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The Secret Life of L. E. War... - L. E. Ward

The Secret Life of L. E. War...L. E. Ward

The Secret Life of L. E. Ward: Poetry 2001-2002By : L. E. Ward

The Secret Life of L. E. Ward: Poetry 2001-2002
L. E. Ward
iUniverse , English


When the sad word, “Adieu,” from my lip is nigh falling, And with it, Hope passes away,Ere the tongue hath half breathed it, my fond heart recalling That fatal farewell, bids me stay,For oh! ‘tis a penance so weary One hour from thy presenc… more

Thomas Moore
Modern Prose And Poetry; For... - Various

Modern Prose And Poetry; For...Various

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Modern Prose And Poetry; For Secondary Schools
Pomes - Older and Younger - John Thomas Ahearne

Pomes - Older and YoungerJohn Thomas Ahearne

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A stunning collection of poems from an American master of the form. “Every syllable and every word in John’s exquisite poems, is chosen with the utmost care of the craftsman; every reader and every listener will feel that John has written t… more

Pomes - Older and Younger
John Thomas Ahearne
Opening Chapter , English
The Light Looks Another Way:... - David Newman

The Light Looks Another Way:...David Newman

The Light Looks Another Way is a three-part collection of poems that chronicles the thoughts, emotions, and observations of a nameless, shape-shifting fictional character. A wandering soul from a shattered universe, he sets sail through spa… more

The Light Looks Another Way: A Space Poem Trilogy
David Newman
iUniverse , English
A Scattering of Imperfections - Katrina K Guarascio

A Scattering of ImperfectionsKatrina K Guarascio

A Scattering of Imperfections is hard to put down once you’ve touched the beautiful cover and opened it to the even more beautiful and moving words. Some of the poems are kicky and funny….some are sentimental and beautiful…all of them m… more

A Scattering of Imperfections
Katrina K Guarascio
Casa de Snapdragon Publishing LLC , English
Reflections (Selected Poems ... - Steven R. Drennon

Reflections (Selected Poems ...Steven R. Drennon

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100 modern, contemporary poems in many different styles and variations. This collection is the second of six volumes and covers a wide range of topics.

Reflections (Selected Poems of Steven R. Drennon Book 2)
Steven R. Drennon
Memories (Selected Poems of ... - Steven R. Drennon

Memories (Selected Poems of ...Steven R. Drennon

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100 modern, contemporary poems in many different styles and variations. This collection is the fourth of six volumes and covers a wide range of topics.

Memories (Selected Poems of Steven R. Drennon Book 4)
Steven R. Drennon
Liquid Words - Arthur Weil

Liquid WordsArthur Weil

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Liquid Words’ is Arthur Weil’s ninth book of poetry. Arthur’s writings in ‘Liquid Words’ deal with happiness, nature, philosophy, love, and aging. These are lighthearted, witty poems that reveal the passions of the human heart. Titles incl… more

Liquid Words
Arthur Weil
Arthur Weil , English
Dare-Devilish and Divine - Arthur Weil

Dare-Devilish and DivineArthur Weil

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Arthur Weil’s poems explore happiness, philosophy, love and aging. This book is a tribute to the spirit of living, being and aging gracefully. “Often, I remind myself, “How lucky I am to be alive!” At the young age of ten I escaped the cla… more

Dare-Devilish and Divine
Arthur Weil
Arthur Weil , English
Poetics. English - Aristotle

Poetics. EnglishAristotle

In the tenth book of the Republic, when Plato has completed his finalburning denunciation of Poetry, the false Siren, the imitator of thingswhich themselves are shadows, the ally of all that is low and weak inthe soul against that which i… more

Poetics. English
Step Out of the Shade, Naked... - Kelly Morgan

Step Out of the Shade, Naked...Kelly Morgan

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A soulful and erotic collection of love poems and original artwork from award-winning poet, Kelly Morgan.

Step Out of the Shade, Naked (Love & Erotic Poems, Collages 2000-2008)
Kelly Morgan
Soviet Deception in the Cuba... - James H. Hansen

Soviet Deception in the Cuba...James H. Hansen

Moscow’s surreptitious dispatch of nuclear-capable SS-4 and SS-5 surface-to-surface missiles to Cuba in 1962 upset the strategic balance in an alarming way.1 The resulting showdown—which the Russians call the “Caribbean Crisis” and the Cuba… more

Soviet Deception in the Cuban Missile Crisis (Studies in Intelligence)
James H. Hansen
In Moments Like These - Tarabud

In Moments Like TheseTarabud

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Words are so precious, sometimes they cannot be spoken, yet laying them down on paper like a puzzle, they sing, they prance, they allow themselves to be captured and drank into the soul. These poems were written over the last decade, living… more

In Moments Like These
Stanford Patriarchs - Paul Rich

Stanford PatriarchsPaul Rich

Stanford University is a product of the Gilded Age, when robber barons turned their attention to culture. The original Stanford trustees were commemorated in the now rare Bancroft commemorative souvenir volume, which is presented with a com… more

Stanford Patriarchs
Paul Rich
iUniverse , English
My America - Brian Kenneth Swain

My AmericaBrian Kenneth Swain

My America is a poem that examines the full range of human experience and emotion in the context of everyday places and images. From urban to rural, from the coasts to the plains, the stories are of ordinary people, their loves, their fears… more

My America
Brian Kenneth Swain
iUniverse , English
The Poems of Charles O'Donnell, CSC -

The Poems of Charles O'Donnell, CSC

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Charles O’Donnell deserves to be better known than he is. Many of his lyrics are so finely crafted they can rank with the best verses of his time, and some are touchstones: a delicate scent of Keats in “The Silver Birch,” a gentle reminder … more

The Poems of Charles O’Donnell, CSC
iUniverse , English
The War of the Soul - Dan Joyce

The War of the SoulDan Joyce

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Dan Joyce is a mentally ill man who is harassed legally and socially causing him to fight for his rights in the 12 step program. The War of the Soul is a story of a religious fanatic who fights a spiritual war with his world, in particular,… more

The War of the Soul
Dan Joyce
BookBaby , English
The Waste Land - T.S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot

The Waste LandT.S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot

An impeccably-formatted version of what Ezra Pound called “the longest poem in the English language.” Transcribed exactly as it appears in the original 1922 edition of “The Dial,” with appended review by Edmund Wilson, Jr. and editorial Co… more

The Waste Land
T.S.(Thomas Stearns) Eliot
Perscribo Publishing , English
Poetry by Roger Laird - Roger Laird

Poetry by Roger LairdRoger Laird

These are all original poems from author Roger Laird. Most of them were written in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Check out other short stories and a 2 chapter preview of his upcoming novel, Legacy: A Father’s Tale at Rogerlairdwriting.com… more

Poetry by Roger Laird
Roger Laird
RogerLairdWriting , English