One-legged Raaj Nehru and sweet, unassuming Mirkha Romanov are destined to meet and fall in love in the promised land of Fremont, California.

But it is a cosmic truth that although the universe may point the way to your destiny, it is you that must walk (or hop) in that direction. So as Raaj finds his way from the Old part of New Delhi to the United States on a quest to prove that one-leggers are better than two-leggers, Mirkha searches for her own path to freedom as she struggles with the unrealistic expectations of the big old Russian brothers who raised her.

The Hoppers Romanov is a fairytale love story, a satirical look at choice and destiny in the Land of the Free …


Zubin J. Shroff writes eclectic, entertaining, 200-page novels that range from absurd and whimsical to dark and metaphysical. He was born in 1975 in India, and was educated at the Cathedral School in Mumbai, Lawrence University in Wisconsin, and Columbia University in New York City. He currently lives in Minnesota.

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