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Christmas comes and goes. The seasons carry the Crowanhawk family through the next year, their lives filled with the search for Anna.
A second Christmas passes without their sister, and Spring arrives. Despite the words of Cernunnos, the search for Anna seems ever more futile.
But a chance discovery of an ancient book sends Jason and Kylie back through time, hope burning in their hearts once more.
Unable to follow, unaware of the childrens’ disappearance until it is too late, Gobswistle and Etain begin their own quest, to find the Anguinum that Myrrdin left in Kilneuair.
As Jason and Kylie travel through lands of myth and legend, and as Gobswistle and Etain travel through lands of cars, trains and televisions, none are aware their separate quests are leading them inexorably to the same point…

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