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Retire Tomorrow With the Mon... - J.P. Langston

Retire Tomorrow With the Mon...J.P. Langston

A guide to moving or retiring overseas at any age or with any income. This book includes reasons why you should consider moving overseas, how to retire overseas on as little as $500 per month as well as the ranking of thirty one countries t… more

Retire Tomorrow With the Money You Have Today: Where to Retire Overseas at any Age or Income
J.P. Langston
Aber Bridge , English
NEBULAR 27 - The HOT - Thomas Rabenstein

NEBULAR 27 - The HOTThomas Rabenstein

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Tensions remain high, even with the hasty retreat of the Circle Invaders from the solar system. The sudden appearance of the Techno-Center and panic from the cuckoo-gene may have given the Solar Union Fleet the upper-hand, but there are st… more

Thomas Rabenstein
SciFi-World Medien Verlag , English
A Year Without Underwear: Ex... - Ralph Monfort

A Year Without Underwear: Ex...Ralph Monfort

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Having been promoted to a top management position in the space R&D field, Colonel Ralph Monfort finds himself too far from the action and decides to give himself a fiftieth birthday gift-his own retirement from the U.S. Air Force. It didn’… more

A Year Without Underwear: Exploring the World on a Bicycle
Ralph Monfort
iUniverse , English
All Across China - Ellen Weisberg

All Across ChinaEllen Weisberg

All Across China” is one of the first children’s books that Chipmunkapublishing has published and is proud to call its own. This book was the result of the input of several knowledgeable people, including two Asian Americans and one Asian … more

All Across China
Ellen Weisberg
Chipmunkapublishing , English
Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1) - Keith Laumer

Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1)Keith Laumer

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The authorized history of the frontier worlds of the 29th century is readily available to anyone who cares to pore through the official files of the Terrestrial Diplomatic Corps.

For serious students of history, however, it would be well t… more

Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1)
Keith Laumer
Fiction Hunter Press , English


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Unfit and overweight at the age of 58 in 2002, Mary set off with her partner Warren to cycle round the world. They cycled for 2 years through 15 countries and 3 continents without backup or support, through areas not usually visited by tour… more

Banner Men - James Warhardy

Banner MenJames Warhardy

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The story of three broken men - Mr. Primo, Mr. Dewey and Mr. Thrice - sitting upon a bench on a hill, watching the Funeral for the Last of the Banner Men, reminiscing of the old days, in a place called the Droke. And who knows? Some of t… more

Banner Men
James Warhardy
The Sword of Lankor - Larry Maddock, Jack Owen Jar...

The Sword of LankorLarry Maddock, Jack Owen Jar...

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There were four of them. Three were bipeds of various hues but with subtle differences which indicated strikingly dissimilar origins. The fourth was smooth, pale, egg-shaped with two eyestalks. They had come across thousands of light years … more

The Sword of Lankor
Larry Maddock, Jack Owen Jardine, Julie Ann Jardine
Guinness World Records 2013 ... - Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records 2013 ...Guinness World Records

Welcome to The Adventure Chapter ebook, an excerpt from Guinness World Records 2013. This is the record-breaking home of the world’s greatest adventurers – impressive heroes who explore the most extreme parts of the world and undertake epi… more

Guinness World Records 2013 - The Adventure Chapter
Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records , English
Changing Cadence: Meditation... - Michael Dillon

Changing Cadence: Meditation...Michael Dillon

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When the company where he worked was acquired in the midst of one of the country’s most severe recessions, Mike Dillon found himself without a job. It’s a story common to many, but Dillon’s response was far from expected. Instead of searchi… more

Changing Cadence: Meditations on Life, Family and Country from a Leather Bicycle Seat
Michael Dillon
Ooski Publishing , English
Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wa... - Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox

Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wa...Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox

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A thrilling stand-alone novel addition to the long-running, popular Man-Kzin Wars series created by New York Times multiple best seller, Larry Niven.“Ah, the wealth o’ the treasure planet be beyond the dreams of Man or the hopes o’ Kzin!”On… more

Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wars Series offshoot Book 2)
Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox
Baen Books , English
The Book - Clare Ann Matz

The BookClare Ann Matz

“The Book” recounts the tsunami which took place in Asia on December 26th 2004 . I, The Book, survived it and this is my tale. With me were six men, four women, two children and a pregnant cat. This is their story too; people who found them… more

The Book
Clare Ann Matz
Clare Ann Matz , English
No Escape: Book One in the M... - Danny B McGuire

No Escape: Book One in the M...Danny B McGuire

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After her desperate flight from a highly classified facility in Russia, Anna has made her way to America. Using intelligence, subtlety, and her unique abilities, she’ll do anything to avoid her pursuers. Perhaps even more difficult for an… more

No Escape: Book One in the Mark IV Anna Series
Danny B McGuire
Paper Bard Media , English
Freighter Odyssey - Around t... - Dale Stenseth

Freighter Odyssey - Around t...Dale Stenseth

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2013 update includes link to 80 images. In October 2008, the author began a journey around the world, as a passenger on a working freighter. The ship visited 17 ports in the US and 8 foreign countries, and passed through the Suez and Panama… more

Freighter Odyssey - Around the World in 130 Days
Dale Stenseth
Ultimate Guide to The Perfec... - Dwight Dixon

Ultimate Guide to The Perfec...Dwight Dixon

A complete guide to learning travel games for the whole family. This is you guide to keeping your kids and everyone else occupied during that long trip. You will no longer have to spend your time in the car listening to your children fight … more

Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Travel Games: Keeping You and Your Kids Occupied on Those Long Trips
Dwight Dixon
Shadowrun: Hell on Water - Jason Hardy

Shadowrun: Hell on WaterJason Hardy

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Six shadowrunners. Three mysterious packages. And twelve kilometers of a dangerous, dilapidated bridge across one of the wildest sprawls of the Sixth World.

It should be a simple job. Retrieve three sealed packages, th… more

Shadowrun: Hell on Water
Jason Hardy
Catalyst Game Labs , English


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THE COSMIC ADVENTURE CONTINUES…. Star Man and his companions are caught in a diabolical time trap. Meanwhile on Mars, freedom fighter Lori Beldon and ex-spy David McKenna oppose absolute dictatorship by the ruthless autocrat, Vincent Card… more

THE FIFTH STAR MAN OMNIBUS: #9 The Centaurians & #10 The Emperor
The gap-year guidebook 2014:... - Jonathan Barnes

The gap-year guidebook 2014:...Jonathan Barnes

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Everything you need to know about taking a gap-year, year out or career break. The gap-year guidebook has comprehensive advice for career breakers & mature travellers on how to prepare for your time out and how to cope with life afterwards:… more

The gap-year guidebook 2014: Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Gap-year or Year Out
Jonathan Barnes
John Catt Educational , English
NEBULAR Collection 3 - Morgo... - Thomas Rabenstein

NEBULAR Collection 3 - Morgo...Thomas Rabenstein

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The Yax K’uk’Mo’s expedition team has learned the coordinates of a central Portal planet from the Myzel. Flying to this mysterious world, though dangerous, is vital because it seems to have a connection to the Dark Brotherhood. Arkroid and … more

NEBULAR Collection 3 - Morgotradon: Episode 12 - 16
Thomas Rabenstein
SciFi-World Medien Verlag , English
No Thru Road: Confessions of... - Clement Salvadori

No Thru Road: Confessions of...Clement Salvadori

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Moto-journalist Clement Salvadori has been riding motorcycles since the age of 15 and traveling all of his life, accumulating well over a million miles in the saddle across more than 70 countries on six continents. No Thru Road covers 30 di… more

No Thru Road: Confessions of a Traveling Man
Clement Salvadori
Trovatello Press , English