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Worlds of the Imperium - Keith Laumer

Worlds of the ImperiumKeith Laumer

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For Brion Bayard, the discovery of an alternate world to Earth where history took a different turn in the road was not a pleasant experience. His kidnapping brought him some startling revelations. Here was a world in which appeared identica… more

Worlds of the Imperium
Keith Laumer
Fiction Hunter Press , English
Alone in the Universe (The C... - Patrick Stutzman

Alone in the Universe (The C...Patrick Stutzman

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Word of Anna’s demise has turned out to be nothing more than just stories. She is alive! Aboard her ship with Kate by her side, she flees from the aliens that have haunted her for years, not knowing why they want her.

As Anna returns to hu… more

Alone in the Universe (The Chronicles of Anna Foster Book 4)
Patrick Stutzman
In Search of Greener Grass - Graham Field

In Search of Greener GrassGraham Field

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Destined to appeal to anyone with a passion for bikes, travel and adventure, In Search of Greener Grass is a fascinating account of the author’s adventurous travels by motorbike and his life as a whole. Written with a refreshing self dispar… more

In Search of Greener Grass
Graham Field
Matador , English
Doc Savage: The Whistling Wr... - Kenneth Robeson, Will Murray...

Doc Savage: The Whistling Wr...Kenneth Robeson, Will Murray...

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When the ruler of the Balkan state of Merida vanishes from his locked limousine, official Washington is baffled. The President of the United States summons the one man who can solve the mystery––Doc Savage!

No sooner does the Man of Bron... <a class="more" href="/books/detail/B00ON7G3DY/#editorial-review">more</a>
Doc Savage: The Whistling Wraith (The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage Book 13)
Kenneth Robeson, Will Murray, Lester Dent
Altus Press , English
No Escape: Book One in the M... - Danny B McGuire

No Escape: Book One in the M...Danny B McGuire

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After her desperate flight from a highly classified facility in Russia, Anna has made her way to America. Using intelligence, subtlety, and her unique abilities, she’ll do anything to avoid her pursuers. Perhaps even more difficult for an… more

No Escape: Book One in the Mark IV Anna Series
Danny B McGuire
Paper Bard Media , English
Between Worlds - Andrew Welch

Between WorldsAndrew Welch

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Between Worlds chronicles a real journey of discovery from the harsh winter of Georgia to the wilds of Mongolia by bicycle. A lone ride which began in Tbilisi and continued through Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal ending in Mongolia… more

Between Worlds
Andrew Welch
Beyond the Devil's Teeth: Jo... - Tahir Shah

Beyond the Devil's Teeth: Jo...Tahir Shah

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Forty-five million years ago, the supercontinent of Gondwanaland split apart. This created what are now known as India, Africa and South America. The huge landmass was named after the Gond people of India. Meeting a Gond storyteller on a v… more

Beyond the Devil’s Teeth: Journeys in Gondwanaland
Tahir Shah
Secretum Mundi , English
Dragon - James McCormick

DragonJames McCormick

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Dragon is an epic, action packed tale of adventure set amongst the political backdrop of an uneasy intergalactic cease fire. As worlds conspire against each other, Gax, an insane warlord stockpiles an arsenal of ancient technology in his at… more

James McCormick
Class Act Books , English
Twilight at the Well of Soul... - Jack L. Chalker

Twilight at the Well of Soul...Jack L. Chalker

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Welcome to the Well World: a construct of an ancient defunct race known as the Markovians. The Well World acts both as the controller of and the gateway to 1560 worlds created by the Markovians at the end of their time.

Twilight at the W… more

Twilight at the Well of Souls (Well World Saga: Volume 5)
Jack L. Chalker
Phoenix Pick , English
Ultimate Guide to The Perfec... - Dwight Dixon

Ultimate Guide to The Perfec...Dwight Dixon

A complete guide to learning travel games for the whole family. This is you guide to keeping your kids and everyone else occupied during that long trip. You will no longer have to spend your time in the car listening to your children fight … more

Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Travel Games: Keeping You and Your Kids Occupied on Those Long Trips
Dwight Dixon
Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wa... - Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox

Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wa...Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox

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A thrilling stand-alone novel addition to the long-running, popular Man-Kzin Wars series created by New York Times multiple best seller, Larry Niven.“Ah, the wealth o’ the treasure planet be beyond the dreams of Man or the hopes o’ Kzin!”On… more

Treasure Planet (Man-Kzin Wars Series offshoot Book 2)
Hal Colebatch, Jessica Q. Fox
Baen Books , English
Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1) - Keith Laumer

Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1)Keith Laumer

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The authorized history of the frontier worlds of the 29th century is readily available to anyone who cares to pore through the official files of the Terrestrial Diplomatic Corps.

For serious students of history, however, it would be well t… more

Envoy to New Worlds (Retief Book 1)
Keith Laumer
Fiction Hunter Press , English
The gap-year guidebook 2014:... - Jonathan Barnes

The gap-year guidebook 2014:...Jonathan Barnes

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Everything you need to know about taking a gap-year, year out or career break. The gap-year guidebook has comprehensive advice for career breakers & mature travellers on how to prepare for your time out and how to cope with life afterwards:… more

The gap-year guidebook 2014: Everything You Need to Know About Taking a Gap-year or Year Out
Jonathan Barnes
John Catt Educational , English
The Outlaws of Mars - Otis Adelbert Kline

The Outlaws of MarsOtis Adelbert Kline

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Jerry Morgan’s amazing trip to the distant past of mars! excerptAs the powerful car plunged up the mountain road, Jerry Morgan wondered what sort of reception awaited him at the end of this drive. Would the mysterious, eccentric man who was… more

The Outlaws of Mars
Otis Adelbert Kline
eStar Books , English
Lethal Incursion - Robert Paisley

Lethal IncursionRobert Paisley


Lethal Incursion
Robert Paisley
Lights on the Water/Impressi... - Jack Lyndon Thomas

Lights on the Water/Impressi...Jack Lyndon Thomas

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Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand: A Motorcycling Odyssey chronicles a 105-day motorcycling adventure I undertook in 2003 that covered 18,000 miles, often under difficult road situations. Weather conditions ranged from electric-ve… more

Lights on the Water/Impressions in the Sand: A Motorcycling Odyssey
Jack Lyndon Thomas
lyndonjacks publications , English
One Man's Dream - One Woman'... - Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve...

One Man's Dream - One Woman'...Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve...

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In August of 1999 Steve and Sharon Hendricks untied their dock lines and left their marina in Washington state to sail the world aboard their 37 foot sail boat Poet’s Place.

This is the story of their six year journey half way around the w… more

One Man’s Dream - One Woman’s Reality
Sharon Reed-Hendricks, Steve Hendricks
Steve & Sharon Hendricks , English
All Across China - Ellen Weisberg

All Across ChinaEllen Weisberg

All Across China” is one of the first children’s books that Chipmunkapublishing has published and is proud to call its own. This book was the result of the input of several knowledgeable people, including two Asian Americans and one Asian … more

All Across China
Ellen Weisberg
Chipmunkapublishing , English
Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra M... - James Raven

Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra M...James Raven

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The Sentinels of Tzurac is an action sci- fi story written in the spirit of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry productions, which stimulates the imagination and brings back the emotional excitement experienced by those of all ages who follow… more

Sentinels of Tzurac: Terra Major Under Threat
James Raven
CreateSpace , English
Freedom on Both Ends of the ... - Ara Gureghian

Freedom on Both Ends of the ...Ara Gureghian

Sometimes Life throws a curve ball and we need to catch it. It becomes a choice and turns into a commitment as it did for us. Spirit rescued me after I lost my only Child Lance to liver cancer, I rescued him two days away from euthanasia, a… more

Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey
Ara Gureghian
Ara Gureghian , English