Eliza and her husband Jack have recently moved to the city. Jack’s business has been extremely successful, and they finally have the income necessary to elevate themselves and begin moving in more rarified social circles, a prospect that delights Eliza as much as it scares her.

While settling into their new city townhouse, Eliza randomly glances out the window only to find her new neighbors in the middle of…enjoying themselves. Watching as much as she can before she’s caught, Eliza is scared Jack will be angry at her.

Fortunately for her, Jack quickly finds her, and thinks the sight of their neighbors copulating is extremely intoxicating and erotic.

Eliza raised a hand to touch her own blonde tresses, hair that she usually kept in decent braids. She licked her lips, suddenly pulling out the ties and tugging the braids out. Her hair hung lose, as wanton as the girl in the house beneath her. She sat back into her chair, her legs involuntarily spreading with suppressed need as she watched the man push into his wife.

She was a tiny thing, younger than Eliza; her head tilted back, eyes closed with pleasure as he rocked his hips into her. Eliza’s hand crept down between her legs, massaging her flesh over the heavy fabric of her skirts.

The man pulled away from the girl, sitting back onto the bed as she dropped to her knees, her head bobbing up and down over his crotch. Eliza smiled, how many times had she done that to her own Jack, pleasured him with her mouth to keep him going inside of her later.

His head tilted back, the muscles in his arms bulging as he gripped her shoulders, pushing her body away; pulling it towards him. Her head bobbed faster, moving with the rhythm of his flexing arms. Eliza stared; it was incredibly sexy; her body ached with need to feel her own man inside of her. She felt her lips parting as she rubbed herself, or even inside of her mouth.

The girl rose to her feet, turning her body as Eliza watched, she lowered herself carefully over her husband’s lap. Eliza heard herself gasp, her fingers rubbing harder over the spot between her legs.

She bobbed up and down in his lap, his cock sliding between her legs and entering her as his hands gripped her hips, lifting her up and down, sliding her body relentlessly down onto his member.

Eliza could almost feel it, the hardness of his cock pressed against her rear, the tight grip of his hands on her hips. Then her reverie was broken.

“Miss, are you okay?” it was the maid; she’d probably heard Eliza gasp.

“Yes, of course, I just dropped my needles,” Eliza called.

“I’ll come and help you then,” the maid called.

“No need,” Eliza attempted to sound cheerful, trying to hide the panic that someone would come in and catch her, while the Bible hadn’t said anything was wrong with watching, there would certainly be some shame in it. She turned her eyes back towards the couple, the girls breasts bounced as she rose up and down, riding on top of her husband.

WARNING: This 4000+ word erotic short story contains an altogether improper amount of graphic sex and voyeurism between upwardly mobile English citizens in a regency setting.

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