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Adopting a Toddler:What Size...Denise Hoppenhauer

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Finally, a childcare book written with the unique needs of adopted toddlers in mind. Written by an adoptive parent, Adopting A Toddler: What Size Shoes Does She Wear? is an indispensable guide to the wonderful world of toddler adoption. Fi… more

Adopting a Toddler:What Size Shoes Does She Wear?
Denise Hoppenhauer
iUniverse , English

Letters from the HeartSandy Musser

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Letters from the Heart are letters written by adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents. They were writtren to Adopotion Triangle Ministry in response to Sandy Musser’s guest appearance on the 700 Club and PTL during the early 80’s.

Letters from the Heart
Sandy Musser
Sandy Musser , English

Adopting Through Foster Care...William Gregory

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Adopting a child through foster care is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. But as we went through our own journey we found we had no guide that gave us any insight into the actual adoption process from people who had… more

Adopting Through Foster Care: Lessons & Reflections From our Journey Through the Maze
William Gregory
William Gregory , English

Adoption My Story from the B...Donald Hendrickson

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This eBook is my personal journey through being an adopted child and an adoptive parent. I share the intimidate details of my story so that you can make the decisions that are personally right for you. Whether you are adopted, an adoptive p… more

Adoption My Story from the Beginning
Donald Hendrickson

Separation, Loss and Grief -...Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fi...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. All children available for adoption have experienced separation, loss and grief. This training prepares you to help your child resolve these intense feelings. For International Adoption.Visit… more

Separation, Loss and Grief - Domestic
Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMotte
Potts Marketing Group , English

Understanding and Working wi...Gillian Schofield

For children growing up in foster care, the role of their birth parents is an important factor in the success of their long-term placements. Understanding the experiences of parents is therefore essential in order to develop effective socia… more

Understanding and Working with Parents of Children in Long-Term Foster Care
Gillian Schofield
Jessica Kingsley Publishers , English

Invisible Men of AdoptionGary Coles

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This book is about the fathers of children who were raised in other, adoptive families. Frequently, in writings about the separation of parent and child, the emphasis is on the mother and her son or daughter. The father is an absent, or at … more

Invisible Men of Adoption
Gary Coles
BookPOD , English

Adoption Reunion StoriesShirley Budd Pusey

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In Adoption Reunion Stories, the author chronicles the deeply moving experiences of thirty-eight adoptees and fifty-six other family members. Each person interviewed contributes insights gained through the process of learning about and/or m… more

Adoption Reunion Stories
Shirley Budd Pusey
Acacia Publishing, Inc. , English

Ladybug Love : 100 Chinese A...Kat LaMons, Trish Diggins

Ladybug Love” is a collection of stories from adoptive families covering more than a decade of adoption through China. Whether you’re in the process of adopting a child from China, have brought your child home, work in the field of adoptio… more

Ladybug Love : 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories
Kat LaMons, Trish Diggins
Marcinson Press , English

We Adopted a Dusty Miller: O...Phyllis Bosley

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We Adopted a Dusty Miller is a spellbinding and unusually frank narration of the roller coaster ride parents experience when they love a difficult child and are not successful in finding help. A strong marriage, a supportive family, a sense… more

We Adopted a Dusty Miller: One Family’s Journey With An Attachment Disorder Child
Phyllis Bosley
iUniverse , English

Happy Birthday, David!! A pe...Genia Stemper

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Birthdays are important milestones that celebrate who we are, who we were, and who we will be. Personalized birthday wishes are a perfect way to honor a child’s birthday. With unforgettable moments that illustrate unconditional love, the bi… more

Happy Birthday, David!! A personalizable Gift
Genia Stemper
Bookata, LLC , English

Finding Aster: Our Ethiopian...Dina McQueen

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Finding Aster—Our Ethiopian Adoption Story is a fascinating memoir that follows one woman’s journey to motherhood via international adoption. Dina’s process begins with major surgery that leaves her unable to bear children. After recovery b… more

Finding Aster: Our Ethiopian Adoption Story
Dina McQueen
Inkwater Press , English

The International CollectionPat DeMotte, Frances Waller,...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. The Complete, 8 volume set, of Adoption Training Online’s International Adoption Courses in one volume.Visit our website at www.AdoptionTrainingOnline.com for information about Certified Trai… more

The International Collection
Pat DeMotte, Frances Waller, Jim Ellis Fisher
Potts Marketing Group , English

How To Adopt A Baby - Basic ...Mia Taylor

Cut Through the Complicated Process of Adoption and Find Out How it Really Works - Without All the Confusing Jargon and Misleading Information.Adoption can be daunting, confusing and downright scary. You’ll be introduced to some great techn… more

How To Adopt A Baby - Basic Steps to Becoming an Adoptive Parent
Mia Taylor

Adopted: not special, not chosenCalum

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Adopted: not special, not chosen” is a story about the trauma, the shame and the pain of adoption; the things that adopted children don’t talk about. As I grew up, I was always anxious to read anything about adoption. I wanted to know if w… more

Adopted: not special, not chosen

AllisonAllen Say

When Allison tries on the red kimono her grandmother has sent her, she is suddenly aware that she resembles her favorite doll more than she does her mother and father. When her parents try to explain that she is adopted, her world becomes a… more

Allen Say
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt , English

Lost Daughters: Writing Adop...

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This anthology is a collection of writings by the authors of the Lost Daughters blog. Lost Daughters is an independent, collaborative writing project that was founded in 2011 in an effort to give an accessible writing platform for adopted w… more

Lost Daughters: Writing Adoption From a Place of Empowerment and Peace
CQT Media and Publishing, LGA Inc. , English


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Two writers map different landscapes of loss and love with poignant and marvelously written memoirs: Joan Didion (Knopf) in The Year of Magical Thinking and Timeri Murari with his tale of losing an adopted child to another family in My Temp… more

Timeri N Murari
Timeri N Murari , English

Adoption 101 - The Why, Wher...Tom Roberts

In ”Adoption 101 - The Why, Where, Who and What of Adopting a Child” you will not find thousands of pages of irrelevant information so if you are looking for a long book with filler and fluff – please Don’t Buy This Book!If however you are … more

Adoption 101 - The Why, Where, Who and What of Adopting a Child
Tom Roberts

Adopting the Traumatized Chi...Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMott...

Adoption Training for Parents and Professionals. The purpose of this training is to help those of you who will become parents to these children understand what happens to a child when he has been exposed to extreme stress, whether in a sing… more

Adopting the Traumatized Child-International
Jim Ellis Fisher, Pat DeMotte, Frances Waller
Potts Marketing Group , English