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Laura Daniels has a problem. Two, actually.

Her bestselling series of erotic novels is coming to an end and it’s time to move on to something different. But, letting go of her promiscuous main character, Melinda, isn’t an option. Melinda has taken over her life, her mind, hurtling Laura down a path of uninhibited sexual transformation that she’s unable to stop.

While on a self-imposed writing retreat at the California coast, Laura’s weekend lesbian romance with her best friend Samantha forces her into some difficult decisions.

Should she fight to maintain control of the old Laura?  Or should she risk everything and allow Melinda, her oversexed, dominant heroine to envelop her world?

The real question is…does she even have a choice?


Length: Approximately 10,000 words, or 43 print pages
Content Warning: This story contains explicit descriptions of bisexual encounters, including solo, lesbian domination, and heterosexual situations.

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