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Watermill Revisited - Christine Conrad

Watermill RevisitedChristine Conrad

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The never before revealed story behind Jerome Robbins controversial ballet, “Watermill.”The price Jerome Robbins paid in his personal life for his art was extremely high. Weaving in the story of her long relationship with Robbins, Conrad co… more

Watermill Revisited
Christine Conrad
Christine Conrad , English
INSTANT MESSAGE (IM):Can tru... - Steven Jackson and Barbara Jones

INSTANT MESSAGE (IM):Can tru...Steven Jackson and Barbara Jones

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Based on true events, “ INSTANT MESSAGE” (IM) A love story made on-line, filled with Sex, Lies and Hatred, is an eye opener that captures real life experiences among millions of faceless names who chat on the internet. People with differen… more

INSTANT MESSAGE (IM):Can true love text its way into the heart of those who search for it?
Steven Jackson and Barbara Jones
AuthorHouse , English
OPERA INSIDE OUT - Robert Mitchell with David S...

OPERA INSIDE OUTRobert Mitchell with David S...

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Why another book on opera? This one promises to be different! The contributors to this book come to their subject from unique perspectives. Neither is a professional opera critic. Neither is a professional opera historian. Neither is a fam… more

Robert Mitchell with David Schechter
Xlibris , English
Echoes of Virtuoso: The Stor... - Victoria Rose

Echoes of Virtuoso: The Stor...Victoria Rose

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Echoes of Virtuoso reveals the true story of the identical twin Maestros Jason and Nolan Livesay.  From their gifted childhood, the lives of the unique electric violin duo are put onto a colourful collage of their memories of growing up and… more

Echoes of Virtuoso: The Story of Jason & Nolan Livesay: Twin Maestros
Victoria Rose
AuthorHouse , English
OSCAR WILDE BIOGRAPHY ULTIMA... - Frank Harris, Oscar Wilde, A...

OSCAR WILDE BIOGRAPHY ULTIMA...Frank Harris, Oscar Wilde, A...

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OSCAR WILDE BIOGRAPHY ULTIMATE EDITIONDo you want the best Oscar Wilde Biography Kindle book you can get? With TWO world-famous Oscar Wilde biographies? One from Wilde’s close friend and editor Frank Harris? And one from Oscar Wilde’s lover… more

OSCAR WILDE BIOGRAPHY ULTIMATE EDITION - 2 Biographies - WILDE: LIFE AND CONFESSION by Frank Harris (Wilde s close friend) - OSCAR WILDE AND MYSELF by Alfred Douglas (Wilde s Lover)
Frank Harris, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Douglas
Everlasting Flames Publishing , English
Las Vegas, The Untold Storie... - John Romero

Las Vegas, The Untold Storie...John Romero

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You’re about to enter a city that has no equal. It was built by extraordinary people with imaginative minds. Did they drink? Not sure, but why else would they build it in a Nevada desert? Some say you can go anywhere in the world and disco… more

Las Vegas, The Untold Stories: …that made Sin City the entertainment capital of the world
John Romero
AbbottPress , English
Adventures in Movies: A Chro... - Paul Bernard

Adventures in Movies: A Chro...Paul Bernard

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A chronicle through the last 25 years of my career in the film industry from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Harry Potter. Working on behind the scenes documentaries I have collated this recollection of what really goes on during the production … more

Adventures in Movies: A Chronicle of 25 Years in Movies from Roger Rabbit to Harry Potter
Paul Bernard
BookBaby , English
Cary Grant; The Wizard of Be... - Bill Royce

Cary Grant; The Wizard of Be...Bill Royce

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Here is the most candid portrait of the legendary film actor Cay Grant that his fans will ever read, packed with new information about his career and life, and told with the honesty only a true intimate could provide. When Bill Royce met Ca… more

Cary Grant; The Wizard of Beverly Grove
Bill Royce
Cool Titles, LLC , English
The Horsemen (Classic, Insid... - Jack Engelhard

The Horsemen (Classic, Insid...Jack Engelhard

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“If you love racing, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on it, read it and savor it, because it may be the best, sharpest, most vivid portrait of life around the racetrack ever written”…From New York Post racing writer Ray Kerrison re… more

The Horsemen (Classic, Inside the World of Thoroughbred Racing)
Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard , English
Wail: The Life of Bud Powell - Peter Pullman

Wail: The Life of Bud PowellPeter Pullman

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Wail is the exhaustive exploration of the life and times of an extraordinary musician. Pianist-composer Powell’s classical training and upbringing in Harlem in the midst of its great renaissance prepared him well to emulate the solo virtu… more

Wail: The Life of Bud Powell
Peter Pullman
Peter Pullman, LLC , English
Diary of a Determined Kid - Michael Essany

Diary of a Determined KidMichael Essany

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There is no one more dedicated or passionate about what they do than Michael Essany,” says Oprah Winfrey. As a 14-year-old, Michael Essany had an unlikely dream; a dream that would transform the unknown boy from Indiana into a household na… more

Diary of a Determined Kid
Michael Essany
New Beginnings , English
So, You Want To Be A DJ? - Graham Charles

So, You Want To Be A DJ?Graham Charles

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GRAHAM CHARLES is a DJ with twenty-five years experience who has played all over the world alongside many other famous names. The book follows Graham as he discovers his love of music as a child and the events that led him to this path. Sta… more

So, You Want To Be A DJ?
Graham Charles
Graham Charles , English
Step in the Name of Love Sex... - Christine Klien

Step in the Name of Love Sex...Christine Klien

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One woman’s secret jouney into the R&B world of glitz and glamour with a legendary pop star, more than just sex, lies and videos.A story well told, Dangerously Entertaining!!!

Step in the Name of Love Sex Addicted
Christine Klien
Christine Klien , English
NaS Lost: A Tribute to the L... - Byron Crawford

NaS Lost: A Tribute to the L...Byron Crawford

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NaS Lost is the Nas book only Byron Crawford could write, and not just due to literacy issues in the hip-hop community. Billed as a tribute to the little homey, it is in fact a tribute, but not in the way that an article in XXL magazine is … more

NaS Lost: A Tribute to the Little Homey
Byron Crawford
Byron Crawford , English
Honestly: My Life and Strype... - Michael Sweet

Honestly: My Life and Strype...Michael Sweet

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“Honestly” coincides with the release of Michael’s log awaited solo album “I’m Not Your Suicide”. Michael Sweet, in this – his first autobiography – chronicles his life as the founding member, songwriter, singer, and guitarist of the pione… more

Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed
Michael Sweet
Big3 Records , English
The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig - John  Dybvig

The Crazy Lives of John DybvigJohn Dybvig

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Have you ever had the urge to walk out on your life – to stop and start again?Californian John Dybvig has made a habit of it. He’s travelled the world, changing jobs more than 100 times in search of happiness. He’s done everything from coac… more

The Crazy Lives of John Dybvig
John Dybvig
Hurricane Press , English
Sex & Drugs & Greasy Joe's - Daniel Butler

Sex & Drugs & Greasy Joe'sDaniel Butler

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Sex and Drugs and Greasy Joe’s is Daniel Butler’s first foray into the world of publishing. With this musical biography he charts the life of a bunch of four musicians growing up in the 70’s and 80’s and coming together as a band in the ea… more

Sex & Drugs & Greasy Joe’s
Daniel Butler
Daniel Butler , English
Neglected But Undefeated "Th... - Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Neglected But Undefeated "Th...Jonathan Anthony Burkett

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This autobiography will grip at your heart as the author pours out his very soul, flooding each page with painful echoes of the past that will not die down while kept bottled up. In time, he realizes that his own grief has been passed on to… more

Neglected But Undefeated “The Life of a Boy Who Never Knew a Mother’s Love”
Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Jonathan Anthony Burkett Publications , English
Why Me? - Jane Boyar, Sammy Davis Jr.,...

Why Me?Jane Boyar, Sammy Davis Jr.,...

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Why Me? is the self-portrait of one of the extraordinary men of our time, who became a figure of controversy because he dared to live his life not as a Negro but as a man. “I’ve got to be a star like another man has to breathe,” write Sammy… more

Why Me?
Jane Boyar, Sammy Davis Jr., Burt Boyar
Marbella House , English
Lady Gaga, A Briefly Told Life - The Editors of New Word City

Lady Gaga, A Briefly Told LifeThe Editors of New Word City

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Lady Gaga is, without question, one of the biggest celebrities of our day. But who is she, really? Here’s her life, briefly told.

Lady Gaga, A Briefly Told Life
The Editors of New Word City
New Word City, Inc. , English
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