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A young woman just paroled from prison ― to which she was sentenced for covering up her boyfriend’s looting of the Wall Street investment firm where both held positions of trust ― accepts employment at Sexton Park, a private estate ninety miles up the Hudson from Manhattan. Her employers are identical twin brothers her own age known as Master Gareth and Master Grayson. The twins resemble youthful Greek gods, lounge around the mansion naked, appear to have a more than brotherly relationship and display detailed interest in the protagonist’s former sex life with her criminal ex-lover.

Enter Manuel, the good-looking, physically fit, bright and personable nineteen-year-old handyman at the Park, whose education the twins have taken in hand and whom the heroine is told she must tutor in mathematics if necessary offering the youth her body as incentive. With little alternative and finding herself attracted to Manuel she complies.

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