The horrors and events that took place at Babi Yar, outside Kiev in the Ukraine, are little known by people outside the Ukraine.

But the horrors of this portion of the Jewish Holocaust need to be brought to light. The historical Jewish novel “The Remnant - the Jewish Resistance in WWII,” began this process.

The horrendous massacre of over 100,000 Jews at Babi Yar and more than twice that number of other prisoners and Russian captives has been well documented, but few have ever heard about the death camp at that ravine of death.

The bizarre goings on at Babi Yar attests to the inhuman actions and motives of the Nazis. Furthermore Babi Yar was one of the few death camps where there was a mass revolt and escape effort by the prisoners.

Because of these unique situations, this story deserves more than the few chapters in “The Remnant.”

Preview this historic Jewish novel now - simply click on the cover of The Uprising at Babi Yar.

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