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Adoption Reunion Stories - Shirley Budd Pusey

Adoption Reunion StoriesShirley Budd Pusey

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In Adoption Reunion Stories, the author chronicles the deeply moving experiences of thirty-eight adoptees and fifty-six other family members. Each person interviewed contributes insights gained through the process of learning about and/or m… more

Adoption Reunion Stories
Shirley Budd Pusey
Acacia Publishing, Inc. , English
The Biological Kids' Guide t... - Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.

The Biological Kids' Guide t...Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.

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A practical guide for older children/teens whose parents have, or are opening a foster home. Contains descriptions of different types of abuse.

The Biological Kids’ Guide to Surviving Life in a Foster Home
Jenifer Stockdale M.Ed.
Jenifer Stockdale , English
Ladybug Love : 100 Chinese A... - Kat LaMons, Trish Diggins

Ladybug Love : 100 Chinese A...Kat LaMons, Trish Diggins

Live vicariously through the personal stories of 100 individual families at the exact moment they “met” the newest addition to their family. “Ladybug Love” chronicles both the challenges of international adoption – crushing paperwork, dueli… more

Ladybug Love : 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories
Kat LaMons, Trish Diggins
Marcinson Press , English
We Adopted a Dusty Miller: O... - Phyllis Bosley

We Adopted a Dusty Miller: O...Phyllis Bosley

We Adopted a Dusty Miller is a spellbinding and unusually frank narration of the roller coaster ride parents experience when they love a difficult child and are not successful in finding help. A strong marriage, a supportive family, a sense… more

We Adopted a Dusty Miller: One Family’s Journey With An Attachment Disorder Child
Phyllis Bosley
iUniverse , English
How To Adopt A Baby - Basic ... - Mia Taylor

How To Adopt A Baby - Basic ...Mia Taylor

Cut Through the Complicated Process of Adoption and Find Out How it Really Works - Without All the Confusing Jargon and Misleading Information.Adoption can be daunting, confusing and downright scary. You’ll be introduced to some great techn… more

How To Adopt A Baby - Basic Steps to Becoming an Adoptive Parent
Mia Taylor
If You Think You Are My Daughter - Compiled by Lewis M. Elia by...

If You Think You Are My DaughterCompiled by Lewis M. Elia by...

Jeanne is sixteen years old and is forced to give up her baby girl for adoption. She never gets to see or hold her but she never forgets. And so begins a journey, a search for a lost child which will last thirty years. Join these two w… more

If You Think You Are My Daughter
Compiled by Lewis M. Elia by Karen Sweet and Jeanne Biedrzycki
Trafford , English
The Declassified Adoptee Ess... - Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston

The Declassified Adoptee Ess...Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston

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Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston is an adult adoptee, social worker, author, and speaker. She debuted in the adoption activism community as a blogger whose writing processed both her personal and political experience of being adopted. Through… more

The Declassified Adoptee Essays of an Adoption Activist
Amanda H.L. Transue-Woolston
CQT Media And Publishing, LGA Inc. , English
Invisible Men of Adoption - Gary Coles

Invisible Men of AdoptionGary Coles

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This book is about the fathers of children who were raised in other, adoptive families. Frequently, in writings about the separation of parent and child, the emphasis is on the mother and her son or daughter. The father is an absent, or at … more

Invisible Men of Adoption
Gary Coles
BookPOD , English
Open Door, Open Hearts - S. Oliphant

Open Door, Open HeartsS. Oliphant

Foster care is more than what I ever could have imagined it to be. It has been the biggest challenge of my life and, every once in a while, the most gratifying. If I can see just a glimpse of change in any of these boys, it lets me know tha… more

Open Door, Open Hearts
S. Oliphant
Tate Publishing , English
The Russian Adoption Handbook - John Maclean

The Russian Adoption HandbookJohn Maclean

Adopting a child can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Unfortunately, complex policies, legal risks, and fewer available children make adopting domestically difficult. International adoption offers a solution to parents yearning… more

The Russian Adoption Handbook
John Maclean
iUniverse , English
Openness in Adoption - Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Openness in AdoptionFrances Waller, Pat DeMotte,...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. All adoptive families must answer these important questions: How open should we be with our child about his birth parents? Should our child be have any contact with her birth parents? In this… more

Openness in Adoption
Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte, Jim Ellis Fisher
Potts Marketing Group , English


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In addition to the fresh pain of losing their beloved mother, the two orphans are set to separate from each other following a decision by the clan members. It rules that, Vanessa relocates to a remote village with her aunt, while Paul stay… more

Bonding and Attachment - Int... - Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMott...

Bonding and Attachment - Int...Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMott...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. This training will help you understand bonding and attachment issues and gives you practical suggestions to identify and address Bonding and Attachment issues in your child.Visit our website … more

Bonding and Attachment - International
Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMotte, Frances Waller
Potts Marketing Group , English
Rules of Illegacy:Shame On Me - Victoria Lynne

Rules of Illegacy:Shame On MeVictoria Lynne

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Identity is merely the external protection that surrounds your internal wiring; a unique composition. This life becomes seasoned by environment; flavored by heredity; destination yet unknown. Through the cultivation of relationships, and… more

Rules of Illegacy:Shame On Me
Victoria Lynne
Xlibris , English
Color Blind ~ A Mixed Girl's... - Tiffany Reid

Color Blind ~ A Mixed Girl's...Tiffany Reid

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Color Blind- A Mixed Girl’s Perspective on Biracial Life is Tiffany Rae Reid’s Story of Growing Up Biracial. Within its pages, Tiffany Rae exposes the situations and relationships that helped and hurt her as she struggled to develop a racia… more

Color Blind ~ A Mixed Girl’s Perspective on Biracial Life
Tiffany Reid
Finding Baby Bear's Family: ... - Lynda Raymond

Finding Baby Bear's Family: ...Lynda Raymond

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BONUS Video Book Included! Abigail and Elmer discover a little Baby Bear who’s all alone. The three of them venture out to find a family for him. They encounter a mama deer, a raccoon, a robin, and an opossum. Will they find his family? Enj… more

Finding Baby Bear’s Family: Abigail Learns the True Meaning of Adoption (The Abigail and Elmer Series Book 3)
Lynda Raymond
Tica House Publishing , English
A Broken System: Examining t... - Misty Reigenborn

A Broken System: Examining t...Misty Reigenborn

A termination of parental rights has been termed to be akin to the death penalty. In society, parents that lose their children to the child protective services system are often viewed as child abusers and neglect parents.But what if a paren… more

A Broken System: Examining the Clark County Department of Family Services
Misty Reigenborn
Adopted: not special, not chosen - Calum

Adopted: not special, not chosenCalum

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Adopted: not special, not chosen” is a story about the trauma, the shame and the pain of adoption; the things that adopted children don’t talk about. As I grew up, I was always anxious to read anything about adoption. I wanted to know if w… more

Adopted: not special, not chosen
The Domestic Collection - Jim Ellis Fisher, Frances Wa...

The Domestic CollectionJim Ellis Fisher, Frances Wa...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. The Complete, 8 volume set, of Adoption Training Online’s Domestic Adoption Courses in one volume.Visit our website at www.AdoptionTrainingOnline.com for information about Certified Training … more

The Domestic Collection
Jim Ellis Fisher, Frances Waller, Pat DeMotte
Potts Marketing Group , English
If You Think You Are My Daughter - Karen Sweet, Jeanne Biedrzycki

If You Think You Are My DaughterKaren Sweet, Jeanne Biedrzycki

Jeanne is sixteen years old and is forced to give up her baby girl for adoption. She never gets to see or hold her but she never forgets. And so begins a journey, a search for a lost child which will last thirty years. Join these two wo… more

If You Think You Are My Daughter
Karen Sweet, Jeanne Biedrzycki
Trafford Publishing , English