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After Tocqueville: The Promi... - Chilton Williamson Jr.

After Tocqueville: The Promi...Chilton Williamson Jr.

The fall of the Berlin Wall. The collapse of the Iron Curtain. The Orange Revolution. The Arab Spring.The rush of events in recent decades seems to confirm that Alexis de Tocqueville was right: the future belongs to democracy. But take a cl… more

After Tocqueville: The Promise and Failure of Democracy
Chilton Williamson Jr.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute , English
LETTERS ON OBAMA (from the Left) - Martin J. Sklar

LETTERS ON OBAMA (from the Left)Martin J. Sklar

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Letters to friends, colleagues, and political commentators, 2008-2012, on the role of the Left in American history, as seen through the lens of the Obama candidacy and presidency, with emphasis on freedom as it defines Left and Right. Analy… more

LETTERS ON OBAMA (from the Left)
Martin J. Sklar
New York Sandy Storm , Ameri... - Rozina Khatoon

New York Sandy Storm , Ameri...Rozina Khatoon

A Real Story of Brave & Bold Americans , Recent Sandy Storm & Recognition of Progress & Civilization in the USA , Read Every Word of This e-book & You Will Come Across a Mirror of Unity , Courage and Diligence on Every Line with Every Word

New York Sandy Storm , American Public & The President Barak Hussain Obama
Rozina Khatoon
Rozina Khatoon , English
Summary of the White House R... - U.S. Government

Summary of the White House R...U.S. Government

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The unclassified summary of the White House report about the attempted bombing of Northwest 253 on December 25, 2009. The photograph shows the bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who currently resides in the Federal Correctional Facility in… more

Summary of the White House Report on the Attempted Terror Attack on December 25, 2009
U.S. Government
Nimble Books LLC , English
Bring Them Home: Sir Barackster - Freida D. Thompson

Bring Them Home: Sir BaracksterFreida D. Thompson

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About this book i want the people to see how i feel about bringing our troop home and the wars. We must stop fighting and make the world a better place for all siese fire . Have peace on earth

Bring Them Home: Sir Barackster
Freida D. Thompson
AuthorHouse , English
Under the Magnolia Tree: Wha... - Will Bevis

Under the Magnolia Tree: Wha...Will Bevis

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ANNOUNCING the Third Annual - and possibly final - Will Bevis Christmas Giveaway - Beginning Saturday December 21st 2013 and lasting through Christmas Day - As many as possible of ALL 100 of Will Bevis’ Kindle Stories - including the new … more

Under the Magnolia Tree: What Does a Mint Julep Taste Like?
Will Bevis
The Crusades Again, a Histor... - Dennis J Foley

The Crusades Again, a Histor...Dennis J Foley

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The ‘Cold War’ with Russia was mostly ended by 1990 and the new ‘War on Terror’ or ‘Crusade’ was secretly and methodically created, as this book shows. Now, as the smoke gets fanned into fire, it is as per plan become joined in by angry oft… more

The Crusades Again, a History of the ‘Twins’.
Dennis J Foley
Books By Dennis Foley , English
A Short History of the Long War - Michael Phelps

A Short History of the Long WarMichael Phelps

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With the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the world changed forever. But years later, many people are still unsure what led to such a hateful act or the implications of the world’s response. The issues are controversial—just like t… more

A Short History of the Long War
Michael Phelps
iUniverse , English
The Iraq Study Group Report - United States Institute for Peace

The Iraq Study Group ReportUnited States Institute for Peace

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

The Iraq Study Group Report
United States Institute for Peace
Most Inspiring Music Songs O... - Anonymous

Most Inspiring Music Songs O...Anonymous

Learning About Most Inspiring Music Songs Of The 21st Century Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success!Music That Will Fill Your Soul!It does not matter what sort of music inspires you, it’s what it does to you that counts. Musi… more

Most Inspiring Music Songs Of The 21st Century
Contract Warriors - Fred Rosen

Contract WarriorsFred Rosen

The complete history of soldiers for hire. From Biblical times and the Crusades through the American Revolution up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, mercenaries—professional soldiers who contract themselves out to the highest bidder—have… more

Contract Warriors
Fred Rosen
Alpha , English
H.R. 3590 - The Health Care ... - House of Representatives, Un...

H.R. 3590 - The Health Care ...House of Representatives, Un...

Kindle Edition of H.R. 3590 - The Health Care Reform Bill as passed on March 21, 2010 Complete text signed by President Barack Obama (also known as “Health Reform” and Officially Named the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2009 / … more

H.R. 3590 - The Health Care Reform Bill as passed on March 21, 2010 — Complete text signed by President Barack Obama (also known as “Health Reform” and … Act 2009 / 2010”) 2,409 pages — Searchable
House of Representatives, United States Senate
U.S. Government Printing Office , English
Need to Know: The Muslim Bro... - James Outman

Need to Know: The Muslim Bro...James Outman

What a difference a year makes! While tens of thousands of Egyptians camped out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in January-February 2011, demanding the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, Western television viewers latched onto the label Arab … more

Need to Know: The Muslim Brotherhood and the New Egypt
James Outman
Lakeside Publishing Group LLC , English
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA - Webster Griffin Tarpley

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USAWebster Griffin Tarpley

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The authoritative work on 9/11 and state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. 9/11 Synthetic Terror is the only book to present a working model for the event - a network of moles, patsies, paramilitary pros, privatized intelligence assets and co… more

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Progressive Press , English
TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: The ... - Kevin Gosztola, Greg Mitchell

TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: The ...Kevin Gosztola, Greg Mitchell

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Greg Mitchell and Kevin Gosztola have provided, from the start, some of the most important coverage of WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning. They have shone a bright light on Manning’s courageous whistle-blowing and brutal incarceration—and now… more

TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: The U.S. vs. Private Manning (August 2013 Edition)
Kevin Gosztola, Greg Mitchell
Sinclair Books , English
Pentagon 9/11 - Rebecca Welch, Nancy Berlage...

Pentagon 9/11Rebecca Welch, Nancy Berlage...

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Originally commissioned by the Department of Defense as part of a Defense Study, series this work details both the great tragedy and heroism which transpired at the Pentagon on September 11th, 2001. The evocative narrative is based on first… more

Pentagon 9/11
Rebecca Welch, Nancy Berlage, Alfred Goldberg, Diane Putney, Sarandis Papadopoulos
First Ladies: The Life and L... - Charles River Editors

First Ladies: The Life and L...Charles River Editors

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Includes pictures of important people, places, and events in Hillary’s life.Includes a Table of Contents. “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I en… more

First Ladies: The Life and Legacy of Hillary Clinton
Charles River Editors
SEAL TEAM 6 - M Clement Hall

SEAL TEAM 6M Clement Hall

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Reasons for creation of SEAL Team 6 are described, followed by its development history, criteria for admission, the traing of a a team member, and some of the known missions carried out, including hostage rescue, “Black Hawk down” and the k… more

M Clement Hall
9 / 11 - Jesse Myner

9 / 11Jesse Myner

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A short memoir of NYC futures prop trading, wild days on the trading floor, and the author’s experience on September 11, 2001.

9 / 11
Jesse Myner
The Human Side Press , English
Qué hacemos por la memoria h... - Aa. Vv.

Qué hacemos por la memoria h...Aa. Vv.

Qué hacemos para reparar a las víctimas, hacer justicia, acabar con la impunidad y por la construcción de la memoria histórica. En la mayoría de países democráticos el conocimiento del pasado, así como la reparación y justicia para las víct… more

Qué hacemos por la memoria histórica (Que Hacemos (akal)) (Spanish Edition)
Aa. Vv.
Ediciones Akal , Spanish