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India With A Bang - Brown Vagabonder

India With A BangBrown Vagabonder

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26 year old Brown from Toronto has a passion for life: good foods, diverse friends, solid ties to family, and learning about the world around her.Taking the opportunity of a friend’s wedding invitation, Brown travels to India, where she fea… more

India With A Bang
Brown Vagabonder
All Across China - Ellen Weisberg

All Across ChinaEllen Weisberg

All Across China” is one of the first children’s books that Chipmunkapublishing has published and is proud to call its own. This book was the result of the input of several knowledgeable people, including two Asian Americans and one Asian … more

All Across China
Ellen Weisberg
Chipmunkapublishing , English
Guinness World Records 2013 ... - Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records 2013 ...Guinness World Records

Welcome to The Adventure Chapter ebook, an excerpt from Guinness World Records 2013. This is the record-breaking home of the world’s greatest adventurers – impressive heroes who explore the most extreme parts of the world and undertake epi… more

Guinness World Records 2013 - The Adventure Chapter
Guinness World Records
Guinness World Records , English
Ultimate Guide to The Perfec... - Dwight Dixon

Ultimate Guide to The Perfec...Dwight Dixon

A complete guide to learning travel games for the whole family. This is you guide to keeping your kids and everyone else occupied during that long trip. You will no longer have to spend your time in the car listening to your children fight … more

Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Travel Games: Keeping You and Your Kids Occupied on Those Long Trips
Dwight Dixon
WIDE SKY, NARROW PATH: A Vie... - Courtney L. Mann

WIDE SKY, NARROW PATH: A Vie...Courtney L. Mann

A modern pilgrimage of passages through the heights and depths of solitude and companionship, the Appalachian Trail thru-hike is a journey into the soul as much as through the mountains. In this inspirational collection of vignettes and re… more

WIDE SKY, NARROW PATH: A View From The Trail
Courtney L. Mann
Xlibris , English


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Unfit and overweight at the age of 58 in 2002, Mary set off with her partner Warren to cycle round the world. They cycled for 2 years through 15 countries and 3 continents without backup or support, through areas not usually visited by tour… more

Freighter Odyssey - Around t... - Dale Stenseth

Freighter Odyssey - Around t...Dale Stenseth

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2013 update includes link to 80 images.In October 2008, the author began a journey around the world, as a passenger on a working freighter. The ship visited 17 ports in the US and 8 foreign countries, and passed through the Suez and Panama … more

Freighter Odyssey - Around the World in 130 Days
Dale Stenseth
Party Travel by Henry Gold - Bri-Mel Pubs

Party Travel by Henry GoldBri-Mel Pubs

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Party Travel by Henry Gold
Bri-Mel Pubs
Retire Tomorrow With the Mon... - J.P. Langston

Retire Tomorrow With the Mon...J.P. Langston

A guide to moving or retiring overseas at any age or with any income. This book includes reasons why you should consider moving overseas, how to retire overseas on as little as $500 per month as well as the ranking of thirty one countries t… more

Retire Tomorrow With the Money You Have Today: Where to Retire Overseas at any Age or Income
J.P. Langston
Aber Bridge , English
Singletrack: The Travel Feat... - Jérôme Clémentz, Matt Wragg,...

Singletrack: The Travel Feat...Jérôme Clémentz, Matt Wragg,...

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We’ve collected together all our published travel features from the 2012 issues of Singletrack Magazine, formatted them into this ebook, so you can read all our adventures at your leisure, featuring a mix of both international and UK-based … more

Singletrack: The Travel Features - Vol 1
Jérôme Clémentz, Matt Wragg, Brendon Tyree, Benji Howarth, John Ross, Reuben Krabbe, Dominkia Skonieczna, Daniel Klawczy?ski, David Martin
Gofar Enterprises ltd , English
TransAmerica Biking Adventur... - Mark Wilson Kelley

TransAmerica Biking Adventur...Mark Wilson Kelley

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This is the detailed account of Brian and Mark as they cycled 4,500 miles across America. Biking across America is an adventure unlike any other. Unlike a wilderness adventure, biking across America is public. Good people, bad people, house… more

TransAmerica Biking Adventure: Cycling 4,500 Miles Across America
Mark Wilson Kelley
Wide Hips, Narrow Shoulders:... - Monte Lowrance

Wide Hips, Narrow Shoulders:...Monte Lowrance

This is a story about a 45-year-old man who simplifies his life by getting rid of his material possessions and then sets off around America on a bicycle to discover new ideas about his country and himself. The journey takes him through all… more

Wide Hips, Narrow Shoulders: A Bike Touring Adventure Story
Monte Lowrance
iUniverse , English
Adventure Tales of Wayward: ... - Mark Wilson Kelley

Adventure Tales of Wayward: ...Mark Wilson Kelley

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This is the intimate account of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. In the months preceding my thru-hike, I was deeply depressed, struggling with coming of age, substance abuse, and relationships. The trail presented a unique opportunity for di… more

Adventure Tales of Wayward: An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker
Mark Wilson Kelley
Beyond the Devil's Teeth: Jo... - Tahir Shah

Beyond the Devil's Teeth: Jo...Tahir Shah

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Forty-five million years ago, the supercontinent of Gondwanaland split apart. This created what are now known as India, Africa and South America. The huge landmass was named after the Gond people of India. Meeting a Gond storyteller on a v… more

Beyond the Devil’s Teeth: Journeys in Gondwanaland
Tahir Shah
Secretum Mundi , English
BASE 66: A Story of Fear, Fu... - Jevto Dedijer

BASE 66: A Story of Fear, Fu...Jevto Dedijer

BASE 66 is the true, nerve-wracking account of three young skydivers and their quest for membership in the most select extreme sports club on earth: The BASE club. In order to become a full-fledged member, Jevto Dedijer, Bernard Poirier, a… more

BASE 66: A Story of Fear, Fun, and Freefall
Jevto Dedijer
iUniverse , English
Without a Spare - Bonnie Kassel

Without a SpareBonnie Kassel

Bonnie simply wanted a break after graduating from college. But unexpected things happened during a trip to Europe and she didn’t return home for years. When Bonnie needed money, she did anything from working as a barmaid on an army base in… more

Without a Spare
Bonnie Kassel
Nearly Free: The world accor... - Eleanor Ross

Nearly Free: The world accor...Eleanor Ross

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Chowing down on tagine in Marrakesh, accidentally supporting Romney at a US Presidential rally in Florida and doing her best to avoid rogue airlines, Nearly Free could read like a typical gap year travel book. However the first hand account… more

Nearly Free: The world according to a hapless grad
Eleanor Ross
Eleanor Ross , English
One Man's Dream - One Woman'... - Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve...

One Man's Dream - One Woman'...Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve...

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In August of 1999 Steve and Sharon Hendricks untied their dock lines and left their marina in Washington state to sail the world aboard their 37 foot sail boat Poet’s Place.This is the story of their six year journey half way around the wor… more

One Man’s Dream - One Woman’s Reality
Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve Hendricks
Steve & Sharon Hendricks , English
Colorado to Alaska: A Hitchh... - Scott Deitler

Colorado to Alaska: A Hitchh...Scott Deitler

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In 1978 I hitchhiked from Boulder, Colorado to Alaska. This book is an account of that trip based on my diaries. Travel with me through beautiful National Parks and along the 1,400 mile long dirt Alaskan Highway. Hear about my encounters wi… more

Colorado to Alaska: A Hitchhiking Journey
Scott Deitler
The Book - Clare Ann Matz

The BookClare Ann Matz

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“The Book” recounts the tsunami which took place in Asia on December 26th 2004 . I, The Book, survived it and this is my tale. With me were six men, four women, two children and a pregnant cat. This is their story too; people who found them… more

The Book
Clare Ann Matz
Clare Ann Matz , English