This book contains graphic language and situations that may not be suitable for younger readers or some individuals

“Gritty and vicious.”
“Couldn’t put it down!”

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Gritty and vicious, this is no normal love story.

Kora finds herself stuck in a world where dragons now reign. Humans are no longer the dominating species.

She is stuck in the middle of two vicious dragon hunters who discover her secret and want to use it against her. Every day she is forced to try her damnedest to escape the place she’s found herself in and with her love, and best friend, Emma.

Dragon hunters have become the law in most places, and not the type of humans you want to cross: they were forced to become much like the beasts they hunt and have no problems killing everything in their way.

A few of the stronger hunters have managed to discover a secret weapon: a woman who has the key to help destroy the dragons. She isn’t as cooperative as they thought she’d be, which proves to be a war in itself.

Kora finds love and peace when she finally gives up hope that something good can exist in a world so horrific, then finds herself thrust back in the middle again, when the person she thought she could trust most, wants to use her secret as well.

His past as as dragon hunter isn’t as buried as she’d thought it was.

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