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Trysts: Interview
Erotic Short Story, 3900 words

The Manager is about to interview a Candidate for the secretarial position. But first the Manager has a certain position in mind.

The Candidate aims to please. This would be a great job. There isn’t anything the Candidate wouldn’t do to have a chance at the job.

Literally nothing…

But who has the power in this situation? Who controls the pace and the action?

The first interview will be a test. There will be a demand made, and a demand met. And perhaps there will be a second interview…

Trysts: Interview is a typical corporate greed and lust scenario, with a couple twists. And lots of sexy, seductive oral play.

For Adults Only! Warning: Rated X for graphic descriptions of oral sex, cunnilingus, ass play, and lots of wet, sexy teasing.

Story is 3900 words, but the ebook also includes explicit excerpts from other PARAnormal Press publications (3300 words) for 7200 words total.

Welcome to the second PARAnormal Erotica Tryst, another new direction in adult adventures of the naughty kind. Befitting its title, PARAnormal presents a mix of encounter tales, some of which are exotic, futuristic, or even mysterious, while others might remind you of your friends and neighbors if you could peek behind their curtains. Some tales will tantalize you with the supernatural, the dangerously criminal, and the fantastic. Exotic or normal, supernatural or dangerous, you can be sure the tales have one common element – they are hot. We’re scouring the world for writers who know what turns you on, and we hope they’ll succeed. Trysts is a series of unrelated, mostly NOT supernatural, sexy short stories. Your editor, D. Walters, welcomes you to PARAnormal Erotica’s Trysts: “Interview.”

FOR ADULTS ONLY. Also please do not purchase if graphic descriptions of sexual acts offend you.

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