Cilia Andrews was a Phoenix isolated among humans. She developed a cautious friendship with them in order to survive the solitude of her ceaseless existence. Then she met Fiach; a man able to call forth her fire and withstand the flames.

Born a half-breed, Fiach was destined to a life torn between his Lady mother’s excess in Faerie and his demon father’s ruthless crusades.

When he meets Cilia, he finds unconditional love and acceptance. When their bond is tested, and their true identities revealed, will their love be born of fire? Or reduced to ashes?


Fiach, a half-breed born of a fairy mother and demon father, discovers Cilia, a phoenix living among humans. Cilia and Fiach’s lives are forever altered when, captured by demons, they are forced to escape through a bolthole into Faerie where their love is tested and their truth exposed. The truth of their eternal, burning love reveals a past that neither knew nor suspected and a birthright that Cilia must claim in order to save the peoples of Leilos.

Their love was born of fire. Can it endure the flames of destiny and rise from the ashes?

Plus free bonus short story BLACKBERRY SUMMER

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