Book Two in the Timeless Series:

Cheyenne is determined to seek the light of truth in a web of darkness, but at what cost?

Still reeling from the revelations of her secret birthright and fated betrothals, Cheyenne’s thoughts tumble over the whirlwind of life since the death of her parents. Vowing to close herself off to spare her heart more pain, she keeps her distance and seeks her own path. But Colt, Daniel and Callon are constantly at her side, not giving her room to breathe or let her come to terms with her destiny. At the same time, her transformation into a Timeless begins; a process that could very well kill her. As if that wasn’t enough, her enemies are still out for her blood, and no-where is safe. Though new allies appear to protect her from the unseen dangers, which ones are friend and which are foe?

And can Cheyenne stand the ultimate pain of all…

DAYLIGHT, Book 3 in the Timeless Series is due out SPRING 2013

Visit the Timeless Facebook fan page at: Timeless Series Novels, to keep up to date on releases and excerpts from the series all well as fun trivia and talking with the author.

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