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This is the first, very short introductory article, of a series of articles, all under the title “That What Makes Us Up”.
It describes an incredible, highly improbable story that is based on a real and incomprehensible, unique experiences.
All other stories that you will read here carry the same feature- they are real, not fictitious. As such these unbelievable, almost impossible stories might serve as a collector’s item for fans or just as interesting facts for any general public.
But the main point of the articles is different. The stories will serve only as a base for an attempt to give a new very personalized explanation on paranormal and supernatural events that transcend and go beyond the known limits in cases as creation of the world, origins of life, life after death, reincarnation, religion, extrasensory perceptions etc.
This kind of a “brainstorming” might be useful to scientists working in the fields of the parapsychology, metaphysics, religion or philosophy in general (Article: 853 Words).

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