Who Is This Book For?

Database systems play a vital role in the effective management of information. This book includes fundamental concepts like database design, languages, and implementation as well as advanced concepts like distributed databases, query processing and optimization.

Database, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Questions and Answers is a one-stop reference that beginning as well as experienced database, data warehouse, business intelligence engineers or database administrators will use successfully in technical job interviews and countless on-the-job situations.

How This Book Is Organized?

Arranged by topic, this book makes it easy for you to locate the information you need quickly. Each section starts with an overview of a given topic. In addition, many of the answers contain complete code illustrating the concept or answer.

Key topics covered include in about 700 Questions and Answers:
1. Database Concepts
2. Data Modeling and Entity Relationship
3. Database Architecture and Design
4. Structured Query Language
5. Queries and Query Optimization
6. Index Structures
7. Transaction Processing and Concurrency
8. Stored Procedure and Triggers
9. NoSQL
10. MySQL
11. Oracle
12. SQL Server
13. Database Optimization and Tuning
14. Data Base Administration
15. Data Warehouse
16. Data Marts
17. Data Mining
18. Business Intelligence and Analytics
19. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
20. Search Engine

Support for This Book

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this book. This is a revised and updated edition incorporating the feedback received from numerous reviews. It is planned to keep this book updated on a regular basis so that the readers are kept current with latest trends. Improvements to this book have evolved naturally from various feedbacks on the previous editions. I sincerely appreciate the invaluable feedback provided by various readers and reviewers. Please provide any feedback and corrections using http://books.basandra.com/. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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