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The Adventures of the Salamander is a set of 10 whimsical, illustrated tales, which follow the travels of Slippy the Salamander as he struggles to save his village from mean-spirited lizards. Meet Slippy’s friends, encounter the strange creatures, and see the unusual and exotic places he visits in his efforts to return home to save his family.

For parents: This story is written for children of all ages with detailed captions under each picture which, by themselves, tell the whole story in an easy-to-understand way for intermediate readers. Older kids and adults can enjoy the main text of the story and learn all the details which are not included in the captions. Footnotes, maps and several appendices are included for those who want to investigate further.

The Adventures of the Salamander - Volume 1

Part I: Escape from Salamander Village
Salamander Village is over-run by mean-spirited lizards. Slippy the Salamander must do something to save his family and friends, who are being forced to bake for the lizards. Find out how Slippy escapes.

Part II: The River Adventure
Slippy meets a terrapin named Sheldon whose family may be able to help. Find out what happens when they travel down the river to Golden Leaf Island.

About the Author:
Michael Klaus Schmidt is an award winning artist and illustrator, and this is his first publicly available work as an author. Inspired by some of the great children’s book writers, like Dr. Seuss, E.B. White, and others, Michael has written an intricate tale, about a salamander’s ongoing struggle against tyrrany, spanning ten volumes.

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