Aunt Lillian is the wild, unpredictable member of the family and the object of every man’s desire. Beautiful, sexy, unrestrained—whether drinking, partying, or having sex—she did it all to excess. I always suspected she is amoral, and I am certain sex with her would be the best there is. Fortunately, she isn’t really my aunt, but my stepmother’s sister, and no blood relation to me. However, even at eighteen, I have enough adult judgment to realize other people will consider anything sexual between her and me to be, at least, almost incest. Then, there was the matter of the age difference—not that I cared. I just want her, have wanted her for a long time.

Now with my new-found ability to hypnotize women to do my bidding, perhaps I can finally have the great prize I have dreamed about. Aunt Lillian has come to our house for a short visit while repairs are done at her place. She is sleeping in the guest room next to my bedroom, which is convenient. And, with my stepsister, Jade, away at college, Lillian and I are all by ourselves on the upper floor of our house. At least, that’s what I thought until I discovered my father in her bed. Now I have two problems to solve—eliminate the competition and seduce my aunt. I map out a plan to get what I want and conceal all the activities from my stepmother, who is still on my list of conquests I want to make.

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