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Echoes of Virtuoso: The Stor... - Victoria Rose

Echoes of Virtuoso: The Stor...Victoria Rose

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Echoes of Virtuoso reveals the true story of the identical twin Maestros Jason and Nolan Livesay.  From their gifted childhood, the lives of the unique electric violin duo are put onto a colourful collage of their memories of growing up and… more

Echoes of Virtuoso: The Story of Jason & Nolan Livesay: Twin Maestros
Victoria Rose
AuthorHouse , English
Me and Murder, She Wrote - Peter S Fischer

Me and Murder, She WrotePeter S Fischer

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From a sleepy little small town in the middle of Long Island to a place at the table in the exciting world of network television, I lived the impossible dream. I am 35 years old, happily married, scraping along well enough, but obsessed wit… more

Me and Murder, She Wrote
Peter S Fischer
Grove Point Press , English
Conversations with Carlin: A... - Larry Getlen

Conversations with Carlin: A...Larry Getlen

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What if you could take the smartest, funniest, most interesting person you ever met, and ask them their thoughts on everything from the deeply personal to the most broadly philosophical topics, including love, sex, death, morality, religion… more

Conversations with Carlin: An In-Depth Discussion with George Carlin about Life, Sex, Death, Drugs, Comedy, Words, and so much more
Larry Getlen
Rock Solid - Bob Grace

Rock SolidBob Grace

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David Bowie. The Spice Girls. Dusty Springfield. What do they all have in common? Answer: Bob Grace. As a plugger and publisher, Bob worked with many legends.He helped promote some of the most influential rock albums of all time – including… more

Rock Solid
Bob Grace
Miley Cyrus, What Happened? ... - Lucille Barilla

Miley Cyrus, What Happened? ...Lucille Barilla

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From the day she entered the homes of millions as a bonafide Disney television star, Miley Cyrus has demanded attention. Through the years she has attained and maintained it. But as of late, she’s more about attention-grabbing antics than a… more

Miley Cyrus, What Happened? Unofficial and Unauthorized
Lucille Barilla
PORN BABE: Biography of My E... - JoDa Hodge

PORN BABE: Biography of My E...JoDa Hodge

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A high school Art teacher flips into an aspiring porn star, like her heroine, Jenna Jameson; as told by Josi’s last boyfriend before she joined porn, JoDa Hodge. “I read four separate excerpts and pulled over, ripped it in half and threw it… more

PORN BABE: Biography of My Ex: Josi Valentine
JoDa Hodge
Darvest Press , English
Bukowski & Me - Jory Sherman

Bukowski & MeJory Sherman

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This book is not a chronological narrative. Rather, it is about a twenty-year friendship with Charles Bukowski, a friendship steeped in a love of language, a lusty passion for life with all its humiliation and degradation. In particular, it… more

Bukowski & Me
Jory Sherman
Rebecca J. Vickery , English
Not Fade Away - Dawn Molloy Young

Not Fade AwayDawn Molloy Young

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Not Fade Away:

My time in the 60’s with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and the heartbreak of forced Adoption

“Not Fade Away” is the fascinating, at times heart wrenching, true life story of a young English girl which encompasses life … more

Not Fade Away
Dawn Molloy Young
Keywords Publishing , English
H.G. Wells and Orson Welles:... - Nicholas  Copperfield

H.G. Wells and Orson Welles:...Nicholas Copperfield

Biographies in 2000 words offer readers detailed, waffle free, overviews of important figures from the past.If you have taken an interest in a figure of significance, then get a quick and detailed overview of their lives in these short hand… more

H.G. Wells and Orson Welles: A Biography in 2000 Words
Nicholas Copperfield
Uncle Art - Alan John Britton

Uncle ArtAlan John Britton

Are you a country music fan, or a blues, folk, jazz, or rock fan? Better make that “Are you a music fan?”This is a true story of man – a real pioneer – who was driven to capture the music that came to form the basis of today’s popular musi… more

Uncle Art
Alan John Britton
AuthorHouse , English
Out of Bondage - Mike McGrady, Linda Lovelace

Out of BondageMike McGrady, Linda Lovelace

A SCREEN LEGENDSRAW ACCOUNT OF NEW BEGINNINGSPortrayed by today’s biggest movie stars, Linda Lovelace was just twenty-three when she became the queen of porn in the blockbuster movie Deep Throat. Her bestselling memoir Ordeal laid bare the… more

Out of Bondage
Mike McGrady, Linda Lovelace
Citadel , English
Amigos, Musketeers and Steve... - Alan Miller

Amigos, Musketeers and Steve...Alan Miller

This book chronicles some adventures (or misadventures)of Alan Miller and his boyhood best friend Steve McQueen(they call themselves the Musketeers) while growing up in asmall, rural Wisconsin town, before going off to join theMarines. He t… more

Amigos, Musketeers and Steve McQueen
Alan Miller
Trafford , English
The Unruly Life of Woody Allen - Marion Meade

The Unruly Life of Woody AllenMarion Meade

Writer, director, actor, humorist. Woody Allen stands as one of our era’s most celebrated artists. Starting in the 1950s, Allen began crafting a larger-than-life neurotic persona that has since entertained and enlightened millions. In his f… more

The Unruly Life of Woody Allen
Marion Meade
E-Reads , English
Metrano's Accidental Comedy - Art Metrano with Cynthia Lee

Metrano's Accidental ComedyArt Metrano with Cynthia Lee

Metrano’s Accidental Comedy by: Art Metrano with Cynthia Lee

Metrano’s Accidental Comedy
Art Metrano with Cynthia Lee
AuthorHouse , English
George R.R. Martin: The Powe... - Tom M.  Smith, JS Earls

George R.R. Martin: The Powe...Tom M. Smith, JS Earls

This is the epic story of how a humble, comic-loving boy from Jersey became the modern, high king of fantasy. Best known for the Game of Thrones TV series, George R. R. Martin has — over the decades — “rewritten the book” on sci-fi, horror… more

George R.R. Martin: The Power Behind the Throne
Tom M. Smith, JS Earls
Bluewater Productions , English
Hello Star Gilda Radner Satu... - Robbie Klein SNL

Hello Star Gilda Radner Satu...Robbie Klein SNL

Bio of comedian Gilda Radner Saturday Night Live.

Hello Star Gilda Radner Saturday Night Live producer
Robbie Klein SNL
Dutch Rainbow , English
Miley Cyrus: The Rise and Fa... - Timothy Bauer

Miley Cyrus: The Rise and Fa...Timothy Bauer

Discover the Secrets of Miley Cyrus, her Rise as Hannah Montana, and her Questionable Fall as a Celebrity

Get this Amazon Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99

Miley Cyrus is perhaps one… more

Miley Cyrus: The Rise and Fall of the TV Teen Star Hannah Montana
Timothy Bauer
Stiletto Diaries - London Knight

Stiletto DiariesLondon Knight

For most that work with in the strip club industry, help comes far to late. Until now, the stripper code of silence has never been broken and the truth never told. Stiletto Diaries will take you off the stage, out of the bright neon lights,… more

Stiletto Diaries
London Knight
AuthorHouse , English
My Happiness is My Sanity - Neffe

My Happiness is My SanityNeffe

                                                         NEFFEA story that doesn’t justify the streetsbut glorifies a destiny unfolding through time. As you read this book, as you digest each portion of my poured out soul, I need you to un… more

My Happiness is My Sanity
AuthorHouse , English
Second Life Turn: I saw a vi... - Evette Smith

Second Life Turn: I saw a vi...Evette Smith

This book is a story in two,a story that brings back those days cherished by loved ones, remembered by old times that are never forgotten by generations that come and go throughout the years. It is the life, a story of the author, a vision … more

Second Life Turn: I saw a vision of my father with a woman/Life is what you make it
Evette Smith
AuthorHouse , English
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