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This is a fast-paced, intense, spicy hot vampire novel.”
Seduced by Blood
N.J. Walters, multi-published erotic romance author.

“After reading the first book, I hope there are many more! ! I really enjoyed the writing. I’ll definitely be back for more! Great first book of the series!”
Seduced by Blood
4.25 Stars
Night Owl Romance

Nevada Ortiz was an up and coming Los Angeles Police Officer until a chance encounter with a would-be carjacker changes the course of her life. The six and a half foot assailant is dripping with weapons, his preternatural blue eyes drilling into hers, his bite changing everything. Her body’s reaction to his blood, a seduction within itself.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is in peril, including her life.

Gunner Slade is a vampire with secrets of his own, a soldier who can walk in the sun, a dose of Sangre allowing he and a team of vampires to blend in among the humans, until he puts everything on the line for a woman he can no longer exist without.

Nevada is the first human in existence to have an immunity to a vampire bite, and she requires the blood of two vampires to sustain her.

Not in his nature to share, Gunner Slade might be immortal, but he’s living in hell just the same.

“I need a hospital.” Nevada wiped her eyes, her shoulders, her hands and legs trembling. “I need a doctor.”
“No, chica.” Gunner sat up and groaned, managing to stay upright. “You need blood.” He dropped his legs over the side of the bed and stood. “I’m better now.”
“You aren’t strong enough,” Chief all but growled. He laid the syringe on the counter and backed away, giving Nevada the space she needed.
“The fuck I’m not,” Gunner roared. He lowered his voice, and held up his arms, sighing when Nevada stepped into them, moving so fast she’d nearly knocked him back against the table.
She was still cold and wet, her limbs shaking, her heart racing. Jesus, she was an emotional roller coaster.
“Leave,” Gunner told everyone in the room, glancing at Braden, who shook his head when Chief offered a hand to help him up off the ground. The commander got to his feet, grimacing. He turned and stormed from the room by opening the doors with his mind, blowing them apart with an explosive burst.
Southern Comfort was on his feet, holding onto his shoulder as he walked by, giving Nevada a gentlemanly nod.
“I’m sorry,” she said, fisting Gunner’s t-shirt in her palms and holding him close, breathing him in, burying her face against his neck and inhaling his scent, the lure of his blood like an aphrodisiac, making her wet and hot.
No matter how cold she’d been just moments ago, her blood started to hum the moment she’d caught his scent, her skin tingling as he slid his hands up her bare arms, leaving tracks of heat.
“I don’t understand what’s happening to me,” Nevada whispered, her heart racing, her gums aching.
“You need to feed.” Gunner cradled her head in his hands and brought her head to his neck, looking away, allowing her access. She stiffened, her nostrils flaring and heat ripping through her.
Her nipples hardened as flames of desire lapped at her flesh, surging into her core, leaving her wet and aching for him, his tongue. She leaned forward and ran her tongue over his neck, tasting the salt from the ocean.
There was blood on his shirt, his shoulder starting to heal. She thought of that evil predator landing on his back, biting into his flesh and backed off.
“You didn’t imagine that Shadow Troll into being, chica. Philip did.” He stroked a hand up her back, his knuckles trailing her spine. “You saved me, as a matter of fact. You’re quick thinking,” he whispered. “Your…blood.”
“Who is he?” she asked, both awed and terrified someone had the power to evoke something so evil, to draw it forth from hell and set it loose.
“Drink from me, chica. We have time for everything else later.”

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