Virginia Monroe is a successful, happily married woman. She has it all: intelligence, beauty, wealth, a loving husband, and an executive secretary willing to do anything to keep her job - even lose her treasured virginity to her Domme of a boss. No one ever says anything about Virginia enjoying the company of young women perhaps a little more than she should, definitely not her husband, Leslie. And that’s the only flaw in otherwise perfect life. Her spouse is not-quite-sexually-adequate…and Virginia’s beginning to have some suspicions.  

Leslie Monroe loves his wife quite a bit. Certainly enough to her enough to allow her her little ‘hobby’ on the side - especially because she doesn’t know about his. Leslie has a fetish for women’s clothing and whilst away on “business,” Virginia’s powerful, successful husband spends his nights cross-dressing. But he doesn’t stop with the clothes. After all, what’s the point of putting on the sexy, little dress, the heels, the stockings, the make-up, if you can’t chat up men and make them want you?   

But Virginia’s nobody’s fool and after catching Leslie in the act, she forces him to make a bet that he cannot win. Her dominant nature demands no less. And once he loses, he’s hers forever.


Virginia had her hands on Angela’s hips and without saying another word or expressing any sort of sorrow for what she was about to do, she pressed the seven inch length of the ersatz cock into her now whimpering Executive Secretary.

When she felt her hips press against the partially covered ass cheeks in front of her; Virginia let out a sigh of relief and a moan of increasing sexual pleasure.

She smiled to herself as she began her assault of the young woman’s pussy with the dildo she loved to feel between her legs, because each time she withdrew and trust forward the shape of ribbed patch rubbed against her clitoris increasing her pleasure.

Virginia used the dildo on Angela without a rest. She held onto her hips and thrust in and out of Angela non-stop. Seventy-two minutes and four orgasms later with The Feeldoe still inserted into the girl’s vagina, she leaned over the now prostrate upper body of her Executive Secretary and whispered, “I know you had a good time, because I did. I orgasmed four times and I could tell that you had at least three orgasms. I was surprised at the minimal amount of blood that came out of you when I broke your hymen, but I loved seeing your fluids drip off my Feeldoe, and down the insides of your thighs. The pressure of your body against mine as the inserted egg of my cock brought me more pleasure than I could handle and made me want to pump my cock into you harder and harder. I promise you that you’ll survive today’s love making, well not actually love, but my assault on your beautiful, lithe, soft body. When I am done training you, sweet pea, over the next few weeks you’ll be begging me for sex and by doing so, you will unconditionally become mine. No questions asked or answered.”

Angela rolled her head to look into Virginia’s eyes not believing what she just heard her boss whisper in her ear. She now realized why a young inexperienced girl would be paid one hundred twenty thousand dollars a year to be the Executive Secretary to the most powerful woman in the apparel industry.

She wondered to herself whether the quasi-rape that just occurred was worth the money and prestige of her job.

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