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Vitamins are the missing ingredient in many health related issues, and taking in a sufficient amount everyday can help you not only avoid illness and disease, it can also help you reach the best state of health possible.

Why Vitamin D?

I used to think of Vitamin D as one of those things that was obviously good for me, but not something I had to think about too deeply. I never purposely avoided it, but I didn’t go out of my way to consume it either. I thought if I just drank my milk and got a bit of sun each day, then I was providing my body with enough Vitamin D. wellbeing

Turns out, I was kind of right. For the 18 year old me.

Now that I’m nearly twice as old as I was then, and vitamin deficiency, menopause, osteoporosis and increased risks of various types of cancers and heart diseases loom on my horizon, “kind of right” isn’t really good enough anymore. Not when it comes to life or death. I don’t want to accidentally get all my nutrients. I want to be sure to get them everywhere I can. This holds true for all of us, whether we are just starting to grow up or beginning to grow old. But it can be confusing to navigate the world of nutrients without some accurate information.

It turns out that Vitamin D is one of the vitamins we need the most. We need it for regular health maintenance. When we have the right amount of Vitamin D in our bodies, it can do wonders for our systems.


…So, are you searching for an Easy and Straightforward way to Learn about Vitamin D?

Well your search ends here… “Vitamim D, Simplified” is an efficient answer to the most common questions related to Vitamin D and Similar Vitamins.

This book is shorter than some Nutrition/Diet Books or Dummies Books… Reason: It gets to the point and removes a lot of the “Fluff” that usually fill up some of these books.

Also …if you are easily offended then be warned…certain areas of my book may seem offensive, however, it’s not meant to offend anyone :)


In this Concise and Simplistic Book, you will Discover:

—> The true Facts about Vitamin D
—> Why should you supersize your Vitamin D intake
—> Vitamin D Fundamentals
—> Technical stuff: What is it?
—> The True and Recent History of Vitamin D
—> What Vitamin D can do for you?
—> Vitamin D and Cancer
—> Vitamin D and Diabetes
—> Vitamin D and High Blood pressure
—> Vitamin D and Heart Disease
—> Vitamin D and Pain
—> Vitamin D Super Sources
—> How to Deal with Vitamin D Deficiency
—> How to get the Maximum Vitamin D Dosage
—> Vitamin D and a healthy heart
—> Vitamin D, Blood sugar
—> Vitamin D and the Immune system
—> Vitamin D and your teeth and skeletal system
—> Sunlight vs. Supplements: Solving the Controversy
—> The Case(s) for (and against) Sunlight
—> Exercise and Vitamin D


So, if you are ready to Discover those Facts then…Grab a Copy of my book now…I Guarantee you will be happy you did!… See you on the inside :-)

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