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Adoption Reunion Stories - Shirley Budd Pusey

Adoption Reunion StoriesShirley Budd Pusey

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In Adoption Reunion Stories, the author chronicles the deeply moving experiences of thirty-eight adoptees and fifty-six other family members. Each person interviewed contributes insights gained through the process of learning about and/or m… more

Adoption Reunion Stories
Shirley Budd Pusey
Acacia Publishing, Inc. , English
Allison - Allen Say

AllisonAllen Say

When Allison tries on the red kimono her grandmother has sent her, she is suddenly aware that she resembles her favorite doll more than she does her mother and father. When her parents try to explain that she is adopted, her world becomes a… more

Allen Say
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English
Open Door, Open Hearts - S. Oliphant

Open Door, Open HeartsS. Oliphant

Foster care is more than what I ever could have imagined it to be. It has been the biggest challenge of my life and, every once in a while, the most gratifying. If I can see just a glimpse of change in any of these boys, it lets me know tha… more

Open Door, Open Hearts
S. Oliphant
Tate Publishing , English
Pregnancy Over 40 - Importan... - Christine Levy

Pregnancy Over 40 - Importan...Christine Levy

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If you are considering getting pregnant after 40 or perhaps you are pregnant already, then this book will help you understand certain important factors that is very important that you are aware of. 
You need to know what to expect and what… more

Pregnancy Over 40 - Important Aspects To Consider About Pregnacy After 40 - Special Edition
Christine Levy
Bonding and Attachment - Int... - Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMott...

Bonding and Attachment - Int...Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMott...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. This training will help you understand bonding and attachment issues and gives you practical suggestions to identify and address Bonding and Attachment issues in your child.Visit our website … more

Bonding and Attachment - International
Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMotte, Frances Waller
Potts Marketing Group , English
Rules of Illegacy:Shame On Me - Victoria Lynne

Rules of Illegacy:Shame On MeVictoria Lynne

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Identity is merely the external protection that surrounds your internal wiring; a unique composition. This life becomes seasoned by environment; flavored by heredity; destination yet unknown. Through the cultivation of relationships, and… more

Rules of Illegacy:Shame On Me
Victoria Lynne
Xlibris , English
Transracial Adoptions: An ad... - JoAnn Lang

Transracial Adoptions: An ad...JoAnn Lang

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The message is quite clear and very touching so it is forceful. Anyone reading this book will be touched by it and learn from it.” -Sharon E. Rush, civil rights lawyer and the Irving Copan professor of law at the University of Florida

Transracial Adoptions: An adoptive mother’s documentary of racism, injustice & joy
JoAnn Lang
iUniverse , English
Adopted - Marria Guzman

AdoptedMarria Guzman

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Adoptees/Birthmother Search Book, Reunited, is a search handbook for , Adult Adoptees, Birth-mothers, Siblings and Family members who are searching. This handbook was created by Professional Adoptee Researcher: Marria Guzmann, this book was… more

Marria Guzman
Marria Publishing , English
The Domestic Collection - Jim Ellis Fisher, Frances Wa...

The Domestic CollectionJim Ellis Fisher, Frances Wa...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. The Complete, 8 volume set, of Adoption Training Online’s Domestic Adoption Courses in one volume.Visit our website at www.AdoptionTrainingOnline.com for information about Certified Training … more

The Domestic Collection
Jim Ellis Fisher, Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte
Potts Marketing Group , English
Paths to Adoption - Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Paths to AdoptionFrances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. Thinking about adoption? Here’s valuable information to help you decide if adoption is right for you. This course covers domestic and international adoption options as well as pro and cons of… more

Paths to Adoption
Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte, Jim Ellis Fisher
Potts Marketing Group , English
The Biological Kids' Guide t... - Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.

The Biological Kids' Guide t...Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.

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A practical guide for older children/teens whose parents have, or are opening a foster home. Contains descriptions of different types of abuse.

The Biological Kids’ Guide to Surviving Life in a Foster Home
Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.
Jenifer Stockdale , English
The Russian Adoption Handbook - John Maclean

The Russian Adoption HandbookJohn Maclean

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Adopting a child can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, complex policies, legal risks, and fewer available children make adopting domestically difficult. International adoption offers a solution to parents yearning… more

The Russian Adoption Handbook
John Maclean
iUniverse , English
How Does It Feel? Your Child... - Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fi...

How Does It Feel? Your Child...Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fi...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. This training looks closely at the emotions your child holds, their roots and what you can do to positively address feelings.Visit our website at www.AdoptionTrainingOnline.com for informatio… more

How Does It Feel? Your Child and Emotions - International
Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMotte
Potts Marketing Group , English
Openness in Adoption - Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Openness in AdoptionFrances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. All adoptive families must answer these important questions: How open should we be with our child about his birth parents? Should our child be have any contact with her birth parents? In this… more

Openness in Adoption
Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte, Jim Ellis Fisher
Potts Marketing Group , English
Little Lord William; (Little... - Neil Hepler

Little Lord William; (Little...Neil Hepler

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A story of a small sweet potato named William Le’Spud as he is adopted by a loving family who takes him on a grand adventure.

Little Lord William; (Little Lord William Le’Spud)
Neil Hepler
Hepler Publishing , English
Understanding and Working wi... - Gillian Schofield

Understanding and Working wi...Gillian Schofield

For children growing up in foster care, the role of their birth parents is an important factor in the success of their long-term placements. Understanding the experiences of parents is therefore essential in order to develop effective socia… more

Understanding and Working with Parents of Children in Long-Term Foster Care
Gillian Schofield
Jessica Kingsley Publishers , English
Heritage Support for Our Int... - Bob Crawford

Heritage Support for Our Int...Bob Crawford

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This collection of seven direct and practical articles (with an introduction and a book/video list) details the China-adoptive child’s need for heritage support, briefly defined as information (age-appropriately given) about her history and… more

Heritage Support for Our Internationally-Adoptive Child
Bob Crawford
Bob Crawford , English
50 Things to Know About Bein... - Krista "KK" Mounsey, 50 Thin...

50 Things to Know About Bein...Krista "KK" Mounsey, 50 Thin...

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In today’s society, with the divorce rate on the rise, stepfamilies are becoming the norm rather than the exception. It is said that approximately one-third of children will be part of a stepfamily before they reach the age of eighteen. St… more

50 Things to Know About Being a Stepparent: Creating a Happy Blended Family (50 Things to Know Parenting Series)
Krista “KK” Mounsey, 50 Things To Know
50 Things to Know , English


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In addition to the fresh pain of losing their beloved mother, the two orphans are set to separate from each other following a decision by the clan members. It rules that, Vanessa relocates to a remote village with her aunt, while Paul stay… more

Some wishes for Glug - Daphne Ashley

Some wishes for GlugDaphne Ashley

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Glug’s story is of a birthmother who is thinking of her child who is adopted. She finds a novel way to “send” her love and good wishes. It is a story of healing. This story is useful for children who are left concerned about their birth mo… more

Some wishes for Glug
Daphne Ashley
Daphne Ashley , English