Counsellors and Psychotherapists are part of a profession that is founded on psychological research, however many advertise themselves as having the power of Reiki and suggest that they have spiritual power which enhances their skills. Some Counsellors and Psychotherapist believe in the power of angels and cosmic ordering. Such advertised beliefs cannot help but influence a clients belief system. This book is very enthusiastic in differentiating fact and fantasy to the point of a controlled rant with some accompanying deviations from good grammar. It suggests that through experience with people on a personal level that Counsellors and Psychotherapists can gain a good understanding of the general truths of human nature which can create the delusion of spiritual insight. Cold reading is used by mediums psychics and other spiritual practitioners to convince the public that they posses the power to read minds, see into the future and speak with the dead. Some of these practitioners are not aware that they are using Cold reading techniques as their belief in their own powers is reinforced by the collaborative public who need to believe. Some of them become excellent at their trade through practice and become acute at recognising subtle unconscious signs that can be used to impress the onlooker. The reader is encouraged to think what psychological principles are involved in Cold Reading and if Cold reading can ever be applied in a therapeutic way.

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