Bridgette Doremire
Qref Quick Reference Media , English
T-6A TEXAN II Systems Engine... - World Spaceflight News, Air ...

T-6A TEXAN II Systems Engine...World Spaceflight News, Air ...

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This is one of a series of systems engineering case studies prepared by the Air Force Center for Systems Engineering. This case study analyzes the T-6A Texan II, a derivative of a commercial aircraft, the PC-9, manufactured by Pilatus Aircr… more

T-6A TEXAN II Systems Engineering Case Study - Derivative of PC-9 Pilatus Aircraft - JPATS Program, Training System, Hawker Beechcraft History
World Spaceflight News, Air Force Institute of Technology, Air Force Center for Systems Engineering, Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Military, U.S. Air Force (USAF)
Progressive Management , English
SURVIVAL MANUAL, SURVIVAL GU... - U.S. Department of Defense, ...

SURVIVAL MANUAL, SURVIVAL GU...U.S. Department of Defense, ...

SURVIVAL MANUAL, SURVIVAL GUIDE, SURVIVAL HANDBOOK, SERE, combined with AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT AND AIRCRAFT TYPE RATING Practical Test Standards for AIRPLANE Take a look at the sample for this book and for details about downloading 500 fre… more

SURVIVAL MANUAL, SURVIVAL GUIDE, SURVIVAL HANDBOOK, SERE, combined with AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT AND AIRCRAFT TYPE RATING Practical Test Standards for AIRPLANE, … Army field manuals when you sample this book
U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Military, Delene Kvasnicka of Survivalebooks, U.S. Army, U.S. Government
www.survivalebooks.com, www.armytechnicalmanuals.com, www.armymilitarymanuals.com , English
To the End of the Solar Syst... - James A. Dewar

To the End of the Solar Syst...James A. Dewar

Chemically propelled rockets can lift less than 5 percent of their take-off weight into orbit, a fact that could forever limit the space program. Nuclear-powered rockets, however, with their superior thrusting power and speed, are radica… more

To the End of the Solar System: The Story of the Nuclear Rocket
James A. Dewar
University Press of Kentucky , English
Aeronautics in theory and ex... - William Lewis Cowley, Hyman Levy

Aeronautics in theory and ex...William Lewis Cowley, Hyman Levy

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Aeronautics in theory and experiment. 370 Pages.

Aeronautics in theory and experiment
William Lewis Cowley, Hyman Levy
Principles of Flight - Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Principles of FlightPhillip Duke Ph.D.

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This book is a general exposition of its subject, Principles of Flight. The Hows and Whys of LTA, HTA, and space flight are presented, explained and discussed. It is expected that flyers and non-flyers of all ages will find this book intere… more

Principles of Flight
Phillip Duke Ph.D.
Phillip Duke Ph.D. , English
Powered Parachute Flying Han... - Federal Aviation Administration

Powered Parachute Flying Han...Federal Aviation Administration

As far back as the twelfth century, people have loved to parachute. From China’s umbrella and Leonardo da Vinci’s pyramid-shaped flying device to the first air-plane jump in 1912, the urge to leap and soar with the wind has long been a part… more

Powered Parachute Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-29)
Federal Aviation Administration
Skyhorse Publishing , English
Principles of Flight - Phillip Duke

Principles of FlightPhillip Duke

The hows and whys of  lighter and heavier than air flight are explained in theory, and described. in practice. Theoretical subjects include the Laws of Motion and Archimedes’s and Bernoulli’s Principles, as they apply to atmospheric flight…. more

Principles of Flight
Phillip Duke
Phillip Duke , English
Navy Electricity and Electro... - The United States Army, Depa...

Navy Electricity and Electro...The United States Army, Depa...

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Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series Module 10 Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas NAVEDTRA 14182

Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series Module 10 Introduction to Wave Propagation, Transmission Lines, and Antennas NAVEDTRA 14182
The United States Army, Department of Defense, U.S. Army Marine Corps Navy and Air Force, Department Of The Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Military, U.S. Air Force
21st Century U.S. Military D... - U.S. Government, Department ...

21st Century U.S. Military D...U.S. Government, Department ...

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Three Air Force documents provide unique information about USAF operations of the E-4 aircraft.

Contents: Operations Procedures * Aircrew Evaluation Criteria * Aircrew Training

Chapter 1 * GENERAL INFORMATION * 1.1. General * 1.2. Applica… more

21st Century U.S. Military Documents: Air Force E-4 Nightwatch Command Post Aircraft - Operations Procedures, Aircrew Evaluation Criteria, Aircrew Training Flying Operations
U.S. Government, Department of Defense, U.S. Military, U.S. Air Force
Progressive Management , English
The Archangel and the OXCART - Jeannette Remak, Joseph Ventolo Jr

The Archangel and the OXCARTJeannette Remak, Joseph Ventolo Jr

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This is a REVISED edition to correct problems with first book.The A-12 Blackbird has long been the source of speculation. Born in secrecy, it represented a massive technological leap at a time when the Cold War was at its most dangerous poi… more

The Archangel and the OXCART
Jeannette Remak, Joseph Ventolo Jr
Phoenix Aviation Research , English
Aviation Facts & Rumors: Boo... - Robert McAuley

Aviation Facts & Rumors: Boo...Robert McAuley

What was the P-51 named before becoming the Mustang? Which was the first Major League baseball team to buy their own aircraft? Who was the first woman helicopter pilot? What was the Constellation named before becoming the Connie? What U.S.more

Aviation Facts & Rumors: Book II (Aviation Facts & Rumors: Book 2)
Robert McAuley
Robert P. McAuley , English
Echoes Among the Stars: A Sh... - Patrick J. Walsh

Echoes Among the Stars: A Sh...Patrick J. Walsh

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Drawing on newly declassified information about the development of the U.S. and Soviet space programs and their impact on each other, and featuring 16 pages of photos, this fascinating factual account captures all the drama of the Space Rac… more

Echoes Among the Stars: A Short History of the U.S. Space Program
Patrick J. Walsh
M.E. Sharpe , English
Seconds to Disaster. US Edition - Glenn Meade, Ray Ronan

Seconds to Disaster. US EditionGlenn Meade, Ray Ronan

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Everyone Who Flies, Or Loves Someone Who Flies Should Read This”Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, Miracle On The Hudson.As with the Air France Flight 447 tragedy, much of the time air crashes are a confluence of events; a cascade of bad luck, … more

Seconds to Disaster. US Edition
Glenn Meade, Ray Ronan
Presidential Directive on Na... -

Presidential Directive on Na...

Between the issuance of the first Reagan administration space policy statement in July 1982 and 1987, there were a number of significant changes, including the Challenger accident, increased emphasis on the commercial uses of space, and the… more

Presidential Directive on National Space Policy
Avalon Publishers , English
CV Spring 2011 - Will Roney

CV Spring 2011Will Roney

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Will Roney CV / Resume - Spring 2011

CV Spring 2011
Will Roney
DIDO Optimization of a Lunar... - Michael R. Francis

DIDO Optimization of a Lunar...Michael R. Francis

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In this study, the current and expected state of lunar landing technology is assessed. Contrasts are drawn between the technologies used during the Apollo era versus that which will be used in the next decade in an attempt to return to the … more

DIDO Optimization of a Lunar Landing Trajectory with Respect to Autonomous Landing Hazard Avoidance Technology
Michael R. Francis
X-15: Extending the Frontier... - National Aeronautics and Spa...

X-15: Extending the Frontier...National Aeronautics and Spa...

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The X-15 was the ultimate “X” vehicle. Built in the 1950s, she became the fastest and highest-flying winged aircraft of its time. During 199 flights from 1959 through 1968, she collected data about hypersonic flight that was invaluable to a… more

X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Dennis R. Jenkins
The book of record of the ti... - Westinghouse Electric Corporation

The book of record of the ti...Westinghouse Electric Corporation

THE TIME CAPSULE A SEGMENT OF OUR TIME PRESERVED FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS IHEN WE SURVEY THE PAST and note how perishable are all human things, we are moved to attempt the preservation of some of the world’s present material & intellectual sy… more

The book of record of the time capsule of cupaloy
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
AMA Publication , English
The Early History of the Airplane - Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright

The Early History of the AirplaneOrville Wright, Wilbur Wright

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Early History of the Airplane
Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright