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Bring Them Home: Sir Barackster - Freida D. Thompson

Bring Them Home: Sir BaracksterFreida D. Thompson

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About this book i want the people to see how i feel about bringing our troop home and the wars. We must stop fighting and make the world a better place for all siese fire . Have peace on earth

Bring Them Home: Sir Barackster
Freida D. Thompson
AuthorHouse , English
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA - Webster Griffin Tarpley

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USAWebster Griffin Tarpley

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The authoritative work on 9/11 and state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. 9/11 Synthetic Terror is the only book to present a working model for the event - a network of moles, patsies, paramilitary pros, privatized intelligence assets and co… more

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Progressive Press , English
Allied Participation in Oper... - Stephen A. Carney

Allied Participation in Oper...Stephen A. Carney

From the start of operations in Iraq in March 2003 until mid-2009, ground troops from thirty-seven countries fought at the side of U.S. forces, with many more providing indirect support and assistance. These countries furnished significant … more

Allied Participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Stephen A. Carney
United States Presidents' In... - Various

United States Presidents' In...Various

• This book is an edited and illustrated version of the original one. It comes with 15 or more unique illustrations that are relevant to its content.• This is a collection of United State’s Presidents’ inaugural speeches. The speeches cover… more

United States Presidents’ Inaugural Speeches (Illustrated)
The Choices and Consequences... - Dean Gualco

The Choices and Consequences...Dean Gualco

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There are winners and losers in a capitalistic society, but capitalism does not choose who is a winner and who is a loser. The winners are those who have the right idea, sacrifice their time and money, take risks, work hard, and have a lit… more

The Choices and Consequences of Our Age: The Disintegrating Economic, Political, and Societal Institutions of the United States
Dean Gualco
iUniverse , English
Devotion to Duty: Responding... - Central Intelligence Agency

Devotion to Duty: Responding...Central Intelligence Agency

This is the story of how the men and women of CIA responded to the attacks of September 11th. To the extent it can be told in an unclassified account, it offers a sense of the teamwork, creativity, and commitment displayed by Agency officer… more

Devotion to Duty: Responding to the Terrorist Attacks of September 11th
Central Intelligence Agency
Central Intelligence Agency , English
After Tocqueville: The Promi... - Chilton Williamson Jr.

After Tocqueville: The Promi...Chilton Williamson Jr.

The fall of the Berlin Wall. The collapse of the Iron Curtain. The Orange Revolution. The Arab Spring.The rush of events in recent decades seems to confirm that Alexis de Tocqueville was right: the future belongs to democracy. But take a cl… more

After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy
Chilton Williamson Jr.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute , English
Project Megiddo - Federal Bureau of Investigations

Project MegiddoFederal Bureau of Investigations

Project Megiddo was a report researched and written by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation under Director Louis Freeh. Released on October 20, 1999, the report named followers of white supremacy, Christian Identity, the milit… more

Project Megiddo
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Contract Warriors - Fred Rosen

Contract WarriorsFred Rosen

The complete history of soldiers for hire. From Biblical times and the Crusades through the American Revolution up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, mercenaries—professional soldiers who contract themselves out to the highest bidder—have… more

Contract Warriors
Fred Rosen
Alpha , English
H.R. 3590 - The Health Care ... - House of Representatives, Un...

H.R. 3590 - The Health Care ...House of Representatives, Un...

Kindle Edition of H.R. 3590 - The Health Care Reform Bill as passed on March 21, 2010 Complete text signed by President Barack Obama (also known as “Health Reform” and Officially Named the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2009 / … more

H.R. 3590 - The Health Care Reform Bill as passed on March 21, 2010 — Complete text signed by President Barack Obama (also known as “Health Reform” and … Act 2009 / 2010”) 2,409 pages — Searchable
House of Representatives, United States Senate
U.S. Government Printing Office , English
SEAL TEAM 6 - M Clement Hall

SEAL TEAM 6M Clement Hall

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Reasons for creation of SEAL Team 6 are described, followed by its development history, criteria for admission, the traing of a a team member, and some of the known missions carried out, including hostage rescue, “Black Hawk down” and the k… more

M Clement Hall
Shipwreck: The Strange Fate ... - Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts

Shipwreck: The Strange Fate ...Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts

A spellbinding moment-by-moment account of one of the most spectacular disasters off the coast of New York which killed more than 130 people. Answers the question which until now has remained unanswered: was it a terrible accident – or arso… more

Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle
Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts
Premier Digital Publishing , English
Barack Obama:The Road to the... - Okyere Bonna

Barack Obama:The Road to the...Okyere Bonna

Barack Obama:The Road to the White HouseOn Saturday, June 7, 2008, after much consideration, Senator Hillary Clinton ended her campaign and called on her 18 million supporters to join her to elect Senator Obama as the next president of the … more

Barack Obama:The Road to the White House
Okyere Bonna
OKAB , English
Most Inspiring Music Songs O... - Anonymous

Most Inspiring Music Songs O...Anonymous

Learning About Most Inspiring Music Songs Of The 21st Century Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!Music That Will Fill Your Soul!It does not matter what sort of music inspires you, it’s what it does to you that counts. Musi… more

Most Inspiring Music Songs Of The 21st Century
A Short History of the Long War - Michael Phelps

A Short History of the Long WarMichael Phelps

With the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. But years later, many people are still unsure what led to such a hateful act or the implications of the world’s response. The issues are controversial—just like t… more

A Short History of the Long War
Michael Phelps
iUniverse , English
New York Sandy Storm , Ameri... - Rozina Khatoon

New York Sandy Storm , Ameri...Rozina Khatoon

A Real Story of Brave & Bold Americans , Recent Sandy Storm & Recognition of Progress & Civilization in the USA , Read Every Word of This e-book & You Will Come Across a Mirror of Unity , Courage and Diligence on Every Line with Every Word

New York Sandy Storm , American Public & The President Barak Hussain Obama
Rozina Khatoon
Rozina Khatoon , English
Imaginary Lines - Douglas Grant

Imaginary LinesDouglas Grant

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Kyle Conway is about to make a breakthrough for Conway Brothers Construction Co.—a long sought after opportunity for a major real estate score. His wife and two boys will prosper, his brother-partner will do the same. And the Conways are de… more

Imaginary Lines
Douglas Grant
History of the United States... - Elisha Benjamin Andrews

History of the United States...Elisha Benjamin Andrews

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History of the United States, Volume 3 (of 6)
Elisha Benjamin Andrews
What Dick Cheney Needs to Kn... - Tom Thomas

What Dick Cheney Needs to Kn...Tom Thomas

This book has Cheney’s speech justifying his use of water boarding, President Obama’s speech on our rejection of water boarding, and the portions of the Geneva Convention’s position on water boarding. Also contained in the book is an 1899 t… more

What Dick Cheney Needs to Know! or “Old methods of “Enhanced Interrogations” and Punishments”
Tom Thomas
CreateSpace , English
The Inaugural Address, 2009 - Barack Obama

The Inaugural Address, 2009Barack Obama

Celebrate the inauguration of America’s 44th president with this New York Times bestsellerTying into the official theme for the 2009 inaugural ceremony, “A New Birth of Freedom” from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Penguin presents a keepsake… more

The Inaugural Address, 2009
Barack Obama
Labyrinth Publishing, LLC , English