What most women don’t know about men could fill a book - and it has. This is it.

Whether you have your eye on a crush, you are already in a relationship that’s giving you trouble, or you are married and frustrated, you can flip the tables and be in total control of your man.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, your level of education, or how nice you are. In fact, men think being too nice is a problem! That’s why you know a really nice girl who is dating a man that treats her like dirt.

The truth is, you teach your man how to treat you and you decide how he behaves. You’ve probably been making honest mistakes that seemed to make sense - but how a man feels about you isn’t governed by common sense. If it was, you wouldn’t need the advice in this book.

Learn how to be THE ONE, the woman he puts above all the rest. Follow the advice in this book and he will bend over backwards to give you everything you want - and he will enjoy doing it!

Love shouldn’t stress you out. This book will make you understand what makes men tick and why they frustrate you and let you down. He doesn’t have to act that way. Learn how to change everything and wrap him around your little finger, transforming that little devil into an angel who only has eyes for you.

Believe me, you can do it! Some women do have their men whipped, for lack of a better word, and now so can you.

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