When Jack Gordon mysteriously disappears from the face of the earth in the foothills of the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountains, his friends and family are left with nothing but unanswered questions and speculation. As the locals gossip, several well-intended but misdirected explanations come forward, ranging from simple infidelity to alien abduction. But before Jack can be relegated to being just another missing person statistic we meet the enigmatic Seamus Muldoon. Seamus (a product of Jack’s fertile mind) relives several scenarios that might explain Jack’s disappearance. Seamus retraces Jack’s steps on that fateful October morning and takes us into the gray zone between truth and speculation, between certainty and conjecture. Seamus explores possibilities ranging from humorous to gut-wrenching and from far-fetched to plausible. As Seamus relives what might have happened to Jack you are invited to ask yourself, “What if…?”

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