Paul and Gina need to spice things up. They clearly love each other, but after 3 kids and more than a decade, things have begun to dry up, and both of them can feel it. It’s not easy to talk about, but one night, the manage to break the silence and Paul boldly explains a fantasy he’s been kicking around: cuckoldry. He wants to watch another man fuck his wife, bring her to the brink of ecstasy.

Gina thinks it could work, and the two set about finding an acceptable man for the job. They finally choose Wayne, Gina’s young coworker who’s been persistent in pursuing the married woman.

After some pleasantries, Wayne and Gina get down to business, and Paul settles into his favorite chair to watch his wife get pounded by a younger man.

The workweek went by quickly and Saturday was upon them. They were alone in the house waiting for Wayne to knock on the door. Gina had cleaned the bedroom until it was spotless, put new sheets on the bed, bought new curtains and organized the drawers and closets for no apparent reason. She made sure they had beer and wine and liquor in case someone needed it for bravery, namely her. Paul was very quiet but calm about the big night. He was excited but he was also concerned that he might get jealous if Gina liked it too much with Wayne. Regardless, he made his bed and would have to lie in it now. It wasn’t likely that any of them was going to stop this train at this point.

The doorbell rang and Gina let Wayne in giving him a hug, while he shook Paul’s hand. They made small talk and Wayne handed Gina a bottle of wine. Even Wayne looked a bit nervous as he looked around their beautiful house. He checked out Gina from top to bottom and didn’t’ have to say a thing, she blushed red and Paul had to agree that she looked amazing in her short dress and white blouse, which was open an extra button or two just for tonight. She went light on the makeup but still, in the dim light looked like she was in her 20s.

Gina took Wayne by the hand and they all sat in the living room drinking wine. Paul sat in his usual chair, one that nobody else ever got to sit in, and Gina and Wayne sat together on the couch. The small talk was awful and Wayne wasn’t sure he could take much more of it so instead he leaned over and placed his hand on Gina’s breast, nibbling on her neck as she spoke. Her train of thought derailed and she instead let out a quiet little moan. Paul leaned back in his chair feeling a bit uncomfortable and surprised at first but then settled in, smiling, and everyone knew it was time to start the fantasy.

Nobody was in a great deal of a hurry and Wayne played his part perfectly. His hands slowly roamed over Gina’s curves. He truly seemed to admire her beauty so much that Gina was bright red and quite flattered by the attention. Paul sat and watched quietly. His plan was not to bother them in any way. His hope was they might just forget he was even around and just fuck. That was his fantasy.

He had given it some thought over the last few days, and he’d realized that he loved his wife and wanted to see her satisfied, and the idea of seeing another man pleasure her was a big turn on for him. It was almost like watching a live porn movie starring his own wife. That, and the knowledge that she was doing something she shouldn’t, with his permission, made it incredibly sexy to sit back in these familiar surroundings and watch the proceedings.

WARNING: This 4300+ word erotic short story contains a loving couple acting out the cuckolding fantasy of having a younger man join them in the bedroom and fuck the wife, while the husband watches. Both enjoy it way more than they expected to, and so will you!

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