Sometimes you can’t count on the police. Sometimes you just can’t trust them. Inell “Echo” Harrison and his team of paradoxical villains run Godsend Private Investigations. Their message to all suspects: Damn your civil rights! Godsend only takes cold case homicides and missing person cases that involve women, children, and the elderly. So, imagine the debt some fools have racked up when Echo’s own wife and daughter are killed in the first chapter.

While an unlikely suspect hits Godsend with a convoluted spin game, a malicious detective frames Echo with the double homicide of his own family. An enraged Echo is about to make bail, and his weight is definitely going to crush more than those who actually committed the murders. But first, Echo made a promise to the spiteful detective, and what kind of man would he be if he went back on his word?

This full-length novel includes all the main characters from K. Elliott’s popular Godsend thriller series. READ THE WEIGHT OF ECHO AND LEARN HOW YOU CAN BE FEATURED IN THE NEXT GODSEND-RELATED THRILLER.

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